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Podcasts from the middle school ministry at Christian Fellowship Church in Evansville, IN.
Jersey MSM
Podcast by MSM team
Jersey MSM
This is the podcast for the middle school ministry at Jersey Baptist Church in New Albany, Ohio.
MSM @ Efree
Teachings from Middle School Ministry gathering nights at the Evangelical Free Church of Lethbridge.
Spotswood MSM
Sermons from the Middle School Ministry of Spotswood Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, VA
Edge msm - Bridgeway Christian Church
Edge middle school ministry At Bridgeway Christian Church. We are a ministry dedicated to students 6th-8th grade and their families. Our mission is to move students closer to Christ by teaching them to place Christ first, others second and themselves last in their every day lives.
UK Driving School Podcast
Articles, tips and videos to help you pass the UK Driving test, affordable driving lessons and a driving instructor's blog based in Mill Hill, London.
Middle School Matters
MSM-Middle School Matters is designed for Middle School Educators. We focus on the Middle School educators. Providing news, conversation on relevant topics, and links to other great sites, we want to reach out to other middle school educators. Join in the discussion at
Impact of Relationships on Health
This study examined sexual risk behavior and mental health in 605 HIV-positive MSM to see if men in primary partnerships had lower levels of sexual risk behavior and less depression and anxiety, compared to single men. Results. Monogamy status and partner type were associated with differences in sexual risk behavior. When non-monogamous men engaged in sex with their primary partners, their sexual risk behavior was lower, similar to monogamous men. In contrast, when these same non-monogamous ...
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Hard News Network
Complete destruction of The Young Turks’ segment on racism, commentary on the producer who leaked Lawrence O Donnell’s meltdown getting fired from MSNBC, the FBI’s new threat of black identity extremists, and much more MSM false narrative debunking. In addition, HB responds to the situation between Tim Black, HA Goodman, and the cancellation of ...…
Progressives teach a hard lesson to ESPN. Daniel Horowitz brings a message of doom and woe.
GBPW’s purpose is to address Georgia’s physician workforce needs by supporting and developing medical education programs. GBPW has 15 members, including five primary care physicians, five non-primary care physicians, three hospital representatives, and two consumers – and half of them are from rural areas.In a survey that it conducted in 2016, ...…
The gender agenda in Britain is spiralling out of control! Now a family who say their 12 year old son knew he was in the wrong body from the age of four want the NHS to pay for puberty-blocking treatment that will let him live as a girl. Zoey Middleton, born Kian, apparently told his parents last month that he wants to be a girl full time and w ...…
Porsche and G The Rebel discuss racial justice and the recent NFL protests, marches, and their effectiveness.Millennial Social Movement (MSM) Website: Twitter: Facebook:'s Website:'s Instagram: https:// ...…
The bodies of the at least 58 victims of America's deadliest mass shooting weren't even cold before the MSM started exploiting the tragedy in Las Vegas to push for gun law changes or to attack President Trump. Piers Morgan, who should know better, tweeted that Nevada's lax gun laws were to blame, even though the automatic rifle that Stephen Pad ...…
Master System Masterpieces
Thanks to Trevin Hughes (aka Jredd) for the intro music! You can check out his musical masterpieces over at Interested in backing us? It helps keep the lights on! Website: Questions/comments? Why not email us? Follow on Twitter: @misturcheef @ionesweetworld YouT ...…
Nigel Farage has categorically denied that he wants to start a new party if Anne Marie Waters wins the leadership election this Friday, but he hasn't said that he won't come back to UKIP. Do the party need him to save Brexit, or should it go to an outsider like Waters? Would you vote for Farage if he started a new party with Arron Banks? Commen ...…
In today's snowflake world, if you're on the right, you're in the wrong. Look at the way the MSM hounded UKIP and Nigel Farage, and look at the way they're now attacking the AfD in Germany. I may not agree with everything they stand for, but they are speaking for ordinary German's concerns about Frau Merkel letting in 1.5 MILLION unvetted migra ...…
Racist Hobby Lobby Cotton + MSM Respects Wacko in Noko? + Kimmel's Faux Battle on HC
Remember the tragic death of a Polish man in Harlow in Essex last year not long after the Brexit vote? Remember how the MSM including the BBC tried to blame that senseless act on a “rising tide of hate crimes” after the Referendum? It turns out that this was more fake news from the BBC! I spoke to David Keighley, former BBC news producer, now m ...…
As Heat from the barren African Desert whips the Atlantic into an unprecedented water inferno, the storms rise everywhere. Even as America comes together in heroism and response, the stolen narratives of the left breed dissent and ultimately danger. The left/MSM drives a wedge between the US and Russia deepening tensions between EVERYONE and No ...…
This week we hit headlines to start. Beer of the week. The dishonesty with the MSM on Hurricane Harvey. Cenk Uygur's idiotic tweet. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the week! Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer cancel rally because of ANTIFA fascists. And as always the NASCAR update!
Join us for the second meditation in the "Holding Space in Your Soul" series from Annemiek van Helsdingen.For more about Annemiek and how to get your free month of Temple of the Soulful Life, go to episode is brought to you by Kind Snacks. To get your first 10 bars free (just pay shipping) visit http://KindSna ...…
Startup meets Corporate Podcast
In this episode of Startup Meet Corporate we explore innovation in the life insurance sector. We learn about a new partnership between ASX-listed digital technology and entertainment company MSM Corporation International and Usher, and Gina talks with Dan Taylor, general manager of innovation at TAL, about what innovation means in the life insu ...…
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