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ICU Rounds
also available for free download on iTunes. (
Jack Van Impe Presents is a weekly television program outlining world news and Bible Prophecy.
Ima Fix Wolves
A podcast about hip-hop by Jeff Gerstmann and Dave Lang
The IMC Radio
"Plane Talk" is the only talk show in the world exclusively dedicated to the General Aviation and community of pilots. (Not true... who writes this gibberish?)The show is produced by Max Gross, aka Howie Marlin- Pilot, Clinical Therapist, x-musician; co-hosted by Jon King Roberts- Pilot, musician, entertainer in his own mind; and... Radek Wyrzykowski- Certificated Flight Instructor whose instruction is focused on aviation safety and pilot proficiency. (Now THAT's true)The program is an open ...
Official Podcast from Drum And Bass HQ. Hosted by J Swif. Drum and Bass HQ delivers quality content including news, features, reviews, and interviews all relating to Drum n Bass Culture to its users. For all the real hardcore DnB Heads. Throughout the coming years, Drum And Bass HQ will feature and interview people that have influenced and continue to innovate within the Drum & Bass scene. This will of course include DJ’s, MC’s and Producers but also event and festival promoters, pioneers of ...
A premier university in Asia, the Singapore Management University (SMU) is internationally recognised for its world class research and distinguished teaching. With an emphasis on generating rigorous, high impact cross-disciplinary research that addresses Asian issues of global relevance, SMU’s faculty from its six schools – School of Accountancy, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, School of Economics, School of Information Systems, School of Law and School of Social Sciences – collaborate cl ...
Talking all-things Ducks: Oregon’s daily Duck Insider talk show, football coach’s shows and basketball coach’s shows that feature regular interviews with Duck coaches, players and staff.
InfoSec ICU
The Health Information Security podcast from the Medical University of South Carolina
movies imo.
movies imo. is a pop culture podcast where Daniel Crooke (@danielcroooke on twitter), Ben Empey (@realtoddhaynes), and Brandon Kirby (@bkkirby) talk about the week in film and television.
IMRU Radio Magazine
The nation’s longest running Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Radio News Magazine. Out Loud & Out Front since 1974.
ISU Writing
ISU Writing features two podcast series from the Writing Program at Illinois State University, “Let’s CHAT” and “Beyond 101.”Our “Let’s CHAT” podcast series was named for one of our key program concepts, Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT). Our program differs from many general education writing programs in our active use of current research and theory in Writing Studies (and related fields that research learning and literacy), as well as our own Citizen Writing Research. We use resea ...
A radio show, community, and podcast exploring the transition from high school to college.Co-hosted byMatthew Damschroder, Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Life, and Brexton Isaacs, an IWU Sophomore, with production and technical expertise and support, as well as contributions and participation from Associate Dean of Students Darcy L. Greder.The show is a weekly productionwith content directed towardshelping parents to understandthe experiences of their incomingstudents, and the develop ...
JMU Sports Blog
Welcome to JMU Sports Blog, where amazing things happen.
The PPS is one of the most active and prominent student organisations in politics in London and exists to stimulate and nurture discussion and debate on all political, philosophical, social and cultural issues. To these aims, we have numerous meetings and events where we invite guest speakers to exchange a dialogue with us. We have a history of attracting prestigious speakers, from eminent journalists to leading academics and world leaders, all in an effort to engage students, develop ideas, ...
A provider of world-class executive education, IMI equips leaders to build the future. In this podcast series, we hear from some of the world's leading business thinkers about what it takes to lead today.
The Assembly Call, founded in 2011, is the original Indiana basketball postgame show and one of the longest-running IU basketball podcasts. Hosted by IU alums Jerod Morris (who is also the host of Inside the Hall's Podcast on the Brink), Andy Bottoms, and Ryan Phillips, this feed includes replays of our postgame show, which goes live on our website immediately after every IU game, as well as replays of our weekly radio show, which is broadcast in several markets throughout Indiana. We also d ...
IPU Podcast
Immigrants in Pursuit of Umumezero (which means happiness in Kinyarwanda) is a weekly podcast that brings you along for the ride as we explore the stories and mindset of young immigrant entrepreneurs.
Every Nation Churches Japan エブリネーションチャーチ日本
The official publication of the International Jugglers' Association. Podcasts about Juggling and interviews with jugglers. Juggling, juggling, juggling.
Imus in the Morning on KCAA
Sports Maniac ist DER Podcast für Marketingentscheider im Sportbusiness und clevere Köpfe in Unternehmen, Vereinen, Verbänden und Agenturen, die Fans und Kunden in digitalen Kanälen begeistern wollen. Du bist auf der Suche nach Inspiration, wertvollen Denkanstößen und geballtem Wissen auf deinem Weg zur Arbeit, beim Sport oder auf Reisen? Dann bist du beim Sports Maniac Podcast richtig. In den wöchentlich erscheinenden Podcast Folgen erwarten dich interessante Einblicke in die aktuellsten di ...
My IMED-1345
This is the original video I produced with Windows.
Hegel lectures by Robert Brandom, LMU Munich
JMU Start Up Stories
The JMU Start Up Stories podcast from JMUtube.
IMO Podcast
Viewpoint Network
IMT Radio
No topic is off limits at IMT Radio! Tune to listen to Ian, Matt and guests discuss a variety of subjects including news, sport, movies, science and education!
your finger on the pulse of internal medicine literature and practice
Encounter at Illinois State University / ISU
Rand Fishkin founder of Moz, Victor Cho CEO of evite, Brian Wong founder of Kiip, Darian Shirazi founder of Radius, Frank Luntz founder of Luntz Global and other members of the Internet Marketing Association share their experiences leading cutting edge marketing companies. We bring you insights into the future of modern marketing from the crème de la crème of thought leaders across the industry. Learn to be effective with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social medial. Get tips on SEO, ...
Mu Zagaya Duniya
Wannan Sabon Shiri ne da ke tattauna Wasu Muhimman Labarai da suka ja hankalin Duniya. Ana gabatar da shirin ne a karshen mako.
IMT Renaissance
Welcome to the IMT Renaissance podcast, where amazing things happen.
Welcome to the IM ABOUT SUCCESS podcast, where we learn grow and help others fulfill their passions and create personal freedom.
IMI's Tech Talk
Weekly show featuring guest interviews on various topics, and a review of the lastest news in technology.
IME Sinhala Podcast
Institute of Multimedia Education is a Sri Lankan institute dedicated to studying, researching and teaching the science, art and the craft of communicating via multimedia platforms
bmu$er beats
Podcast by Blake
Biztainment with LMU.... New Age Buisness, Modernized Digital Marketing Solutions, Real Estate Investing, Smart Money
IU Themester
The Indiana University, College of Arts and Sciences's Themester program is a focused and multi-faceted inquiry into a variety of topics that change each fall semester. It fosters the exchange of ideas and connects the issues our faculty teach in the classroom to our students’ lives through courses, lectures, exhibits, films, and more.
Talk im Sturm
Podcast by Talk im Sturm
Critical Care podcasts from the Intensive Care Network
Ima Jussit
My life, and the people who help me through it.
imp : npr
A listing of Interface Media Group's Podcasting services.
Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) Research Focus Forecasting Politics (LMU)
This show is about life, love and trauma. Through live interviews,news headlines,her personal experience and a variety of ways,Diane Jones offers hope and healing to the hurting and the broken-heart'ed. If you have loved,been rejected,divorced,had your dreams stolen from you,been used,abused,raped or molested,there is hope for you.
IMTS Podcasts
Are you looking for a learning experience ? Welcome to the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) Monthly Podcast series. Check out our FREE podcasts, covering technology, marketing, social media — and of course, how to get the most out of your experience at IMTS. Join us to get "in the know”!
IMO Show
The focus of this podcast is for the guest to give their opinion on any topic of their choice and to be able to convince the listener as too why they should be interested/participate within this topic as well. Topics range from books, movies, art, traveling, various hobbies, and sports.
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In today's episode, Danny and Richie had the opportunity to sit down with Jim Vogel, Chair of the Lake Norman Small Business Network and Owner of IMU Social Media. Learn more about LKNSB here: Learn more about IMU Social Media here:
We continue to grow as registered nurses everyday in our field & I've had the pleasure to work with a great team here in San Diego with my Nurses in the Critical Care, IMU, Tele & Recovery Unit.So the million dollar question Is which Specialty would you choose?-Ambulatory care nursing-Advanced practice nursing-Burn nursing-Camp nursing-Cardiac ...…
Sie ist eine Wucht, diese Ausstellung "Late polnishness - Forms of national identity after 1989" im u-jazdowski Museum in Warschau. Offenbar haben viele KünsterInnen aber auch Besucher das Bedürfnis, sich gerade jetzt ganz unfeierlich mit der nationalen Identität auseinanderzusetzen. Radio Dreyeckland sprach mit Ewa Gorzadek, die zu den Initiat ...…
What if I told you that a Polish Immigrant girl who came to US when she was only 13 was able to start her own business without using a credit card, without a huge following, without Facebook or any other fancy marketing strategy to a tune of 40K views in the first 5 months? Would you listen to see how she did it? What if told you that having ha ...…
What if I told you that you don’t need a lot of money to start a business? What if I told you that your only “real” limitations for starting and creating a 7 figure business are between your 2 ears? Hey, this is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 34 of Immigrant Masters Unite. On today’s call, we’ll answer those 2 questions for you. On today’s ...…
Deep Electronic House Music Kora, Adrien-Nuit D’Afrique-Kindisch Rory Gallagher & James Trystan-Back To Birth-Mr Moutarde Lorenz Lepus-Feral Child (VII circle Remix)-Schakal Isaac Tichauer-3 Days In Manhattan-W&O Street Tracks Beacons-IMU (Tomas Barfod Remix)-Ghostly International Dance Spirit & Robbie Akbar-Moving Shapes-Get Physical Pola-Reun ...…
What if I told you that you can connect with influencers, create constant publicity and get on TV to market yourself or your business & stay there, even if you’re nobody? What if I told you that today’s guest was able to do just that? In fact, she was able to book Gary Vaynerchuk on her podcast before that podcast was even LIVE on iTunes? Would ...…
Podcast Notes Parker IoT Compressor Update with part list! LSM9DS1 IMU for vibration sensing iNEMO inertial module: 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope, 3D magnetometer 3.3V, I2C SPU0410HR5H-PB MEMS Microphone 3.3V Analog signal, will be boosted with an opamp TMP102 Board Mount Temperature Sensors Low Power Digital Temp Sensor 3.3V, I2C PX3AN2BS250P ...…
What if I told you that anyone, including you, can overcome sabotaging beliefs? What if I told you that you have the power to overcome any and all beliefs and expectations you have gathered throughout life? And what if I told you that you can make that switch at anytime, even when you feel like your life has no meaning? Would you be interested ...…
It's episode 69 of the Talk Star Wars podcast and Marc, Steve, Rob and Paul talk about some of the leaked toy s from The Last Jedi, whether Chirrut îmue knew about the Death Star and whatever happened to Anakin's original lightsaber... The Star Wars CommonwealthTweet about the PodCast here Get the podcast notes hereLinks to each of us can be fo ...…
What if I told you that I have a Colombian immigrant success story you’ll love to hear? What if I told you that there’s no language barrier? What if I told you that an immigrant from Colombia who struggled paying his bills is now a successful real estate business owner where all of his deals are 100% funded by other people? Would you listen to ...…
What would you do if you knew you could access a brand new state of productivity, accomplishment and success, a level, when accessed, allows you to reach every single goal you set for yourself, even those BIG hairy goals? What would you do? And what if I told you that you already have that state deep within yourself and all it takes for you to ...…
Why is it that some people become successful in life despite constantly having to overcome crazy obstacles? And how do they come up with those creative solutions to overcome those obstacles? More importantly, how do they take powerful actions despite being knocked down in life? Today, I want you to meet Ravi Jayagopal, a successful immigrant wh ...…
What if you could walk into a room with 100 other people and walk out of there being remembered for years? And what if in that room, you could create a lasting relationship with the keynote speakers and the well known people in your industry? If that’s something that interests you, then you have to listen to this interview I did with Anthony Am ...…
Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD, founded the Institute for Exoconsciousness to research and apply the abilities of human consciousness sourced in extraterrestrial contact. She created the concept of Exoconsciousness to study of the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of human consciousness. Rebecca's signature is bridging consciou ...…
What if I told you that you don’t need to go to school to learn English? What if I told you that you don’t need to buy a course or someone else teaching you the language? Well, that’s exactly what Lily Wong did! And she created a podcast in Asia that has been downloaded over 20,000,000 times! That’s 20 million! Want to know how? Then listen to ...…
What if you could finally get to know yourself in such a way that you can use it to be successful in anything in life? Well, that’s what I discussed with my guest on today’s Immigrant Masters Unite podcast. I have to say, this interview is one of my favorite interviews up to this point. I’d like to introduce you to Rod Khleif, an immigrant from ...…
Auris Apothecary is easily one of the coolest labels ever. They release an incredible variety of music (black metal, drone, harsh noise, fuzzy psych, chiptune, bedroom pop) by artists I already know and love (Sutekh Hexen, Sujo, William Basinski) and artists I would’ve never otherwise heard (Unholy Triforce, Hymnal Bruise, Morsunda). And then t ...…
This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 25 of Immigrant Masters Unite. Today, I have a special guest all the way from Belarus! That’s right, this guest immigrated into United States from Belarus and has shared some amazing tips, tricks and hacks that you can use yourself to grow in your business and life. When Andrey Sokurec came to Unites ...…
Continuing our series on lessons learned from coachingLearning the impact of what debt does to our lifeThe normalization of debt in our cultureActions to take the realize the impact of debt on our lifeQuote of the lesson from Publilius Syrus Part of the job of a coach or mentor is the ability to shed light on an area or issue that needs to be i ...…
Podcast Notes Aditya Bansal Co-founder and CTO of Kinetic Graduated Purdue University with a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering Worked at IBM Research Center before Kinetic Developed a motion tracker to move text on a display so the text stays still while running on a treadmill Mijael Damian Head of Data Analysis and Supply Chain at Kin ...…
Podcast Notes Parker wrote an article about mounting holes! Stephen and Parker talked about this on the last episode of the MEP. The Open Source PLC that Parker and Stephen bought is working. Was able to get WiFi connected ESPlorer to configure the ESP8266 ESP8266 Node MCU LUA programming language Has an example server that lets you toggle inpu ...…
Great question today from David. Happy to help you out. Keep the questions rolling, everyone. Fly safe!Get your questions answered: Tell us what you think of the show. We listen and tweak often. So please leave us a 5 star review on iTunes: Follow us: Site - htt ...…
Great question today from David. Happy to help you out. Keep the questions rolling, everyone. Fly safe!Get your questions answered: us what you think of the show. We listen and tweak often. So please leave us a 5 star review on iTunes: us:Site - http:/ ...…
This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 24 of Immigrant Masters Unite. Today, we are doing part 2 of my second interview with Chris Krimitsos after he came back from his 2 1/2 week vacation trip to Greece and he brought back with him amazing stories, life and business lessons from one of the oldest cultures in the world. If you missed part ...…
This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 23 of Immigrant Masters Unite. Today, we are going back to the interviews I have been conducting with some of the most amazing, powerful and transformational business owners and entrepreneurs. And today, I have Chris Krimitsos who I have already interviewed before on the show. So, why is he back? Well ...…
On this week's episode of Talk Star Wars, Marc, Steve, Rob and Paul talk about the latest Rogue One footage, the lies of Obi-Wan Kenobi and why isn't Chirrut Imue a full Jedi...Become a Talk Star Wars sponsor The Star Wars CommonwealthTweet about the PodCast here Get the podcast notes here
This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 22 of Immigrant Masters Unite. The only podcast that is focused on helping immigrant business owners and entrepreneurs transform their lives, their businesses and the world around them. Over the last three weeks, I recorded 3 powerful episodes, episode 19 about eliminating limiting beliefs, episode 20 ...…
This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 21 of Immigrant Masters Unite. The only podcast that is focused on helping you transform your life, your business and the world around you. For the last couple of weeks, I recorded couple of powerful episodes, episode 19 about eliminating limiting beliefs and episode 20 on taking on 100% Responsibilit ...…
This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 20 of Immigrant Masters Unite. The only podcast that is focused on helping you transform your life, your business and the world around you. Last week I recorded a powerful episode 19 about eliminating limiting beliefs and that episode spoke to many of you. I’ve had people email me and tell me that it ...…
If you haven’t been riding….what’s wrong with you. Joking aside the weather is cooler the leaves are falling and the motors are roaring. Welcome back to Throttled, we have a great show for you this week. News: Rider ADV Shootout Dianese’s all new rider safety suit. IMU discussion from Intermot Kawasaki and the z1000sx (Ninja 1000?) with IMU BMW ...…
This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 19 of Immigrant Masters Unite. That’s right, this podcast is all about helping you transform your life, your business and the world around you. Now, you may or may not be an immigrant entrepreneur or business owner. And that’s perfect. However, on this show, we we talk to, dissect, strategize and get ...…
Deep Electronic House Music Lorenz Lepus-Feral Child-Schakal Tiga-Blondes have More Fun (Tiga’s Elevation Mix)-Counter Fynn-Altered State (Nils Hoffman mix)-Poesie Musique Nils Penner-The One (dub)-Compost Black Label Soul Of Hex-The Clapper-Freerange Hunter/Game-Inside World-Just This Sailor & I x Eekkoo-LETTERS (Capital) (Jeremy Olander Mix)- ...…
The O’Reilly Data Show Podcast: Shaoshan Liu on perception, knowledge, reasoning, and planning for autonomous cars. Ask a random person for an example of an AI system and chances are he or she will name self-driving vehicles. In this episode of the O’Reilly Data Show, I sat down with Shaoshan Liu, co-founder of PerceptIn and previously the seni ...…
This is Polish Peter and welcome to another amazing episode of Immigrant Masters Unite. That’s right, this podcast is all about helping you transform your life, your business and the world around you. Now, you may or may not be an immigrant entrepreneur or business owner. And that’s perfect. However, on this show, we talk to, dissect, strategiz ...…
This is Polish Peter and welcome to episode 17 of Immigrant Masters Unite. Today, I have the second part of the “Greek Interview” with Chris Krimitsos. In the first part of the interview, we spoke about the biggest lesson Chris learned from his Greek uncle that allowed him to build several successful businesses. If you haven’t listened to that ...…
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