Introduction to Political Justice - Louis Felicia Numan, BBA, MSM, PhD


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Political Justice is a subsidy organization of USCOG. Our values come from the Bible (Old and New Testament); We are Advocates of Social Justice cause(s) such as calling for Reparations for the Black Descendants of Slaves, Rehabbing the Criminal Justice Systems (the current system is systemically racist against black and brown people), Child Protection Services should be run by Christian Lawyer(s). Justice is an inherent Mandatory Gift from God not the Government. The Government is legislating Immorality against people of God. People need Justice from politics because it is being used to punish people with independent thoughts and that is corrupt. Leave Our Children Alone. We will discuss God, Faith, Family, Justice, Freedom of Speech, and a plethora of issues and concerns in this nation as Individuals, Groups, and remember no one will be left behind. @PoliticalJust @uscogi @ServeRChildren Facebook: louisfelicianuman 260-267-3831

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