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Best Glenn Welch podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Glenn Welch podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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A podcast (mostly) about Disney, Walt Disney World, and Disneyland but honestly, we nerd out on anything--tech, photography, cars, books, music, etc. Have a listen.
Streaming live from the Sun-Times studio in the West Loop and presented by the Chicago Reader and Chicago Sun-Times is long-running political powerhouse The Ben Joravsky Show. Hear Ben discuss all of the day’s big stories with his celebrated humor, insight and honesty. Tune in to LIVE episodes streaming Tuesdays through Fridays from 1-3 p.m. at the Reader and Sun-Times' websites, or catch up with recorded episodes anytime.
|| Definition of dark horse (n) 1 a : a usually little known contender (such as a racehorse) that makes an unexpectedly good showing || My name is Steven Gray, and I'm on a mission to find the Dark Horses. The underdogs. The people who are pursuing singular visions. Whether they are unique in the field of art or business, well-known or completely unknown, I want to find them and hear their stories.
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Jennifer Welch, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Illinois tells us why Roe V. Wade is more relevant than ever and our friends Laurie Glenn and Juanita Irizarry return to take the deep dive on the Obama Center and the 2020 POTUS race.
Activist and EPA worker Loreen Targos takes the deep dive with Benny J to tell us why she supports Senator Bernie Sanders for President
What does Mayor Lightfoot look for in a Presidential candidate? Chicago Sun-Times editor Rummana Hussain returns for another "Rummana Rundown"
Our Chicago Reader colleague, Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth of Indivisible Illinois talks their latest efforts in getting out the vote and Democratic 3rd congressional district candidate Marie Newman joins us in studio with a campaign update
Ben says something nice about the Chicago Tribune (or at least one of their writers) Governor Pritzker's trip to Southern Illinois in review, a 3rd congressional district election update and "In These Times" Writer Miles Kampf-Lassin talks progressive politics and defends Bernie Sanders
Chicago radio personality Marj Halperin is back to talk Indivisible Chicago, who she is supporting in the POTUS race and getting Donald Trump out of office. 6th Ward Alderman Roderick Sawyer makes his Benny J podcast debut to tell us why he is supporting Joe Biden.
Ben weighs in on Hillary Clinton's Bernie comment. Congressman Bobby Rush endorses Billionaire POTUS candidate Mike Bloomberg. Legendary Chicago Journalist Monroe Anderson returns to talk ALL things Trump impeachment
Recorded on 1/20/20 Special Guest Casey Liss Co-host of Accidental Tech Podcast https://atp.fm/ Co-host of Analog(ue) https://www.relay.fm/analogue/ iOS App Developer of Vignette https://apps.apple.com/us/app/vignette-update-contact-pics/id1455924925 Website https://www.caseyliss.com/ How were we lucky enough to get Casey to join the show How did C…
He's the President of the Chicago Principals Association, he's a formal mayoral candidate and he is our friend. Troy LaRaviere returns to take the deep dive with Benny J!
Democratic 11th Congressional district Candidate Rachel Ventura swings by with a campaign update. Who will replace John Cullerton as our next Illinois Senate President? Who will replace John Cullerton as the next Illinois Senator? Chicago Reader writer Maya Dukmasova is back to talk Brandon Johnson vs Carlos Ramirez-Rosa's POTUS candidate debate LI…
2 Chicago Tribune journalists take the deep dive on the future of the paper in the wake of Alden Global Capital, a hedge fund, buying up a majority share and offering staff buyouts
Before a new week of Chicago and/or Illinois news begins, catch up with "Oh What a Week it Was" Find out what happened during last week's city council meeting, learn how much campaign cash Mike Madigan has (it's a lot) and more
Meet Dani Brzozowski. She's running against Adam Kinzinger in the 16th congressional district. learn more at https://www.daniforillinois.com/
Author of "It's Time to Fight Dirty: How Democrats Can Build a Lasting Majority in American Politics" and Roosevelt University Professor David Faris returns to talk the latest democratic debate, handshake-gate!, how democrats should move forward in defeating Donald Trump and everything going on in Iran.…
What do you get a billionaire Governor for his birthday? Our good friend and political strategist Candis Castillo of United Working families returns to talk the 2020 POTUS election and it's a City Council meeting in review with our NEW city council correspondent Mr. Bike David Glowacz
Who will be the next Illinois Senate President and who is the latest alleged shady Illinois politician? It's Another Rummana Rundown with Sun-Times Editor Rummana Hussain.
Union Man and Pension Guru Jeff Johnson joins us to talk pensions, the reefer tax and casinos. Former Daley Political Consultant Peter Cunningham returns to talk strategies on beating Trump.
Ben questions the sudden conservative love for Bernie Sanders. Wednesday's City Council meeting in review. Mike Madigan is a powerhouse and he has the campaign cash to prove it. "In These Times" Writer Miles Kampf-Lassin returns to talk progressive politics.
Our dear friend and host of the "Hand Her the Mic" podcast Sameena Mustafa returns and tells her thoughts on last night's debate. Jaquie Algee of SEIU Healthcare Illinois/Indiana talks the upcoming women's march. Ikeya Johnson of Roseland Hospital tells us her story.
Ben's thoughts on last night's debate and the beef between Bernie and Elizabeth Warren. What went down at Wednesday's city council meeting? Mayor Lightfoot defends the Chicago City Club and Legendary Journalist Monroe Anderson talks Trump, Trump, the debate and Trump
Ben compares an event in 2020 to a television show from the 1970's (hang tight millennials) Good news for POTUS candidate Amy Klobuchar in Illinois. Did Kim Foxx survive her ballot petition battle? Maya Dukmasova returns to talk Bernie vs Warren and democratic infighting.
Before a new week of Chicago and/or Illinois news begins, find out what happened last week. The latest updates on the 3rd Congressional District Election: Marie Newman vs Dan Lipinski Round 2! Meet one of Kim Foxx's Cook County State's Attorney primary opponents.
Mark Brown is a Chicago Sun-Times columnist who specializes in politics and public policy issues
WBEZ Reporter Dan Mihalopoulos returns to talk the rape allegation of a powerful lobbyist in Speaker Michael Madigan's inner circle.
Committeeman Peter Janko along with Our Revolution's Larry Cohen share their love for Bernie Sanders and the political know it alls Jacob Kaplan and Dan Pogorzelski talk all things Chicago and/or Illinois politics.
Cook County States Attorney candidate Bill Conway gets more campaign cash. What's the difference between a "bro" and a "hipster?" Sun-Times Editor Rummana Hussain returns for another Rummana Rundown.
Union man Ed Maher of the IUOE Local 150 returns to talk Labor and cannabis. Another guide to getting high "The Dope Dive" with resident reefer expert Lisa Solomon of The Chicago Reader
He's the attorney for Rod Blagojevich and he has a lot on his mind. Epstein, Russia-Gate, impeachment and more with Attorney Leonard Goodman
Vice President of The Chicago Teachers Union Stacy Davis Gates is back to talk like after the teachers strike, the 2020 election and all things local politics!
Ben talks Golden Globes. 3rd Congressional Democratic candidate Dan Lipinski picks up a handful of endorsments while getting bashed on twitter by the Chicago Mayor. Our Chicago Reader Colleague Maya Dukmasova returns to the show to talk local politics.
Lisa Solomon of the Chicago Reader gets us prepared for legal recreational cannabis in 2020 and Ben's dear friend and writer Milo Samardzija shares his thought on war and marijuana. (these are segments from Tuesday December 31st)
What dispensaries are still selling recreational cannabis? Which Chicago neighborhood near you will be selling recreational cannabis? Who is the latest Illinois politician to be investigated by the feds? What will Rummana Hussain recommend and what will she say about in this week's Rummana's Rundown? All of these answers and more in hour 1 of Frida…
POTUS Candidate updates and Robin Peterson of the Democratic Socialists of America
Recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois. Find out what went down on day one and an update on day 2. Miles Kampf-Lassin of "In These Times" Magazine is back to talk progressive politics...and of course legal marijuana
5 down and 5 more to go! Ben and Dennis end 2019 with the their top 5 Chicago and or Illinois Stories of 2019. What's number 1? Download it now and find out!!
Ben's dear friend and Writer Milo Samardzija shares his thought on war and marijuana. Host of the Paseo Podcast Joshua Smyser-DeLeon talks about his show and weighs in on the 2020 POTUS race and it's Numbers 7 and 6 of our Top Ten Chicago and/or Illinois stories of 2019
We begin our top ten Chicago and/or Illinois story countdown (numbers 10-8) and Lisa Solomon of the Chicago Reader gets us prepared for legal recreational marijuana in 2020
Ben Joravsky loves basketball. This is a Chicago Bulls/NBA season update. Who's doing well? Who isn't? All of that and more with Editor Miles and Benji the Bookie.
Director of the Black Harvest Film Festival, Sergio Mims joins Benny J to tell us his 5 favorite movies of 2019 and the top 10 of the decade!
It's Ben Joravsky's former partner in crime. It's ProPublica investigative reporter Mick Dumke reunites with Ben Joravsky to talk the top stories of the year and recreational marijuana. Download this Benny J BONUS interview!
We finish out WTT's list of 20 new laws coming to Illinois in 2020. Sun-Times editor Rummana Hussain returns for the final "Rummana Rundown" of the year!
He's the Director of the Black Harvest Film Festival and he loves to talk politics. Local and national politics with one of our funniest and favorite guests Sergio Mims
Find out 2 of the 20 new laws coming to Illinois in 2020. Another update on that damn dirty corruption in Illinois. Attorney Leonard Goodman takes the Russia-Gate deep dive and talks the 2020 race.
Rachel Joravsky is a comedian and actress and Ben Joravsky's daughter. Cody Wilkins is a comedian from Chicago living in New York.
A long overdue update on Abraham's Lincoln's hat and the new Illinois laws of 2020.
35th Ward Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa returns to life under Mayor Lori Lightfoot and why he endorses Bernie Sanders in the 2020 election
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