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Mil palabras en ingles
Esta serie de podcast consiste de las mil palabras mas usadas en ingles. Es el recurso perfecto para mejorar tu vocabulario en ingles. El audio forma parte de nuestros libros de vocabulario, Wordbank, un sistema de cinco pasos para asimilar vocabulario. Esta serie es multi-metodologico - es decir que tiene varias estrategias y tecnicas de aprendizaje.
The Short Ball with Scotty Stevenson & Mils Muliaina on
Scotty 'Sumo' Stevenson & Mils 'All Black Legend' Muliaina & Special Guests chat about rugby.
Tale of Two Mils
Amanda and Taylor are two millennial ladies making their way through this world. While their paths have strayed into two very different courses their friendship has always stayed constant. Join them for girl talk, staying up with the times and in general BS with alcohol and guests!
Dot Mil Docs
DotMilDocs is officially moving to Please follow us and future episodes there. You’re listening to Dot Mil Docs, a product of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Military Health System. This show is designed to discuss the topics that concern you most when it comes to military health. We welcome your input, your questions, and your thoughts. We’re glad you joined us. The appearance of advertising on this Web site, does not constitute en ...
Yallih nabnaakee, kay xiqtoy toy dudda leh iyya, kullii mil. usug zul mit abeh yan waaso
labaatannaa kee farey haytoh cadiisih, sharci, ar baqiin cadiisik, usug edde yaabam, yallih nab naa kee kay xiqtoy dudda leh iyyaay, kay say tunaanat yaabah iyya.
Milwaukee's #1 LIVE Online Radio for HipHop & R&B
WANT MAJOR EXPOSURE FOR FREE?Get Your Music In Our Next FLYE Radio Show Every Wednesday @ 8 Pm CST.SUBMISSION Requirements For Free Rotation On www.CoolsCorner.comSubmit:(3) Five (Clean or Dirty) Mp3 Format & Genre:Artist Name/Band NameFeat Artist/Band NameTwitter NameSong TitleArtist/Band Picture/Logo (NO ALBUM COVERS):City:DONT SEND - DOWNLOAD LINKS or Zip FilesSend To:█▄█ █ █▀█ █▄█ █▀█ █▀██▀█ █ █▀▀ █▀█ █▄█ █▀▀ Make Us A Radio Drop(EXAMPLE - This Is "Artist or Band N ...
Timur Milschenko's Podcast
Deep and well mixed contemporary and classic tasteful sounds.
Feliz Com Você
Olá, eu sou Amanda Dreher, cofundadora do Feliz Com Você. E eu acredito no poder da meditação para transformar a sua vida, e foi por isso que criei o, que em poucos meses já passou dos 200 mil fãs no Facebook e mais de 1 milhão de visualizações no Youtube.
Baja4Racing Magazine
Baja Racing
Way2Real Lucha Underground LuchaKliq party
Dante Oblivion, Mil Machetes, Rachael LaMothe, CJ Dinero, Lord Bosworth and special guests talk WWE, NJPW, AAA, Lucha Underground and more!
Desert & Short-Course
Brainbuster Radio
The smartest minds in the SPORT of professional wrestling, the Brainbusters walk hard and talk loud on professional wrestling every week at! Featuring Long Alan Iced T, Jumpin’ Jacob J., Vinman, Moose the Mark and Mil Calzones on the ones and twos!
The Correspondents - Voice of America
The Correspondents is VOA’s weekly discussion of the world’s top stories, seen through the eyes of our dedicated reporters in the US and around the globe. Hosted by Mil Arcega, our panel goes beyond the headlines to give listeners and viewer context and understanding of what’s driving the story.
The Correspondents - Voice of America
The Correspondents is VOA’s weekly discussion of the world’s top stories, seen through the eyes of our dedicated reporters in the US and around the globe. Hosted by Mil Arcega, our panel goes beyond the headlines to give listeners and viewer context and understanding of what’s driving the story.
Our Mutual Friend, Version 3 by DICKENS, Charles
Our Mutual Friend, the last novel completed by Charles Dickens, has many plots, twists and turns, from the murky river Thames to the gold and crystal on the tables of ‘Society’. A tale of murder, treachery, jealousy and love, takes us first to a rowing boat on the Thames, where the Hexhams have found a body in the water and are bringing it to shore. We attend the Boffins, a poor naïve couple, who unexpectedly have just become wealthy, after their employer dies and names them in his will. Sil ...
Lapland Stories
En podcast om livet och upplevelser i Riksgränsen och Björkliden, inspelad tjugofem mil norr om polcirkeln.Produceras av Husky Productions.
Kill'em with Kayfabe
Join our team, No Chill Bill, El Don, Jeff the Crooked Ref, Roy - The Man with the Clout and the Gout, and Mil "Milky" Fuertes, as they discuss wrestling and wrestling related (and sometimes non related) opinions and issues."Kill 'Em With Kayfabe, I want it to be in the sense "Kill Em With Kindness, you attack with your heart through your enthusiasm and positivity. So, what is it to kill with kayfabe? Well pro-wrestling, like many fandoms, has its share of know-it-alls and gatekeepers that i ...
Whatcha Been On?
'Whatcha Been On?' is a product of 'From The Mil,' a collective of talented, creative, and like-minded young adults from Milwaukee. The podcast is headed by RichardSuavay and co-hosted by a rotating group of 'From The Mil' members. Join us as we argue nerd culture, discuss current events, and rant about our struggles. Everyone brings something new and interesting to the table and no topics are off limits. Let's fumble through life together.
Pride and Prejudice (version 6, dramatic reading) by AUSTEN, Jane
Pride and Prejudice is a novel by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. The story follows the main character Elizabeth Bennet as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, morality, education and marriage in the society of the landed gentry of early 19th-century England. Elizabeth is the second of five daughters of a country gentleman, living near the fictional town of Meryton in Hertfordshire, near London. In this reading, Librivox volunteers lend their voices to dramatize Jane Austen's ...
New England Girlhood: Outlined From Memory, A by LARCOM, Lucy
Lucy Larcom was an American poet, teacher, and mil-worker. According to Wikipedia: "Larcom served as a model for the change in women's roles in society." This is her colorful autobiography. Here, she tells about her happy childhood, and her time working in the mill. Along the way, she speaks about topics like morality, independence, love and loss inside a family, a strong belief in god, and the effects of being poor. Fans of Gene Stratton Porter, Fanny Fern and Susan Warner, and Ella Wheeler ...
Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (Version 2), The by DICKENS, Charles
Nicholas Nickleby is a young Devonshire man of nineteen, handsome and hot headed, devoted to his sister Kate and his parents. Following the death of Nicholas’s father, they find themselves penniless, and travel to London to seek help from his uncle, Ralph Nickleby, a heartless, cunning rogue. He grudgingly finds employment for Nicholas in Dotheby Hall, a school in Yorkshire run by the brutal Mr. and Mrs. Wackford Squeers. Appalled at the condition and treatment of the school children, Nichol ...
Old Curiosity Shop (version 2), The by DICKENS, Charles
Written in the years 1840 to 1841, when Dickens was twenty-eight years old, this is a ‘Road’ tale in the very best tradition. Little Nell Trent and her Grandfather are the main characters, who secretly set off from their home under cover of night, to escape the wicked dwarf Quilp. Pursued across England, their adventures lead them through poverty stricken city areas where several destitute people offer them aid on their way, into the countryside where they meet the strange, colorful, and som ...
Little Dorrit (Version 2) by DICKENS, Charles
Little Dorrit, one of the three great novels of Charles Dickens’ last period, was produced in monthly installments from 1855 to 1857, and is considered one of his most profound. Dickens’ father spent three months in Marshalsea Prison for debt, which made a lasting impact on his life. This story centers around life in Marshalsea Prison and, as always, society in general. Book One begins in the infamous Marseilles Prison in France, where two prisoners, Rigaud the French rogue and the ever chee ...
Mr H by LAMB, Charles
Mr H is a farce that was first performed at Drury Lane in 1806. The plot is slender and revolves around a single rather feeble joke, but the characters are skilfully drawn and the sharp observations of contemporary fashion do much to divert the listener from the weakness of the central theme. More a comedy of manners rather than a true farce, this short play is best enjoyed as a gentle romp through the eccentricities of the Regency period. (Summary by Algy Pug) Cast Mr H: Peter Bishop Landlo ...
Rivals, The by SHERIDAN, Richard Brinsley
The play is set in Bath in the 18th century, a town legendary for conspicuous consumption and fashion at the time. Wealthy, fashionable people went there to "take the waters", which were believed to have healing properties. The plot centres on the two young lovers, Lydia and Jack. Lydia, who reads a lot of popular novels of the time, wants a purely romantic love affair. To court her, Jack pretends to be "Ensign Beverley", a poor officer. Lydia is enthralled with the idea of eloping with a po ...
Bleak House (version 3) by DICKENS, Charles
The Chancery Court had jurisdiction over all matters of equity, including administration of estates, the guardianship of orphans, and disputed property disbursement. In Dickens’ time, some cases could take years to be settled, changing the lives of those involved. Esther Summerson, a young woman raised in a tough and unloving atmosphere, is unexpectedly requested to be a companion to two teenage orphans, Richard Carstone and Ada Clare, for whom the court has appointed as guardian, John Jarnd ...
Way of the World, The by CONGREVE, William
The Way of the World is a play written by British playwright William Congreve. It premiered in 1700 in the theatre in Lincoln's Inn Fields in London. It is widely regarded as being one of the best Restoration comedies written and is still performed sporadically to this day. The play is based around the two lovers Mirabell and Millamant (originally famously played by John Verbruggen and Anne Bracegirdle). In order for the two to get married and receive Millamant's full dowry, Mirabell must re ...
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En las noticias de esta semana, El Obispo Zarama tiene una invitación especial, la dedicación de la primera iglesia Católica Vietnamita en Raleigh y la Herencia Hispana Congrega a dos mil personas.
Un Momento con Alberto Mottesi
Trinidad and Tobago John Fox’s Trick Plays Jose Altuve Jose Altuve 9th Player to Hit 3 HR in Playoff Game Dwayne Wade, but not JR Smith Andrew Wiggins signs five year extension worth $146.5 mil Joel Embiid signs an identical deal (with specific injury clauses [idk them]) Hockey Started Vegas Golden Knights undefeated Important Standings Columbu ...…
Grab a glass and hang out with the ladies while they sip on a Challis Lane Pinot Grigio and talk about E's top rated shows with the best style, the Harry Potter house listed for $1.3 Mil, and the Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot.Follow us on social media: @WineTimePodIntro beat by:…
El UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc) es sin duda uno de los eventos de ultra distancia y montaña más importantes y atractivos en el mundo… En este episodio platicamos con 2 corredores mexicanos que participaron en la edición 2017 del UTMB… Primero escuchamos a Jaime Navarro, quien comparte con nosotros la forma como empezó a correr y porque de i ...…
Air Mail From Dip
Tues. 6:00 P.M. 10/7/41 Hello Mom & Dad: It’s your buck private soldier son again. Everythings fine with me down here & I’m counting the days ‘till the 18th. It surely isn’t far away is it – just a week & about 4 days. Seems like a year since I’ve been home. ‘Tis going to be a real treat to be back in good ol’ Mpls. again. I miss those days whe ...…
Faro de Lenguas magazine
Episodio #39 Beatriz Cea es la responsable de la escuela de español online "Espanhol na Rede". Nos contará algunos aspectos de su profesión, la relación entre el profesor de español online y su alumno, entre otras muchas cosas interesantes que descubriréis a lo largo de la entrevista. ¿Quieres contactar con Beatriz y enviar tus preguntas? Envía ...…
TEXTO: Los 10 Mandamientos Un Modelo para Discipular a las Naciones (Parte 3) Deuteronomio 5:8-10 8 »No hagas ningún ídolo ni nada que guarde semejanza con lo que hay arriba en el cielo, ni con lo que hay abajo en la tierra, ni con lo que hay en las aguas debajo de la tierra. protección de Dios, mi mismo & Infierno 9 No te inclines delante de e ...…
Productividad Móvil 11: Segunda Temporada; Visual Thinking Resulta curioso que lo digamos en un podcast pero una imagen vale más que mil, pero es que soy muy feo para ser Youtuber, bromas aparte hoy hablaremos con nuestro invitado como mejorar nuestra capacidad de codificar y descodificar información de forma más visual. En el programa de hoy h ...…
Air Mail From Dip
9 P.M., 9-28-41, Sun. Hi Folks: It’s late – I know, and I should be in bed. But something very important to tell you about – I’m Coming Home!!!!! And sooner than you think too. In fact I’ll be home exactly two weeks from the moment of this writing. Surprised? Yup, the furlough starts Oct. 11th as announced by the Capt. At last Friday’s retreat. ...…
Enquanto muitos apontam problemas e preferem fechar os olhos para muitas questões no dia a dia, os trabalhadores e trabalhadoras da Ford deram uma verdadeira lição de solidariedade. Eles arrecadaram contribuições em todas as áreas da empresa, em solidariedade às famílias que estão na ocupação do Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem Teto (MTST). Fora ...…
Brewers fail to produce any runs against the cubs. Craig Counsel discusses the loss.
Jose Quintana tossed a brilliant three-hit shutout for his 11th win while Ben Zobrist and Anthony Rizzo each drove in two runs.
Travis Shaw hammered a walk-off two-run homer to center field to lift the Brewers to a 4-3 victory in the bottom of the 10th. Brewers manager Craig Counsell and Travis Shaw discuss the walk-off win.
Retail Ramblings Podcast Episode #5 – Beauty is Trending Episode Highlights: Retail winners. This week’s retail winners are Compact Power Equipment Inc. and Covergirl. We explore how these retail brands are growing their footprints and setting themselves apart from the competition. Retail losers. We take a look at this week’s retail losers, whi ...…
FIRST WITH YESTERDAY'S NEWS (highlights from Thursday on Newstalk ZB) System a Bit Outdated/Health is Sick/Abuse on the Job/30 Mil 10 Ways/Abba Atrocities
The Bermuda triangle has long been a hot topic for many speculators. In this episode, we cover some of the disappearances, some scientific theories, and then some of the more ridiculous theories. Whether or not you believe the Bermuda Triangle is actually something to be concerned with, it is definitely a topic that is fun to discuss and specul ...…
With so many infrastructure applications relying upon 40 or 60-mil black high-density polyethylene geomembranes, and so many manufacturers providing them, black HDPE has started to feel more like a commodity product. Or is it the tremendous R&D going on in geomembranes that makes standard black HDPE seem like a commodity? Paul Payeur of Solmax ...…
Rookie Trevor Williams held the Brewers to one earned run in five IP, but took the loss when the Bucs couldn't back him.
Domingo Santana hit a solo shot in the 4th, and that was all that Chase Anderson and the bullpen would need in the 1-0 win.
9/17/17 The latest episode of “The Sleeper and the Bust” is brought to you by Out of the Park Baseball 18, the best baseball strategy game ever made – available NOW on PC, Mac, and Linux platforms! Go to to order now and save 10% with the code SLEEPER18! Follow us on Twitter @sporer @enosarris @jasoncollette @justinmasonfwf ...…
¿Quién ganará el próximo Maratón de Berlín?, ¿Wilson Kipsang, Eliud Kipchoge o Kenenisa Bekele? Además, el escándalo de los más de 5 mil “tramposos” en el Maratón CdMx… Estos son los 2 temas que revisamos con Rubén Romero, columnista especializado en maratones y carreras de fondo para el “Grupo Reforma”, además de Director del Maratón de Monter ...…
09/15/17: Baseball insider Adam McCalvy joins The Big Show to discuss the weekend series between the Brewers and Marlins.By (105.7FM The FAN).
Miguel and Holly Show New Audio
Nicki Minaj is featured on a new Fergie track shouting out another celebrity. The "Hand in Hand" telethon raised $14 mil yesterday but spiked over night! Also, HBO is doing something to curb "Game of Thrones" spoilers.
ESTE NERDOLOGIA É UM OFERECIMENTO DA ALURAConheça a promoção da Alura com o Nerdologia Tech: o último Nerdologia Tech 12 - Bitcoins: Nerdologia de hoje vamos ver como a vida ficou complexa e porque nós somos informação.Apresentação e Roteiro:Átila Iamarino - http://www.t ...…
Grand Forks City Councilman Bret Weber was a strong advocate for raising the mil levy one half of one mil in order to fully fund the City’s FY 2018 Personnel Budget, a motion which failed on a 6-0 vote; we’ll talk about his rationale for the increase and why he think it failed in such … Continue reading "WHAT IF THE GRAND FORKS SALES TAX IS VOT ...…
It’s The Best Of Austin Idol Live! Listen back to some of the most popular segments in show history, including: – Ron Fuller On Ron Wright & His Chisel – Stan Hansen On Working With Austin Idol In Memphis & Japan – Austin Idol’s Story Of When Another Wrestler Put A “Hit” On Him – True Or False: Mil Mascaras & The San Diego Chicken – Austin Idol ...…
The B Show is back and talking all ladies all the time. Find out how the Brainbusters did in predicting the Mae Young Classic Brackets and also, what has Sir Mil Calzones fired up? Click to Listen
Scooter Gennett goes yard, while Robert Stephenson fans seven over six innings of one-run ball in the 9-3 win over the Brewers. Manager Bryan Price discusses the win.
At Least You Tried...
Everyone gets their start somewhere, and the road to success isn't always easy. Between her roles as Jackie (That 70's Show) and Meg (Family Guy), and long after he was the "Beloved" Captain Kirk, William Shatner and Mil
Dante Oblivion, Mil Machetes, Rachael LaMothe, CJ Dinero, Lord Bosworth and special guests talk Lucha Underground, Indy Wrestling & moreBy (Way2Real).
#Biz4GoodShow – EFL360 Founders Roundtable Edition 8-24-17 Episode 30: The Biz4GoodShow featuring the EFL360 Founders Roundtable this week. “Creating Connections through Our Marketing in an Otherwise Noisy World” with Jay Taylor, and all the other Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Leaders who produce this collaborative learning experience. Tune in h ...…
6 AM - 1 - Joe is on the East Coast so that means more of Sean and Vincent talking today LUCKY YOU!; Opening Thoughts. 2 - Jack's sons had their first day of school yesterday. 3 - The News with Marshall Phillips. 4 - Is The Donald crazy?; Someone in Mass won like $700 mil.
Welcome Back to Teezy Talks! Episode 21Shout out to Scalez for being a guest on the show! In this episode we discussed...VLive Opening up in Milwaukee and the AuditionsCardi B missing her flight and performance at 618Jay Z interview Scalez new album dropping, plus a dope interview and of course his top 5! Top 5 this week: Our top 5 strip club s ...…
Jesus Aguilar went 2-for-4 with three RBIs and two homers, while Mark Reynolds hammered a solo shot with three RBIs in the win. Craig Counsell talked about the game to reporters in his postgame presser.
Mark Reynolds went yard, but the Rockies still lost to the Brewers 8-4 on Sunday. Bud Black spoke about his team's play after the game.
Radulich In Broadcasting Network
On this Wrestling 2 the MAX episode, Sean Garmer (@W2MSean), Gary Vaughan (@W2MGary) and Paul Leazar (@hailtothechimp7) ride again to talk about all the happenings in the world of pro wrestling! We got a double dose of Previews on this episode as WWE prepares for it's biggest weekend of the summer. The guys preview the cards for both WWE Summer ...…
Sin duda una de las personas que más conoce y mejor entiende el mundo de las carreras de fondo en México es Rubén Romero, quién en esta ocasión nos acompaña para hablar (1) del “Campeonato Mundial de Atletismo Londres 2017”, (2) del “Maratón CdMx” y (3) del “Foro Maratón CdMx”… La plática sobre el “Mundial de Atletismo” se centró en las pruebas ...…
Our Morning After (OMA) Podcast
GO TO SEGMENT: 2:35 FAC your friends volume 5 new fun facts from 7:20 Macii 'Life Of The Party' single & album review (available on Spotify/iTunes) 12:00 'Atomic Blonde' starring Charlize Theron movie review 16:55 '11.22.63' starring James Franco series review 21:05 Hypocracy at the highest level I drink because I'm sad, I'm sad ...…
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