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Dating Advice & Dating Tips for Women Over 40 | Single in Stilettos Podcast
Dating advice & dating tips for women from a top Matchmaker & Dating Coach.
Smooth Career Change: Over 40 | Midlife Professionals | Aspiring Coaches, Speakers, Authors | Entrepreneurs
This show is designed to help motivated professionals who are ready to make a career change but are feeling stuck. It aids in the creation of a crystal clear vision that helps them no longer feel stuck and provides the next step to pursue their dream career with minimal disruption to their current lifestyle. The goal is to gain promotion to that dream career or transition to their own business as entrepreneurs or find their ideal dream job. The show will also help to identify hidden challeng ...
Fit Over 40 Challenge
Tips, resources, interviews and simple strategies to help improve health, fitness, focus, and energy for those of us in the 40+ club.
Glamorous/Fabulous & Over 40
SkinCare Consultant w/over 20 yrs experience! I give Makeup Reviews & Tutorials. GLAMOROUS/FABULOUS & OVER40 will help Mature Women maintain that ageless look. BEAUTY Products 4 Mature Women I'm 70yr young & I review makeup & tell U what works 4 aging skin. also reviews on new Beauty Products. Tips on hiding or solving ur aging skin problems! CK OUT="SHOW NOTES" (BELOW)I'm a youthful retired Cosmetologists, Realtor,Licensed FosterCare Parent, Also,a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) 4 ...
Fit Men Over 40
http://fitmenover40.comWelcome to the Fit Men Over 40 Podcast!This is your #1 online source devoted to men's health, fitness and performance. Whether you're a weekend warrior or looking to get into the best shape of your life, Fit Men Over 40 provides cutting edge health information you won't find anywhere else!
Over 40 & Killing it® Podcast
In this podcast, I discuss what Over 40 & Killing it will entail, Self-Help, Styling Suggestions, and Nightlife tips. I want all Ladies & Gentlemen who are Over 40 to live the lifestyle they deserve; Personally, Professionally, Spiritually, and Physically.
Happy and Healthy Over 40
On Happy and Healthy Over 40, we discuss health, sex, mindset, and lifestyle as we enter our forties and beyond. Life is more awesome as you get older - IF, you look after your mind and body.
Fit and Fun Over 40 with Todd Sergeant & Donna Garey
The ultimate podcast for living and loving your 40s and Beyond. Todd Sergeant and Donna Garey look at relationships, careers, family, health, fun, fitness, leisure and how to keep a positive outlook on life. They interview experts to get the answers to your questions. Life does begin at 40, so join Todd and Donna and get the conversation started.
Over 40 & Killing it® Podcast
Life/Style guide for the #Over40 Ladies & Gentlemen! Sipping, Styling & Socializing, Over Cocktails or Coffee!
Smooth Career Change: Over 40 | Midlife Professionals | Aspiring Coaches, Speakers, Authors | Entrepreneurs
Changing The World One Dream At A Time
An Older Gay Guy Show
This is an LGBT Podcast aimed toward 40+ guys or anyone who enjoys a show that discusses older gay life and interests. Just because we are further along in age, it doesn't mean our gay life has to be limited or boring. We are the largest growing segment of gay individuals, so let's keep our community vibrant! Please join host Joey Hernandez as we talk and laugh about the trials and tribulations of growing older, sex, health, fitness, tv and films, personal stories and many other topics.
Smooth Career Change: Over 40 | Midlife Professionals | Aspiring Coaches, Speakers, Authors | Entrepreneurs
Changing The World One Dream At A Time
Midlife Schmidlife
Midlife Schmidlife is a podcast hosted by Liz Applegate, a Midlife Empowerment Coach, multi-passionate midlifer and empty nester. Join Liz as she interviews people over the age of 40 who are redefining midlife, discovering new passions and going after their dreams. Join Midlife Schmidlife as inspiration to turn your “maybe someday's” into today.
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Currently I am separated and over 40 can't have any children. Main reason for my divorce anyway. I met a man Mr. Man who was also separated and we became very close. It was great after a year. Mr. Man has his divorce. Once my divorce was final this summer I thought Mr. Man and I would be together.
On episode 3 of the Jim Fannin Show, America’s ZoneCoach® shares the secrets of success that have fueled pro athletes in 10 sports, executives from 50 industries and even an Acadamy Award winning director. The big topic of discussion for this week’s show is loyalty, not only to the people who matter in your life but also to yourself in making a ...…
The sales and estimates for how the videogame industry fared in June 2017 are here, courtesy of our friends over at NPD (National Purchase Diary), and we’ve broken out the calculators and tinfoil hats for another exciting month of number-crunching and insightful analysis with editors Cory Galliher and Nathan Evans. We take this stuff seriously, ...…
Welcome To The Machine Live With John Newman
A black man in America who survived the system twice, Baltimore-native Alan J. Upshur went on to sell over 40 homes his very first year in Real Estate 😲 Author of Prison To Paradise, Founder of GOASO Live Life Foundation, Community Leader, Mentor, Realtor, & Alan is living proof that with a fanatic devotion to self-improvement & a relentless wo ...…
Alternative Wrestling Radio
The first segment on the Tuesday July 25th episode of Alternative Wrestling Radio will make old things new again. Your host "Zombie" Matt will bring back the Rubber Guard Radio mojo with RGR's most popular guest Vito DeNucci. Vito has been around the indie wrestling scene for over 40 years and has the stories to back that up. We will discuss Fl ...…
Joining Team Lally in this episode is Raymond Woo is the owner of Runner's Hi. Ray starts by letting us know what we need to know about shoes and why we should be replacing them. He then goes on to talk about looking at people’s gait and explains what gait analysis is. Ray gives his opinion about the Vibrum shoes and for what type of activity s ...…
There will be a vote to at least repeal the Affordable Care Act this week. And perhaps replace it, too. But what the bill looks like is unclear. But three inter-tribal organizations say the changes in one Senate bill would change the funding formula for Indian health and a “radical departure from over 40 years of federal policy.”…
Ernest Parker Greer, a Tennessee native, has worked globally from Asia since 1995, while living in Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Thailand. He has led companies in Europe and North America and in 15 countries in the Asia Pacific region. For years, he was a senior executive with Steelcase Inc., most recently as President, Asia Pacific. He holds ov ...…
Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Vishen Lakhiani founded Mindvalley in 2003 while he was living in New York, after discovering the benefits of mindfulness and meditation to help him cope with a stressful sales career.Watch the Full Episode of Vishen Lakhiani on London Real for Free only at Tr ...…
Spirit and Song tie both this episode and much of the creative community. Anna & Elizabeth appear at Hancock Shaker Village 7/26; photo by Brett Winter Lemon This is Will Call, #58—I’m your host, Jason Velazquez, and I thank you for tuning in. This episode is sponsored by the Williamstown Theatre Festival, which presents the brand new musical, ...…
Laura Interviews Early Years Leaders
With over 40 years’ experience in early childhood education, Ellen is the founder and executive director of Boulder Journey School, an innovative school for young children in Boulder, Colorado. She is adjunct faculty and executive director of the Boulder Journey School Teacher Education Program, created by Boulder Journey School in partnership ...…
Eric Huber has been an inventor and innovator for over 40 years crediting his innate ability to identify needs, his keen imagination, and creative drive for the continual motivation to develop new products with solutions to everyday problems. He began inventing with an entrepreneurial spirit at age eight. More recently, he was named a Season 4- ...…
Today we're talking to a children's author! Meredith Mast is the co-author of ‘Willow Rose Learns Honesty’... Meredith Mast has been performing, studying, and teaching classical ballet for over 40 years. At the age of 17, Meredith was accepted into the Houston Ballet where she danced professionally for five years. Upon retiring from the Houston ...…
Join Marsha Casper Cook when she welcomes Alicia Sparks on Tuesday July 18 th at 8:30 EST 7:30 CST 6:30 MT 5:30 PST. Alicia has been on World Of Ink several times and everyone had a great time. Alicia will be doing 3 card Tarot readings. She's great at what she does so mark your calendars and join in the fun. You can be anonymous if you want - ...…
Identity theft doesn’t have to claim another victim. At Kennedy Financial Services, we strive to offer the best services and practices for our clients so they can continue living life on purpose. We continue to stand vigilant so that your information and well-being is always protected. Please take... Join Angela Robinson of Kennedy Financial Se ...…
Marketing School | Digital Marketing | Online Marketing
In Episode #352, Eric and Neil discuss the 7 advanced segments you should be setting up in Google Analytics. Tune in to know how evaluating segmented data can improve your customers' user experience, provide you a picture of your search traffic per geographic region, and see who is actually spending on your website. Time Stamped Show Notes: 00: ...…
Photo by Bernhard_Staehli/iStock / Getty Images We take a look at the frightening possibilities ahead for humanity because the planet is getting warmer. In the Pearls we discuss Colombia's continued peace process and President Trump's comment to Brigitte Macron and compliment the other party. In the Heels, we discuss cooking and eating. Thanks ...…
Vibraphonist Milt Jackson is an acknowledged pioneer of Modern Jazz. Jackson s brought the vibes into the modern era. He was inspired mostly by Lionel Hampton but forged his own concept and sound on that instrument and gave birth and inspiration to people of his era like Terry Gibbs, Joe Roland, Cal Tjader and others and of course influenced th ...…
Chad Hartman, with Erik Altieri, Executive Director of NORML. Plus, what no one over 40 should wear.
King of the Niche Podcasts Bill Strand of In this 20 minute interview we hear how: Bill has been involved with Chameleon's For Over 40 Years His Podcast Has Lead His Audience to Trust Him and Engage with him on Social Media This trust has to lead to more sales than when he produced an Ezine (back in the day) His supplier ca ...…
In Your Corner with Kerry Pharr
Greg Gaines was a professional football player. He played linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks. Greg had over 40 different surgeries while playing in the NFL. After each surgery the doctors would prescribe strong pain medication. Greg became a full blown addict to pain pills. Listen as Greg Gaines shares his story of addiction on Recovery Radio ...…
Trinity Missionary Church Podcast
Moses is one of the most well known characters in the Bible. His story is full of both high and low points, which allows us to identify with Moses. We feel a connection to Moses' humanity as he struggles with God's call to be the Israel's leader in their exodus. We feel his pain when Moses deals with complaints and concerns from the masses as t ...…
Dating Advice & Dating Tips for Women Over 40 | Single in Stilettos Podcast
Getting into a relationship is easy...making it last for the long term is a whole other story. Find out how to make a relationship last past stage 3.
MySugarFreeJourney's podcast
How I Lost 200 Pounds! In this week's My Sugar Free Journey Podcast, I am sharing m journey to lose 200 pounds! Remember that you can follow us on iTunes and I would really appreciate a review there on iTunes. Thanks! I recently hit a MAJOR milestone in my weightloss, one I have been working towards f ...…
Today, we discuss the reporting regarding Donald Trump, Jr., and the Russian influence in the United States today. We're SO CLOSE to our $3000 monthly goal. Please head over to Patreon today for our special promotion! Thank you to our sponsor for this episode: School’s out for summer! And Redbox has the video games to keep you entertained. With ...… Download: Next Level Podcast – The Awesome Future of Technology and Augmented Reality With Robert Scoble (22 MBs) Robert and I first met about six years ago at Robert’s house in Half Moon Bay, Cal ...…
Have you had a blood workup lately and been told you are deficient in Vitamin D? Does it seem like you have other friends or family who have been told the same thing lately? Don’t worry, it isn’t a conspiracy between your doctors and the vitamin manufacturers. A 2011 article in Nutrition Research suggested over 40% of Americans have a Vitamin D ...…
We talk with podcast listeners Susie and Pat about their experiences going through divorces and getting back on the dating scene after 40.
Marcia Perkins talks with Angela Sanfilippo, President of the Fishermen's Wives Association, about the Gloucester Fishing Community, catch shares, and two upcoming events: The Northeast Seafood Coalition Annual Fundraiser on July 27; and "Sea to Supper" on August 24 which will honor Angela Sanfilippo who has been a tireless advocate for the fis ...…
In episode 52 of the show, we are in conversation with Louise Stoney, co-founder of Opportunities Exchange and the Alliance for Early Childhood Finance. Louise has worked with state and local governments, foundations, ECE providers, industry intermediaries, as well as research and advocacy groups in over 40 states in the U.S. In our conversatio ...…
The Life Planning 101 Podcast
The Dow hit another all-time high last week! Should you be celebrating… or worried? The market highs of last week will eventually be just a blip in history. Focus on the long-term—and your future. Join Angela Robinson of Kennedy Financial Services for Life Planning 101. Sharing over 40 years of experience to help you with financial planning, in ...…
Hey Friend! Check out the latest episodes of my weekly 1hr radio show D.O.N.S. In The Mix broadcasted on around 100 stations in over 40 countries. Eclectic, fresh and brand new sounds from the best DJs, producers and labels around the globe Track List D.O.N.S. In The Mix #457 Summer House Essentials 06.07.2017 01. Paul Hutchinson & Fil Straugha ...…
Power Yoga Classes from Power of Your Om Santa Barbara
60 minute power yoga practice led by Power of Your Om's David Rachford in Santa Barbara California. Like class? Check our schedule and come practice together with us. We have over 40 classes available every week. You can also find David's podcasts The Better Human Challenge on itunes!
David Love is called the Godfather of Good. He donates to over 40 charities, 17 of them monthly and since 1969 has raised money thinking about the donor first, bringing his donor focus to the ultimate opportunity for people to heal the world and fulfil their personal mission – by leaving a legacy.
Glenn Livingston (PhD) is a veteran psychologist and was the long-time CEO of a multimillion-dollar consulting firm which has serviced several Fortune 500 clients in the food industry. You may have seen his or his company's previous work, theories and research in major periodicals like The New York Times, The L.A. Times, The Chicago Sun Times, ...…
RTÉ - The Ryan Tubridy Show
A documentary on RTÉ One tonight is the story of two brothers who decided to try to help the children in the North of Ireland during the Troubles. They brought them to New York to stay with families for the summer holidays for over 40 years
Deviatus - A personal look into the paranormal
What do you think of when you hear the term “UFO”? The name should speak for itself, however when someone typically mentions the term “UFO”, most people picture a preconceived notion of a saucer-shaped vehicle or little green men sitting in the pilot’s seat of a disc-shaped craft. Personally, I consider anything in the air which I do not recogn ...…
Broadcast Geeks: Find Your Audience, Tell Your Story and Gain a Following Online
In what niche are you seeking new leads?Before we begin you need to know what niche you are looking to grow your leads in. This sounds like an obvious choice, but whenever I ask people what niche they are in, they tell me the top level market and they have not niched right down into he sub markets, or they do not understand there is a differenc ...…
Annie Murray of hit rock bottom in 2014. Her marriage was over, she had health problems and she hated everything about her life and herself. In her words, she felt like a loser, disgusting, fat, a waste of space… with no friends. She put a photo of herself up on Facebook and asked – does anybody feel like me? Let me pho ...…
Annie Murray of hit rock bottom in 2014. Her marriage was over, she had health problems and she hated everything about her life and herself. In her words, she felt like a loser, disgusting, fat, a waste of space… with no friends. She put a photo of herself up on Facebook and asked – does anybody feel like me? Let me pho ...…
On Shades of Green we featured guests from a local food forest, cricket farm, and a new urban farming and food distribution network.Aspire Food Group is the industry leader in cricket farming. Head quartered in Austin, Texas. Aspire has also created a brand of cricket protein products called Aketta. Their mission is to provide economically chal ...…
Why You Should Listen: In this episode, you will learn about autoimmunity and neurology in the context of Lyme disease and co-infections. About My Guest: My guest for this episode is Dr. Elena Frid, MD. Dr. Elena Frid is a Board Certified Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist, widely regarded as a investigating diagnostician, adviser and t ...…
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