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The Original Science Fiction Podcast
Victor Hugo's Les Misérables is a novel which tells the story of ex-convict Jean Valjean, his struggles and eventual redemption. It's hailed by many critics as not just Victor Hugo's finest work but also one of the best French novels of all time. Like most epic novels written in the 19th century, the storyline of Les Misérables spans through several decades beginning in the early 1800s and culminating in the 1832 June Rebellion in Paris. The events related to the lives of the central charact ...
Reading the Hugo winners, one guest at a time.
If Queen Mary I of England wants something, you'd better not try and stop her, or else you might soon find yourself without a head! When this hot-headed young Royal's new favourite courtier, an Italian gentleman named Fabiano Fabiani who has already made himself very unpopular with the court, is caught sneaking around with another girl - a commoner no less! - the Queen begins to plan her revenge in the only way suitable for a Queen. (Summary by Charlotte Duckett) Narrator: balaMary I of Engl ...
Talking about viewing the Ocean "If I take the attitude of appreciation, it would be absurd to say that this wave is composed of chemical elements which I do not see; and if I take the attitude of physical explanation, it would be equally absurd to deny that such elements are all of which the wave is made. From the one standpoint, the ocean is really excited; from the other standpoint, the molecules are moving according to the laws of hydrodynamics. If I want to understand the meaning of thi ...
Hugo's Posts
I am always Posting something somewhere and behind each entry there's a rant. A full-time Dad, full-time Real Estate agent, Full-time Husband and part time Chicken Farmer. There's always something to talk about. Here are ma stories.
This is book 3 of 5. -- An ex-convict breaks parole and starts a new life as a righteous man, but is pursued by a police inspector. Along the way, the ex-convict joins a revolution, adopts a daughter, and beats people up. Hooray. (Summary by smileyman457)
HUGO Tracks
HUGO was born to be unconventional and innovative – just like the people who choose the brand.Discover the latest HUGO Tracks to make your HUGO Style complete and get your free downloads on a curated selection of new and innovative electronic music and explore the eclectic influences and progressive sounds of groundbreaking DJs and musicians from the international music scene.
This is book 4 of 5. -- An ex-convict breaks parole and starts a new life as a righteous man, but is pursued by a police inspector. Along the way, the ex-convict joins a revolution, adopts a daughter, and beats people up. Hooray. (Summary by smileyman457)
One of the great literary tragedies of all time, The Hunchback of Notre Dame features some of the most well-known characters in all of fiction - Quasimodo, the hideously deformed bellringer of Notre-Dame de Paris, his master the evil priest Claude Frollo, and Esmeralda, the beautiful gypsy condemned for a crime she did not commit. (Summary by Mark Nelson)
This is book 5 of 5. -- An ex-convict breaks parole and starts a new life as a righteous man, but is pursued by a police inspector. Along the way, the ex-convict joins a revolution, adopts a daughter, and beats people up. Hooray. (Summary by smileyman457)
East FM: Hugo & Julle
200 avsnitt Hugo & Julle - en tidskapsel från året 2016 på radiostationen East FM
This is the story of a man’s monumental struggle against nature, to win the hand of the woman he loves, and surmount every difficulty that Nature puts in his path (Summary by Alisson Veldhuis)
How can we, the people of Earth, take back the power and privileges granted to us by God and addressed so significantly in the United States Declaration of Independence? Our rights are inalienable for citizen of all countries, not just America. They are, indeed, given by our Creator and “incapable of being taken away from or given by another.”Our program, “Inalienable and Free: Voice of the Coalition,” hosted by Johnny Blue Star and Hugo Rodier, M.D., addresses the grave challenges to these ...
The Man Who Laughs is a novel by Victor Hugo, originally published in April 1869 under the French title L'Homme qui rit. Also published under the title "By Order of the King". (Introduction by Wikipedia)
A man who has been condemned to death writes down his cogitations, feelings and fears while he is waiting for his execution. He does not betray his name to the reader or what he has done. He describes his life in prison, everything from what his cell looks like to the personality of the prison priest. (Introduction by Wikipedia)Part of Section 2 read by Nadine Eckert-BouletThis project was proof listened by lh, Barry Eads, and Chieko.
LibriVox volunteers bring you 17 recordings of Karawane by Hugo Ball. This was the Weekly Poetry project for December 5th, 2010.Ball wrote his poem "Karawane," which is a German poem consisting of nonsensical words. The meaning however resides in its meaninglessness, reflecting the chief principle behind Dadaism.Dada or Dadaism is a cultural movement that began in Zürich, Switzerland, during World War I and peaked from 1916 to 1922.[1] The movement primarily involved visual arts, literature— ...
A series of podcasts, Dr. Francescutti takes us on a journey to help us figure out the world around us, our place within it, and how to make healthy choices. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store.
Hugo G Realty
My name is Hugo Guzman and I’m a real estate agent! My mission in life is to help others achieve their dreams!If you’re interested in an entrepreneur’s life and would like to hear tips, strategies, and personal stories from a real estate agent then this podcast is for you!
In this weekly podcast, Hugo, a 23-year-old with plenty of humor and insults to go around, and Alyssa, a 22-year-old Disney-crazed fan take you into a whole new world of podcasting entertainment! Become a part of the hilariously comedic conversations and listen as they talk pop-culture, entertainment, and interview interesting people. New episodes are released every week!
Hugo Monster tries to get into the mind of his friends. Tune into see what Hugo Mon's friends are all about.
Sunshine Reggae
Podcast of Sunshine Reggae show from radio station Aveiro FM 96.5 (Portugal). Every week two hours with the best roots, dub & ska from all around the world! Check for tracklists ... and enjoy!
The Podcast about Victor Hugo's Les Misérables. In each episode, I will comment on a section of the book, to make it a bit less daunting, and hopefully help you enjoy it a bit more. I am a professor, but this podcast is created with a non-academic, non-expert, non-French-speaking audience in mind--that is, anyone who'd like to dive into this classic!
We will be talking about all events that are Philadelphia sports.
A monthly podcast of fiction from the Hugo award-nominated Apex Magazine.
This is the Fluid Business Podcast. Our team of professional business coaches share their expert knowledge and experience every single week, empowering you, the business owner, to develop and grow your business the right way.Join us as we cover core subject areas in our unique and relaxed way, including; Rapid Growth, Family Business, Team, Efficiency and so much more.We are Gazelles, Growth Accelerator, ActionCoach, Talent Dynamics, DiSC and CPD fully certified, professional, operating busi ...
Managing Director, and Change Management Specialist, John Hugo. Culture and Change
Edited by bestselling anthologist John Joseph Adams, LIGHTSPEED is a Hugo Award-winning, critically-acclaimed digital magazine. In its pages, you'll find science fiction from near-future stories and sociological SF to far-future, star-spanning SF. Plus there's fantasy from epic sword-and-sorcery and contemporary urban tales to magical realism, science-fantasy, and folk tales. Each month, LIGHTSPEED brings you a mix of originals and reprints featuring a variety of authors, from the bestseller ...
SF Signal Podcast
A Hugo Award-winning science fiction and fantasy blog featuring news, interviews, reviews, points of view and fun stuff.
Recordings of the most interesting things heard on the scanner in the North East Twin Cities Metro and Beyond.
The Foundation Trilogy concists of: 1. Foundations 2. Foundation and Empire 3. Second Foundation The Foundation Trilogy is an epic science fiction series written over a span of forty-four years by Isaac Asimov. It consists of seven volumes that are closely linked to each other, although they can be read separately. The series is highly acclaimed, winning the one-time Hugo Award for "Best All-Time Series" in 1966.
Data science is one of the fastest growing industries and has been called the ‘Sexiest job of the 21st Century’. But what exactly is data science? In this podcast, brought to you by DataCamp, Hugo Bowne-Anderson approaches the question by exploring what problems data science can solve rather than defining what data science is. From automated medical diagnosis and self-driving cars to recommendation systems and climate change, come on a journey with experts from industry and academia to explo ...
Podcast & Radio Show
Welcome to Free Reads, where Hugo and Nebula award winning author James Patrick Kelly podcasts his fiction and non-fiction under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.
This Thing Of Ours
The co-host of Movie Geeks United, The Four Horsemen and Things I Didn't Learn In Film School.
The Skiffy and Fanty Show is a Hugo-nominated science fiction, fantasy, and horror podcast featuring interviews with authors, discussions on genre-related topics, and more. S&F is part of The Skiffy and Fanty Show podcast network. If you want to find out more about us and our other shows, go to
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Faustas blog
The official podcast of Fausta's Blog. Fausta Wertz podcasts daily at 11AM Eastern at Fausta’s 15 Minutes on Latin America on the relationship between American and Latin American politics, news, current events and culture.
The third book of a three volume anthology of international short stories, we now turn to French stories. Authors include Honoré de Balzac, Voltaire, Guy de Maupassant, Victor Hugo and more. Compiled and translated by Francis J. Reynolds. - Summary by Lynne Thompson
'El Chiringuito de Jugones' es un programa de televisión que nace tras la salida de Josep PEDREROL de la cadena Intereconomía y su anterior programa nocturno 'Punto Pelota', concretamente el 06 Enero 2014 en la cadena Nitro del grupo Atresmedia de Domingo a Jueves de 00:00 a 02:45 h, pero debido al cierre de esta cadena el programa pasó a emitirse en laSexta, posteriormente en Neox y desde el 10 Agosto 2015 a través del nuevo canal MEGA con el mismo horario. En el programa se informa y se de ...
Sana Doctrina
What if the cataclysmic Tunguska explosion of 1908 was caused, not by a meteor or a comet, but by a microscopic black hole? What if that fantastic object - smaller than an atom, older than the stars, heavier than a mountain - is still down there, orbiting deep inside the earth, slowly consuming the planet? What if only a rookie government agent and an uncannily-insightful consultant stand between a renegade Russian billionaire and his plans to use the black hole to change history - or end it ...
Monthly has a rich history as a Hugo and Nebula award-winning SciFi literary project formerly owned by the (SyFy) Channel, and is now set to become the premiere destination for all things SciFi and beyond!
Spider on the Web
Hugo and Nebula award-winning science fiction author Spider Robinson speaks directly to his fans in this podcast, with subjects ranging from space exploration to technology, books, music, and anything else this writer's fertile mind settles upon.
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Hugo, Martin and Monkey are back talking about kung-fu, turkey basters and our journey deeper into the rabit hole of poop! Thank you for Listenening! Please share, listen, subscribe and rate 5 Stars!!!! This Podcast is Sponsored by Iron Valley Powerlifting
Partnering with Cuore I am very excited to have Yann Kai Oh with me today from Cuore. She has been helping me immensely the last few months as we have worked on strategy and design for the BOOST Health Performance Apparel line that is now live at the website shop. She is also one heck of an athlete, well known around Hong Kong as one of the bes ...…
"To Achieve Good Results, Work All Night and Eat Soup". Cedric Villani is the Field's Medal winning maths professor from Paris who changed the world by discovering a new theorem (by accident). He has since dedicated his life to communicating the beauty of mathematics and insists that "to achieve good results, work all night and eat soup". He is ...…
HOME DESIGN CHAT WITH NANCY Paula Quan, Luxury Product Manager with Bobier, explains the new technology in the bathrooms and what’s trending in 2018. This podcast sponsored by Premier Lighting Intro music “On my way” by Kevin Macleod April 2, 2018 email questions to The post Technology in the Bathroom appeared first on Nancy ...…
HOME DESIGN CHAT WITH NANCY Tony Couch, Territory Sales Manager with SubZero-Wolf, talked about the “Cove” and what Fun Experience Tony will be participating in the future. SUBZERO WOLF This podcast sponsored by Premier Lighting Intro music “On my way” by Kevin Macleod March 26, 2018 email questions to The post Do You Know W ...…
HOME DESIGN CHAT WITH NANCY Andy Welemin, my appliance expert, talking about what’s new in appliances- colors, finishes, induction, steam & more. Monark Premium Appliances This podcast sponsored by Premier Lighting Intro music “On my way” by Kevin Macleod March 19, 2018 email questions to The post I Want a Purple Range appea ...…
HOME DESIGN CHAT WITH NANCY Rob Rubin, kitchen designer at AK Studio, explains the new look in kitchens. Less wall cabinets, more interesting tile. He listens to his customers to find out what they need and want. This podcast sponsored by Premier Lighting Intro music “On my way” by Kevin Macleod March 12, 2018 email questions to ...…
-No the stories are not true -Joss Whedon breaks Justice League Silence -You Can’t Escape Escapism-Hugo Nominees Announced-Teenage Mutant Golden Turtles Alright that’s our Five stories! Thanks for listening to Fandom 5, if you are looking for more fandom news and discussion be sure to subscribe ...…
A man leaves during the revolution and comes back a bishop. There's a lot of quick history here but it's not boring. This one gets another-number rating of 17. Review at the end.
This week it is an Honor to talk to Rui Braganca, Olympian and Portuguese National Team Player. We chat about how Rui is ranked 10th in the Olympic Ranking, and 7th in the world both for – 58kg and how it must be tough now to stay in the top 10 – with all the Grand Prix and grand slams etc it must mean lots of travelling! Then we discuss world ...…
On this bonus episode, Mrs Guava Berry had to step out to handle some business, so I sat down with my homie Hugo Hefe. We discuss everything from jail relationships to Tupac vs Biggie. Send emails to . Follow me on instagram @DlamarComedy and Hugo at @pop.up.shoppe
podlovePlayer("#podlovewebplayer_8b441bd66640e839c52e4729b4c4314bb1fe9ea5", {"show":{"title":"Feuillet\u00f6ne - Kultursendung f\u00fcr Musik, Film, Serie und Literatur","subtitle":"Die Kulturmatin\u00e9e mit w\u00f6chentlichem Wohlsein f\u00fcr Augen, Ohren und Hirn. Wir besprechen Musikalben, B\u00fccher, Filme und Serien. Wir verkosten Whisk ...…
podlovePlayer("#podlovewebplayer_8b441bd66640e839c52e4729b4c4314bb1fe9ea5", {"show":{"title":"Feuillet\u00f6ne - Kultursendung f\u00fcr Musik, Film, Serie und Literatur","subtitle":"Die Kulturmatin\u00e9e mit w\u00f6chentlichem Wohlsein f\u00fcr Augen, Ohren und Hirn. Wir besprechen Musikalben, B\u00fccher, Filme und Serien. Wir verkosten Whisk ...…
This week, On Rotation welcomes Berlin-based artist Camea who talks about what drove her to become a DJ, how to stay focused on her vision and her experience becoming a new mom. Later, co-hosts Valerie and Harrison discuss news from around the world of dance music like Simian Mobile Disco taking a break from touring, Swedish House Mafia's massi ...…
Today in studio we spoke with Hugo Vera, the chef-de-cuisine at Atla, an all-day cafe in New York City. Hugo moved to South Carolina from Mexico City at age 19 and caught the eye of top chefs in the South such as Shay McDonald and Sean Brock. Now, just eight years later, he works alongside some of the the youngest, most celebrated chefs in the ...…
Hugo brings in Kimberly to talk Aussie Rules.
The party arrives at the Ivory Tower to investigate the mystery of the red moons. Nyx flies up to a balcony. Hugo gets a second fake name. Angel interrogates a grieving father. Bob pours one out for Bramblebeard.
We went to Jerome - a ghost town in northern Arizona! Sam (Goth Queen) is visiting from Florida and she joins the pod. We talk about how she and Alyssa met, her dating life, and how she found Zane Hijazi on Bumble. We also play adult Mad Libs and think of some ridiculous things to say!
For the 2nd podcast we glad to have our friend Maxim.A from France. He's not the well known artist, not the famous producer, just a real digger.Thru this podcast he's providing us a high quality vinyl only dj set.Artist Link :[Podcast Tracklisting]1 Hugo Lx - It’s A New Day / Balance Rec2 Peter’o - Analog Movement ...…
Hi This time Gary DOES stop by, but he gets lost in the bathroom because he did too much DMT again. So because of that I had to interview myself. Larry from 8Teenz helps. There's more Hugo, like there always is and I try again to talk about the unspeakable. It goes a little better this time. OH! It's our one year anniversary. Kinda exciting. Th ...…
Hugo shares his thoughts on the last 4 teams and adds a few thoughts on soccer.
Écoutez ce livre audio dans son intégralité gratuitement sur Titre: HernaniAuteur: Victor HugoNarrateur: Samy Frey, France Descaut, Jacques Destoop, Henri Nassiet, François MariéFormat: Original RecordingDurée: 46 minsLangue: FrançaisDate de publication: 12-20-17Éditeur: Compagnie du SavoirGenres: Classics, European ...…
In this Episode Hugo,Monkey and Martin talk about:Top 5 Rappers. stealing cigarettes, Hair removal, Fire, and teen drinking. Thank you for listening and dont forget to subscribe and give us 5 Stars on itunes! Sponsored By Iron Valley Powerlifting
Rob Wolf interviews Tim Pratt about his Philip K. Dick Award-nominated space opera The Wrong Stars.Pratt is the author of over 20 novels, picking up a Hugo Award and nominations for the Nebula and many other awards over…
Published on 17 Feb 2017. Republicans decry the leakers while Democrats applaud them... oh, how the tables have turned. How to make sense of the Flynn affair and revelations about the Trump team's communications with Russia. Plus, the steady stream of information from within the government has the media debating the power of the so-called “Deep ...…
Kimberly and Hugo talk about the 27 club.
Hugo and John discuss fortnite and it's popularity.
Prepare to be frightened! Hugo and Alyssa talk about unsolved mysteries, strange murders, the woman who was found in the water tank, and the recently strange voicemail that has been circulating the internet. Do you think these mysteries are real? Tell us in the comments!Hugo and Alyssa also talk about the time they couldn't find a hotel in LA a ...…
In this episode, Mouse talks about getting rejected, getting snowed-in, and the Rotten Tomatoes reviews of the second season of Jessica Jones before diving into: Batman #43 by Tom King, Mikel Janín, and Hugo Petrus. Comic book talk starts: 41:51. [Social Media]Twitter: ...…
The tides are turned. Hugo is the contestant and Sara Kate quizzes him on hits from the 2000s.
Kimberly and Hugo talk about different members from the Jenner and Kardashian families.
In our first roundtable discussion, Harry Hugo is joined by Alistair Wheate from Onalytica and Milo Spencer-Harper from Moju. Discussing the future of influencer marketing, this discussion considers the benefits of different management platforms, the growth of the industry and the difficulties this will introduce.…
Can Helpless remain friends with the woman with whom they had a sexting affair? Also, how does modern-day sexting hold up when compared to smutty letters from lovers of yore? _______________________________________________________________________________ Some copy from the sexy letters: Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn: MINE own SWEETHEART, this shall ...…
For the 1st podcast of the series we are glad to have Denise Bauer from Berlin.Playing all around the city for years she always provide the good beats.For the occasion she dropped a super dope deep dj set with an amazing selection.Artist Links :[Podcast Tracklisting]1 ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Stone, Series 2: Collateral Damage (BBC Radio 4: Afternoon Play)Author: Martin JamesonNarrator: Hugo SpeerFormat: Original RecordingLength: 43 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 03-21-11Publisher: BBC Worldwide LimitedRatings: 2 of 5 out of 1 votesGen ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: NightwingsAuthor: Robert SilverbergNarrator: Stefan RudnickiFormat: UnabridgedLength: 6 hrs and 58 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 05-06-14Publisher: Skyboat Media, Inc.Ratings: 4 of 5 out of 48 votesGenres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Sci-Fi: ContemporaryPu ...…
Écoutez ce livre audio dans son intégralité gratuitement sur Titre: Je suis le footballeur masquéSous-titre: Dans les coulisses du foot françaisAuteur: auteur inconnuNarrateur: Julien BocherFormat: UnabridgedDurée: 4 hrs and 47 minsLangue: FrançaisDate de publication: 03-05-15Éditeur: Audible StudiosEvaluation: 4. ...…
Hören Sie sich dieses volle Hörbuch kostenlos bei Titel: Das Pferd in der Schule (Bibi und Tina 36)Autor:: Ulf TiehmErzähler: Susanna Bonaséwicz, Dorette Hugo, Günter SchoßFormat: UnabridgedSpieldauer: 38 minsSprache: DeutschVeröffentlichungsdatum: 10-21-10Herausgeber: Kiddinx Media GmbHKategorien: Kids, Ages 8-10 ...…
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