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教えて久保さん! この商品が売れる理由~身近なことからビジネスを考える~
「なぜ流行るのか」「なぜ売れるのか」 成功の背景には必ず理由がある。『会社を救う!5つの社長力』の著者、久保憂希也が注目の商品・サービスに迫ります。あなたのビジネスを成功させるヒントがここに。
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On Leading - Restorative Leadership Institute
Listen To On Leading Photo Credit: ““Nurturance is a worthy life endeavor.”” Janine Benyus is the natural sciences writer and innovation consultant best known as the author of Biomimicry. For the positive impact of her sustainable design work - and her role teaching others how to do the same - Time Magazine named her Hero for th ...…
Biomimicry – What We Can Learn From Nature Can Save Our World with Janine M. BenyusAired Thursday, 13 October 2016, 7:00 PM ETNature is far more wondrous that we think – in fact, as scientists across the globe are proving, the natural world is full of hidden design clues that can save our world. Biomimicry is a revolutionary new science that an ...…
Corporate Creations - Brian Fons
Corporate Creations Attorney Brian Fons invites Kate Leth, of Inspired consulting to talk about commonly missed items that employers overlook. Did you know that the I-9 form must be kept in a separate file from the other employee paperwork? Kate talks about employee guidelines as well as some of the necessary forms and paperwork that employers ...…
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