Best Noir podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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Each film noir weaves its own yarn of longing, corruption, and fateful decisions. In this podcast series, Clute and Edwards investigate one noir or neo-noir in detail. Following various threads of inquiry, they attempt to unravel the vast canvas of noir.
Noir Recommends started in 2010 and has since then become an in demand podcast and a trademark for Noir and his well-respected curating skills for the underground club scene. The podcast was a monthly podcast for the first 7 years but in 2017 Noir turned it into a weekly show introducing his “live-sets” from all around the world.Today its mostly live sets recorded around the globe mixed up with a few studio sessions and special shows such as “The best of 2017” etc.In each episode Noir tells ...
The Noir Factory Podcast is created for the mystery reader, noir movie goer, or true crime buff who wants a closer look into the genre. Mystery writer Steven Gomez looks at crime history, pulp stories, noir films, and the men and woman who made them. Every other week we will examine an event or figure in crime history, a pulp or noir writer, or a piece of detective work, both fictional and in real life. If you have an interest in crime of any kind, THIS is the podcast for you!
The Nerdgasm Noire Network is a group of 5 black women who love all things geeky. From books to anime to tv, we discuss what we love and hate. Click. Read. Listen. Enjoy. All in separate tabs.
NOIR TALK is a podcast devoted to discussing the Film Noir Foundation. It is the foundation’s mission to find and preserve noir films in danger of deterioration, damage or loss, and to ensure that high quality prints of these classic films remain in circulation for theatrical exhibition to future generations.The views and opinions of guests do not necessarily reflect those of the Film Noir Foundation, or its directors and advisors.
Retrouvez tous les sons Arte Radio appartenant à la série Noir is the new black
Pinot Noir
Private eye (and public nuisance) Spotty Johnson is known for piercing deductions and questionable decision making. Pinot Noir is a scripted mystery radioplay . . . performed very, very drunk. Glug glug glug glug.@pinotpodcast
Exploring Film with Unfilmed
Extra Noir Podcast
Podcast - Darkwave, coldwave, post-punk and experimental music brought to you by Hell Ron Cupboard and Madam Aunt.
Blood Noir
The Noir and Bizarre explores the dark and strange stories we tell ourselves about human existence – occult history, ghosts, haunted houses, and secret crimes - with a special emphasis on stories that draw on the rich history and culture of Baltimore. Additionally, the show philosophically asks big questions about spiritual narratives and rituals surrounding life and death.Logo design courtesy Chrissy Dreyer.
Yuppie Noir
This is Yuppie Noir. An insight into the thoughts and conversations young black professionals have on the day to day. We cover topics ranging from sports to culture to how we maneuver and succeed in everyday society.
Cinema In Noir
Unabashed film talk from three mahogany film mavens. Hosted by Candice Frederick, Rebecca Theodore-Vachon, and Kimberly Renee.
Neo Noir
Neo Noir started in 2010 as a music collective featuring a variation of different artists. In 2012 they dropped their debut album “Welcome to the Neo Noir Era” featuring the Podcast’s own host Darius the Great (formely known as Fresh Sinatra) . In 2016 Neo Noir shifted its main focal point from music and became a brand, one in which was the Neo Noir Podcast. Today, Neo Noir Podcast main objective is to push the envelope, break boundaries, and step outside every box known to society with edgy ...
C'est Noir
Join Dani & Matt every 1st and 3rd Monday as they explore black sound in Music, TV & Film from an NY state of mind.
In each episode of Point Blank we discuss, analyze, and review works of crime fiction. We focus on the hardboiled, noir, and detective fiction sub-genres covering a featured novel each episode. Join us as we stroll down the dark, rain soaked alleys and into the dangerous corners of literature.
Noir Music
Let’s talk about music, politics, current events, and more!
A podcast loosely based around life in a digital studio.
Taiwan Noir highlights the forgotten Taiwanese cinema of yesteryear.
Noir Hear This
In a series of conversations with novelists, screen writers, critics and thinkers, Noir Hear This delves deep into the Scandinavian psyche to uncover why Nordic Noir has become a global phenomenon. In each episode, host Johan Gabrielsson visits a different Scandinavian location to reveal what lies beneath this successful crime genre.
A collection of stories, all set in different worlds, with different characters, yet there exist strange links between them.
Noire Histoir
Black history and literature from a Noire perspective. Noire Histoir features Black history facts, literature, and motivational stories from across the Black diaspora. Join Natasha McEachron as she celebrates Black pride, excellence, and power all 366 days of the year.
Neo-Noir Network
Neo-Noir is the present and the future.
Podcast for all the people that have two jobs because there’s never a time the hustle wasn’t necessary. Two different views, two amazing, G ass women taking on pop culture and life while always holding it down for the culture.
Sunday Night Noir
Kaufman’s on a binge, or “holiday” as he prefers to call it, which is any day he ain’t workin a case. Like today, for instance. Anyways, this dame, Maura, comes into Sully’s bar. Her pop’s just thrown some big to do for her war hero brother. Only her brother’s a louse, and a Jew-hater to boot, and it’s debatable how much a hero he actually is.What’s beyond question, however, is now he’s dead. Cops say it’s an accident. Maura says she needs a P.I.Looks like the holiday is over."Kaufman’s Holi ...
The Greg Noire Show podcast that delves into the world of music, music photography, and whatever is popping in pop culture in the week that was. This show also highlights a topic of the week and answers patron submitted questions in the most informal way possible, over a glass of whiskey, maybe. Probably. This is made mostly to entertain and possibly "educate" (lol), so expect this to go off the rails as I share with you some of my stories and experiences as a photographer of almost a decade ...
What began as a 10 minute segment during Mayhem’s On The Air tribute to old time radio shows has become a full show. Follow private investigator Jack Jackson as he takes on a variety of cases ranging from murder to missing pets. Enjoy memorable characters, twisting plots, and a variety of sound effects that may or may not match up well with the dialogue! The first Saturday of every month. 8$ @ 10 PM -Performed in the dark. -A different guest performer each episode. -$8 per episode or FREE wi ...
Pizza Noir Book One
Boilerplate fiction about a hardboiled homicide detective, and it all goes downhill from there
Logan and co-host Spencer discuss every episode of Orphan Black with in depth analysis, theorizing, and a few laughs. They offer a critical look at a show both hosts love and obsess over. A new episode comes out each time the show air, and when we get special interviews and the like.
Vince Rodriguez, known as “DJ V-ROD”, is a local DJ in the Chicago area. Born and raised in Chicago, V-ROD’s main advantage was growing up and being exposed to the birth of House Music in his youth. Influencing this exposure in Vince’s life were radio stations that played House Music like 102.7 FM WBMX, 89.3 FM WKKC (Kennedy King College) and 90.5 FM WCYC (Chicago Boys and Girls Club). Being exposed to this new “fad” during the 1980’s, it wasn’t enough to just be a listener… Vince wanted to ...
A weekly look at film noir -- from the classics to today
Thérapie Noir
Thérapie Noir is a weekly podcast co-hosted by Roxie and Lauren ‘LNichelle’ discussing life, dating, travel, and everything in between. They aren't actual therapists, but will laugh you through your struggles. Every session includes a Wine About It where we air our grievances with life and the world. Your faux doctors are in.
L.A Noir
Disciplined improviser
Mundane Noir
Mundane Noir is a podcast written and performed by normal, everyday people. We strive to create short stories from the most ordinary and mundane occurrences of normal life and present them in a clever and entertaining way. All with a nice noir style narrative in a modernized production. We at Mundane Noir specialize in the boring, the drab, and the uninteresting. We know that, in the end, it's not about the contents of the story, but how that story is told. Follow us on Twitter @MundaneNoir ...
Noir Politiqué
Follow the journey of Stephanie Alexander and Nzhada Harris as they explore political realms, social norms, and the essence of Black culture.
Nordic Noir: The Scandinavian Crime Book Club - Audio
Bruit Noir
Daily+ |
Accordion Noir plays punk-rock classical-folk music from around the world, with jazz and an occasional token polka. Broadcast live on CFRO Co-Op Radio from the heart of the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Earth. Please Donate to Co-op Radio. Mention Accordion Noir so they know which show you love.You can find an alternate download site for current shows at Vancouver Co-op Radio's Accordion Noir pageFor more about Bruce's Accordion History Book Project and various am ...
Dopple Avenue Hurt
A comedic fictional podcast that follows private investigator James Keyes through the city of Brentwood Heights. It's a new case each season!
Depending on who you ask, the Penumbra is either the grandest railway this side of Nowhere or a twice-monthly podcast series. Each episode takes the form of a 30-50 minute radio play.The Penumbra is all about stories you recognize told in ways you won’t expect. Your femme fatale might be an homme fatale; you might find that not every haunting needs a ghost. Your criminal underworld might advertise on billboards ten miles tall, and when push comes to shove your home might have a bit more hear ...
Blog podcast de l'association "Les Habits Noirs"
Noir Short Stories
Audio books of my short stories. Hopefully you enjoy
RTÉ - Irish Noir
Irish Noir is the story of Irish Crime fiction. From its gothic origins, through the fast paced storylines provided by Celtic Tiger excess – and right up to the bleak fictional landscape inspired by Austerity Ireland.
A psychedelic noir audio drama podcast set in 1940s Los Angeles. Recently radio broadcasts in the city have been reduced to static, leaving a popular radio serial as the only remaining show on the air. Even then the show finds itself continuously interrupted by a mysterious broadcast. A lone distorted voice reaching out for help. Follow Walter “Troubles” Mix and his partner Whitney as they search for a missing writer and navigate through a city quickly falling into madness. Could the mysteri ...
>Pluie/Noir Podcast is a bi-monthly audio-visual episode representing our work as an artist collective. Each episode will feature a one hour collage/mix by one of our producers/djs, and a visual interpretation in a poster triptych done by one of our designers. Each episode will also have a small interview on both artists and a video teaser.. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store.
Off The Grid Radio is a podcast we mix for you every week showing you what we think is the hottest in progressive, electro, and trance!
Book #2 begins with Detective Scott Smith's axe-related homicide investigation, which is an assignment that he considers himself lucky for, considering the morass that has become his colleague Thompson's caseload
Jack Tracer is a hard-boiled private eye out to solve the strange cases of Neon City, but under these bright lights, darkness looms.Co-Created by Rachel Craig and Will Snyder
The year is 1955. Tinsel town. The land of make-believe. It's a time of growth in American prosperity. Especially in Los Angeles. Here, dreams are bought and sold. But there's a seedier side to the City of Angels, the shadows where pimps and narcotics pushers live, where organized crime stands just around every corner with one hand out, and the other wrapped around a roscoe. It's a city full of fancy dames and slick cons, where bookies know the vig, so you better, too. Some folks call it noi ...
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"Regarder Film >>> Regarder Film >>> Panthère Noire Online, Regarder Panthère Noire Online gratuito, 2018, Regarder Film Complet Panthère Noire gratuito Online (2018) Regarder br sous-titre, Regarder Panthère Noire download gratuito - sous-titre HD, Panthère Noire Onl ...…
BLOOD NOIR EPISODE 19: NOTHING THERE based on the short story by G. Wayne Miller from his Short story collection Vapors.John is being haunted by the past as well as the present. Is it all in his mind?Lothar Tuppan as John, Driver and Old manTanja Milojevic as Allison.Snake as Mr. ConnerMat Weller as JasonLaurie E. Smith as JulieKessi Reliniki a ...…
On this week's quick run through some of the best new albums out on April 20, All Songs Considered's Robin Hilton chats with NPR Music's Ann Powers and Stephen Thompson about the primal pop of Kimbra, dark and majestic songs from Exitmusic, Nashville veterans The Old Crow Medicine Show, the rock-and-soul of Shuggie Otis and more. Featured Album ...…
Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 193 On today’s episode, Elyse and Annie present to you a cornucopia of bizarre French foods. Even if you never plan on trying any of them, you need to know about them because they’ll pop up on menus here and there and we’ve known visitors who had big surprises when their food arrived! Elyse herself has ...…
In this episode, Ben is joined in the studio by Dave Coventry, head winemaker at Talbott Estate Vineyards, and comedian Eugene Cordero (Kong: Skull Island and co-host of “The Dumbbells” podcast). Dave talks to the guys about terroir, vineyard rap battles, and why Monterey – and Sleepy Hollow Vineyard in particular – is such a great place to mak ...…
This week we gab about a movie with not one, but TWO of our crushes: Paul Rudd and Jason Segal star in the one and only I Love You Man. We also explore our artistic sides by drawing on the Blank Canvas Pinot Noir bottle. All in all, a fantastic night any way you look at it. Cheers to episode 11!
I went record shopping in Canada. These days, I prefer supporting economies other than the United States whenever possible. So then a rousing “Bon Jour!” to Canucks Boulie Noire, New City Jam Band, Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Baron Longfellow, Wall of Steel and Toulouse. I’ve featured the Quebec trio Toulouse before from their debut that was reco ...…
Leontes, Tyrells, and Battys, oh my! Yes, this week we're off on another whirlwind adventure, this time to the realm of femme fatales, hard-boiled protagonists, and rain-drenched city streets... that's right, we're talking about film noir. Buckle up, because in this episode about Blade Runner 2049, we hit the ground running.…
This week’s podcast is packed with pictures. There’s the new horror film Truth or Dare, followed by: the wine country tale Back to Burgundy; the new mumblecore film Outside In; the Spanish horror film Marrowbone; Ben Kingsley in An Ordinary Man; Jon Hamm in Aardvark; Borg v. McInroe; and the new, final season of The Americans. Among revivals ar ...…
The Film Abbot Podcast is live and ready to roll. On today's episode, we discuss Black Panther, Ready Player One, and the Han Solo trailer. A news rundown happens and more rambling occurs throughout.
IT IS “WRESTLEMANIA Week” for Radulich in Broadcasting and kicking off the week is Source Material bringing to you their coverage of Image’s “Ringside” 1-5!Join retired professional wrestler Danny “The Minotaur” Knossos in his journey back to the states as he pieces together the whereabouts of an old friend and lover, Teddy. Set amidst the behi ...…
On this episode of the podcast, Keyammo spends the time to reintroduce himself to the audience. He elaborates deeply on the origin of his name, leading up to the path that brought him through astrophysics. Enjoy!
In today's poetry reading, I read Percy Bysshe Shelley's "Love's Philosophy." It is one of my favorite poems, with its simple structure and ending questions. I love it and I hope you enjoy.
Major Opinions takes a look at Summit Enterainment, Thunder Road Pictures, 87Eleven Productions & Liongate's 2017 American neo-noir action thriller film, "John Wick: Chapter 2".
Dags för avsnitt 2 av Dos Gardenias. I vårt andra program myser vi och snackar fenomenet ”staycation” med vår sköna gäst Anna Hoppers. Carlos har ångest nu när ”Bron” är slut och Amalia försöker få ordning på sin köksfranska. Vi undrar vidare om millennials förstår sig på ”Den Sista Färden”-referenser. Dessutom tipsar vi om ett gäng trevliga ka ...…
The AfterBuzz TV Altered Carbon AfterShow breaks down episodes of Netflix’s Altered Carbon. Hosts Nate Miller, Shaka Strong, Krista Flentje, and Evan Mack discuss episodes 7 & 8. Show Summary: More than 300 years in the future, society has been transformed by new technology, leading to human bodies being interchangeable and death no longer bein ...…
Dani & Matt share who they would want in the 10th spot of the XXL 2018 Freshman Class, current releases from Chloe x Halle, Rich The Kid & more and is R&B dead or on life support?Follow us on Instagram - us on Facebook - Music - https://itunes.a ...…
KD Music Radio Show 059Kaiserdisco Live @ Rambla 10 / Guatemala (03-03-2018)01. Kaiserdisco, Karotte - Crane (Original Mix) - Elevate02. Hybrasil - Tau Ceti (Original Mix) - Off Recordings03. Diego Amura - Euphasia (Original Mix) - Etruria Beat04. Kaiserdisco - Can´t get enough (Original Mix) - Drumcode05. Kaiserdisco, Karotte - Namaka (Origina ...…
HipHop Hour​ Episode 18, March 30, 2018Presented by Fight4freedom Productions​Hosted by Harkos​Playlist:JayboneOYB - Aw Man, DA General - Check List, Real Kahlil - No Hype, CK Noir - Hit My Line, Hypnotik - New Freezer Remix, Jay P - Held Me Down ft Kaws, Total Chaos - King kong Crazy, JStyles - Coldy Season, Paperroute boys - A$cen$ion, Jay P. ...…
In our first “B-Roll” episode (where we discuss a film of our choosing from the topics filmography), we discuss the 2002 neo-noir sci-fi thriller, Minority Report! Featuring a plot that examines the battle of free will and determinism, Minority Report is a solid sci-fi movie that might be a tad underrated. How does Cruise work as an action star ...…
Welcome One and All to the Glorious Movie Show, the most Glorious Movie podcast in the entire galaxy. On today’s Episode, Two Fox Films have been pushed! Captain Marvel Begins Filming with some returning MCU Characters! We get our First Look at Tom Hardy as Al Capone! And Margot Robbie scares the crap of me & I’m OK with that! I am the Glorious ...…
I give my opinions on the March for Our Lives, the Killer Mike x Colion Noir for NRATV interview and the "let's repeal the 2nd Amendment!" craze Link to the Colion Noir x Killer Mike full interview (pls listen): If you like this podcast you'll love my Twitter: Subscribing is what all ...…
FEELS LIKE HOME #111 – Click Here Claydee Ft Jenn Morel – Licky (Belli & Mark Pigato Bootleg Mix ) Yolanda Be Cool Feat. Kwanzaa Posse – Muiska (GotSome Remix) NTVT – Kyos Believe In Me Selecta – I Can’t Wait (Original Mix) Yvvan Back – Hips Don’t Lie Kygo ft John Newman – Never Let You Go (Jack Wins Remix) Jaques Le Noir – I’m Going over here ...…
David Lee is a household name in South Africa where he worked predominantly in theatre and television. His outstanding performances on stage garnered him multiple nominations all around Southern Africa. In 1995, David completed a post graduate drama course at Drama Studio London, where he was nominated as Actor of the Year for his powerful and ...…
Sanctorum is Techno. A little something to pleasure your eardrums. Please like, share and more importantly listen to and enjoy!Track List: Sanctorum Techno Podcast #0041 Nautilus (Kevin Lundershausen Remix) - Corosun - Pulsetone Muted2 Clouds (Original Mix) - MARTINEZZ - KULTO3 Insanity and Madness (Hozho Remix) - Black Hertz - Momentum League4 ...…
In this episode, your humble hosts Jens, Yavar, and Clark take a look at the second feature film scoring assignment of Jerry Goldsmith's career: the lean, gritty 1959 noir City of Fear. We discuss the way this paranoia-filled film reflects the anxieties of its era, and examine the ways it falls short despite its striking premise. Additionally, ...…
We're excited to kick off the new CareerXroads podcast series: "Uncorked" where over a glass (or bottle) of premium wine or spirits we'll talk with recruiting leaders and influencers about what's going on in their recruiting world. These topics will cover everything from the basics of recruiting to predicting the next hot trends that we think w ...…
VIDEO ARTICLE: & SUPPORT: AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER: http://www.AfricanSheaButter.orgVIMEO: AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER: http://www.AfricanSheaButter.orgPATREON: PATREON: https://www.patreo ...…
On Episode 5 of Wine in Coffee Cups Chris & Taryn discuss; Fine Wine, Heineken, Logic, Social Media, Apple Watch, Current Events, and much more!Wine of The Week: Prophecy, 2015 California, Pinot Noir Patron: us at: Wineincoffeecups@gmail.comInstagram: @Wineincoffeecups…
Écoutez ce livre audio dans son intégralité gratuitement sur Titre: Histoire d'amourAuteur: Janine BoissardNarrateur: Monique RousseauFormat: UnabridgedDurée: 8 hrs and 2 minsLangue: FrançaisDate de publication: 03-16-05Éditeur: Audible StudiosGenres: Fiction, ContemporaryRésumé de l'éditeur:Si elle était jolie... ...…
Noir Recommends 058Recorded live at Ressonancia Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. To see pictures and videos from the shows please visit Instagram: SAMA - Indifference (original Mix) - Noir Music02. Thomas Schumacher - Wake Up (Original Mix) - Electric Ballroom03. Beico & MT93 - Let There Be Dark (Original Mi ...…
This week the Grue-Crew sing the praises of Paul Rudd's wonderful 70s-inspired mustache, avoid zombies building chair castles, and hide from an evil version of Laurie Holden. First up is the feature Mute from director Duncan Jones, neo-noir thriller with killer performances from Alexander Skarsgard, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux. The French-Canadia ...…
Jessica goes on Spring Break to Wine Country! She sits down for a tasting at Failla Winery (@faillawines) with Geoff Harner (@gfh133) who takes her through 4 different kinds of Pinot Noir on site at the winery! Later, she chats all about musical theatre and Spanish wine with former New Yorker turned wine expert, Alex Harner (@alexlharner). The ...…
Can Batman use airborne radar to help a trapped Robin escape from an avalanche? Find out on this episode of School of Batman!Our guest this week is Adam Booth, a Lecturer in Exploration Geophysics at the University of Leeds. You can find out more about Adam's research on Twitter at Mod ...…
“If you want a lover, I'll do anything you ask me to.” Hosts Richard Gottehrer and Allison Zatarain dig deep into the seductive Leonard Cohen song, “I’m Your Man” for Instant Love by Holly Miranda. You’ll hear the original and the new recording, now sung woman to woman. Holly discusses her inspiration for the recording and the new meaning of “m ...…
The AfterBuzz TV Altered Carbon AfterShow breaks down episodes of Netflix’s Altered Carbon. Hosts Nate Miller, Shaka Strong, Krista Flentje, and Evan Mack discuss episodes 5 & 6. Show Summary: More than 300 years in the future, society has been transformed by new technology, leading to human bodies being interchangeable and death no longer bein ...…
For this installment of the Netflix & Kill series, the Super Action Bros go to cyberpunk future Berlin for neo-noir thriller Mute (2018).
We begin in Sweden with the writers Sjöwall Wahloo, the duo considered to be the inventors of the Nordic Noir genre. We meet crime writer, criminologist and expert on Sjöwall Wahloo, Christoffer Carlsson; top selling Swedish author, Jens Lapidus, on the gang wars of Stockholm and Professor Beverley Allen dissects the differences in Nordic Noir ...…
Tom Ryan is one of the most underrated and understated DJs in Wellington. He's part of the crucial Flava Crew, and has been quietly digging up gold for the past decade or so. He presents us with an extended headphone masterpiece, before FP DJ Fussy Gussy plays some low key heat. *Intro*Slim - Lit [Banoffee Pies]*Tom Ryan*A.R. & Machines - Jeder ...…
Écoutez ce livre audio dans son intégralité gratuitement sur Titre: Le faucheur d'ombresAuteur: Jean AngladeNarrateur: Alain LawrenceFormat: UnabridgedDurée: 11 hrs and 39 minsLangue: FrançaisDate de publication: 10-15-15Éditeur: SixtridGenres: Fiction, ContemporaryRésumé de l'éditeur:La Grande Guerre est finie de ...…
Suzi and Chloe from the Wine Emporium and Market in Boyne City, MI join me for the first Winecast! We drank a lot of wine and talked about it, along with other life things. :) Here are the wines we tasted: San de Guilhem Blanc Sec Blue Quail Chardonnay Primarius Pinot Noir Bourgogne Pinot Noir
Welcome to the thirty-seventh episode of STACKED! In this week's episode: Brandon & Brendan discuss the adventures of P.I./Superhero: Kate Bishop. A dash of classic detective noire, a pinch of 80's action movie, and many helpings of sass. This is: HAWKEYEWritten by Kelly Thompson, Drawn by Leonardo Romero, Colors by Jordie BellaireCheck out Haw ...…
Noir Hear This is a new eight part podcast about Nordic Noir. Johan Gabrielsson talks to Scandinavian writers, critics and thinkers about the psyche and craft behind this successful crime fiction genre. Episode 1 drops March 28th
Insta what? Instagram. Should you market on Instagram? Talking all things hashtags, content, who is doing it best and why you should market on Instagram.
Welcome to the new year. Ok, OK it's MARCH already! Far out where has the time gone? Let's just pretend it's the first of Jan and welcome in the new year with the crew from Digital Noir Presents.Enjoy
Welcome to episode eight, where we discuss the sci-fi-noir Dark City. Are these Aliens? Is this prime Jennifer Connelly? is Kiefer going full Kiefer? All this and more!
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