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Thanks for checking out my Podcast! My name is Eddie Melendez aka "EMT" and I am the creator of EMT Films. At a very early age I discovered my passion for photography and video but most important, my drive for learning and sharing. Here you will find a vibrant community of smartphone filmmakers with the same passion and drive to share tips, tutorials and reviews on smartphone filmmaking with gimbals and stabilizers like DJI OM 4, Sandmarc Lenses and so much more! Join our amazing community o ...
EMS 20/20

EMS 20/20

Christopher M Pfingsten, Spencer Oliver

EMS 20/20 is podcast hosted by two experienced Paramedics. Spencer Oliver and Christopher Pfingsten discuss real calls run by real responders and pull out the lessons you won't find in a text book. This podcast is aimed at Paramedic students, seasoned Paramedics looking to refresh, or any one interested in a deeper dive into pre-hospital health care.
Created for First Responders and Front Line Workers to tackle the challenges of working on the front lines. Dig into topics on burnout, workplace dynamics, managing mental health, balancing family life...and so much more. Created and hosted by Lindsay Faas, clinical counsellor and trauma therapist. View the show notes, and access bonus resources at https://www.my.thrive-life.ca/behind-the-line.
You're Welcome 4 My Podcast. The Salty EMS dinks behind Level Zero EMS are now podcasters. Bad idea? Probably. We talk about EMS, medicine, the fire department, nerd stuff, geek stuff, inappropriate stuff and some other stuff. Intro "Rise" by Hat Trick of Misery, used with permission.
The truth behind First Responders enduring trials on and off duty. Their personal accounts of how witnessing so much tragedy has taken a toll on their lives. Hear from their families about how it's impacted them. Learn how each of them have overcame these difficult times and personal insight. You will discover ways to thrive on and off duty. Acquire knowledge on how navigate the difficult transition from work to home. The show is hosted by Jerry Dean Lund with over 30 years of service behind ...
We all hear stories of trauma on the front lines, but what is the healing process like after the trauma? How do you deal with the darkness, pain, emotions, broken homes, and night terrors? In this podcast, Hayley Adams and Antonio Santana interview first responders: nurses, doctors, firefighters, EMT, police men and women, dispatchers, veterans, and military members to share not only stories of trauma on the front lines, but the coping skills they have learned to help manage their lives in a ...
This podcast is about the early onset of Parkinson's Disease. My journey thought diagnosis, treatment and clinical trails. Parkinson's progresses differently in every person diagnosed. My goal is to shed light on one of many Parkinson's journeys and help start a conversation about the disease. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/trembling-emt/support
Becoming a Registered Nurse is far more than just a career choice, it is a calling. Join your host Nicholas "Nick" Palczer, current Medical-Surgical Nurse, and Firefighter/EMT, as we have bi-weekly conversations ranging from career development, leadership, specialty opportunities, current clinical practice, guest interviews, and everything relating to the profession of nursing. If you are a past, present, or up-and-coming nurse, then this podcast is for you. Don't forget to like or follow us ...
THE LIFE MEDICAL explores the lives and work of medical professionals across the country. Hosted by brain surgeon Dr. Peter Zahos, the series brings listeners inside the lives of doctors and medical staff working round the clock to heal the sick. Through intimate audio journals, interviews, and live medical recordings in the OR, ER and ICU, the audience is taken inside the real struggles and life-saving successes of those working in the medical arts.
"Heavy lies the crown" is a common misquote of "uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" from Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 2. It refers to the responsibility and insecurity of governing an entire kingdom. Likewise, "heavy lies the helmet" refers to the responsibility we face as critical care transport providers working in an autonomous and often unpredictable environment. Our minds are eased with education that better prepares us for any situation that we may encounter. That is exactly wha ...
Confessions of an EMS Newbie is a weekly podcast for beginning EMS providers. As Ron goes through paramedic school he'll sit down and discuss what he's learning with experienced Paramedic and writer Kelly Grayson. Anyone new to being an EMT will enjoy getting the strait scoop and accurate information from someone who has been there over and over. Ron's perspective as knowing next to nothing means we'll keep it understandable and practical.
Want to get in the heads of four current EMS providers? The Medic Materials Podcast is a twice monthly podcast that was created to give educational opportunities in the most relaxed fashion we can. EMS is a stressful business and many discussions happen between providers in the Ambulance or in the station. This podcast reflects those internal conversations. We review actual EMS calls as well as have open table discussions on some of the most interesting topics in the EMS world.
EMS Nation - Evidence Based Medicine in EMS Weekly Style Podcasts: Monday - Interview with a Leader in EMS Tuesday - ALS Simulation Wednesday - EMS Journal Club Thursday - BLS Simulation Friday - Health & Wellness Follow us on Twitter! www.twitter.com/EMS_Nation Like us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/PrehospitalNation www.emsnation.org
How each of us practices medicine is uniquely shaped by our experiences. Christine, a nurse practitioner as well as former EMT & Army medic, speaks with medical professionals from all specializations across the globe about the stories that have influenced how they practice medicine. Paramedics, nurses, doctors, & more recount tales that range from funny to wild to profoundly moving, but no matter the role, culture, or country, all are working to make humanity better any way they can.
Better decisions save lives.We're helping emergency services save more lives by making better decisions. Decisions [D4H] is a collaborative rescue team management tool, that helps record and analyse rescue operations. Instead of archiving information as paperwork, we generate real-time profiles of members, available resources, and experience levels. Decisions for Heroes uses this data to deliver live and intelligent information to the field.
CBCEMP Podcast

CBCEMP Podcast

Columbia and Boone County Emergency Medical Professionals

CBCEMP is a provider group devoted to progressive thinking and continued education in patient care and best practice. CBCEMP is non-agency affiliated, and our focus is on providers and issues that affect Boone County, MO. CBCEMP is multi-disciplinary, having members of a multitude of licensure levels and agency participation. #FOAM #FOAMed #FOAMems #EMS #EMT #Paramedic #Prehospital #CBCEMP
Dateline: Sydney. Thursday April 01, 2010 For many people, it is the day before a 4 day long weekend because of Easter. However, for a group of Sydney women doing extraordinary jobs, it is a regular day. A Moment In Time follows these women as they go about their work in traditional male roles. The women are all aiming to do the best that they can to get through each day regardless of what Sydney throws at them. Their aim is to be able to go home at the end of their shift, alive. Most people ...
This C3 Pathways Podcast series discusses Active Shooter Incident Management (ASIM). The Podcast features instructors and special guests discussing key elements and challenges of Active Shooter Incident Management and the implications for law enforcement, fire, and EMS responders. The bad guy and the clock both kill innocent victims. Don't miss the opportunity to gain key insights that may help you save lives!
EmergencyFD Storyline's focus is to tell the stories of those in the fire service and to highlight what matters to our first responders. Whether you are a first responder or a person interested in the world of firefighting, emergency medical services, or first responders, EmergencyFD Storyline's goal is to educate, inform, and inspire you with the work of our modern day heroes. Hear the stories from fire service leaders to the rank-n-file. EmergencyFD creator Tom Mann talks with real people ...
Leading with Health is the podcast where women dive into societal change through the lens of healthcare. It is for women who want to create a healthcare system that actually cares - and if we have to dismantle the patriarchy to do it, even better. If you like science and healthcare and want to make the world a better place, then this podcast is for you. Host Jennifer Michelle has a Master’s in Public Health and Epidemiology, is a certified EMT, and is President of Michelle Marketing Strategies.
The Medic 101 Podcast is a podcast dedicated to all aspects of EMS education at all levels: EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic. The purpose of the Medic 101 Podcast is to assist in educating prehospital providers and prehospital provider students to not only establish a strong foundation in their skills and knowledge base, but also to take their skills and knowledge to the edge of what is possible in the prehospital environment.
Welcome to PragMed. A podcast hosted by medics for medics. We talk about everything from best practice prehospital medicine to coffee. We are not the average clinical health podcast that pretends to know it all, we find the experts and ask them what they feel is best for prehospital medicine. We hope that you not only enjoy but contribute to the discussion and grow with us together. No topic is off the table, and we only ask that you be respectful of another. Otherwise, grab a cup of coffee ...
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EMT and first responders see some truly tragic and creepy things. Submit your story to swampdweller.net! Download Swamp Dweller Scary Stories: Itunes: https://apple.co/2L7znZp Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2WUFDG8 Check out the Swamp Dweller Merch store! http://bit.ly/32u2eh5By The Dark Swamp: Horror Stories | Swamp Dweller Podcast
I truly wonder how many people have grown up in a haunted house. Check out these allegedly true haunted house horror stories! Submit your story to swampdweller.net! Go to Hellofresh.com/swamped14 and use code swamped14 to get 14 free meals! Download Swamp Dweller Scary Stories: Itunes: https://apple.co/2L7znZp Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2WUFDG8 Chec…
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