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Kay & Olu: Vision Guided Life
Identical twins, Kay and Olu Taiwo are international speakers with over 25 years experience. They are ministers, consultants, featured authors, and licensed Pharmacists.
RHOMI Ministries Podcast
RHOMI is a ministry of impartation in obedience to the call to teach God's people what He has planted in our hearts. The blessings of our inheritance is real, the vision of our glory is very clear, and the outcome of every battle is sure victory, but the how requires definite instructions, leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit.As you navigate our website, you will be adequately fed with Holy Spirit inspired revelations and details of how to walk and live in the "blessing" and you will be l ...
In Their Own Words … – The Halftribe Gallery
Discover, Learn & Buy Art
Souratoul Bakara koro (102-105)
Yahudiyaw keli ka kurane Nankari, yahudiyaw ka Nabiyuma faka, Mussa ka kabakow inafo: Tufana dji, Tonw, Toriw, yahudiyaw ka kuna kumaw ko : Ardjina krinkrin nedo ni olu dronye, ko olu ye allah teriw ni a denw ni aknu bakaw ye, yahudiya be diyin nianamaya kanu ka teme bekan, yahudiyaw ko ko djbrila ye olu djuku ye, yahudiyaw ka lahidu Tiyin, korote kiti, Haruta ni maruta ni kisso, aw kanafo kira ma ko (R`aaina) kafiriw ni muchriku Te silamew ka Here fe.
Souratoul Bakara koro (80-83)
Bani israila kaw ka kuma: ko lahara Tasuma te olu djeni fo dondamadow, Bani israila kaw ka galontige kada allah la, kafiriw ni munafikiw ka djahanama kono do, Muminiw ka ardjine kono do.
Friend or Foe Podcast
Ole man Jay, Olu Jamie, T Degrassi and Grip are the cast of the Friend or Foe podcast. Join them each week as they explore the issues of the day in their no holds barred, hysterical style.
Souratoul Bakara koro (106-112)
Kurane aya yelemali ani mibe tali ke ola, sanfela ni dukumala ye allah taye abe finke minkadi aye, kitabu tikiw befe silamew ka sekine kafiriya ni boli bato la hasidiya kama, Muminiw aye seli ni djaka bo, yahudiya ni nasora ka kuna kumaw ko ardjine krin krin nedo ni olu dron ye, muminiw de be to ardjine kon .
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Today pastor Olu brings us a message called "World Engines- Resolved to Be Citizens of the Kingdom of God" Pastor Olu tells us the story of Daniel and the 3 Hebrew boys and how their names were changed in order to change the essence of who they were. Pastor Olu says that the world wants to change the essence of who we are as well but like Danie ...…
Pastor Olu breaks down the meaning of the phrase "The world" in relation to the Bible. He also brings us 3 key areas that often trip us up as believers in Christ. These 3 areas are the lust of the llesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. Pastor Olu says that even though Satan will use these area's to temp us, we are still held account ...…
Pastor Olu reminds us how easy it is to get caught up in the worlds Language and Narrative. He also warns us not to get comfortable with our surroundings as this can cause us to conform to the worlds standards and ultimately hinder us from being world engines.
Pastor Olu challenges us to walk circumspectly in this world ,in other words before we make any decision we should consider all sides of the decision and ask ourselves does it reflect our role as world engines.
Pastor Olu teaches on the attributes of God and how He reigns supreme over every aspect of heaven and earth! He will be reading from the book of Daniel.
Considering the sad news I received today, I thought it was only appropriate to open this podcast with some harsh realities about life itself. Because sometimes you need that realisation that your struggles or difficulties in life are not as bad as you think they are. And you have to find a way to channel this sadness into something positive. F ...…
HearHereNYC Radio
Put together some local NYC gems for this week's episode. Always fantastic stuff coming out of the concrete jungle.Tracklist: Ø (Arms Away) - Bedstudy (0:00)Curiosity Poem - Stro (3:36)partofme - Khallee (5:26)eve - ELYSSE (9:08)Hush Bb - le1f (14:12)IMfat - JIL (17:30)It's Dangerous Business Living in New York - Justin Hood (20:55)all 4 u - we ...…
Impact Harvest Church Podcast
Covenant - Olu by Impact Harvest Church Podcast
Naji: Music 'n' Stuff
MUSIC VIDEO | Download/Stream "The Optimist" now | |˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚So I made the demo of this track more than a year ago, and at the time, I had just met @olukara along with a bunch of other producers who literally didn't know who I was or what I do. ...…
Ole Man Jay, T Terror, Olu Jamie and Gripp are giving out Free Smoke to anybody marching, protesting or talking HATE in their speeches. They also cover week 3 of the NFL Preseason, ESPN's Slave Auction segment, Ric Flair's health issues, Dick Gregory's legacy, Steve Bannon's exit from the White House, Trump's issues with secret service and more ...…
Druids, aliens and ghost hippies! Oh my! We have returned to the good ol’ U. S of A but refuse to accept that vacation is over. Still riding the positive vibes we soaked up from Stonehenge, we’re keeping our source material strictly British. Join us as we reminisce on our visit to one of the world’s most fascinating megalithic sites.…
Ol Man Jay aka The Goat, T aka Golden State Grizzley, Olu Jamie & Grip better known as "Friend or Foe" hit the airwaves late as hell this week...sorry we got kids and shit. The gang gives their views on North Korea vs U.S.A, the march in Charlottesville Va, the NFL's decision on Zeke and more. We also review Rotimi's new LP, Recap this week's e ...…
The Holy Shit Podcast
Colin and Tyler spend a good amount of time talking about procrastination, motivation, and not doing what you're supposed and couple it with a tongue-in-cheek commentary on sabbath but quickly shifts into a deeper and more faithful discussion on the topic - They both kind of blow each other's mind and then sing a song about it. Tyler brings up ...…
Season 2 Episode 21 of the #FYEMEUP ATL podcast features exclusive tracks from Mullage Music, ForeverFLY Sim x DbG, Rob Olu, Shalom Little , Dre Myer, Fred ET and Many More..... Tracklist: E Chapo - No Badge ForeverFlySim X Da_Bigguy X KYLIENTAL SLIM - Changing Faces Rob Olu - Northside Interlude Nyck. x [M] x Nu Meco - 1234 Million Mullage x W ...…
Impact Harvest Church Podcast
A Sunday message from Olu.
****Disclaimer: LF Ent Radio does not own the rights to any music heard our platform. If any artist/record label/music group would like they're music/song removed from our platform, please contact us directly and it will be removed immediately!****This week on #TheFridaySpecial we discuss the present state of Hip-Hop, Artist we want to see put ...…
Thick Thighs Thin Patience
***GRAPHIC***We always use graphic language, but a heads up, this one might get you. The intro is all real audio, pulled from legitimate sources and put together to highlight a gigantic problem we have here in the good ol' U S of A: POLICE SHOOTINGS. Jordan and Delicia break down their research and explain, in their own words, why it's so impor ...…
Microphone Masters Radio
Microphone Masters Radio Episode 164. Happy New Year from J-Luv and Starr Saxxxon. They welcome Fokis back to Microphone Masters to talk about Health, Cross Fit, new projects and juggling all things above. Saxxxon talks about his Father-In-Law leading him to break his two month long sobriety and J-Luv seems to be focused on the number ‘3’ in La ...…
Pirate Radio's Podcast
Dead Prez feat. Janis Joplin - Hip Hop Santogold feat. Spank Rock - Shove ItMekalek feat. Fedd Hill - Love Life Money GunsRZA - Samurai Showdown Fulgeance & DJ Scientist - Imperialist Monsters Diplo - Clear DayOutKast - Git Up Git OutThe Roots - Bang BangDJ Shadow feat. Phonte Coleman - Backstage Girl NAS feat Olu Dara - Bridging the GapRJD2 - ...…
Beautiful Black Music
Lindsey Webster - Back to Your Heart. 2. Eric Benet – Fun and Games. 3. H.E.R. – U. 4. Jaguar Wright – One More. 5. Avery Sunshine – Come Do Nothing. 6. Nicole Renee Harris – Heaven. 7. Olu – Sista Why. 8. Raheem Devaughn – Ridiculous. 9. Kari Faux – Top Down. 10. Bruno Mars – Finesse. 11. Mary J. Blige. 12. Corrine Bailey Rae – Green Aphrodisi ...…
The lights are flashing, so please return to your seats for your featured entertainment of... Haunted Theaters! This week the gals tell us about two theaters and their ghostly patrons, right here in the good ol' U S of A. We've got one theater with the moving pictures and one with the live actors, so there's something for everyone! Melissa star ...…
Physical Kids Weekly: A Magicians Podcast
Dani and Clara break down episode 212, "Ramifications." The girls debate Greek mythology, OLU's intervention to prevent Julia from killing Reynard, and the meaning behind Quentin's not-so-fashionable fashion choices. Check it out!
Mosaic Church Leeds
Olu shows us how we should view Justice in our world along side Scripture Speaker: Olu Ajulo, Preaching Series: easter service
Mosaic Church Leeds
Olu shows us how we should view Justice in our world along side Scripture Speaker: Olu Ajulo, Preaching Series: easter service
“Last to Die | Bruce Springsteen : Magic Kiss Mother Nature Goodbye | Hank Williams Jr. : If A Tree Falls Drone Bomb Me | ANOHNI : HOPELESSNESS Bombs Over Baghdad | John Trudell : AKA Grafitti Man No Bomb Is Smart | SONiA : No Bomb Is Smart Smart Bomb | Chumbawamba : Wysiwyg Spirit, Mother And Nature | Consolidated : Tool And Die Unity of Oppre ...…
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