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Podcasts from the middle school ministry at Christian Fellowship Church in Evansville, IN.
MSM @ Efree
Teachings from Middle School Ministry gathering nights at the Evangelical Free Church of Lethbridge.
Spotswood MSM
Sermons from the Middle School Ministry of Spotswood Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, VA
Jersey MSM
This is the podcast for the middle school ministry at Jersey Baptist Church in New Albany, Ohio.
Jersey MSM
Podcast by MSM team
Edge msm - Bridgeway Christian Church
Edge middle school ministry At Bridgeway Christian Church. We are a ministry dedicated to students 6th-8th grade and their families. Our mission is to move students closer to Christ by teaching them to place Christ first, others second and themselves last in their every day lives.
UK Driving School Podcast
Articles, tips and videos to help you pass the UK Driving test, affordable driving lessons and a driving instructor's blog based in Mill Hill, London.
Middle School Matters
MSM-Middle School Matters is designed for Middle School Educators. We focus on the Middle School educators. Providing news, conversation on relevant topics, and links to other great sites, we want to reach out to other middle school educators. Join in the discussion at
Impact of Relationships on Health
This study examined sexual risk behavior and mental health in 605 HIV-positive MSM to see if men in primary partnerships had lower levels of sexual risk behavior and less depression and anxiety, compared to single men. Results. Monogamy status and partner type were associated with differences in sexual risk behavior. When non-monogamous men engaged in sex with their primary partners, their sexual risk behavior was lower, similar to monogamous men. In contrast, when these same non-monogamous ...
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True Pundit Broke this AUGUST 9th. Now MSM Reporting -- New Evidence Shows McCain Helped Fund FBI Plot to Frame Trump; Backed Bogus Russian… https: .. Read more >>
The Democrats’ pass and the big government limit on moral voting. To Our Readers: We need your support to challenge the progressive mainstream media narrative. Your donation helps us deliver the truth to Rhode Islanders. Please give now. Last Impressions 42: Giving... and Making... Passes Right-click title on track list to download. Links Guy D ...…
Specialty Pharmacy Podcast co-host Christopher Kennedy, COO with Heritage Biologics interviews Tom Golding with MedTrakRx. MedTrakRx is a national pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company founded with the goals of managingprescription benefit costs while providing better customer service than anyone in the industry. MedTrakRx offers customized ...…
Punk Rock Podcasting / The Think In Your Armor
Rambling away on keeping the general public's attention on suspicious narratives as peddled by the MSM. If we fail to do so and a false narrative is solidified as the public record -that's a home run for them! If we demonstrate collective tenacity in digging for truth and stamina in staying engaged with nonsensical storylines as they come down ...…
I want to get tough on Islamist fascists. I want to stop FGM, ban the Burkha, ban Sharia and get Muslims to integrate fully into UK life BUT I do not want to deport them!! Yesterday I spoke to the Deputy Leader of Britain First, Jayda Frensen and allowed her to spout her rubbish. She is not dangerous but rather the Pantomime Dame of so called F ...…
Alain Alyphon, député de Beau-Bassin/Petite Rivière et PPS de quatre circonscriptions (numéros 20, 19, 17 et 14) affirme que le MSM et son allié ML, ne compte pas s’associer à un autre parti aux prochaines élections législatives. NOU POU AL TOUSEL, dit-il. Il soutient que les habitants de sa circonscription directement concerné par le tracé du ...…
This is an explosive podcast as Jon interviews Jayda from Britain First. You won't hear anything like this on the controlled MSM. Great calls too. We all debate whether Trump was right to retweet those Muslims tweets. Please spread the word and check out our website at
The Michael Berry Show
Donald Trump talks about his trip to Asia; A Senator grills judicial nominee over old tweet about wanting to marry bacon; More fallout from the Roy Moore saga; The MSM thinks they know the people of Alabama. They have no clue; Underrated black artists; Take One Leave One - Ramon's 5 greatest songs by black artists.…
The Michael Berry Show
Donald Trump talks about his trip to Asia; A Senator grills judicial nominee over old tweet about wanting to marry bacon; More fallout from the Roy Moore saga; The MSM thinks they know the people of Alabama. They have no clue; Underrated black artists; Take One Leave One - Ramon's 5 greatest songs by black artists.…
The MSM Thinks They Know the People of Alabama. Michael Says They Have No Clue
The MSM Thinks They Know the People of Alabama. Michael Says They Have No Clue
This is a cry from the heart. Free speech and freedom of expression has almost disappeared in the UK. The controlled MSM are acting like Cucks and the Snowflakes are operating an Orwellian checklist to curtail anyone having a different opinion to the mainstream as dictated by them. So the argument about Tesco's Christmas advert and Muslims is f ...…
Scott Adams Show on Red State Talk Radio
Dirty Liberal politics and Fake News Media are the topics of today's discussion as we review the allegations from the Washington Post and Leigh Coffman regarding a 39 year old accusation that Republican Senate candidate inappropriately touch a 14 year old when he was 32 years old. Forgive me for being skeptical given the timing of the allegatio ...…
Like many of their friends and family, McComb natives Glover May and his twin brother Eddie, went to work for the Illinois Central Railroad at the McComb maintenance facility, in 1942. Their father, Glenn May was the boiler foreman in the locomotive shop. Nicknamed “The Storm” by his workers, who would call out “All right, y’all straighten up, ...…
(Interview begins at 1:30:23) David L. Gray joins Men With Chests to talk about the impact of Protestantism on Western Civilization. We talk about Martin Luther, John, Clavin, and what exactly they were trying to accomplish during their infamous revolt. we also get into the modern world and how the ideological momentum started by the Protestant ...…
The so called Pestminster sex scandal is a useful way way for the Establishment Elite and their pals in the controlled MSM to divert attention away form the collapse and betrayal of Brexit, the impending financial collapse in the UK and the ever present Jihad Threat. Of course allegations of rape and sexual abuse need to be fully investigated a ...…
Hatch on the Right
The left claims conservatives hate women, yet they seem to be the ones who turn a blind-eye to sexual deviants. MSM tries to put past-his-prime H.W. Bush on the same level as Harvey Weinstein. Seriously? We also discuss ways in which college crybabies continue to ruin Halloween. Trick or treat? It's the Hatch on the Right podcast.…
Channel 4 should stick to what they're good at - making brilliant comedies like Channel 4 News! In their latest piece of virtue-signalling fluff, a former "ban the burka" campaigner Katie Freeman "browned up" and wore a hijab in "My Week as a Muslim". This is just more shock-value journalism dressed up as serious debate from Channel 4! I spoke ...…
Kent Wyatt’s dad became the Delta State football coach in 1945, when Wyatt was 10 years old. In this episode, he recalls how their entire family lived in the Men’s dormitory while all the boys were off fighting in WWII. After the war was over, enrollment numbers spiked as returning veterans took advantage of the GI Bill. Wyatt discusses how the ...…
Hello everyone! Civilla Morgan here! Welcome back to Childless not by Choice, where my mission is to recognize and speak to the broken hearts of childless not by choice women, and men, around the world. I am spreading the great news that we can live a joyful, relevant, and fulfilled life, although we could not, did not, have the children we so ...…
GBPW’s purpose is to address Georgia’s physician workforce needs by supporting and developing medical education programs. GBPW has 15 members, including five primary care physicians, five non-primary care physicians, three hospital representatives, and two consumers – and half of them are from rural areas.In a survey that it conducted in 2016, ...…
The gender agenda in Britain is spiralling out of control! Now a family who say their 12 year old son knew he was in the wrong body from the age of four want the NHS to pay for puberty-blocking treatment that will let him live as a girl. Zoey Middleton, born Kian, apparently told his parents last month that he wants to be a girl full time and w ...…
Porsche and G The Rebel discuss racial justice and the recent NFL protests, marches, and their effectiveness.Millennial Social Movement (MSM) Website: Twitter: Facebook:'s Website:'s Instagram: https:// ...…
Master System Masterpieces
Thanks to Trevin Hughes (aka Jredd) for the intro music! You can check out his musical masterpieces over at Interested in backing us? It helps keep the lights on! Website: Questions/comments? Why not email us? Follow on Twitter: @misturcheef @ionesweetworld YouT ...…
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