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ICZN PodCast
Talks and presentations from the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature.
The Bomenclature Podcast looks to capture unique ways that people use fitness and wellness to make unique impacts in life.
Sci Etc
Doona Soona
Lots of nomenclature
National Geographic Magazine Vol. 02 No. 3-5 by VARIOUS
National Geographic Magazine Volume 2 Number 3: The Arctic Cruise of the U.S.S. Thetis in the Summer and Autumn of 1889. The Law of Storms, considered with special reference to the North Atlantic. The Irrigation Problem in Montana. National Geographic Magazine Volume 2 Number 4: Korea and the Koreans. The Ordnance Survey of Great Britain - its history and object. Geographic Nomenclature. National Geographic Magazine Volume 2 Number 5: Announcement. Summary of Reports on the Mt. St. Elias Exp ...
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Good News with Ben and Sarah
I hope you like a little history lesson thrown in with your news stories because this episode Ben got schooled! Tardigrades, parrots, Dolly Parton, farm wisdom, and a lengthy debate on the nomenclature of certain food based gatherings.
Per the department of Health and Human Services, opioid related overdose deaths have increased almost 400% over the last 18 years. This shift has yielded heightened scrutiny of prescribing practices, and opioids have subsequently fallen out of favor as a first-line treatment for chronic pain. In this changing landscape of pain care, it is more ...…
Drew Edwards, Ingo Money CEO, helped clarify the nomenclature and delved into push payments, a form of instant payments.
This episode tackles the plague, it is also a fantastic insight into Colleen and Philippa’s friendship. Join your hosts and learn about the three types of plague; it’s not all about the bubonic plague people, in fact you will discover that the bubonic plague is the best of the three if you had to choose which one you were to get. Hear about the ...…
Recently Chris Brownell visited the National Museum of Mathematics and had the opportunity to meet its Director, Cindy Lawrence. They discuss the mission of the museum and how it is carried out in the exhibits they share with the world. Cindy likens the mathematics on display at the museum to a symphony, where the mathematics often learned in s ...…
Closing Argument with Walter Hudson
Karl Eggers, Gary Miller, and Branden Petersen, the co-host trio of the Haughty by Nature podcast, join Walter to lament on the antics of the mayoral election. Attorney Mike Millios raises the issue of case overload in the Ramsey County Public Defender's office.
Discover Popular Titles Free Audio Books of Arts & Entertainment, Visual Arts
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Meetings with Remarkable ManuscriptsAuthor: Christopher de HamelNarrator: Christopher de HamelFormat: UnabridgedLength: 17 hrs and 40 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 10-30-17Publisher: Penguin Books LtdGenres: Arts & Entertainment, Visual ArtsPublisher's Summary:Peng ...…
Look out and hunker down! We're heading into a new era of the D2V flicks as nic tackles the nomenclaturally baroque Scooby-Doo! Abacadabra-Doo. Web: Facebook: Twitter: @wwyscoobydoo Email: Music:…
I’ve dubbed this interview and series, Microsoft’s Season of Change and Transformation. This is the first interview in a series to help the partner community best engage with the technology giant as it evolves it’s partner business to better serve partners and customers. As most of you know, Microsoft announced a major reorganization to it’s cu ...…
In this episode of Colton & Collin's Curious Conversations, Stella joins the lads as they all contemplate the ethics of murder, the nomenclature of childhood games, and thank God this is the last episode of season one! Listen at © 2017 All Rights ReservedBy (Colton & Collin).
This week Ben and Mo talk about local releases, Ben's adventures, vocabrewary and beer on mars. Download today!
This or That | The Would You Rather Comedy Podcast
It’s a new week and a new episode of This or That! This week we wander into the fraught and perilous world of online politics in your favorite #wouldyourather #podcast. SJW: Social Justice Warrior. MRA: Men’s Rights Activist. When given a choice between these two, when defined by their Urban Dictionary definitions, which would you choose? Regar ...…
Scott Carelli joins us once more as we discuss the word “Punker,” more Casey Jones trauma, English sports, finding money on the street, and accents here on minute 14. Follow us @TMNTMinute on twitter, and find us at “TMNT Minute Listeners Group” on Facebook. Email us at
We have no idea how this starts. The bells of the world. Tinker? Tink or Bell? Liquor? Cow bells. The Announcement. Rachel: The Bit Killer Current Events with Vanessa Babe Ruth is uh-strikin’ out Vacuum Episodes A New Drama: The Clown Rivalry Samuel tells us about Feudal States Clown Nomenclature Dorky HP teams Oh, Optional’s still here…
In this week's episode, the gang gets some new blood as DJ joins the discussion! In addition to rounding up the week's news and nomenclature, the gang has a long talk about the merits of books versus videogames.
In this episode, Ivan and Liz talk with Carolyn Lawrence-Dill, an Associate Professor of Genetics, Development and Cell Biology as well as Agronomy at Iowa State University. We discuss a paper from her grad school days that has a great back story about how to bring a large number of people together to agree on a common system of nomenclature. I ...…
In this episode everyone says hi we talk about Dota 2 and competitive gaming we press f to pay respects for Metal Gear we talk about Net Neutrality we gush over Nintendos great naming nomenclature run out of time and more Show Notes Dota 2 Competitive httpcompetekotakucomhowexactlydoesdota2comeupwithover20millioni1796879005 30 Years of Metal Ge ...…
In this watershed episode, Grant O'Brien (CollegeHumor, Adam Ruins Everything) visits the studio and Brian McElhaney (Britanick, SNL) calls in from New York to argue over a hot-button controversy: "Is Forrest Gump a great or awful movie?" Grant thinks he's got it all sewn up, until an unexpected guest chimes in at the eleventh hour, and Grant's ...…
It's the 20th episode of the National Talky League. Your support and your contributions have gotten us to this point. Like proper Canadians, we thank you profusely... possibly to an annoying degree. (Sorry about that.)Dave was jacked to get "on the air" for the 20th episode. We struggled a little with the nomenclature surrounding podcast media. ...…
Alison and Becka compete to create The Great Canadian Movie. Alison sets a space movie in Manitoba. Becka spends a shocking amount of her time describing Canadian sex acts. Canadian nomenclature might be the deciding factor. Alison (Left) has a youtube series coming soon called I'm a Mess. The only thing Becka (right) has to plug is her butt.…
This week on your favorite podcast about the New York Mets and Star Wars, we take a look at Evil Wookiees, droid nomenclature, Jason educates us about storytelling, the Mets are selling players, we discuss Bartolo Colon and the state of beat reporting! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts! STAR WARS00:00 here’s who Snoke is Jason!01:00 Ron Howard direc ...…
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Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: PhrygiaSubtitle: The History and Legacy of the Ancient Phrygian Kingdom in AnatoliaAuthor: Charles River EditorsNarrator: Scott ClemFormat: UnabridgedLength: 1 hr and 2 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 06-21-17Publisher: Charles River EditorsGenres: History, AncientPu ...…
The Inessential Tigra Hello, and welcome to episode 236 of The Fantasticast. Each week, Steve Lacey and Andy Leyland guide you through every issue, guest-appearance and cameo of The Fantastic Four. This week on the show, we're taking a look at the history of the Cat People, as Tigra - The 61st Sexiest Female Character in comics, according to CB ...…
Vegepygmy isn't the preferred nomenclature.By
Vegepygmy isn't the preferred nomenclature.By
Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring: Nomenclature, Interpretation, and General Management PrinciplesThis is LEVEL A evidence The false-po...By
At Shopify Unite, we heard that Shopify is advancing their checkout process by adding new features like Shopify Pay. Advancement in the checkout process is great for merchants, and especially important for Shopify. It's important because the Shopify checkout process is tightly controlled. There's limited customization options, and unless you're ...…
To borrow some nomenclature from The Nerdist, we've got some hostful goodness here for you today! Want to hear about all the shows we saw this season and what we thought of them, their use of ensembles, and our favorite performances? Want to hear Kevin, Chad, and Jackson be adorable and charming? Wanna hear Nikka and Mo be nerds? (wait. you alw ...…
DISCLAIMER: The cast of Dealing With Phillip are not mental health professionals. If you, or anyone you know, are having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1 (800) 273-8255 or text “go” to 741-741 to the Crisis Text Line. You are not alone. Many in this world love you, (including the members of this podcast) ...…
CRACKCast & Physicians as Humans on CanadiEM
This episode covers chapter 80 of Rosen's Emergency Medicine. All those juicy pearls about those funny little [black] boxes in your patients chest. Chapter 80 – Implantable Cardiac Devices List 5 Indications for permanent pacing What are common Pacemaker types? Pacemaker nomenclature - what do the 5 letters mean List the causes of pacemaker mal ...…
CRACKCast & Physicians as Humans on CanadiEM
This episode covers chapter 80 of Rosen's Emergency Medicine. All those juicy pearls about those funny little [black] boxes in your patients chest. Chapter 80 – Implantable Cardiac Devices List 5 Indications for permanent pacing What are common Pacemaker types? Pacemaker nomenclature - what do the 5 letters mean List the causes of pacemaker mal ...…
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