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Best Nathan Lowell podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Nathan Lowell podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Talking On My Morning Walk
From the author who started it all and New Zealand's original podcast authoress, Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine return to Podiobooks.com with Tales from the Archives, a collection of original steampunk short stories set in the world of their award-winning series, The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. Featuring voices familiar and new, Pip and Tee invite you to sample the fantastic world of their shadowy organisation that fights for Queen and Empire against the mysterious and unknown.
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Yeah. It’s been a rough week already but we’re getting it back together.By Nathan Lowell
I made it a point to get out today, even if it was almost noon before I left the house. I’ll be heading down to Colorado Springs tomorrow morning and probably won’t get back out to walk until Monday.By Nathan Lowell
I started late today and I’ve been trying to catch up all day.By Nathan Lowell
The digital is a bit blurry this morning. I probably flinched or something but my eyes were so blurry I didn’t notice until just now. That’ll give you a clue about how cogent this episode is.By Nathan Lowell
Yeah, the ambient temp wasn’t that bad, but I completely underestimated the wind chill. And I got a damn spam call in the middle so there’s a splice in there around minute 13 or so.By Nathan Lowell
Thirties this morning and threats of snow later in the week. I’ve completely forgotten what I talked about this morning. I’m sure it was something about The Wizard’s Butler not sucking as bad as I thought it would. I know I mentioned ONSET and J. Scott Coatsworth’s Dropnauts which isn’t actually out yet for some reason. Note:I probably just said so…
I didn’t take notes so I’m guessing. I spent time talking about helping new writers. About the beautiful morning. About my progress yesterday and what I’m looking at for today … so … you know … Tuesday.By Nathan Lowell
I talked about the state of writing. The Wizards Butler is in second draft as of today Dark Knight Station (tentative title) is the new WIP Finished reading ONSET. Krista D. Ball’s new book is Rebel. Collaborator is the name of the series. Traitor is the first book. Talked about RMFW Colorado Gold conference organizing. Should be interesting.…
I complained about the local writing group for the last 10 minutes. The only news is that I finished the first draft of Butler. You can skip the audio today.By Nathan Lowell
I barely made it back by noon. I talked about: Word counts, Glynn Stewart’s ONSET series again, Civilization 6, awards and professional organizations in general What I didn’t talk about was the corrupted disk in this machine yesterday or the 2 hours it took me to recover it.By Nathan Lowell
In a row! Can I keep it going? Today I talked about 4thewords, planning with Robbie Murphy, meditation, how my bullet journal is failing me (or vice versa), and Glynn Stewart’s ONSET series – which is awesome so far.By Nathan Lowell
Let’s see if I can get this train running again. This morning I talked about the state of The Wizards Butler and where I’m going next. I also talked about Glynn Stewart’s books – The Light of Terra series, Exile, and ONSET. Now if I can just retrain myself to the process … Production Note: I messed with the ID3 tags to put a proper copyright notice…
I got out. I’m trying to get back on the horse here and get my walking back on track.By Nathan Lowell
But I felt better for having made the full circuit today.By Nathan Lowell
The streets were definitely the problem today, more specifically the cross streets that hadn’t been cleared yet. No walk tomorrow. #JustsayinBy Nathan Lowell
The walking was much better today. Also more pleasant. I talked about The Wizard’s Butler, the process I hope to follow going forward, and what the next project might be.By Nathan Lowell
The streets were a bigger problem than the sidewalks. That’s not to say the sidewalks were any great shakes.By Nathan Lowell
It was chilly but I overdressed for it. This is a tough time of year because I don’t really know what to dress for unless it’s freezing cold or unseasonably warm. Ambient air temp means less if there’s bright sun or wind.By Nathan Lowell
I talked a lot about the new book today.By Nathan Lowell
Talked about a new project, laid out my plans for the coming year some more. The tail end is a bit broken up. Some salesman called as I was walking up the drive.By Nathan Lowell
I’ve been listening to some old rock on my morning Pandora. This seems to sum up the morning so far.By Nathan Lowell
I had a lot to talk about today. Mostly about CIPA and the responses about the next project that came in from the monthly newsletter.By Nathan Lowell
Yeah. I had to check. I’m going to Denver early tomorrow so no walk/no talk. I talked a lot. I’m pretty excited.By Nathan Lowell
After the jackrabbity starts of the last couple of weeks, it feels like I’m slogging through semi-crystalized honey — and it ain’t sweet. I talked a lot about “what to write next” this morning. (NOT litRPG, just to make it clear.)By Nathan Lowell
Not to be confused with Windsday. I got out and talked about new projects.By Nathan Lowell
The weather has been alternately glorious and horrendous. I’m not keeping up my treadmill days the way I need to but it’s a long winter.By Nathan Lowell
Alright, I’m a little ahead of myself. It’s only 49,700 for the day so far but I still have the afternoon to cross that first finish line. My daily goal is still 5k so I’ve got about 1500 to go before I can hang it up. I mentioned Dakota Krout: The Completionist series. I’m into book 2 and enjoying it greatly.…
It’s supposed to be in the 60s today. It was chilly but quite nice out there this morning.By Nathan Lowell
It was cold and damp with just enough wind to make it feel ten degrees colder. I talked about medical stuff and word counts.By Nathan Lowell
I worried about it in the talk, but so far, I’m just being Eeyore. The medical appointment turned into a non-event. At least for now.By Nathan Lowell
It’s icky out. Cold and blowy. Acts like it wants to rain but just can get up the energy. I managed to find things to talk about anyway. ETA: Galleon by C J Williams.By Nathan Lowell
I discovered that the word counts in 4thewords are a bit short. They count the words you type but don’t subtract the words you delete. This is okay for NaNo where I only need to count the words I type. Less so for books where I need to know how many words are in them. Like when I need to pay Karen. I worked it out. It’s not a lot and I’ll put in a …
Made my 5k yesterday in spite of the rough start. I’m halfway there today with mostly clear sailing this afternoon.By Nathan Lowell
This morning started with a trip to the lab for some routine blood work and two trips to the grocery store because I was too focused on getting home and left half the bags on the checkout stand. :/By Nathan Lowell
To be back out. Not so good to have forgotten to post.By Nathan Lowell
Weather service says the next few days will suck. I made sure I made it out today. I may not be able to tomorrow.By Nathan Lowell
I wasn’t pushing very hard today, the weather was good, and I appear to have found something to talk about for almost the whole way!By Nathan Lowell
I got out late and then had to have lunch when I got back.By Nathan Lowell
Another windy morning out there. Fall is definitely in the air.By Nathan Lowell
I was pumping along this morning. I was shocked by how quickly the walk went.By Nathan Lowell
I talked a lot about MileHiCon but it’s time to get back to work. I’ve got things I need to do … Note: About minute 16, I turned the corner and got the wind right in my face – and microphone, apparently. #justsayingBy Nathan Lowell
I’m out in a couple of hours but got one more walk in before hitting the road. Today’s picture makes it look clearer than it actually was. All the blue sky filled in by the time I got around the loop.By Nathan Lowell
Not sure what had my speech turned up to 11 this morning but I apparently had a lot to talk about.By Nathan Lowell
I’m feeling good this morning. Big aspirations which – if history is any predictor – will fall in a smoldering pile come January, but hey, they get me through today.By Nathan Lowell
I felt like I was just dragging my butt this morning but came in at just a bit over 19 minutes, which is good. I complained some more about this book I’m reading and did a lot of thinking about the one I’m writing.By Nathan Lowell
Today’s file is short. The recorder cut out and dropped the file after three minutes. I talked about a new toy that might get me closer to a consistent writing output that will make me feel better as the cold, dark of winter closes in.By Nathan Lowell
I remember when I used to be able to remember stuff. Like “check twitter” and “post the audio.”By Nathan Lowell
It was cold but pretty. The ice underfoot was not fun.By Nathan Lowell
The weather for tomorrow looks ugly. I spent part of my morning doing some damage control for the irrigation system.By Nathan Lowell
A full day of birthday celebrations for my Spousal Unit yesterday. Playing catch up today.By Nathan Lowell
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