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When Dierdre gets stranded after her space ship is taken over by pirates, she has to learn how to survive alone on a ship that's flying through space with no clear destination. Will she make it in time?
Creep follows Miami and Denver as they investigate a possible heist of a famous painting. Sasha, the one who alerted them of it, makes sure that she's not forgotten in the process. Will they be able to stop the heist in time?
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What happens when Lyra is finally fed up with the antics in her old house? April Fools! Hope you enjoyed this short little episode. If you listened to the credits you'll notice I was missing the one for 'Swaggy.' My laptop went on the fritz and I wasn't able to add it in. Here's the credit for everyone: Ian Humphrey as Swaggy Tal Minear as Thelma E…
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