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This podcast explores a question hiding in the back of our minds - what happens after we die? The near death experience is mysterious, ineffable, and life changing. By reading NDE stories, we not only can learn more about death, but also how to live.
Our Goal’s to Help Change the World by Helping YOU to Shine Bright! Now one of the top self-help & spirituality shows in 185 countries w/a new inspirational, motivational, spiritual, Law of Attraction or health-oriented guest DAILY! Plus guided meditations! After overcoming 2 near-death accidents, Host Michael Sandler felt a calling to start a life-changing show to help you live the life of your dreams! Guests Include Dr, Joe Dispenza, Bob Proctor, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Pam Grout, Anthony ...
The International Association for Near-Death Studies presents NDE RADIO, a weekly exploration of near-death experiences and similar encounters with the other side, hosted by Lee Witting.
Nearly Idiots
Adam, Devin and Torri talk about whatever tickles our fancy. Usually we give you a kernel of historical goodness related to the topic at hand and then some general nonsense.
Near Mint
Near Mint Comic Radio, a podcast with slightly frayed edges. Available on @NonPro!
Nearly Coherent
A Podcast About Things & Stuff
Edited by bestselling anthologist John Joseph Adams, LIGHTSPEED is a Hugo Award-winning, critically-acclaimed digital magazine. In its pages, you'll find science fiction from near-future stories and sociological SF to far-future, star-spanning SF. Plus there's fantasy from epic sword-and-sorcery and contemporary urban tales to magical realism, science-fantasy, and folk tales. Each month, LIGHTSPEED brings you a mix of originals and reprints featuring a variety of authors, from the bestseller ...
hey, girl.
hey, girl. is a podcast that unites the voices of phenomenal women near and far. Created with sisterhood and storytelling in mind, author Alex Elle sits down with people who inspire her. From friends to family members and strangers, the hey, girl. guests give us a peek into their stories through candid and intimate conversations.
Near Perfect Pitch
🎙️A weekly music podcast like no other ... featuring the best in Indie, Alternative and BritPop, Shoegaze, guest interviews and regular features ... you know it makes sense!
Getting to know the lives of amazing queer performers. Each episode is an interview of a storyteller followed by a clip of one of their performances. Hosted by Amanda G.
Park Near North
Find audio from the latest Park sermons and follow along with our current series.
This is a show about spiritually transformative moments, near-death experiences, creativity, meditation, & healing. This station will also include interviews with other near-death experiencers and healers. My book, Angels in the OR, launched this April and is available as an e-book, paperback, and Audible. in the OR is a bestseller on Audible
The Nearly Men, playing games and kicking backsides... well, nearly. Join Colin Little, Paul Kozinski and Garry Hogg-Simmons - just three casual gamers discussing all things in the world of video games.
Tokyo Lens
Adventure, hidden secrets, cultural discovery, as well as how to get to, and enjoy Japan from near or far. A podcast for everyone. Weekly podcast-exclusive topics, as well as going in-depth on topics covered on the Tokyo Lens YouTube Channel ( !!!WARNING!!!This podcast is a 100% unfiltered, nearly-unedited, rable-a-thon where we get distracted, go off topic, and just enjoy a great time getting lost in thought together! You've been warned (^_-)Welcome to the Tokyo Lens ...
International Keynote Speaker and Practical Futurist Andrew Grill looks at what's new and what's next, providing practical and actionable advice in each bi-weekly episode, where he is joined by global experts to talk about the near-term future.
Podcast by The Washington Institute
Broad Topix
From near death experiences to naming their vaginas, Kimberly Congdon and Alex Scarlato cover a series of Broad Topix.
Have you ever experienced a dream, divine healing, intuition voice of higher power, prophetic experience, been touched by an angel, near death experience, or had a vision that resulted in a divine intervention? I would love to hear from you.
Podcast about IT and near-IT things. Speakers are experienced IT specialists, working in different areas and companies.
Fresh Hell Podcast
Two women, from opposite sides of the Atlantic, talk about murder, mystery and the macabre. This is your international true crime podcast, hosted by Annie and Johanna.Annie, who lives with her husband in an old haunted house near Salem, Massachusetts, loves dogs, reading, knitting and talking about terrible, terrible things.Johanna lives in Vienna, Austria with her husband, one beagle and a real dog. She loves The Beach Boys, movie marathons and fun facts about serial killers.Their idea of a ...
A podcast dedicated to undressing the truth about sex, intimacy and lifelong love. The concerns and questions most couples have in marriage often go unspoken, until now. Hosts Dave and Ashley Willis bring wisdom, vulnerability, and humor to even the toughest marriage topics. Together they have built a strong following, reaching millions of married couples through their blogs, books, and videos. They have four young sons and live near Dallas, TX.
Glasner on Film
CBC Radio Film Reviewer Eli Glasner shares his big screen thoughts on the latest and greatest movies appearing at theatre near you. Some cinema smarts (and snark) to go with your popcorn.
Spirit Sherpa
Shamans and Angels and Spirit Guides...oh my! For those waking up to the existence of the metaphysical, the multi-dimensional world can get pretty darn confusing pretty darn quickly. Kelle Sparta, The Spirit Doctor, understands that. Sit in with Kelle as she shares her years of experience as a shaman, healer, psychic, channel, medium, empath, spiritual coach, and so much more. You will learn and laugh through her unique perspective on this spiritual and magickal world.
Greg Jorgensen and Ed Knuth have been knocking around Bangkok since the turn of the century. Exploring its dark corners, eating its amazing food, and interacting with its fascinating people, the two have gotten to know and love the Big Mango in all its awful, magnificent glory. Every week they chat about topics near and dear to those living here, those visiting here, or those who are just curious about what it's like to live in Asia's craziest city.
Collider Heroes
From Batman to Wolverine to the Avengers and everything in between, a panel of comic book experts discuss the latest news in the world of superheroes. They debate all the movies coming to theaters, the shows on TV, all the comic-books heading to a store near you and answer the fans Twitter questions with a fresh and honest take on it all.
Commentary on Orthodox Living - The Very Rev. Fr. Tryphon, Abbot of All-Merciful Saviour Monastery on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington, provides meaningful support and authoritative guidance for a profitable spiritual life in today's world.
The Irish History Show is broadcast on Near FM in Dublin. The show is presented and produced by Cathal Brennan and John Dorney. The show looks at many different aspects of Irish history with expert guests from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.
Out of Exile
A podcast about biblical studies, the Ancient Near East, and everything else. With Rebekah Devine of Wheaton College, and Benjamin Giffone of LCC International University
Cynan Jones' electrifying series set in the very near future - a future a little, but not quite, like our own.
Fairhaven Church
Fairhaven is a multisite, intergenerational church with three campuses near Dayton, Ohio. Our worship is vibrant, our preaching is practical and our ministries will help you find hope in Jesus.
Stranger Damies
The real play D&D podcast from @themaindamie. Join DM Mark, and friends, every Wednesday on a podcast service near you.
Colorado Cold Case
The morning of Sept. 14, 2017, Tim Watkins rode his mountain bike up Mt. Herman west of Palmer Lake, just like he had done countless times before. But he never returned, and three days later, a crew of volunteer searchers found his body shot and buried on a hillside near one of his favorite trails. His belongings -- a shoe, his bike and the contents of his wallet -- were found strewn across the mountain. And two years later, no arrests have been made and no suspects have been named. Colorado ...
Service times at All Souls: 10am and 4.30pm. Our services bring together children and adults of all ages for a relaxed and informal time, characterised by a friendly welcome, contemporary music, lively children’s groups, opportunity for personal prayer and a relevant bible-based talk. You don’t have to fit a particular mold to come along – whether you’re coming with children or on your own, as someone living locally or visiting the area, looking to join or to visit just once, you will find a ...
Plant-Strong’s inaugural season marshals together an all-star line-up of some of the world’s most distinguished physicians and inspirational leaders to help Bronx firefighter, Joe Inga, change his life. A near-fatal accident on the fire ground forces Joe, a 34-year-old husband and father of two, to stare mortality in the face. Instead of spiraling back into old destructive habits, Joe decides he needs a different outcome. Join our host, Rip Esselstyn, #1 New York Times bestselling author and ...
A show about the perilous state of the Golden State—and what that means for you, wherever you live. California is the hothouse lab of the Left, the nation-state creating the statist policies, art, and lifestyles of the future – and generating the political dollars to make them a reality in a community near you. Hosts Will Swaim (California Policy Center) and David Bahnsen (The Bahnsen Group, Fox Business News commentator, conservative activist) beam this weekly show internationally, from mos ...
SAMatters Radio
The mission of the Situational Awareness Matters! Radio Show is to help you see the bad things coming... in time to avoid bad outcomes by improving your understanding of human factors, situational awareness and decision making under stress. Listen and learn from hundreds of incredible interviews with first responders who survived near-miss events.
This is what you get when you let two extremely broke dudes with beards that don't connect near a microphone.
FTW's Radio Tour
Podcast featuring music from bands that will be playing Chicago in the near future. Relevant music combined with irrelevant content.
Internet Today
The Audio Podcast Version of Internet Today, the damn near daily show about what is going on inside the weird world of internet culture. Also, be sure to check our our other shows Weekly Weird News and Idiots Watching Anime
Gaming Vessels
A New Gaming Podcast is near! Join Kevin, Joe & Desmond through our gaming adventures ;) We Are Your Gaming Vessels!
Townsend Church
Church Near Me
Nox Mente
Nox Mente is a show dedicated to exploring consciousness through dreams, dreaming, and dream theory using a wide angle lens. We have opened up this conversation to a diverse world of dreamers. Our goal is to help in the process of bringing conscious intent to the state of dreaming — light to the shadowy corners of this experience we all have access to, each time we drift off to sleep.We strive to maintain an open and neutral environment as hosts. There are many theories on the process of dre ...
Each week Sam Petersen finds the funniest / strangest online confessions to discuss with great guests. New episode every Sunday! This podcast is part of the Nearly Podcast Network
Thoughts and interests of a country boy transplanted near Atlanta, GA.
Hemi-Sync Podcast
Expanding consciousness with our unique binaural beat technology for over 50 years. Join us for conversations on meditation, out-of-body experience ("OBE"), near death experience ("NDE"), remote viewing ("RV"), other psychic phenomena and general topics that will cause you to question the underlying nature of reality.
A radio station that will be informing barberpreneurs informed on the latest, and greatest secrets of Our Barber Lifestyle...... Support this podcast:
Marc To Markets
On this podcast I talk to industry leaders on matters related to your money, markets, and issues near and far from personal finance.
Geopolitics and theopolitics: A View from the Bunker is a weekly discussion of physical manifestations of the eternal war hosted by Derek P. Gilbert, a Christian, husband and father, and the author of the groundbreaking books 'The Great Inception: Satan’s PSYOPs from Eden to Armageddon' and 'Last Clash of the Titans: The Prophesied War Between Jesus Christ and the Gods of Antiquity.' Derek has been a professional broadcaster since 1980, with a career that included stops in Peoria, Little Roc ...
Western Civ
A fast-moving history of the western world from the ancient world to the present day. Examine how the emergence of the western world as a global dominant power was not something that should ever have been taken for granted. This podcast traces the development of western civilization starting in the ancient Near East, through Greece and Rome, past the collapse of the Western Roman Empire into the Dark Ages, and then follows European and, ultimately, American history as the western world moved ...
Each week, Christopher Schnese and Stephen Miller dive in, debate, discuss, and argue over the latest film releases coming to a theater near you.
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show series
Together as one church we will walk through the redemptive journey - starting with the depravity of sin, the sovereign plan of God, and the victory of the cross. In our new sermon series through the book of Romans, we will see the WHOLE gospel. It is the good news of Jesus that saves us, sanctifies us, sustains us, secures us, and satisfies us ...…
Let's talk about what really peeves us off. Torri, Devin and Adam discuss mouth noises, traffic, and relationship pet peeves among others. There are plenty of peeves to go around.By Nearly Idiots.
DAVID J [THE MAGIC BISCUIT TIN]David J & The Rich Tea[INTRO] Space - #TheMuffs[NR] Not So Simple Sharon Says -[NR] Half Pint Fatherhood -[NR] Drive Me Round -[NR] Stop Brexit - #Anne Clark & #ThomasRückoldtanneclarkoff ...…
Our final super-sized review of Powers of X and the entirely of the HOXPOX In this extra-big (but still digestible) episode of Near Mint, we’re looking at Powers of X #6, the last issues of Powers of X and the last of the twin miniseries that mark Jonathan Hickman’s return to the X-Men in HoXPoX! How do the multiple time-periods of the Mutant f ...…
Join us as we sit down with the incredible Smokestack Lightnin'! We talk about Elvis, growing up in Seattle, finding true love and so much more! Social media with us! Twitter @queertomyheart Insta/Facebook @nearandqueertomyheartBy Amanda Golob.
Come for eD!’s impersonation of a penis, stay for his tales of angels working the check-in counter at airport hotels!By Nearly Coherent Industries.
What is going on in Israeli politics? Two elections this year, both leaving no clear majority and a deadlocked parliament, a prime minister facing imminent criminal indictment, Israeli Arab leaders hinting at a willingness to join a Zionist government, and the clock ticking down to a possible third election - Israel expert and author David Mako ...…
This podcast explores Chenguan's near death experience. read from:"On Dreams and Death" by Marie-Louise von Franz tip jar: www.PayPal.Me/samreadsneardeathSam's website: www.thetimberlion.comPatreon: ...…
We made it to 50! Come in for some Save Point X, Jedi Knight II, Greedfall, Red Dead Online and so much more!By The Nearly Men.
If you’ve ever felt lost, chasing your tail, or wondered if there just has to be more to life than what we see around us, then do we have the Angels in the OR show for you! Today I’ll be talking with Tricia Barker, writer, teacher, and author of a beautiful book on life after a near-death experience, Angels in the OR. And that’s just what I wan ...…
Red slays the wolf, and another bursts through the kitchen window and bites her in the stomach. Glass gets in her hair. She smashes the chopping knife into its head, then runs out the back door, gulping for air. She doesn’t stumble. The wood must be at war with itself: Some trees let her pass, others scratch her. The howling recedes; the howlin ...…
If you’ve ever wondered if the law of attraction is real, and what in the world is the hard science behind it, then do have the source show for you. Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Tara Swart, neuroscientist, former psychiatric doctor, co-author of the award winning “Neuroscience for Leadership”, and the author of a brilliant book on the science ...…
murder This week Annie tells Johanna the story of the Hammersmith Ghost Murder, a shocking tale of murder and mischief from the early 1800s that may still haunt the area to this day… E32: Hammersmith Ghost MurderBy freshhellpodcast.
If you’ve ever struggled with ups, downs, and even sideways emotions, then do we have the Whatever Arises Love That show for you. Today I’ll be talking with Matt Kahn, one of my all-time favorite spiritual teachers and the author of one of the most beautiful, important, and transformative books out there, Whatever Arises, Love that. And that’s ...…
Today on Heroes #327 episode, the panel discusses the breaking news that Kevin Feige has been named the Marvel CCO. They weigh in on the big announcement that Zoe Kravitz has been cast to play Catwoman in Matt Reeves’ The Batman and what they think of the choice. Also, the panel FINALLY gets to give their spoiler filled review of The Joker! Col ...…
PG&E turns out the lights on 800,000 Californians. Governor Gavin Newsom celebrates Indigienous Peoples Day. Mitch McConnell slips into Newport Beach to talk banking reform with weed retailers. Already legendarily profligate, California local governments can now establish their own “public banks.” Kamala Harris promises to think about the impac ...…
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Sponsored by Stitch Fix - Get started today at and get an extra 25% off when you keep everything in your box! Sponsored by Mack Weldon - For 20% off your first order, visit and enter promo code: NEWSDAY.
The AskRail mobile app is a safety tool that provides first responders immediate access to accurate, timely data about what type of hazardous materials a railcar is carrying so they can make an informed decision about how to respond to a rail emergency. AskRail® is a backup resource if information from the train conductor or train consist is no ...…
If you’ve ever struggled with a fear of money, or a lack of it, then do we have the conscious capital show for you. Today I’ll be talking with Lawrence Ford, Founder and CEO of Conscious Capital Wealth Management. He was dubbed the "Shaman of Wall Street" by the Washington Post, and has dedicated much of his life to being a bridge between the m ...…
Episode 3: The Search for Tim Case No. 3, The Watkins File, Killer on the Mountain Reported and hosted by Lance Benzel and Jakob Rodgers Produced by Katie KlannBy The Gazette.
Наш github | Наш mailing-list | Пишите письма на Telegram канал и чат Наши твиттеры: @asm0di0 @php_coder @viartemev Собирались обсудить hype-driven development, а в итоге поговорили не только о нём, но и о разны стратегиях выбора технологий. И поняли что не всё то хайп что гремит. Внезапно кубернетис-то даже ...…
Kim and Alex make their GaS Digital debut! The girls discuss aging, hangovers, the smell of vaginosis, and public bathrooms. Follow the show! Kim Congdon: Twitter: | Instagram: @kimcongdon Alex Scarlato: Twitter: | Instagram: @iamalexscar Broad Topix: Twitter: https://twitter.c ...…
Today I’ll be talking with Drew Canole, fitness rock-star, transformational guru, the founder of and the author of a brilliant new book, that’s guaranteed to inspire, “You Be You”. And that’s just what I want to talk with him about, about detoxing your life, crushing your limitations, and owning your awesome! Key Points Discussed: Ho ...…
A SERPENT-SHAPED ridge about three-quarters of a mile long sits less than a quarter-mile north of Gilgal Refaim, the megalithic maze on the Golan Heights. This mound is three times longer and four times higher than the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio, but it’s gone unnoticed by the world—until now. Doug Van Dorn, author of Giants: Sons of the Gods, ...…
In this episode Kelle answers a listener question regarding alchemy by introducing the concept of “Spiritual Alchemy” and the process of transforming ourselves “from lead to gold”. Kelle gives us examples of how we work through the process of deconstruction into reintegration as we walk our path of transformation. References: -For more informat ...…
Starting with an unexpected yet memorable act of honour and service on a goose farm in the great plains of Hungaria, Richard considers how similarly bamboozling Christianity may appear to be. Following a baptism, he unpacks the gift, invitation and response at the heart of John's letter that is the opposite of many people's expectations of reli ...…
Sudha Bhuchar continues Cynan Jones' timely series set in the tangible future - a future a little, but not quite like our own.Water is commodified and the Water Train that feeds the huge capital city is increasingly at risk of sabotage. Today: just beyond the city, a woman finds a frail young boy. As she cares for him, she begins to fear for hi ...…
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As Christ-followers, we don’t just show the way, we lead the way. But what does it look like for all of us to lead? How do we lead from where God has us right now? Let’s look at some real-life examples from the Bible and learn how it’s done.By David Smith.
This episode is a play-by-play of what the day was like when Typhoon 19 (Typhoon Hagibis) hit Tokyo. Experience the day with me from start to finish, as I share everything that is happening around me. In this episode of the Tokyo Lens Podcast, you spend a day with me, Norm Nakamura as the largest Typhoon to hit Japan in decades, passes through. ...…
This week on the podcast Sammy is in Fremantle, Western Australia. Why? Because Pete Rowsthorn is learning how to skateboard and Sammy went to watch him and then record a little podcast in a park. Five stars. This is podcast is part of the Nearly Podcast Network: Follow Sammy on twitter: @MrSammyP Follow Confessions on instagram: ...…
In this episode we head back to 1204 and pick up the narrative of the Byzantine Empire after the sack of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade. The sack of Constantinople leads to a crusader/Venetian coalition in charge of what had once been the greatest Christian city in the world. True to their style, the crusaders waste no time in fighting am ...…
Gemini Man is the name of a script that's been kicking around Hollywood since the Titanic sailed onto screens.But this week, Will Smith and Oscar-winning director Ang Lee have joined forces to bring it to life.If you're in more of comedy mood, Eddie Murphy is back in the new Netflix film Dolemite is My Name. With more, here's CBC film critic El ...…
In this episode of The Naked Marriage Podcast, Dave and Ashley Willis talk about how you communicate with your spouse, and the tone of your words can determine the health of your marriage. The Bible tells us there is life and death in the tongue so, Dave and Ashley give helpful tools to turn careless and flippant words into intentional and kind ...…
Episode Description: In this episode, Christopher Schnese and Stephen Miller bring you a review of Knives Out from the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival. Directed by Rian Johnson. With Toni Collette, Ana de Armas, and Chris Evans. A detective investigates the death of a patriarch of an eccentric, combative family. Show Notes Hosts: • Chr ...…
If you’ve ever wanted happier, more resilient CHILDREN, then do we have the BRAINIOUS show for you. Today I’ll be talking with Stephanie Brillant, French film-maker, mother of two, Senior Report and TV Host, and the creator of a fascinating new documentary, Brainious. And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about how we help o ...…
California’s climate-change satellite; a non-ironic call by Democrats to discover the source of California’s rising gas prices; a tax hike that drove out the state’s biggest taxpayers? There’s so much self-inflicted damage in California right now that David and Will resort to lightning-round management — 20 terrifying stories at just two minute ...…
Sadza In The Morning — Nakigwayi nengoma.By King Kandoro & Nick Titan.
Sadza In The Morning — pretty self explanatory, pretty angry episode too. tuck in, it's this week's sadza or like how they say it kunorth samora, dzaas. Don't forget kuti kupa kunemufaro, kunokunda kugamushira. Our ecocash and paypal details are still the same...By King Kandoro & Nick Titan.
The pink frost coating my face shield is, evidently, my own blood. The gas jetting from the pea-sized hole in my wrist spins me around, and for a panicked moment, I wonder if I have somehow been shot. I think I am screaming, but that would alert Station, and Ocampo is silent. Evidently, I am holding my breath, only wanting to scream, like the n ...…
Today on Giant-Sized Heroes #23 Heroes 326 Extended): On this week’s special POST-NYCC Giant Size Heroes Amy and Coy break down all the news that came out of New York Comic Con! Including the New Creative teams on Thor (Donny Cates!) Guardians of the Galaxy (Al Ewing!) Wolverine (Kubert Art!) and more! Plus the dive into the new The End series ...…
Guest Host ASMR phenom GeeBeeTeePeeMcGee, AKA the tickler of tingles, takes you on a sonic journey of bands playing Chicago November 2019 ... including: Ali Barter @ Schubas 11/13 ROOKIE @ Schubas 11/16 GOON @ Empty Bottle 11/12 Droid Bishop @ Beat Kitchen 11/3 Blue Hawaii @ Empty Bottle 11/9 Twin Temple @ Metro 11/22 Amigo the Devil @ Metro 11 ...…
Tonight's guest is Rachel Pollack Rachel Pollack is the author of 43 books, including two award-winning novels, Unquenchable Fire, winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award, and Godmother Night, winner of the World Fantasy Award. She has also written a series of books about Tarot cards known around the world, a book of poetry, Fortune's Lover, and h ...…
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