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Mitt Romney Radio Show
News and commentary on Gov. Mitt Romney, as well as discussion about the political strategies and news relating to other leading GOP contenders and election-related events.
Screaming At The Radio
Conservitarian Talk Radio for Patriots who still believe in Freedom, Liberty, and the Rule of Law.Join us each week for 90 minutes of Conservative/Libertarian Commentary and Humor as well as the politics and news of the week viewed through the prism of the Constitution and Conservative thought. With your hosts Mag Thomas in Seattle and Kimberly Jacks in Norfolk-Covering the U.S. from coast to coast with conservative talk radio awesomeness!
Believe In America Radio
Welcome to Believe in America Radio where we will continue our fight in a few days while we take time to adjust to current events and update our services.
Eduardo Quezada
News Sports & Interviews: When You Want Them, Where You Want Them.Eduardo Quezada, is known in the USA Spanish speaking world for his more than 30 years broadcasting news, as the number one local news anchor for Univision and Telemundo Los Angeles TV stations.
MarshallTalk discusses difficult & controversial issues incl. Politics, Pop Culture, Class, Race, Parenting, Relationships, etc.
That's What's UP
Social Commentary Beyond the Limits of Mainstream Capacity.
Tune in to hear the latest on pop culture, celebrity gossip, reality TV news, and much more, with your hosts Tanea Johnson & Jeff Weiss!
Zandar Versus The Stupid
Zandar, Bon and company fight the stupid in its many forms.
An informative Christian radio segment that highlights current events along and historical world shaping events with various topics.
Audio Animal Crackers
Sometimes, life gets rough. The problem is, most people don't know how to react when life gets rough! Luckily, Mike and Luke are here to tell you what's going on in the world and how you need to respond to it (because let's face it, you're too stupid to figure it out on your own).
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California State Assemblyman Jim Patterson joins A&G to talk about efforts to audit the High Speed Rail Line Project. Plus, The Nunes Memo and Mitt Romney--will he run?
California State Assemblyman Jim Patterson joins A&G to talk about efforts to audit the High Speed Rail Line Project. Plus, The Nunes Memo and Mitt Romney--will he run?
On the day President Trump is set to deliver his first State of the Union Address, we’ll talk politics with Deseret News columnists LaVarr Webb and Frank Pignanelli. We’ll talk about the state of the union and the state of the state. We’ll look ahead to the November elections and ask if there will be a Democratic wave and a change in control of ...…
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Monday, January 22, 20184:20 pm: Representative Karianne Lisonbee joins Rod for a discussion about her bill that will enact protections for children with Down syndrome4:35 pm: Representative Brian King joins the show to discuss his recent op-ed in which he questions why so many Mormons are supportive of Preside ...…
The political question on many Utahns' minds: when will Mitt Romney announce he's running for Senate? Today he was asked that question again at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit.
The Jamie Weinstein Show
A longtime political commentator and activist, Bill Kristol is best known these days for his opposition to Donald Trump. In his second appearance on The Jamie Weinstein Show, the editor-at-large of The Weekly Standard opens up on Trump’s first year, whether he plans to help organize a third-party challenge to Trump in 2020, Oprah’s presidential ...…
The Jamie Weinstein Show
Few political strategists have had as much success as Mike Murphy. The loquacious political guru most famously worked for Mitt Romney, John McCain, Jeb Bush, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the latest episode of The Jamie Weinstein Show, Murphy discusses his opposition to Donald Trump, why he thinks Trump won, a potential Mitt Romney 2020 preside ...…
Former presidential nominee Mitt Romney underwent treatment for prostate cancer last year.
Liberty Never Sleeps W/ Tom Purcell
Tom goes on a rant about General Electric products to kick off this week, as the show delves into the Golden Globes, laws in Oregon, Mitt Romney and Michael Wolff's new book of fiction. *GE Stoves and the Scam *NFL Awful *Oregon Gas Laws like Guns *Mitt Romney is Clinton *Bogus Trump Book *Trump: Genius or Ill? *Golden Globules of Leftism *Terr ...…
We're learning more about a White House phone call -- between President Trump and one of his harshest critics: Mitt Romney.
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Thursday, January 4, 20184:20 pm: Representative Justin Fawson joins Rod to discuss why he says the Board of Regents should not have the authority to hire and fire university presidents and is running a bill to give that power to a school’s trustees4:35 pm: Syndicated radio host Joe Walsh, a former Illinois Con ...…
Politico is reporting President Trump spoke by phone with Mitt Romney, a conversation that comes amid mounting speculation that Romney is preparing to run for Senate.
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Wednesday, January 3, 20184:20 pm: Senator Todd Weiler joins the show to discuss legislation he is co-sponsoring that would broaden the definition of domestic violence to include partners who had a sexual relationship, instead of just married or living together4:35 pm: Patrick Mason, Chair of Mormon Studies at ...…
INTERVIEW – SUSAN FERRECHIO – chief congressional correspondent for the Washington Examiner Infrastructure, welfare reform, and immigration are on Congress’ agenda for 2018. (Washington Examiner) – With tax reform in the rearview mirror, the Republican-led House and Senate in 2018 have a packed schedule ahead of the midterms, and will attempt t ...…
Orrin Hatch is out, Mitt Romney is in, and conservatism dies in Utah
Hello again, sexy friends! Join us for this episode as we meet an ACTUAL listener of our podcast! Efficiency Guru, Author, Podcaster, Motivational Speaker, Musician, Drummer, and well-jeaned Pirate, Mr. Lee Silber is in Studio 395 today! We learn some things about dating in San Diego like where to go in the city to score the most bang points, t ...…
Hello again, sexy friends! Join us for this episode as we meet an ACTUAL listener of our podcast! Efficiency Guru, Author, Podcaster, Motivational Speaker, Musician, Drummer, and well-jeaned Pirate, Mr. Lee Silber is in Studio 395 today! We learn some things about dating in San Diego like where to go in the city to score the most bang points, t ...…
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Wednesday, December 13, 20174:20 pm: Sutherland Institute President Boyd Matheson joins the show for his weekly discussion with Rod about the world of politics4:35 pm: GOP consultant Jordan Gehrke joins the show to discuss why he says the Mitch McConnell is ultimately responsible for Doug Jones winning the Alab ...…
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Friday, December 8, 20174:20 pm: Richard Davis, Chair of the United Utah Party, joins Rod to discuss why he believes Mitt Romney is too moderate to run for Senate in the rapidly right-moving GOP and should run with United Utah4:35 pm: Political commentator Kurt Schlichter joins Rod to discuss why he says the ma ...…
A Woman's View with Amanda Dickson
Mitt Romney said of the Roy Moore candidacy, "No majority is worth our honor." After that, Steve Bannon attacked Mitt Romney for having served an LDS mission instead of fighting in Vietnam, among other things. After that - the outcry against Steve Bannon was something. Amanda Dickson asks her guests what they thought. Sharla Jessop, President o ...…
Former party chiefs and campaign managers who spearheaded efforts for Barack Obama, Jeb Bush, Al Gore, Mitt Romney and more talk money! Who has it, who spends it and how they get it! As usual, Republicans, Democrats and journalists get together for fun and secrets... and everyone is still talking to each other when it’s over! Sue Dvorsky, Dave ...…
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Wednesday, December 6, 20174:20 pm: GOP consultant Rick Wilson, also a columnist with The Daily Beast, joins the show to discuss why he says Mitt Romney should shove Senator Orrin Hatch aside and run for Senate in an attempt to help the GOP reclaim the party from Donald Trump4:35 pm: Brett Scharffs, Director of ...…
Stories for you today: Steve Bannon doesn’t want Mitt Romney to be a senator; a new report out about Charlottesville is pretty damning for police, and relatives of the victims of last year’s Berlin Christmas market terrorist attack are not pleased with Angela Merkel. Plus, a bonus story and your Question of the Day: Did you walk to school by yo ...…
More developing news on the wildfires in Sylmar and Ventura that are scorching thousands of acres in Southern California.With the Alabama election approaching, Trump supports Roy Moore. Former GOP candidate Mitt Romney however… Not so much.Who was the FBI member that conducted the interview with Michael Flynn?…
VP Mike Pence pleads ignorance as the Russia probe deepens. Mitt Romney slams Roy Moore saying: 'No majority is worth losing our honor, our integrity'. Supreme Court Allows Trump Travel Ban to Take Effect. UpBeat Lens is released Monday through Friday by 7:30am EST. Email us at and subscribe today!…
Elected Officials of America: Underdog Stories
In 2012, Ben McAdams came back from a 20 point deficit in the polls to become Mayor of Salt Lake County in Utah. In August 2017, he disguised himself as a homeless person for two nights to get a better understanding of the issues facing the homeless population. In addition to those two rarities, he’s a Democrat in heavy Red Utah - a state that ...…
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