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Mark Kermode joins Simon Mayo to give his verdict on the week's movies
Film Sack
Mining the depths of film entertainment for all mankind. With Scott Johnson, Brian Dunaway, Randy Jordan, and Brian Ibbott.
The Film Vault
Discover movies you may have missed and be warned about others you should. Hosts Anderson Cowan (Loveline) and Bryan Bishop (The Adam Carolla Podcast) hash out their contrasting film tastes in the form of weekly Top 5 lists and recent screening reviews of both new and old titles. With numerous recommendations each episode, The Film Vault is entertainment about entertainment and as a result is a show that keeps on giving.
The Empire Film Podcast is the official podcast of Empire, the world's biggest and best movie magazine. Check back each week for an assortment of irreverent, film-related chat, as well as interviews with Hollywood's best and brightest.
Classic Film Jerks
Join movie fans Michael DiGiovanni and Andrew Bloom as they set out to determine if all these so called classic films are indeed just that.
A one stop shop for all things movies. Mark, John, and John tackle the real issues like "What is Kurt Russell's best sleeveless shirt?". Listen Enjoy Share
The Film Reroll
Playing through your favorite movies like RPG’s and totally ruining them
The Film Programme
The latest releases, the hottest stars and the leading directors, plus news and insights from the film world
Topics will touch on all film formats (from pocket-sized 110 to medium format), do-it-yourself techniques, digital technologies, motion picture film making and more.
Comedy Film Nerds
Movie reviews by stand-up comics and filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini
Film Junk Podcast
Weekly Movie Reviews, Entertainment News and Other Hijinks
Feelin' Film
In a time when film criticism is as provocative as ever, Feelin' Film ventures to change the discussion from what we hate about a film to what we love about it. We judge more on emotional experience than technical merit. Every movie makes us feel something.
They are obnoxious, they are absurd, they are irreverent, and they are - at times - shockingly insightful. If you are looking for something different in the TV & Film podcasting genre, something honest and with zero interest in pandering (except to people into that sort of thing), then turn your ears to the Science Fiction Film Podcast. Subscribe and never miss a week of their profane ramblings.
Film Threat
The OFFICIAL podcast of Film Threat, hosted by Chris Gore.
Comedian Greg Proops invites you to sit down and watch some of his favorite movies with him. It's the cinematic companion piece you never knew you wanted but can't live without from the Smartest Man in the World.
Indie Film Hustle® is dedicated to showing you how to hack the film business. Interviews with Acadamy Award® / Oscar Winner and industry professionals giving you the real deal from the inside of moviemaking and independent film with no BS, just the truth on what it takes to survive and thrive doing what you love. We discuss cinematography, RED Camera, Arri Alexa, Blackmagic camera, post production, color grading, filmmaking, visual effects, motion graphics, film festivals, editing, film crew ...
F is for Film
As informative as half- assery permits, our three heroes Beanie, Dre, and Trent delve into all things film and TV related.
Published since 1962, Film Comment magazine features in-depth reviews, critical analysis, and feature coverage of mainstream, art-house, and avant-garde filmmaking from around the world. Our podcast is a weekly space for critical conversation about film, with a look at topical issues, new releases, and the big picture.
InSession Film
Good Film Hunting
Two sisters revisiting childhood films.
The No Film School Podcast is the audio channel of, the leading worldwide community of filmmakers, video producers, and independent creatives. No Film School is where filmmakers learn from each other — “no film school” required. Our podcasts feature interviews with leading filmmakers and industry authorities, check-ins from major film festivals, and our weekly news update, Indie Film Weekly.
/Film Daily
The latest news from the world of movies and television from
Each week Dave interviews a working professional from the film & tv industry from Academy Award Winners to indie filmmakers just starting out, there's something in the podcast for everyone!
The Film Basement
The Film Basement returns to talk movies old and new. We will review new films, highlight home video releases and look back at the classics.
Film Reviews
The Pulitzer Prize-winning critic of The Wall Street Journal, Joe Morgenstern reviews films weekly in the paper and on KCRW.
Welcome to the Cult Film Club, a monthly podcast and blog about MOVIES WE LOVE TO DEATH despite how bad, weird or obscure they are. In fact, we love them because they’re bad, weird or obscure! We discuss and analyze cult films from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond. Collectively we possess an impressive amount of useless pop culture knowledge, but we’re no movie snobs–just a couple of guys (and a girl) who really like movies.
Nathaniel R and guests discuss actresses, directors, the Oscars, current cinema and old favorites
All Films
A briefing on global affairs, business, culture and design.
Each film noir weaves its own yarn of longing, corruption, and fateful decisions. In this podcast series, Clute and Edwards investigate one noir or neo-noir in detail. Following various threads of inquiry, they attempt to unravel the vast canvas of noir.
Hello everyone, and welcome to the Disney Film Project Podcast! This is the show that creates magic for one and all, by all of us talking about your favorite Disney films, and some of your not-so-favorite films. Whether it’s Tangled, One Magic Christmas, Condorman or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, we’ll capture it all here… eventually. Hosted by Ryan Kilpatrick, Todd Perlmutter, Cheryl Perlmutter, Rachel Kolb, & Briana Amberger. If you like the show, tell your friends. Tell 572 other peopl ...
Film Weekly is our round-up of the week's big and small releases. We also cover the big film festivals from Toronto to Cannes. Presented on rotation by the Guardian film team: Catherine Shoard, Henry Barnes, Benjamin Lee, Peter Bradshaw and Andrew Pulver. Previously The Dailies until July 8, 2016.
Commentary and analysis of movies and TV shows’s film critic, Vince Leo, delivers a la carte movie reviews, featuring the latest releases, covering blockbusters, independent films, foreign titles, and VOD.
New Episodes Every SundayHonest movie reviews, and discussions on anything relevant in the movie industry. We will also cover trailers, upcoming projects or movies in development, rumors, actors, old school must see flicks, themed genre episodes, sprinkled with some general banter/rants. Welcome to our Podcast! "RetroFuture Clean" by Kevin MacLeod CC License
Welcome to the Film Trooper Podcast, ranked the #1 movie making podcast on iTunes! We empower the filmmaking entrepreneur. Why? Because film production is no longer a barrier … anyone can make a film. Film distribution is no longer a barrier … anyone can sell their film directly to the world. Film sales and marketing are the last barriers! To rise above the noise of the internet is the challenge — this is the podcast that explores these topics to help you, the filmmaking entrepreneur.
Films — Edits
Industry news and must-visit locations from the worlds of food, travel, retail and more.
We hand pick the very best in music, art, theatre, media, books and film from every corner of the globe.
About actors, stories, films, and more.
What are the The Best 1980s & 1990s Movies? Do you find yourself asking if the movies we loved while growing up were really that good? Have you caught yourself thinking, “why don’t make movies like they use to?” Can you still remember spending your Friday Nights searching for the perfect movie rental at Blockbuster Video? Do you know what Blockbuster Video is? If you answered yes, then this is the podcast for you! Website: Email: hosts@shatth ...
The Film Project
The Film Project podcast is a weekly show made by filmmakers for anyone who has a love of movies, filmmaking, and the arts. Hosts Jason McKee, Tom Dineen, Juan Mas, Shaun Springer, and Brandon Smith discuss topics like Hollywood cinema, film industry news, indie-film projects, while also highlighting local filmmakers, projects, art events and hosting special guests from the film industry and arts community.The Film Project podcast is an extension of the Spokane Film Project, a non-profit org ...
From the grue-crew behind Horror News Radio, Decades of Horror 1980s covers the horror, sci-fi and fantasy films from the Eighties. Classics from John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, Wes Craven, David Cronenberg and more.
Cinematic Sound Radio is a film, TV and video game music radio show that has been on the air and streaming on the internet for 20 years. Since being picked up by WROCK Radio in California, the show is now a weekly 2-hour program featuring a wide variety of great film music for you to enjoy. Updated weekly (sometimes a little bit later). Host and producer Erik Woods. Recorded in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. ‘Cinematic Sound Radio Fanfare and Theme’ composed by David Coscina.
2017 Podcast Awards winner for Best TV & Film, The Hollywood Outsider is a weekly entertainment podcast where we discuss specific topics, review current movies, interview independent filmmakers, and put our own spin on movies and television. Subscribe & listen to a new HO every week!
Timothy Plain and Alrik Bursell discuss independent filmmaking, everything from writing, producing and directing to working as crew. But this is not just a podcast about "making it," it's also about struggling with rejection, self-doubt and everything else that comes with pursuing a career in film. Follow along as we forge our own way through the industry and talk to guests who are also making it happen.
Film Strip Heroes
The latest discussions about comic book movies: past, present and future!
Film Fandango
Comedians David Reed and Marek Larwood discuss films old and new, from the latest releases to cult classics.
Nightmare on Film Street is the horror movie podcast hosted by two horror nuts with zero credibility. Listen in every week for a candid, comedic take on the latest in horror and genre film news, reviews, and to duke out the classics in our head-to-head movie death match. Hosted by Jon (@JonOnAString), and Kim (@KimmiKillZombie). Join us, if you dare!
We Live Film
The We Live Film Podcast airs every Thursday evening from 5pm to 6pm PST on the Red Guerilla Network. Scott Menzel also known as MovieManMenzel hosts the podcast along with his wife Ashley Menzel and several others including Chad Gleason (MovieManChad), Daniel Rester, Gabe Alcantara, and more. Each week features several unique segments including “What to Watch”, “Trailer Talk”, and “Blu-Ray: Buy It-Rent It-Skip It.” In addition, there is usually a special celebrity guest at least once per mo ...
Mark Kermode's film reviews, BBC Radio Five Live. Five Live's resident film critic, never one to sit on the fence or to pull his punches, Mark Kermode, joins Simon Mayo for a weekly run-down of the latest UK cinema releases, often accompanied by a special guest from the movie world. Controversial, hard-hitting and unmissable. For more information and the podcast Terms of Use go to
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Originally aired on 6/12/2018 Tonight, Adam Holtzapfel returns with a “good movie for the entire family” if you have a really deranged family, that is. Not to be outdone, Drew reviews another horror item masquerading as more wholesome entertainment. Tim reviews the most over-hyped horror film of the last 50 days…just another day to take you all ...…
The attack on the Alamo in 1836 was not a 13-day siege and slaughter as often portrayed in film and television. Don't get me wrong – the defenders of the mission-turned-fortress were killed en masse as Mexican troops stormed the structure. It's just that not everyone inside the Alamo died that day.
Building on the success of the Milwaukee Film Festival, now a top ten film festival in the country, Milwaukee Film is poised to be an economic, cultural and educational leader for Milwaukee, the region, and beyond. Through it’s new 31-year lease of the Oriental Theatre and its Milwaukee Filmmaker Alliance initiative, Milwaukee Film is positione ...…
This week - 20'' Dicks .The General Banter Podcast is a Comedy podcast hosted by Colin Geddis, Creator of Gedzilla Films, and contains ill-informed opinions on news stories, questions from listeners and of course general banter.Leave some comments for the banter/craic, and remember to subscribe on YouTube:…
On the June 19, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film weekend editor Brad Oman and senior writer Ben Pearson to talk about the latest news, including Chris Hardwick, an update on the Disney/Fox acquisition deal, Stranger Things gets a comic book prequel, Brad Bird’s 1906, Sicario: Day of the Soldad ...…
Former special advisor and press secretary to President Ronald Reagan, Mark Weinberg, shares an intimate, behind-the-scenes look inside the Reagan presidency—told through the movies they watched together every week at Camp David. Movie Nights with the Reagans is a nostalgic journey through the 1980s and its most iconic films, seen through the e ...…
Rain-soaked streets...moss and wisteria...bad guys in the bayou. This is the setting for Mark Frost's 1992 film "Storyville", a courtroom drama/thriller mixed with elements of the police procedural Frost knew all too well from his years on "Hill Street Blues", a dose of Vietnamese underworld intrigue, and all filmed at the intersection of Deep ...…
We continue our 2018 NFL Draft review with Greg Cosell of NFL Films. Next up, AFC West. – [ ] Show open / What’s New – – [ ] – [ ] Warcraft Guild / Upcoming News -DK changes -fishing pole artifact not going away – – [ ] – [ ] G ...…
More information about the devastating news regarding the murder of XXXTentacion, Ariana and Pete are so very much in love, nine ‘Star Wars’ films are in development, a man wades through 100 yards of sewer sludge to rescue tired fawn, and more men are getting plastic surgery!
Watch This Episode on YouTube: out the Forwards Blog:’s no better way to sharpen your own writing and production skills than trying to pick what made the grade and what didn’t for a really high-bar request for music!Do you think you can pick which songs our A&R Team thought were good ...…
Welcome to another adventure in the multiverse! This episode comes with a parental advisory warning! Yes, we are talking about the kids film, The Incredibles 2 (also as a second part to our crossover with Superhero MovieCast). Check out the first part here. The reason this comes with an advisory is because we are discussing the recent confessio ...…
The first bit of changes to Time Warner following the merger with AT&T have emerged, including a name change. Today's podcast covers that plus info on how the merger could change DC Films and Aquaman and Wonder Woman news.Time Warner has changed the company name to WarnerMedia The Hollywood Reporter interview with AT&T CEO John Stankey Initial ...…
Boats? Boats. Boats! This week, we're talking about the short story "Poe Posthumous; or, The Light-House" by Joyce Carol Oates, and the 2009 film "Triangle". Music: Eyes Gone Wrong Kevin MacLeod ( (Miskatonic Musings).
The “vividly rendered” / Anwen as Jeanne edition.For the fiftieth episode of Cultural Capital we show our utter professionalism by doing what we always do, we talk about films. And briefly talk about ourselves talking about films. We review Sebastian Leilo’s Disobedience, open the Cultural Capital film diary, Anders and Andy walk through Jurass ...…
Cinema Royale is joined by director Silas Howard who talks about his new film A Kid Like Jake starring Jim Parsons, Claire Danes, and Octavia Spencer. The film follows a Brooklyn couple whose preschool aged son is showing signs of gender nonconformity. Howard talks about what drew him to the film, his career as a trans filmmaker and how the ind ...…
This week Wayne and Paul allow their inner children to reign supreme (so, basically, it's a typical show) as they review Incredibles 2 and then countdown the best kids films which are equally great for adults. It's parent versus non-parent, but just how different do the lists end up being? Find out as The Countdown continues ...(P.S. If you've ...…
Adam Janke is the host of the Beyond the Kill podcast, and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Mountain Hunting (JOMH). Adam, a British Columbia resident and diehard mountain hunter, is a deliberate dude. He came into the hunting industry recently and has made a name for himself early on as someone who cares about hunting's image and is striv ...…
Good News Everyone!A slightly more feisty Baby Beard cuddle together to watch some Futurama, in the hopes of discovering why ‘Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television.’Along the way, they learn 3 valuable lessons:1. Sean should not set up catchphrases to be proclaimed in unison.2. Josh should not question the reason for robot children. 3. Phi ...…
This week on The Podcast, we're talking about Incredibles 2. We talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the film, how it compares to the first movie, the muddled themes, the terrific action, and much more. Then we take a broader look at the history of Pixar, what the future holds for the company, our Top 5 Pixar films, and more. ...…
On this episode, Brian's daughter Raven returns to talk monster films - including NIGHT OF THE LEPUS (Scream Factory), THE BLACK SCORPION (Warner Archive) and the TREMORS Series.
This week on TIFF Long Take, Rob sits down with Indonesian filmmaker Mouly Surya whose latest film, ‘Marlina: The Murderer in Four Acts’, was released earlier this year to great acclaim. The movie, which follows a Sumba woman taking revenge against the the men who have wronged her, is the director’s Indonesian spin on the Spaghetti Western genr ...…
Episode 171 (1 hr 01 mins 07 secs) After 14 Years, Brad Bird and Pixar has finally given us the sequel to the much loved "The Incredibles." So was "Incredibles 2" worth the long wait? Do you want to see more after this? Kathryn, Edward, Josephine, and Jiaming, share their opinions about the movie. What really worked for them, and what didn't? T ...…
This week on the InSession Film Podcast, we review Pixar's latest sequel in Incredibles 2 from director Brad Bird, and we discuss the best movies about parenthood for our Top 3. We also talk about a few trailers that dropped over the last few weeks as well. - Review: Incredibles 2 (5:59) - Trailer Talk (46:24) - Top 3 Interrogation Scenes (1:10 ...…
You can help to support this show and the rest of the Suicide Squadcast Network through Patreon at this link! Thank you for your support! In this episode, Tim and Scott talk about: Geoff Johns leaving CCO position for exclusive DC writing/producing deal The AT&T/Time Warner merger is finally a GO! Time Warner will now have a new name! We talk a ...…
Patrick’s sister Mary joins the podcast this week for the ultimate sibling episode, as four friends who all went to high school together discuss one of the most obscure movies of Josh’s career. It’s Mozart and the Whale, a romantic comedy about autism with a bizarre production history that everyone finds difficult to properly evaluate. Plus: Ma ...…
After taking a brief break from the podcast, Maggie and Will are back with what they'd like to call a "deep-dive episode" (better name to come), where they delve into a specific topic of dadness and analyze it through this new lens of film criticism they're slowly developing. This first deep-dive episode is about Rick Moranis, the comedic actor ...…
In this episode Alan and Joe are joined by Andrew Patterson, Toronto-based artist, graphic designer and co-host of the You Gotta Love It podcast on the Bunz Podcast Network. As his overrated film, Andrew choses the inaugural entry into the popular action/spy/thriller franchise known as The Bourne Identity. Tune in as we revisit this Matt Damon ...…
Andy and Zach review Disney-Pixar's triumphant return to the superhero genre in Brad Bird's "The Incredibles 2" and talk about an upcoming true-to-life film out of New York (and screened at the Oak Cliff Film Festival) in Crystal Moselle's "Skate Kitchen" before wading through the cacophony of all-too-real themes in Greta Gerwig's coming of age ...…
Boots Riley is a musician, writer, filmmaker, and activist. He's fronted the political hip hop group The Coup since 1991 (a favorite of Rachel's in her 20s), is the vocalist for Street Sweeper Social Club with Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, and just wrote/directed his first feature film "Sorry to Bother You" which has been rece ...…
Today on GeekFest Rants, Carlos looks at both sides of the Star Wars fandom coin, the positive fan gatherings like Star Wars Celebration and the flip side with the ugly newer toxic fandom incidents. This non traditional Star Wars fan behavior seems to have been gathering steam most recently with the new Disney/Lucasfilm films like The Force Awa ...…
This week’s guests are local experts on books, films, and music. We hear from Katy Evans who works for The Grand Cinema (the local arthouse theater.) We get music recs from hip hop head, local podcaster, realtor, and ex-educator Dave Jones. And we learn what we should be reading from our only four-time-show-guest Kenny "I have a lot of opinions ...…
This week’s guests are local experts on books, films, and music. We hear from Katy Evans who works for The Grand Cinema (the local arthouse theater.) We get music recs from hip hop head, local podcaster, realtor, and ex-educator Dave Jones. And we learn what we should be reading from our only four-time-show-guest Kenny "I have a lot of opinions ...…
Anson and Branan recap the first season of The Well Podcast and talk about plans for season 2. Also, Anson talks about filming “Star Trek: Discovery” and what it’s like to join the larger Star Trek family. Oh… Anson Branan his a tree with his truck. Enjoy, and don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list on our website. We’ll be sending updates ...…
The crew reviews the best and worst of Michael Shannon!!!film friends theme song: Hot Man by The Buggiesdating history theme song: Sexy by BENSOUNDHit Us Up!E-mail - filmfriendspodcast@gmail.comTwitter - @thefilmfriendsInsta - @filmfriendspodcast
This week the guys embarked on another Pixar adventure and guess what - this one was 'Incredibles 2'! There's discussion about the cast of the film, recognizable voices, superhero powers, and a PSA about theater etiquette that the whole world should hear. Tune in for all the Jack-Jack talk that's fit to record as they celebrate a fitting sequel ...…
Chris had the opportunity to visit NJIT's campus and tour their Wellness and Events Center and look inside the team's amenities such as their locker room, film room, and training room, as well as take an early look at the team's new home come next season. He also spoke to head coach Travis Johnson and assistant Alex Lopes on the state of the pr ...…
Shaheen talks about the Kansas City Chiefs' and Denver Broncos' offseason moves and how both teams have shaped up for the 2018-2019 NFL season.PLEASE Rate and Review 5 Stars on Apple Podcasts!Instagram- @takeaseatpodcast -@icecoldglassofmilkEmail- thetaspodcast@gmail.comTwitter- @ShaheensSaalabiTwitch: takeaseatpodcastPodcast Available on iTune ...…
Diary of a Tired Black Man Directed by Tim Alexander Produced by Tim Alexander Written by Tim Alexander Starring Jimmy Jean-Louis Paula Lema Natasha M. Dixon Tim Alexander Diary of a Tired Black Man is a 2008 independent film that combines elements of a comedy-drama with elements of a documentary film. It is the debut film of writer/director Ti ...…
Join Producer Alfred Crane as he leads the discussion with hosts Jonathan Moody, Donnie Sturges, and special guest Leza Cantoral on filmmaker Quentin Tarantino.
A podcast where two friends struggle to remember well known films, who was in them, what the point was and why they started this whole thing in the first place.
That's right! We are joint ranking all the Pixar films including Incredibles 2. Where did all of your favorites end up? Also we debate our latest round of "MMFF Tournament." Plus the kiddos get to give their Pixar top 5 after the credits. So darn cute!
Join Jess and Andrew on their further adventures at the Cineplex. This weekend started with a sequel that went leaps and bounds above its predecessor, “The Incredibles 2”. The joyful feeling continued with the crowd pleasing “Hearts Beat Loud”. One of our biggest wishes is that this would have been released wider to find an audience similar to ...…
Coming this Friday to The Cine-Files a movie which is not only one of the greatest animated features of all time but arguably one of the greatest super hero films as well. Joining us for this conversation is one of our favorite guests, animation expert Michael Vogel.Don’t forget to support The Cine-Files at ...…
Hannah joins me fresh from being seen on Freeform's Siren in which she plays Janine, the barmaid in a little fishing town which has a fascination and history of Mermaids. She is also well known for her role as Victoria in The Magicians. Sit back and enjoy as we chat about Siren and more! IMDB: Hannah Levien grew up in Australia. She graduated f ...…
From taking classes with Lee Strasberg to creating her own Acting Technique, Warner Loughlin is a gift to artists at all points on their journey. Coaching actors like Amy Adams, Ryan Reynolds, Zooey Deschanel, TV/Film Writers, and even Disney Animators! She shares about her technique, how we have a lot more in common with Academy Award winners ...…
350 Days Hits Theaters July 12 Bret Hart, "Superstar" Billy Graham, Lex Luger, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff and a slew of other legends appear in the new 350 Days documentary about real life away from the cameras. The team that put this film together -- executive producer Darren Antola, executive producer David Wilkins and associate producer E ...…
Show 42 - Check out the Effects, they are Massive! Welcome to the Fasn Film Boyz Podcast Show 42 - Check out the Effects, they are Massive! On this Show Rob and Dave sit down to discuss the fan film Mass Effect: Red Sand. This is a prequel fan film to the hugely successful video game series Mass Effect developed by BioWare and originally releas ...…
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