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Seminole Headlines
Seminole Headlines
The Jeff Cameron Show on ESPN Tallahassee.
Coverage and Analysis of Florida State Football
The official podcast of Florida State Athletics
Upon Further Review
Talk sports with sports fans. A weekly run down of the most interesting topics in sports.
Podcast by Shoestring Tackle Podcast
Mikey Davis will discuss local high school football in the city of Valdosta, Ga. He will also discuss high school recruiting as well as cover the Georgia Bulldogs and Florida State Seminoles.
Three And Out
Most extensive college and high school football show with game analysis, news and guests. Sammy G is currently a pro scout and former Director of Football Operations at a D2 University and NFL/CFL Agent from 2006-2016. Sammy G went to college in Missouri where he played football. He has extensive knowledge in college football as he travels the state week to week scouting teams in Florida. The Doc is a currently a practicing orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports injuries. He has been i ...
Wake Up Warchant
Wake Up Warchant is a daily podcast (Monday-Friday) covering Florida State Seminoles football, basketball, baseball and recruiting. Hosted by Aslan Hajivandi and Corey Clark.
Covering ACC Football and beyond. We talk Atlantic Coast Conference football and NCAA news. Weekly recaps on the games, and predictions for the coming week are standard, and we branch out into conference realignment, players of the week, and award and draft chatter as they come up. Boston College Eagles, Maryland Terrapins, Virginia Cavaliers, Virginia Tech Hokies, North Carolina Tarheels, Duke Blue Devils, NC State Wolfpack, Wake Forest Demon Deacons, Clemons Tigers, Georgia Tech Yellow Jac ...
Brought to you by -- In today's sports media and fan culture, overreaction is the norm. Seminole Perspective brings a rational point of view and the ultimate perspective on Florida State football. If you are interested in sponsoring Seminole Perspective or other State-Lines Network podcasts, email #SeminolePerspective #StateLines
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show series
1) FSU receivers talk 2) Trolley montage 3) Walt Bell discussion 4) 2016 Miami montage
1) Fuente interview 2) Willie and Whistles 3) 2018 Time Capsule segment 4) 2013 ACC Championship Montage
1) Jeff is getting a new TV / Gameday excursions / Worried about injury this season? 2) PGA championship rating uptick 3) Sometimes you get tired about talking football / More uniform talk 4) Tom Block joins the show
1) Ira Schoffel interview 2) Auden Tate is playing well in the preseason 3) A guide to Jalen Ramsey's QB comments / FSU golf talk
1) Jalen Ramsey / FSU football 2) Scouts are a little too high on themselves / FSU QB battle 3) Clemson and LSU schedule home and home / Uniform talk
1) FSU receivers 2) Cam Akers on OLine 3) Gameday Excursions / Jeff's son ran an experiment to prove the Tooth Fairy isn't real 4) Weezy is still kicking / The greatest MyPillow read of all time / Probables
1) Coaching talk 2) Alpacas are so damn cute / Most overrated and underrated teams in the top 20 3) Ryder Cup / Brooks Koepka talk
1) Jeff vents about a call he gets everyday / FSU practice talk 2) There is an SI gambling page / Jon Gruden is who we thought he is / Maryland takes full legal and moral responsibility 3) Fan day sucks, but at least it isn't Running of the Gumps
1) Brooks Koepka wins the PGA , but Tiger is the story 2) Vision Check 3) RIP Jim "The Anvil" 4) Jalen Ramsey suspended / Probables
1) Corey Clark interview, live from IMG 2) Brian Burns talk / Unofficial BC Ws and Ls 3) What if FSU gets blown out vs Virginia Tech?
1) Brooks Koepka wins the PGA, but he isn't the story 2) FSU practice / Player abuse accusations at Maryland 3) Possibility that Hockman wins the job?
1) PGA Chapionship update / Brooks Koepka in contention 2) Nothing encapsulates 2018 like this story... 3) Willie Taggart and Jeff like them some whistles / Feeling good about 9-3? 4) MyPillow! / Help the CP help kids in need / Probables
1) FSU football talk 2) FSU vs LSU / FSU basketball 3) College football underdogs 4) Cam Newton/Kelvin Benjamin confrontation
1) FSU football talk 2) Board-oping sucks / Is Phil Mickelson dying his hair? / PGA Championship update 3) Help the CP help kids with school supplies / Young QB talk
1) NFL talk 2) A moth flew into an umpire's ear / Owls can kill people 3) Bucs on next / Worried about Willie Taggart's offense? 4) Kate Upton saved Justin Verlander's life / Probables
1) Jeff ripping cities in Florida / Marc Leishman is a cut-makin' fool / FSU talk 2) Team overviews 3) Bill Snyder extension / Tommy Fleetwood money mix-up / RIP Jarrod Lyle
1) Football is here! 2) Bernie Mac has been dead TEN YEARS! 3) Florida's abysmal recruiting 4) PGA Championship update
1) Gameday Excursions / This staff appreciates where they are / Bucs QB talk 2) NCAA basketball players who go undrafted can now come back to college 3) David Kelly audio and recation 4) Juan Soto is really good / Probables
1) There are still questions surrounding Arizona State / Rankings talk 2) Be careful with the insider trading / Angles for betting on preseason NFL 3) Vision Check
1) FSU football 2) FSU coaching 3) MyPillow! / Is Urban Meyer keeping his job? / Walt Bell audio
Jeff, Corey, and Ira discuss FSU football, what they noticed at practice and rifle through your Headliner questions!
Jeff, Corey, and Ira discuss FSU football, what they noticed at practice and rifle through your Headliner questions!
1) FSU football talk 2) Walt Bell / FSU coaching talk 3) Red Sox sweep the Yankees / Probables
1) Urban Meyer talk - will he keep his job? 2) MyPillow / Ira Schoffel interview
1) FSU football talk 2) Harlon Barnett press conference and reaction
1) Libations announcement / Urban Meyer discussion 2) Jami Cantor's allegations against men at NFL Network are something.. 3) Gameday Excursions / Probables
1) Mickey Andrews is back on the FSU football staff 2) Someone stole a Field's Medal winner's medal / More baseball cards found in attic in New Jersey worth millions 3) Golf / Gene Deckerhoff interview
1) We can't play football this way 2)MyPillow! / FSU football talk / Gameday excursions 3) What does FSU have to do to catch Clemson?
1) DON'T BET ON PRESEASON FOOTBALL / MLB division races 2) FSU vs ND road trip / Deadliest driving day of the year / Back to school time! 3) Rock anthems / THE COACHES POLL! FRAUDULENT GOATS! HAWKS SCREECHING! 4) Von Stryker! / Probables
1) How much did injury hurt Oregon last year? / Urban Meyer discussion 2) Broad football talk 3) FSU preseason schedule ... Finally! / Vision Check
1) COACHES POLL! / FSU football talk 2) Travel plans for FSU vs ND / When sports fans care too much 3) COACHES POLL!
1) Urban Meyer story 2) Danny Kanell interview 3) Urban Meyer / That Mets game last night was something / Probables
1) 22 and a wake up, folks! / Ryder Cup is right around the corner 2) Ryan Spilborghs interview 3) College football team win totals... take the under on Arizona State
1) Urban Meyer story 2) Don't overreact to one game 3) James Laurinaitis interview
1) Florida's recruiting isn't going well / More recruiting talk 2) Willie taggart talk 3) Tim Linafelt ACC meetings 4) New beer show on Saturday / Probables
1) FSU football talk 2) MLB deadline update 3) MyPillow! / Phil Steele
1) FSU football talk / More bad news for Virginia Tech / MLB trade deadline 2) Controversial Osuna trade / Bucs distancing themselves from Jameis? 3) Pirates deal for Chris Archer / Can Jameis be trusted?
1) FSU recruiting talk 2) New NFL helmet contact rule 3) MLB trade deadline talk / Probables
1) Ira Schoffel interview 2) Pac 12 media days / Growing pains at UCLA? / Discussing FSU's offense 3) Fan charged with identity theft in scheme to watch Arizona basketball game while dining out
1) What them kids doin'? 2) Kardell Thomas wasn't coming back to FSU until the new staff changed everything 3) Notre Dame is atop Phil Steele's surprise teams this season, who else makes the list? / What FSU game are you most concerned about?
1) Always take an offensive lineman / Dalvin Cook reports to camp healthy 2) Justin Fuente interview from ACC meetings and reaction 3) Probables / Saturday Night Live event
1) Rosier is Miami's QB / Boston College talk 2) Projecting NFL season stats leaders 3) In conference records for each conference
1) Summer sucks for parents / SNL event 2) Florida is having a terrible offseason / Tay Bang! 3) RIP Tyrone Moss / Was the 2013 team really all-time great?
1) What happened to Michelob? / Best college teams of the past 20 years 2) Ron White giveaway 3) We're those Jimbo comments real? We don't think so / Jameis talk / Probables
Jeff, Corey, and Ira discuss the ACC meetings, the FSU QB battle, and rifle through your Headliner questions!
Jeff, Corey, and Ira discuss the ACC meetings, the FSU QB battle, and rifle through your Headliner questions!
1) ACC meetings reactions 2) Willie Taggart interview from the ACC Meetings 3) Facilities updates / Bucs talk / Probables
1) We are ready for college football!! 2) Who's Hot? Who's Cold? 3) MyPillow! / Facilities talk 4) Jalen Ramsey - the best corner in the NFL?
1) ACC meetings reaction / FSU QB battle 2) Willie Taggart interview 3) Reaction to Willie Taggart interview
1) Call IPFW 2) Todd Marinovich / Overbearing sports parents 3) Is Bill Self's hair real 4) Corey vs Squirrel
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