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Join us each week as we analyze a section of the weekly parshah. From a careful study of the text and the guidance of the Midrash and classic commentaries, we find that the parshah has a great deal to teach us about modern life. This class, which is given each week to the women of Yad Binyamin, Israel, takes a decidedly Zionist perspective to the parshah as well.
Parshah Universal Torah from the Chumash with Rod Bryant
Torah Talk
a learner's guide by Michael Carasik (incorporating the "Torah Talk" podcast)
Тора, Каббала, Хасидизм - лекции, статьи, mp3
Teachings on the weekly Torah portion, chasidut and more from Rabbi Joshua Rose of Congregation Shaarie Torah in Portland Oregon
The Rabbinic Journey Podcast is an exploration of my Rabbinate from the inside out. From reflections and sermons to interviews and discussions, I'm going to cover it all. Why? Because there is so much to explore!
Weekly parshah, iyunim in chumash, drashos on the festivals and more. Explore the Torah with Rabbi Tzadok Cable
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Jenna investigates the significance of the number 40 in Judaism, and why the sages say we can change our life in 40 days. (If she'd been smart, she would have done this segment last week.) The parshah this week, Ki Tavo, is thought to be one of the most challenging in the Torah.
Rashi makes a very provocative statement in this week's parsha. He claims that mitzvot that are done in Exile, outside the Land of Israel are simply "practice" for when we are back in the Land. What does this statement mean and can this be true? Did Rashi really say this? Take Ten to find out.
Hey everyone! Have you ever needed to make a long trip with an uncertain outcome at the end of it? Have you ever struggled to break a bad habit? Have you ever given up in weariness and frustration? Have we got a show for you! In Genesis, Abraham’s servant makes a long distance trip back to Abraham’s hometown to find a wife for Isaac. By the tim ...…
Chazal convey the pain and beauty in the process of Aharon's death. Why was he punished? And what can we learn from his death about the way that we handle death today? (Trigger warning: Shiur is a bit heavy. It's about death.)
In the most controversial portion in the Book of Numbers, how does trope define one single moment? -- three words alone, where the trope is elemental in telling us much more. Or, the trope at least leaves us with more essential questions. Find the text discussed here.
When Miriam and Aharon speak negatively about Moshe, what was his reaction? Did he react at all? Was he above it all?
Each year, I struggle to find meaning in Yom Yerushalayim. As we neared the 50th anniversary of Yom Yerushalayim, I have been giving the holiday a great deal of thought. In this shiur I discuss the miracle of the Six Day War and the meaning of the capture of Jerusalem in the broader context of the State of Israel in 1967. To do that, we study s ...…
It's almost Lag B'Omer. Jenna, having just learned what the holiday is about, is excited to discuss it with you! (Hint: bonfires and Kabbalah.) Continuing in the mysticism vein, Jenna then chats with Rachelle Tratt of The Neshama Project about growing from adversity, conscious consumerism, everyday tzedakah, and how a chance encounter can chang ...…
The three oaths appear in a very famous passage in Masechet Ketubot, and represent one of the basic texts of the anti-Zionist movement. We begin the shiur with a "hook" from Parashat Metzora
Following the tragic deaths of Nadav and Avihu, we learn of a cryptic argument between Moshe and Aharon (and his sons). What were they arguing about? Why did Moshe react so strongly?
We take an in-depth look at the piyyut "Vayehi Bachatzi Halayla" which is the first song of Nirtzah.
What is Esther's plan as she enters the king's chamber for the fateful party with Haman? How does she think that things will go? Whatever she thinks, things clearly do not go as planned. With the help of some truly sensational Midrashim, we learn just how unlikely the outcome of the Purim story really was.…
Achashveirosh is probably the most overlooked major player in the story of Purim. Who is he? Where did he come from? Even more importantly, what was he like? What important lessons can we learn from the answers to these questions?
Listen below to this recorded shiur from last night by Rabbi Brovender on Parshat Yitro. This week, the question of when did Yitro actually show up at the camp of B’nei Yisrael. Did he come before Matan Torah or after? This was an incredibly difficult issue for the Ramban in particular. To view the source sheet click here. If you are in Jerusal ...…
Listen below to this recorded shiur from last night by Rabbi Brovender on Parshat Beshalach. This week, with the story of kriyat yam suf, Rabbi Brovender covers the topic of ‘don’t come crying to me.’ To view the source sheet click here. If you are in Jerusalem on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM you can attend the live shiur at Yakar, 10 HaLamed- ...…
An unusual Midrash quoted by Rashi leads us to a number of different teachings of Chazal that relate to a broader question: are there innate systems upon which the world functions? Did Paroh know about them? Did Chazal believe in them?
The Torah seems to repeat a number of apparently innocuous verses, also switiching the order in which Moshe and Aharon are listed. Is this simply innocuous repetition, as Rashi implies, or is the Torah communicating something far more important?
According to Ramban, in the span of one verse the Torah skips sixty years of Moshe's life. What happened during all that time?
Entrenched in the language of Yaakov's blessings to Yehuda are truths about his past, his suspicions of his sons, and even about the secret of pure souls trapped in evil. Get ready for a mind-blowing thrill ride!
An irreverent, inclusive take on Judaism from the baddest Jewess around. Jewish and interested in learning more, but terrified of going to synagogue? Not Jewish and curious, but don't know where to begin? This is the podcast for you. Part 1: What Jew Talking About: Israel and (Also) Antisemitism (7 min) Part 2: Brews with Jews: A Delightful Int ...…
On the way to meet his brothers, we learn of a strange meeting with between Yosef and an unidentified man who points him in the right direction. Who is this strange man, and why does he help Yosef at all? The answer reveals a great deal about the development of Jewish history, and the way despots justify their tyrannical behavior.…
The different responses - and seemingly contradictory responses from Yaakov and his sons towards the abduction of Dina leads us to important conclusions about the use of power in the world.
Chazal explain that Yaakov instituted the prayer of Maariv based on the words "vayifga bamakom". This strange choice of words leads to an insight about different forms of prayer as we develop a deeper relationship with God.
Using his incredible breadth in Tanach, Rav Yaakov Medan of Yeshivat Har Etzion finds an example similar to Eisav which provides a possible explanation for why Yitzchak preferred Eisav over Yaakov, as well as why Avimelech sued Yitzchak for peace.
When the Torah teaches us that God blessed Avraham with "kol" - everything, commentators differ as to the meaning of the term. What does it mean to have it all? Ramban, on the other hand, takes the discussion in an entirely different direction, leading us into the realm of kabbalistic thought and terminology. Enjoy the ride!…
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