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Welcome to the Project Enye (ñ) podcast where you'll learn everything that goes on behind the scenes of starting a movement.
• Kasamu: Ma wukanciye enye nyame nti ewu adwumayɛ.
A podcast featuring panelists of engineers from Netflix, Evernote & LinkedIn talking over drinks about all things Front End development.
If you are a graphic designer, web designer or a visual designer of any kind, this is the podcast for you. Each episode tackles a different graphic design related topic, from finding better clients to online portfolios to making sure you get paid. We also offer tips and tricks in our "Do Yourself a Favor" segment and advice when we answer a listener question. The Deeply Graphic Design-Cast is hosted by three successful, working designers with a wealth of real world experience to draw upon, s ...
WDET's original podcast featuring stories about when, how and why things end, told by the people who have to live with what happens next.
the End of History
a podcast and website focusing on honest, intelligent faith in a generation of rising darkness
This biweekly podcast will challenge you to study the issues related to human trafficking, become an educated voice in understanding this global problem, and ultimately make a difference in helping bring it to an end. Sandra Morgan, Director of the Global Center for Women and Justice at Vanguard University of Southern California and Dave Stachowiak, Board Member of the Center, explore issues in each episode that will help educate you to be a helpful voice in ending human trafficking.
Prophecies Of The End Times is hosted by Evangelist and Bible Prophecy Teacher Michael Parker. Prophecies Of The End Times is a podcast produced by Fire Of The Holy Ghost Broadcasting Network. Our podcast is played on CWW7NEWS Radio, Spreaker, Itunes, IHeart Radio, Stitcher Radio, Blog Talk Radio, and dozens of RSS Feed podcasts around the world. Our Ministry reports on World Events from a biblical perspective, and preaches the End Time Gospel. Visit us on the web at http://propheciesoftheen ...
Brutal Ends
Brutal Ends is a podcast that focuses on the most captivating and terrifying murderers in history. From Victorian rippers to modern day serial killers, we explore them all.
Real talk about life and death
Front End Chatter
Britain's best biking podcast, with Simon Hargreaves and Martin Fitz-Gibbons
A fresh look at modern sexuality that explains why good sex is so hard to come by, and teaches the ins and outs in plain English with an aim to entertain as well as educate.
Loose Ends
Clive Anderson and guests with an eclectic mix of conversation, music and comedy
Watching what no one else does
What's The Buzz NY
NYC based Comedian Nancy Lombardo has performed her unique comedy from coast to coast. She was a leading member of the award-winning comedy troupe The First Amendment, performing with the likes of Robin Williams and Bruce Willis. Nancy was a comedy consultant to John Leguizamo's Off-Broadway hit Mambo Mouth and wrote additional comedy material for his HBO Special, The Talent Pool, as well as a staff writer/performer for Leguizamo’s H.I.P- FOX show, House of Buggin. TV credits include The Col ...
Elizabeth has never seen Friends before. Michael has seen every episode about 1000 times. Join them on an odyssey through the 236 episodes of the classic sitcom.
This is a daily radio broadcast and webcast provided by Irvin Baxter, Endtime Ministries, and End of the Age.
End of All Hope
A fictional podcast following three survivors as they trek across the country trying to survive an alien invasion.
No topic is off limits as Peter Rosenberg seizes the airwaves from "The Michael Kay Show" to present the "Evening Nightly News."
The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces is a live, weekly "talk radio" styled video/podcast which focuses on New York-area hip-hop music and culture. With expert commentary, interviews and snippets of new releases, Manny Faces delivers news, views and information about the full spectrum of NYC's vast hip-hop musical and cultural landscape.
The Sharp End
A podcast from Accidents in North American Climbing, hosted by Ashley Saupe and presented by Mammut.
Video game industry news with Epicnamebro. Discussion of current trends and topics, as well as special discussions on gaming history.
End of Three Fitness has one purpose: Make you a better human. Our study and application of doing so is called: BETTERHUMANOLOGY. We help Garage Gym Athletes, the "other" guy and gal, and humans around the world get better. Bringing you weekly episodes with fitness challenges, mental toughness challenges, book recommendations and topics all aimed at making you a better human being. Take the red pill, stay in Wonderland, and we show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
NY Giants Weekly
The official New York Giants podcast of Gotham Sports Network (@GothamSN) - in collaboration with NYG Daily (@NYGdaily)
End of Days Radio
Broadcasting from the Broken Ruins of Babylon, here to guide you into the end times, we go deeper than any other paranormal podcast. Exploring the world of aliens, the matrix, conspiracy, mind control, UFO’s, Reptilians, shadow people, psychic abilities and much more with a bit of comedy thrown in.
Europe 1 Week-end
For those who see the value in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and UX. For those who see the revolution happening around JavaScript and are compelled by browser-based single page-applications. For those who want to be part of the future of web applications. Keep up with the latest JavaScript, CSS, and HTML libraries, frameworks, and standards.
Skip To The End is a movies podcast hosted by Mark, Ben and Gemma. We bring you reviews, features, challenges, competitions and plenty of opinions on all things cinematic. From Aliens to Zardoz and everything in-between, Skip To The End has it covered.
NY Sports Podcast
New York's Premier Sports Podcast. Covering all your New York Sports.
Bible Prophecy Talk with Chris White. All kinds of Bible prophecy information from a pre-wrath perspective.
The EY Cross-Border Taxation Podcast series brings you the latest US international tax-rated developments.
Mexican-born journalist, broadcaster, and writer León Krauze, hosts Slate's first Spanish-language podcast, a weekly discussion of U.S. politics and current events, international news, pop culture, and of course fútbol! Joining him every week are journalists Fernando Pizarro, Ariel Moutsatsos, Janet Rodriguez, Dori Toribio, and other guests from the worlds of politics, entertainment, and beyond.
End of Days Radio
Broadcasting from the Broken Ruins of Babylon, here to guide you into the end times, we go deeper than any other paranormal podcast. Exploring the world of aliens, the matrix, conspiracy, mind control, UFO’s, Reptilians, shadow people, psychic abilities and much more with a bit of comedy thrown in.
EY India
EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. We make a difference by helping our clients achieve their potential.
Dead End Hip Hop
Dead End is a media company focused on providing coverage of hip-hop and conversations surrounding the culture. With over 101K subscribers, DEHH continues to build a community of hip hop thinkers and activists.Dead End Hip Hop Conversations is a weekly YouTube show that explores and discusses today’s hip-hop presence and its future – raw and uncut. These lively conversations are taking YouTube by storm! The full cast includes: Ken (“Kinge”), Myke (“C-Town”), Brandon “B”( B from the D), Rafae ...
Join Robbie E and Matt Koon as they talk with your favorite and most curious wrestling stars about... WHY IT ENDED.
Amigos Ingleses es un podcast para aprender inglés grabado en Barcelona. Escucha las conversaciones en inglés de Phillip e Isabel de varios temas y aprende de la cultura inglesa, la gente y el idioma de una manera natural y interesante. Escúchanos en el metro, en el coche o en el gimnasio. Aprenderás vocabulario, frases, dichos, gramática y mucho mas.
A podcast featuring panelists of engineers from Netflix, Evernote & LinkedIn talking over drinks about all things Front End development.
New York City, NY - Forecast
The Ends
The Ends is a history podcast about symphonies of historic tragedy.
New Year with a NEW vision!! 2018 Prophecies Of The End Times Radio Ministry has grown tremendously over the past 9 years. Evangelist Michael Parker, healed of Alcoholism and Cancer leads this ministry preaching the end time gospel, and reporting on world events from a biblical perspective.Visit our Network of Ministries on the web:proheciesoftheendtimes.comthehomechurchonline.comcww7news.orgthegoodnewsbiblechurch.orgfireoftheholyghost.comconsumingfireglobalministries.comIf you would like to ...
\"Purified\" Podcasts are being cooked on a 2-weeks basis by Nora En Pure. This product may contain some Enormous ingredients, but mainly organic and funky, chunky elements which may lead to the uncontrollable urge to dance and enjoy life.
Breaking News and Current Events pertaining to Bible Prophecy.
End of the Line
A Podcast like so many others...
End Times
This podcast seres is a collection of podcasts related to End Times, which was preached by Rob Cartledge of
We are warning of the dangerous times we are in! the Holy Bible says these are the end of times and the beginning of a new age brought in by our Messiah! We keep a close eye on the coming war with Gog, magog, Iran, ergo persia, and of course Israel
From the Rookery End is a Watford FC podcast made by Watford fans for Watford fans. Jon, Jason and Mike are life-long Watford fans, season ticket holders in the Rookery End and, since 2010 , these podcasts are their take on life as a Watford fan.
After The Ending
We look at what happened to the characters in your favorite movies after they end. If this was the real world, what would happen to that girl who survived the summer camp slasher massacre? Who's going to believe the guy who traveled through time? Were the members of The Breakfast Club still friends on Monday morning? These are the questions we're going to answer! And on top of that, every episode includes a fun mini-feature, and we revisit our picks for the top 10 films of a particular year ...
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Her Second Dream to Humanity: Language Her Language Strange echoes, Measuring; The silence in her sound Strange echoes, Measuring; The sun in her smile Strange echoes, Measuring; The course of her being Her first words, Her first thoughts, Her mother’s chatters, I bu ebube Onye na anochi Na enye oku Olu umu mma du Onye ji oku anyi name fu uzo T ...…
Das 33. Menü steht ganz im Zeichen der Zwetschke. Holt eure Tanzschuhe aus dem Kasten, es wird gefeiert. Styles: #Electronic #House #Techno #Afro-Electronic #Afrobeat Tracklist: 1. Dave Brubeck – Unsquare Dance 2. Kaytranada – Lite Spot 3. Marcel Vogel – I got Jesus 4. Unknown – Go Go Go (Cove edit) 5. Nese Karabocek – Yali Yali (Todd Terje edi ...…
Introductions We’re excited to introduce ‘AvTalk’, our new Flightradar24 aviation podcast, hosted by Ian Petchenik and Jason Rabinowitz, two aviation geeks with a passion for anything that flies. Ian is Flightradar24’s communications director, whom you may remember from such films as the Cathay Pacific 747 tour at Oshkosh. Jason’s been research ...…
LA based rapper Ye Ali sits down with Krystal Vega to talk about the life changing experience that made him pursue music and where it's taken him since. He opens up about his crazy college experience that ultimately caused him to trade in women for music. On his first national tour with rapper and producer 24Hrs and already gearing up for his n ...…
A strong focus on new and classic African tunes, plus other gems. Set List (Title – Artist): L’amour l’après-Midi – Nikita Quasim Salve – Tommy Guerrero & Curumin Odoo Be Ba – Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band Nuba Noutou (The Spy From Cairo Remix) – Alsarah & The Nubatones Talk Talk Talk – Wunmi Fuzz City (Skeewiff’s Spaghetti Western Remix) – S ...…
Escuche este audio libro completo gratis en Título: Aprendiendo de las drogas [Learning from Drugs]Subtitular: Compactos Anagrama [Compact Anagram]Autor: Antonio EscohotadoNarrador: Antonio EscohotadoFormato: UnabridgedDuración: 9 hrs and 55 minsIdioma: EspañolFecha de publicación: 06-03-16Editor: Enye Technologies ...…
Welcome to Episode # 013! "The Kickstarter Special" In this podcast we share the campaign we've launched for "being ñ", a film about what it’s like growing up in America having to navigate through two sets of cultural waters and figure out how they work together and as one. It’s a film that candidly shares what it’s like to grow up in the “in b ...…
I've been behind on the mail lately and wanted to share some things with you today. Some amazing people were kind enough to send me some amazing things they've been working on so I want to share that with you today.Kilian Kunz - yes you CAN buy a deck! Duartehttp://daniel-du ...…
I've been behind on the mail lately and wanted to share some things with you today. Some amazing people were kind enough to send me some amazing things they've been working on so I want to share that with you today.Kilian Kunz - yes you CAN buy a deck! Duartehttp://daniel-du ...…
There are more than 16 million first-generation American born Latinos in the United States, and Project Enye (ñ), a new multi-platform documentary project, is not only looking to give that generation a voice but also a connection to a community of people just like them. Denise Soler Cox and Henry Ansbacher share the details of Project Enye and ...…
Welcome to Episode # 012! "No Revolutions Without Poets" In this podcast we speak to Charleen Ramirez-Mares, principal and teacher at La Academia Denver Inner City Parish. We talk about the powerful experience of learning and teaching the famous poem, “I Am Joaquín”, written by Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales in 1969.…
Episode 011: We're back in Denver after and incredible week at Hispanicize in Miami! We interviewed nearly 30 different mega influencers in the Latino community and connected with hundreds of other incredible #Enyes & #FrEnyes!
Welcome to Episode 010: Where we interview Enye, Danett Hernandez, and her husband Miles Wartes - both actors who were in the controversial Coca-Cola Superbowl commercial "America is Beautiful" in 2014...
This is Podcast Episode # 009! In this weeks podcast we discuss the transition that Enye’s and their families go through when they leave for college. We first discussed Irene, who struggled a great deal with her parents as they labeled her choices to move away from home to attend graduate school as “white” and a “betrayal” to her family. Next, ...…
Hello! This is Episode #008! Where we share the behind the scenes look at young Enyes (ñ)s in L.A. This week we will be discussing young Enyes (ñ)s in LA. Last week, while in L.A., Denise and Henry spent a day on set at East Los High and met with Pastor Gabe over breakfast, former Youth Pastor turned Pastor for Latinos and Enyes (ñ)s.…
Hello! This is Episode #006! 5280 Magazine has just published an article by Mary Clare Fisher! With this great media attention, we are hearing from many people and how they heard about the project. We love it, so keep them coming! Next, we’re speaking at the Inner City Parrish school this week – excited to share about Enye (ñ) with youth! Then, ...…
Welcome to Episode #005! Update: We’re On the cover of Westword. A huge thanks to the writer, Kyle Harris for doing a great job. Speaking Engagements: North High School has invited us to join their community for the day to count Enyes (ñ)’s! #EnyesCount. Project Enye (ñ) Socials: Our First Enye (ñ) Social at the SIE Film Center was so much fun……
Welcome to Episode #004! We’re On the Cover: During this episode we feature our excitement (and frankly a bit of disbelief) for our upcoming cover article in Denver’s Westword newspaper. Being Nimble: Next, we share an invaluable experience where being nimble and being able to pivot strategic directions when necessary has proven to be essential……
Welcome to Episode #003! During this episode we start off by discussing the real numbers when posting video content on Facebook and YouTube. Next, a very important UPDATE! We are asking all Enyes (ñ)’s to stand up and be counted! We have just launched a campaign on our site asking all Enyes (ñ)’s to enter themselves in our count to show to the ...…
Welcome to Episode #002! During this episode we discuss why we love our first vignette with Enye (ñ) Lupe Hirt, the different and extraordinary reasons why we chose Charles Carpenter for our second episode and the powerful experience Denise had during her in-depth interview with Henry. Next, we share what its like to be the interviewees for Den ...…
Episode 001: Welcome to the first session of the Project Enye (ñ) Podcast! For our first session, we spend some time introducing ourselves, our intention for the podcast series and we define what an Enye (ñ) is and what Project Enye (ñ) is…
Movie Meltdown - Episode 69.1 Toy Flashbacks!! Yes, as we are prone to do we get sidetracked (and excited by) old toys! Aside from that we also addess... getting us a new studio, House of the Devil, The Terror, Sharks in Venice, AquaMan working at a surf shop, Watchers, looking up to Gator, Shogun Stormtrooper, the full monster monty, old Hallo ...…
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