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Mojobreak Sports Card Show
The Mojobreakers talk about the hobby with the latest news on upcoming releases, hot prospects, buy sell hold, and the guys behind the sports cards.
Gettin' Steamy with John Panini: A Gentleman's Guide to Success in Cooking, Love, and Body Grooming
We've heard your demands and are back on the air! Fresh off his recent reconstructive surgery and the incident that got him banned from the Midwestern airwaves, body grooming legend John Panini presents his much sought after guide to success in cooking, love, and life. Bon appétit!
That Sports Card Show
Sports card discussions, sports, comedy, interviews with interesting people in the sports card community.
Hot Off the Press Podcast
Join Chef Pete Blohme as he travels the globe, interviewing chefs both in studio and on-location!
Dustin Collins' Podcast
This podcast discusses the DBZ card game and other aspects of the franchise. (Emphasis on the card game)
Bleuet - Electro DJ Mixes
"Mange mon pain" means "eat my bread" in french. Yeah, the name's totally random but the content isn't!I, Bleuet, am a dj/producer/remixer from Montreal, Canada.Tracks, remixes, blogs, fun, walks on the beach: blo0berry[at]hotmail[dot]com
TAK Talk
Australia's premiere discussion about the Panini Dragon Ball Z TCG
Laconic Productions Podcasts
Aimed at showcasing the work of the Laconic Productions, Superimposition Records and associated artists. Presented by Steve Panini.
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Holy hell, so this is where we are again... Another sequel to another classic franchise. Chucky was a character that proved that a tiny doll can make the biggest of men into cowering marshmallows. So join us, your favorite horror loving, podcasting duo, and lets dive into the Chuckyverse!
Klowns (with a K for some reason) come from outer space and kill people using wacky, circus-related methods. So... are all circuses just appropriated alien culture? Did humans steal the technology for cotton candy and turn it into a delicious treat? THIS RAISES SO MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR WORLD AND CLOWNS-- klowns? WHY THE K!? Next episode on 1 ...…
In this Mini Review episode, we get our shuffling on, compile our nastiest "Troll Decks" and discover the awesome Trading Card Game, Meta X Justice League. A 1 v 1 TCG where you pit your band of heroes against DC's super Villains, or hey, why not a Civil War! Show Notes: Check out Meta X on Facebook: Check ...…
Today we discuss panini presses and something something [redacted]. Phillip. We also have a guest? Or maybe it's just a bad impression.
Join us as we talk about all things realiTEA. We discuss pressed paninis, wins, losses and herpes.Apple Music - - - - #generationyus)All Platforms: Itunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play and our website. Website: ...…
Welcome back to The TEFLology Podcast - a podcast all about teaching English as a foreign language and related matters. In this episode, Rob reviews the latest updates to the Oxford English dictionary, Matt explores the ideas of sustained learning, and Matthew talks about the life and work of Indian grammarian Pāṇini. Please enjoy this episode! ...…
My Brother, My Brother And Me
We've got that San Diego Comic-Con fever! And ... it's a real, real bad case. We've got the Spider-Man Shakes, and Batman Sweats, and have to cancel the rest of our public appearances, just to try and keep this thing contained. Suggested talking points: Cosplay Corner, Panini Poppin' Daddies, Adult Happy Meals, A Hilarious Bit About Starbucks P ...…
This week we discuss the Dak Prescott "Auto Pen" scandal involving Panini America. We discuss the language in contracts signed by other Panini signers - and why it places all responsiblity on Panini. We discuss why Dak Prescott might have done this, and why it might not make sense to have used an auto-pen. Beckett Grading certainly comes out sm ...…
UNINASSAU Nerdologia História de hoje vamos ver sobre o Loki da mitologia nórdica e como ele inspirou o Loki dos quadrinhos.Apresentação e Roteiro:Filipe Figueiredo -ção e Arte:Estúdi ...…
An episode about the hugest sports card story in a long time. The Panini Dak Prescott AutoPen Scandal. Explicit.
ControNatura aus der Feder von Mirka Andolfo beschreibt eine anthropomorphen Welt ohne Menschen, in der die Tiere das sagen haben. Vergleichbar in etwa mit “Farm der Tiere”, in der die Protagonisten den Menschen so ähnlich sind, bezaubernd und abscheulich. Dies ist nicht das erste Werk von Andolfo, hat sie sich doch Ihre Sporen unter anderem mi ...…
Since the end of last season Mike has been holed up in a room under the stairs known in his house as the 'guest cloakroom'. Listening to to classic #SpursShowLIVE recordings, updating his Panini sticker book and planning how we can bring more Spurs legends to our Spurs Show family more often. And then it hit him...And so, The Spurs Show Season ...…
Today's show highlights COMC's recent fee changes. Some fees went up, some actually went down. It demonstraits a shift in the market COMC is trying to go after. The company has a massive moat around their 'low-end' card business - it's unlikely any challenger will emerge to take that business away from them. So in order to capture the market CO ...…
San Diego BeerTalk Radio – A San Diego craft beer podcast
(NSFW) Societe Brewing celebrated its quinquennial anniversary on June 24th and we were there! The folks at Societe were nice enough to invite us for the festival. While last year Societe hosted The First Quadrennial Brewers’ Games, where different breweries competed in different events to win awards, this year’s festival was more traditional w ...…
Time travel can be complicated and dangerous, even more so if you don’t have insurance. Meet Nixon, Thatcher and Keith on this action adventure. And remember, advice from your older self can be invaluable: don’t bother collecting those Panini stickers because you’ll never find the last one.With Brendan Murphy, Tom Webster, Mark Rawle, Katy Schu ...…
Wolf It Down with Tyler Florence
Tyler’s tour of the south continues as he hops in the car for a trip from Pensacola, Florida to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Along the way, he takes a few detours, first into Fairhope and Mobile, and then to Birmingham. He’ll sample beignets and panini, some of the best soul food institutions in the south -- and hear the stories that go along with them ...…
In this episode we are joined by rapper and meme artist (and blogger-follow him) Ka5sh! He tells us all about how he got started on social media, and most importantly, the time he came face to face with a very good looking penis.
Go GTS Live June 1st, 2017 - S2 E16 Hero Habit, DJ's Sports Cards - Join us for a fun filled 2-hours of the best hobby content on the web! We sit down with DJ Joss owner of DJ's Sports Cards in our Dealer Showcase segment and learn more about what Hero Habit founder Tony Frye is doing to get sports fans into collecting. We take a look at this w ...…
The war between Leaf Trading Cards and Upper Deck is discussed. It includes letters Leaf Owner Brian Gray sent to Upper Deck brash. Panini blows it on a draft day tweet. Find a Card Show website update. Card shop co-op idea. Lavar Ball and the Lakers are discussed. Ticketmaster could be out as NFL exclusive ticket supplier. Will I lose my job!?…
In our latest episode we discuss Beyonce in 2009 film 'Obsessed'. Unlikely castings for 'Sharon' and 'Derek', Beyonce and Idris Elba are stalked by Ali Larter (AKA Lisa Bytheway AKA Lisa Townhouse AKA The Panini-Sneezer). Cue discussions about ludicrous colour-grading, Beyonce's bad diction and the best euphemisms for a period. All with SPECIAL ...…
We have a jammed packed edition of the sports card show podcast where we discuss multiple topics that have happened in the sports card hobby over the last few months. Blowout cards was hacked and their reaction was typical. Panini left patrons of the Industry Summit hanging with no black boxes. A 1/1 card was released that had Mitchell & Ness t ...…
The Telegraph Cycling Podcast
The 100th edition of the Giro d’Italia is underway and Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe were in Sardinia to see Austrian rider Lukas Pöstelberger take a surprise stage win in Olbia.The 25-year-old Austrian rides for Peter Sagan’s Bora-Hansgrohe team but he stepped out of the world champion’s shadow to claim the squad’s biggest vic ...…
The 100th edition of the Giro d’Italia is underway and Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe were in Sardinia to see Austrian rider Lukas Pöstlberger take a surprise stage win in Olbia.The 25-year-old Austrian rides for Peter Sagan’s Bora-Hansgrohe team but he stepped out of the world champion’s shadow to claim the squad’s biggest vict ...…
The 100th edition of the Giro d’Italia is underway and Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe were in Sardinia to see Austrian rider Lukas Pöstlberger take a surprise stage win in Olbia. The 25-year-old Austrian rides for Peter Sagan’s Bora-Hansgrohe team but he stepped out of the world champion’s shadow to claim the squad’s biggest vic ...…
Today, we catch up with Blake Widmer from Deaf Can! Coffee in Jamaica – a not-for-profit venture seeking to engage, equip and empower Deaf youth. Blake joined us way back on episode 7 to talk about their non-profit venture and since then, they’ve expanded and grown into new products and new markets. Subscribe: iTunes | […]…
We take a look at some of the notable events that transpired in the sports collectibles hobby including a data breach of a major online retailer, Panini explains error, new autograph signer announcements, the NFL Draft a look back at a classic baseball card set and much more on Go GTS Live, The Hobby's Web Show…
Welcome to Basement's weekly Radio series. A series of mixes where we feature the newest and hottest sound in Futurebeats, Futuregarage and UK House.Hooked up with @kuiters on skype and we had a chat. Really cool producer from Holland, love his stuff. Also he blessed us with a guest mix. Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!Tracklist:rare — ...…
John Barchard was down at the Panini America events where he caught up with Clemson WR Mike Williams, Texas Tech QB Pat Mahomes & Virginia Tech WR Isaiah Ford.
In this short episode Ryan talks about his recent success on Amazon and payments made to the MLBPA by trading card companies Topps and Panini.
The Brownble Podcast - Cooking, Being Vegan & Improving your Relationship with Food
Listen on the Go! Hi there! Before we begin today's post which is perfect for the gadget crazy like me, I have to share this AH-MAZING blog in which we were featured this week, I'm talking about The Minimalist Vegan created by Masa and Michael Ofei. A blog I've been recently obsessed with, so you can only imagine the happy dance I did when we w ...…
Hrt of the Story
In this pilot episode, Blackhrt, Nova, Greystorm, and NegroJustice discuss their top 10 games of all time. (more…)
John Crist is rolling with us on the bus! This week, Tim teaches a masterclass on Keurig use. John thinks that actors aren’t being real enough. Caleb gets hit with a Freight Fist. And a very young Tim brings down the house with an inappropriate accent.Also in this episode: Tim and John talk about first gigs and worst gigs. Freight reveals his a ...…
In the latest episode of “Hot off the Press” Chef Panini Pete and partner and HOTPpodcast producer Keith Glines sit down for a spirited conversation with Atlanta-based bartender and mixologist Tokiwa (Toki) Sears about the history of bartending and the resurgence of the craft cocktail culture. Known to many as “Miss Libation,” Toki’s resume inc ...…
When you travel, people have a lot of thoughts about Texas. Links: Skype Call Recorder Topic list That podcast we used to do “You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.” — It was Davy Crockett. "Don't mess with Texas" — “The campaign is credited with reducing litter on Texas highways roughly 72% between 1986 and 1990.” O'Tacos — Panini "tac ...…
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