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Each Tax Credit Tuesday, Novogradac & Company LLP's audio broadcast offers an in-depth weekly look at tax credit topics. A new episode is posted here and on the RSS Feed by 1 p.m. Pacific Time every Tuesday.
The best hypnosis podcast on the planet. Period. Six time award winning hypnotist Mike Mandel and his trance-junkie co-host Chris Thompson discuss all things related to hypnosis, self hypnosis, NLP, peak performance, self improvement and more. This podcast makes you smarter and lets you laugh while you learn.
This podcast is devoted to the show Grey's Anatomy. There will be episode recaps and the rest is all about listener interaction. I want to hear everyone's favorite moments, favorite quotes and anything they want to share about the show! Be sure to send in the information!
NLP Highlights
Discussing recent and interesting work related to natural language processing. Matt Gardner and Waleed Ammar, research scientists at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, give short discussions of papers, mostly in interviews with authors about their work.
NLP demystified for personal development and business success! English NLP trainer Andy Smith shares with you useful tips and principles from NLP that you can use to get clear on what you really want, accelerate your success, and be more effective in your work, life, and relationships.
Start using NLP skills to enhancing your communication, performance and relationships. Simply and practically explained by NLP author Phil Parker
Brazilian Portuguese Podcast is back! Now powered by Really Learn Portuguese. Our goal is to produce great posts and podcasts to really help people learn Portuguese language and Brazilian culture in a fun and simple way.
J.P. Morgan Funds Insights is an audio podcast that provides perspective on the uncertainties and opportunities facing investors today. Let's help clients build stronger portfolios. Let's solve it. Insight + Process = Results
Andy Murphy uses his 15 years of experience working with VIP clients such as Saudi Arabian Royalty, TV producers & world-champions to give you a competitive edge in your business and life. Join him while he uses his wisdom to interview world-class entrepreneurs, internet marketers, martial artists, Ironmen, Forex experts, and copywriters, from around the world. Andy brings you in-depth interviews in a fun, entertaining manner using his English brogue. If you are looking for inspiration, moti ...
Easy Vegan is produced and hosted by author and cooking coach JL Fields. Each week JL interviews local, national, and international activists, authors, chefs and plant-based leaders. Learn simple strategies – from the kitchen and beyond – that are good for your health, the environment, and the animals. Why “Easy Vegan”? Because it’s not that complicated.Theme song Talking Vegan Blues graciously donated by Daniel Redwood.
Welcome to JLA, Japanese Listening Advanced!! Enhance your Japanese ability by listening to real, natural Japanese conversation. You can check script and learn new words and phrases which you might not find in dictionary! Listen to the sound, check the script, and learn advanced Japanese!!!Follow us on twitter or facebook too, so that you can find scripts too!
Donald Currie, Register Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist shares powerful tools and techniques to help you on your life's journey. With over 15 years of experience in the field of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLP, Donald shares valuable information that will allow you to live a more rich and fulfilling life.Podcast Website: www.hypnosis.mediaVisit my private practice website http://www.donaldcurrie.comTraining in Hypnosishttp://www.mindinstitute.online
Brazilian Portuguese Podcast is back! Now powered by Really Learn Portuguese. Our goal is to produce great posts and podcasts to really help people learn Portuguese language and Brazilian culture in a fun and simple way.
Essential NLP
Discover Your Potential With Neuro Linguistic Programming
JPL Podcasts
JPL podcasts are professional conversations around practical and important aspects of teaching and Public Education. To contact the JPL please email JPL Podcast contributes to the purpose of the Centre for Professional Learning which is the professional development arm of the NSW Teachers Federation.
NLP In Action is a Podcast by Mike Sweet. In these episodes, Mike will go through the individual parts of NLP and give a practical understanding of what it is and how you can use it. Mike Sweet is the 10 Minute Coach.
J.P. Morgan Funds Insights is an audio podcast that provides perspective on the uncertainties and opportunities facing investors today. Let's help clients build stronger portfolios. Let's solve it. Insight + Process = Results
Herzlich Willkommen zum Podcast NLP und Gesundheit. Mein Name ist Markus Röder Als Coach und NLP Trainer beschäftig ich mich mit dem Thema Gesundheit. Dieser Podcast ist eine Quelle von Techniken und Trancen aus dem NLP für verschiedene Gesundheitsbereiche.
I’m Victoria Gallagher! I am a Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Law of Attraction Coach. I’ve been teaching Self-Hypnosis and Law of Attraction for the past 20 years. What is Hypnosis? A state of consciousness in which a person is highly responsive to suggestion. What is Law of Attraction? The Law of Attraction is the concept that "like attracts like". By focusing on positive or negative thoughts you attract positive or negative experiences into your life. Why Learn both Hypnosis and Law ...
This is the Ultimate Study Guide for the JLPT.
The JL Show
Jokes & Laughs
J.P. Arencibia and Nick Ashbourne discuss all things Blue Jays with a variety of guests, pulling the curtain back on big-league life on and off the field.
Practical NLP
NLP made easy
Hello everypony, my name is Honey Glow and this is a new pony podcast! Feel free to request any song. New songs daily! /)^3^(\ NOTE: Apparently I just exceeded my bandwidth limit for this month.... now to fix this either I have to pay to go 'pro' or wait til next month. There's no way I'm gonna spend $10 a month on this, and I don't know how waiting till next month is gonna work out for you guys, so I'll prolly stop using PodOmatic and find a free podcast website..... thank you for understan ...
The Center for Investment Excellence features educational insights across asset classes and investment themes designed to give you the tools you need to empower better decisions and build stronger portfolios.
This course introduces XML as a key enabling technology in Java-based applications. Students learn the fundamentals of XML and its derivatives, including DTD, SVG, XML Schema, XPath, XQuery, XSL-FO, and XSLT. Students also gain experience with programmatic interfaces to XML like SAX and DOM, standard APIs like JAXP and TrAX, and industry-standard software like Ant, Tomcat, Xerces, and Xalan. The course acquaints students with J2EE, including JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Java Servlet, and also ...
Global NLP Radio
Ordinary People with an Extraordinary Story
MLP Galaxy
FLP Audio
Original audio productions of all genres.
SLP's and Q's
1 to 2 minute podcasts discussing topics in communicative disorders. This podcast is intended for students studying communicative disorders to learn or study various topics in the speech sciences. Please give feedback at
Are you an adult fan of a certain cartoon about colorful equines who enjoys browsing the memes on 4chan's /mlp/ board? Then come hang out with other anons as we talk ponies, fandom drama, and the latest shit posts on the board. A random group of six anons is randomly selected as hosts each week, ensuring only the highest quality banner for you. Together we can persevere as we await the surcease of quietus and hope that Celestia will hear our prayers and grant us eternal happiness in the welc ...
Test prep sites for the Praxis SLP Exam Multiple choice,case study, content Simulations, Data Banks, E-mails Free practice exam Online 24/7
SLP Happy Hour
Welcome to the SLP Happy Hour podcast. These are real conversations on work, by speech-language pathologists. We are full-time SLPs, in the trenches. This is a podcast for reflecting on work, wellness, and finding your way up in a helping profession full of ups and downs.
Radio JP
Radio JP è una web radio nata nel 2012 a Putignano in Puglia.
Leadership and professionalism are only two of the attributes DJ LP has pushed to excel in today’s music business. From an early age born in Newport News, Virginia, DJ LP has been making his mark along the musical path. Raised by a musically influenced family, at age 14, LP taught himself how to read and write music. After a few years of touring around the world as a drummer he wanted to serve his country. He proudly joined the military and soon deployed to Iraq with the U.S. Marines.After b ...
Independent Jamaica News-Network is a News and Current Affairs Radio station. We cover all Current Affairs, Politics, Religious and Sporting events in Jamaica, the Region and the world. IJNN is the only station that you need for all news, current affairs,sports, and entertainment with a Jamaican and Caribbean flavour."IJNN THE VOICE OF JAMAICA."
Practical NLP
NLP made easy
Fox Rothschild LLP is a national law firm with over 800 attorneys practicing in 22 offices coast to coast. Our lawyers provide a full range of legal services to public and private companies – from family-run businesses to multinational corporations. We also represent charitable, medical and educational institutions both in the United States and in more than 50 countries worldwide. In our podcasts, the attorneys of Fox share their insight and knowledge on some of today’s most pertinent legal ...
A guide to cycling in the European Alps in the days before surfaced roads and automobile tourism. As the author explains, the spectacular views are well worth the effort of pushing your bicycle up the passes and perfectly safe as long as your cycle is equipped with brakes. Summary by Phil Benson
Comedian J-L Cauvin takes a popular subject each week and discusses with a fan of that subject why they are wrong.
Using perception, neurology, language and thinking strategies to have more resources and more options
Part of an initiative to develop a free language-learning resource. This book is old, but the basics haven’t changed too much. All the French content is spoken by native French speakers. The book includes sections on vocabulary, nouns, adjectives, verbs and phrases, and will still prove useful. Some of the phrases are dated but hilarious. If you need a flannel petticoat, or to chastise your washerwoman, this book is definitely for you!
Barton Gilman, LLP
Podcast by Barton Gilman, LLP
A group of rowdy adults attempt to navigate a children's game set in a universe filled with weaponized rainbows, formidable talking ponies, a never ending supply of sparkles, and magical friendship. This is an actual play Tails of Equestria rpg podcast, set in the MLP Universe. Starring Eli, Emily, Gwynn, Heidi, and Ben.
Discover secrets of Personal Change that lead to a Better Life. A niche set of specialists in the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming have been using some simple and very powerful techniques for transforming lives. And mostly such services have only been available to celebrities and top performers. Solar Voice is a podcast series by the wizard of personal change, Antano Solar John, where he finally explains in simple terms the methods and attitude for creating change in self, that lasts
Join Michael Cembalest as he explores a wide variety of investment topics, including the economy, policy and markets
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Exposing dangerous propaganda, and exposing the underlined hatred JLP shares for black ppl.
On the Vox Markets Podcast Today - 14th March 2018 Zaza Mamulaishvili, Chief Executive Officer of Frontera Resources #FRR provides an update on the completion of the drilling operations at the T-45 well, the first well of the three-well drilling campaign at the Block 12 license in Georgia. (Interview starts at 1 minute 29 seconds) Colin Bird, N ...…
I Say That To Say This 47: “You get what you negotiate" (Ft. Jennifer Layne Park) Imagine playing X-Box and hearing your song come on. You should be ecstatic right? Now imagine the moment you realized you weren’t paid for that… We Talked Business and knowing your worth and protecting your brand and most importantly your profits. JLP has been fe ...…
Dear friend, Yogini & Founder of @WomenInTech. Sarena Bahad sits down to share the story of how this rapidly growing social channel got started. Through the powerful tool of Social Media, Sarena is championing the discovery & celebration of women entrepreneurs, while highlighting positive career role models for young women all over the world. W ...…
Tim & Jess spoke to JLP the host of Australian Survivor, before tonights LIVE Finale!
Tim & Jess spoke to JLP the host of Australian Survivor, before tonights LIVE Finale!
Like most churches, JLP launches its fall program year with a kick-off Sunday. We invite people to join a small group and find a place to serve in the church and, with the church, in the community. That's great, but Jesus tells his disciples to do something else first. Why? What is it? Pastor Luke teaches from Luke 14: 15-34 NLT in "The Cost of ...…
Original air date June 25th, 2017 on Gospel Boogie is an exploration of the classic gospel music sounds of the 1940’s through the early 1970’s.----more---- Track List: The Caravans - Get Away Jordan (States 109) 1952The Prophets Qt. - Sing Your Blues Away (Skylite LP 5985) 1960The Lewis Family - To Get My Reward (Starday SEP 1 ...…
Welcome back to another episode of the JLP! We are proud to present to you our first DC movie review, which is none other than Wonder Woman. We had so much fun recording this episode and we even had a special guest join us. Tune in to find out who! Email us: JusticeLeagueOfPodcasts@gmail.comFollow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates: @JLofP ...…
Original air date June 18th, 2017 on Gospel Boogie is an exploration of the classic gospel music sounds of the 1940’s through the early 1970’s.----more---- Track List: The Kingsman - This World Is Gonna Bow To The King Of Kings (Stars, Inc. 507) 1956ishThe Soul Stirrers - He'll Welcome Me (Specialty 851) 1953Brother Earl Wheel ...…
Chris Compton is a British Australian currently living in London. Chris works professionally as a civil engineer, while also studying the modern day psychedelic experience. His focus (largely) is on the cultivation & study of various strains of psilocybin containing mushrooms (magic mushrooms), measuring the minimum effective dose, while record ...…
About Jim and Jennifer Jim Poage, Ph.D., is Founder/President of JLP Performance Consulting. His practice focuses on improving organization productivity and creating an emotional connection with customers. An expert on the interactions of technology and users, he has authored articles for business and technical journals and has spoken at numero ...…
Original air date June 4th, 2017 on Gospel Boogie is an exploration of the classic gospel music sounds of the 1940’s through the early 1970’s.----more---- Track List: The Prophets - We Don't Have As Far To Go (Heart Warming LP 1873) 1966Zion Travelers - Bye and Bye (Dootone LP 807) 1962The Gospel Way Qt. - Make A Joyful Noise ...…
We made it! This episode of JLP we review the season finales of The Flash, Supergirl and Arrow! We talk about the ups and downs of each episode and each season as a whole. We even rank each show from most favorite to least favorite this season. We have a lot in store for you guys this episode so check it out! P.S. We're not going anywhere! Stay ...…
Tom Hardy as Venom. Pros and cons of a self contained marvel Sony universe. Dark Tower. Whedon taking over JL? All this and more! Email us your questions at:
This episode of JLP we got to talk about the return of a lot of familiar faces. Cat, Snart & Black Siren are all back and steal the shows! We also speculate on what's to come next season of Supergirl, Arrow's heroes and villains showdown next week and whether or not we think Iris is really dead! Also stay tuned until the end to hear all about S ...…
*We apologize for the technical difficulties we've been experiencing uploading the podcasts.* Welcome to another episode of JLP! This week we have a LOT to say. We go into an in depth explanation of the Savitar reveal on The Flash along with our usual reviews of Supergirl and Arrow. We also discuss (drool over) the amazing Wonder Woman trailer ...…
Original air date April 30, 2017 on Gospel Boogie is an exploration of the classic gospel music sounds of the 1940’s through the early 1970’s.----more---- Track List: Selah Singers - Downward Road (Jubilee Gospel Unissued) 1949The LeFevres - Delivered From The Hands Of Pharoah (Sing LP 3208) 1963Tommy Magness - Wings Of Faith ...…
Originally not intended to be a Podcast - This is a Post Float perspective and solo discourse after mixing edibles, meditation & breath-work for 60 minutes in a sensory deprivation tank. I love to float and have done so many times. On this occasion however, I decided to record what was surfacing in my waking mind after the float. It was not my ...…
Original air date April 16, 2017 on Gospel Boogie is an exploration of the classic gospel music sounds of the 1940’s through the early 1970’s. Wendy Bagwell and The Sunliters - Keep Walking (Skylite SRLP 5991) 1962Harmonizing Four - Oh Sinner (Up Front LP 114) 1959The Prophets Qt. - Sinner Let Me Tell You (Sing LP 3002) 1962Th ...…
On this episode of the JLP we present to you our Legends Spectacular! Legends may be over for now, but if you stick with us you will get all of the latest news about what's to come next season. So sit back and enjoy as we discuss in depth this amazing season 2 finale! Email Us! JusticeLeagueOfPodcasts@gmail.comFollow us on twitter for updates: ...…
Original air date April 9, 2017 on Gospel Boogie is an exploration of the classic gospel music sounds of the 1940’s through the early 1970’s. ----more---- Track List: Golden Gate Qt. - This Whole World (Is in a Bad Condition) (Fremeaux unissued) 1949ishThe Looper Trio - Four And Twenty Elders (I'm Longing For Home LP) 1973The ...…
This week on the JLP we celebrate our 10th episode by discussing how much relationships suck, the new amazing Justice League trailer and the marvelous "death" of a certain character. Email Us: justiceleagueofpodcasts@gmail.comFollow us on Twitter for updates: @JLofPodcasts
This episode of the JLP we talk about the amazing Tom Cavanagh, Pam down in Human resources and finally put and end to the Wrath of Brianna... or do we? Email Us: JusticeLeagueOfPodcasts@gmail.comCheck us out on Twitter: @JLofPodcasts
On this episode of JLP, let's get nuts. Bri's got a ton of wrath, Sean's not okay and DC really needs to get their shit together!Email Us: JusticeLeagueOfPodcasts@gmail.comFollow Us on Twitter for Updates: @JLofPodcasts
This week on JLP we may have gotten gypped of two shows, but don't worry, we still have plenty of side tangents to go on! Email Us: JusticeLeagueOfPodcasts@gmail.comFollow Us on Twitter for Updates! @JLofPodcasts
What a great week for the Arrowverse! On this episode of JLP Sean's not feeling too well, but that doesn't stop us from talking about all the greatness!Email Us: JusticeLeagueOfPodcasts@gmail.comFollow Us on Twitter for Updates! @JLofPodcasts
This episode of JLP we talk all about major DC news, Gypsy, how funny Supergirl and the Legion of Doom are, and... Dinah Drake? Seriously?? Email Us: JusticeLeagueOfPodcasts@gmail.comFollow Us on Twitter for Updates! @JLofPodcasts
2 Chronicles 30:1-12, 21-27 (NIV) King Hezekiah was a righteous king that sought the Lord and made his main focus to restore the children of Israel to a right relationship with the Lord and to restore their worship. In this chapter, Hezekiah is calling the people back to observe the Passover that they had not observed in a long time. In Hezekia ...…
On this episode of JLP we review the past week's episodes of the Arrowverse. All the good, the bad, the ugly and plenty of Easter Eggs!
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