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PMC Podcast
PMC undersøger de pædagogiske muligheder med podcasts.
X-Pac 12360
Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, and co-founder of AfterBuzz TV Keven Undergaro are teaming up together to bring a podcast with a full circle look at life from outside the squared circle. AfterBuzz TV presents X-Pac 1, 2, 360. X-Pac has many stories to tell that may help listeners relate, inspire them in their own lives, or just be entertained. And of course, there will be guests. So plan on seeing his group of usual suspects along with a mix of wrestlers, celebrities, and comedians. X-Pac has known an ...
The IMC Radio
"Plane Talk" is the only talk show in the world exclusively dedicated to the General Aviation and community of pilots. (Not true... who writes this gibberish?)The show is produced by Max Gross, aka Howie Marlin- Pilot, Clinical Therapist, x-musician; co-hosted by Jon King Roberts- Pilot, musician, entertainer in his own mind; and... Radek Wyrzykowski- Certificated Flight Instructor whose instruction is focused on aviation safety and pilot proficiency. (Now THAT's true)The program is an open ...
PMA: Lectures
As one of the largest museums in the United States, the Philadelphia Museum of Art invites visitors from around the world to explore its renowned collections, acclaimed special exhibitions, and enriching programs, both in person and online. at
MMC Mobile
Because you deserve mentorship in HD
Dell EMC The Source: Intelligence You Can Trust. An insider’s perspective on the Dell EMC portfolio of solutions and products as they relate to the challenges faced by our customers and the ever changing technology landscape. Dell EMC The Source is Hosted by @SamMarraccini
LaRouche PAC
The Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee
Welcome to Print Media Centr's Podcasts from the Printerverse where we explore all facets of what is possible in today’s world of cutting-edge print communications, share customer stories, case studies, and strategies for print business and marketing success. Print Long and Prosper! #PMCpodcasts
JD & Jason discuss 'Fear The Walking Dead', 'The Walking Dead' & 'Preacher' to the NthDegree! AMC is bringing some of our favorite comic books to life and we're going to talk about them as only we a moderately entertaining yet overly self-important manner. Join us, won't you?
The weekly PM for the Masses Podcast focuses on helping the Project Manager or aspiring Project Manager take their life and career to new levels. The host, Cesar Abeid, interviews Project Managers and other professionals who are doing extraordinary work and as a result are seeing fantastic results that push both their personal and professional life forward. Cesar takes what is working for these professionals and breaks it down into actionable items you can implement right away in your job or ...
These are radio programs which the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church produces for broadcast on the LMC Radio Network. They have as their aims spiritual uplift and self-empowerment.On TuesdaysThe Crystal Silence League Hour is hosted by the Reverend Jon Saint Germain, who provides guidance on the practical use of crystals and crystal balls in the development of mental concentration and mind power, silent influence over others, divination and scrying of the future, and telepathic contact ...
PCC - Podcast.
One Church - Multiple Locations
A Weekly podcast about AMC's Original Show "Better Talk Saul" with Dylan Schuck, and a rotating panel of co-hosts discussing what they liked, didn't like and everything in between! Some music and drops produced by Jason Shaw at
Anchored by Monocle’s unrivalled team of editors and correspondents, and produced out of our bureaux in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore, Asia Pac Unwrapped is an unmissable weekly briefing from the world’s most dynamic region.
A weekly podcast dedicated to AMC's original series "The Walking Dead" and "Fear The Walking Dead" staring Dylan Schuck (who's read The Walking Dead Graphic Novels), Dan Fields (who hasn't) and Robert Duff (who also hasn't). Each week we discuss and analyze events that transpire in each episode and comparing them with how they happened in the graphic novel WITHOUT discussing future TV spoilers. Some music and drops produced by Jason Shaw at
After two decades in a Peruvian rainforest, Glen and Scott return to a United States where Donald Trump is president, people no longer buy cassettes, and -- most alarmingly -- Tupac Shakur is missing. They set out to solve one of the great mysteries of our time: Where is Tupac? And why did he decide to disappear?
LMC Radio Network is a community alliance of metaphysical, spiritual, inspirational, and political-justice broadcasters spanning a wide range of topics.
It's Your Pic
Collin and Scott take turns picking movies to watch and review.
Now Listen "Punjabi Mubark Chapter" from the HOLY BIBLE in Punjabi Language. One Chapter will be launched Daily for your Edification. God Bless you. www.PunjabiChurch.Ca
The PMO Podcast™
We bring PMO topics to project management organizations of all shapes and sizes. Are you looking to setup and manage a PMO? Or meet the compliance requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley? Or improve project performance through soundness of method? Then listen to The PMO Podcast™, a weekly program that delivers valuable insights and ideas to help you with your project office. Companies today understand the importance of project management and the PMO is the means by which companies turn their vision a ...
The latest sermons from Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto California.
Liberal, muslim and confused; A podcast featuring three 20 year old diaspora discussing politics, current events, and navigating intersecting
PAC Portage
These are the sermons from PAC's Portage la Prairie location.
Adam, Bruce, Matt and Sean critique, comment and crack wise about each episode of AMC's Preacher, combining the signature styles of Hero Movie Podcast and The Film Find into an unholy union to discuss the show we never thought would get made!
Montclair Presbyterian Church's Website
CMC Podcast
Tune in each week to hear challenging and uplifting messages from God's Word. At Clayton Memorial Church we aspire to hear from God and do what He says.
Moundford FMC
We are Moundford Free Methodist Church, located in Decatur, IL. We share life, worship God, and strive to proclaim His Kingdom through our daily living. We are interested not only in being transformed by God, but having our homes transformed in such a way that impacts our children and grandchildren as well!
MPC Podcast
Nick & Angela bring you info, advice, solutions to pest problems in Colorado. For residential, commercial, industrial places.
Northgate FMC
Check out our recent sermons.
BMC Podcast Network
Audio Podcasts created in the Waverley Square Studio at Belmont Media Center in Belmont, Mass. The views and opinions expressed on the BMC PodCast Network are those of the speakers and do not represent the opinions of Belmont Media Center, the Town of Belmont, Mass., Comcast, or Verizon.
Hello Dawg Fans! The Dawg Pod is the *ultimate*, fan-driven, independent University of Washington Husky football podcast.
PCC Sermons
About Peninsula Community Church: We are followers of Jesus Christ, committed to live by faith, to be known by love, and to be a voice of hope. Our mission is evangelical, sharing the good news of eternal life through the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe in the divine inspiration and authority of the Bible.
Poole Missionary Baptist Church
This show is dedicated to discussing each and every episode of the AMC series, The Terror, starring Jared Harris, Ciarin Hinds and Tobias Menzies. Inspired by a true story, The Terror centers on the British Royal Navy’s perilous voyage into unchartered territory as the crew attempts to discover the Northwest Passage. Faced with treacherous conditions, limited resources, dwindling hope and fear of the unknown, the crew is pushed to the brink of extinction. Frozen, isolated and stuck at the en ...
Poole Missionary Baptist Church
Listen to the latest sermons, Bible studies, and more from Elizabeth City Evangelical Methodist Church.
FMC Podcast
Family Missions Company is an apostolate of lay Catholic missionaries. Committed to the Great Commission of Jesus, we proclaim the Gospel and serve the poor worldwide. We work under the blessing of our bishop in the Diocese of Lafayette, and at the invitation of the bishops in all areas we serve. We train and send out families and singles as full-time missionaries who evangelize and provide medical care, food, clothing, and the construction of homes in some of the poorest communities around ...
iPMC Radio
The High Five Podcast
PBC Talks
Recorded live from Poynton Baptist Church
Home of Dick of the Week!Send us your dick pics, let us know your birthday, or send silly news story things you want us to discuss on the podcast! >>>
NMC Audio Podcast
Here you will find audio podcasts of the weekly sermons from Nappanee Missionary Church in Nappanee, IN.
AMC is a weekly show, alternating "Around Macoupin County" hosted by Rick Davis and "Around Montgomery County" hosted by Tobin Ott. AMC features a variety of topics and activities from right here in Mid-Illinois!
NMC Digging Deeper
A Podcast of the Nappanee Missionary Church. Midweek conversations digging deeper on our January/February 2018 study on the life of Joseph.
Project Management for Beginners and Experts. Are you looking to improve your Project Management Skills? Then listen to The Project Management Podcast™, a weekly program that delivers best practices and new developments in the field of project management. The more companies understand the importance of sound Project Management, the more will your skills be in demand. Project Management is the means used by companies today to turn their vision and mission into reality. It is also the driver b ...
Two Pint PLC
Teaching is a personal profession. We shine brightest when we work together in a safe environment for the betterment of our students. Two Pint PLC is a podcast that invites you to join two educators who discuss the big issues in education in a personal and casual conversation. Two Pint PLC combines the research base, current events and personal experiences to provide a context for each listener’s own professional development.
Sermons from the Orange Coast Free Methodist Church in Costa Mesa, California. We are a growing multigenerational church passionate about Jesus. Know, Grow, and Overflow!
This is the podcast of Mission Valley Free Methodist Church in San Gabriel California. At Mission Valley, we are "becoming a loving community, inviting and challenging people to move towards Christ." You can find out more info at
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Today’s episode is the first of a two-part interview with Dr. Keith Baar, the head of the Functional Molecular Biology Laboratory in the Department of Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior at the University of California, Davis.In his capacity as a researcher, Keith has made fundamental discoveries on how muscle grows bigger, stronger, and mor ...…
Confession I have a confession. I panic when I am training sometimes. It is a bit taboo for athletes, even amateurs like myself, to admit to weakness in their mental toughness. For some reason it is no big deal to talk about any issue below the neck, like a muscle strain or lack of flexibility. For some reason mental health and strength, or lac ...…
The Trufaux Sho presents: Salvatore’s Return The Alpha and the Omega, well sort of…. The man himself, 20+% of TFS, having now graced episodes 001 and 009, pretty cool catch up session to say the least. I hope you enjoy the chat as much as I did. Thanks again Salvatore! 00:09 - Sal meets Dale 00:14 - Dale’s Church 00:17 - The Reality of Truth do ...…
Part 3 Of A Series On The Benefits Of Meditation: Discover the Intense Emotional Benefits Of Meditation. In the first two parts of this series we discussed the effects of meditation on mental and physical health. Today we will look at the emotional benefits of meditation. Definitely one of the emotional health activities that should be practice ...…
MC and Le Huan discuss the Southern Chinese Capital, Nanjing.
Andres, Registered Dietitian and owner of Vive Nutrition, comes on to talk about the Ketogenic diet, insulin, and insulin resistance. Listen to find out the truth about keto and it's benefits!Just a few resources for you: Endocrine disorders http: ...…
Women’s Relationships with Other Women -Having healthy relationships has health benefits. -Studies of longevity and friendships with same sex individuals: – Cancer in nurses and higher survival rates when have close friends https://ww ...…
Episode Notes This episode Euan chats to John Richmond, another doctor. We talk about running for newbies, going right back to the basics on how to get started and how we got going after enduring the traditional British school experience of humiliation by cross-country running. We talk about the need to run slow at the start. In fact, you may e ...…
Kimera-Quah! In this episode of Quah, sponsored by Kimera Koffee (, code "mindpump" for 10% off), Sal, Adam & Justin answer Pump Head questions about Adam's programming and nutrition for recovery, the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen someone do in a gym, the greatest life lesson they have taken from each other and their thoughts ...…
To: Audience From: LPolice Radio Date: March 29, 2018 Subject: Episode # 28 MC, I see. MC clubs, real or cover? 1% or greater. Host Alpha Mike asked the question why do some law enforcement MC clubs look like 1%, scary! What do agencies say about this and what if any policy are in place. Most important Alpha attempts to examine why the 1% look ...…
To: Audience From: LPolice Radio Date: March 29, 2018 Subject: Episode # 28 MC, I see. MC clubs, real or cover? 1% or greater. Host Alpha Mike asked the question why do some law enforcement MC clubs look like 1%, scary! What do agencies say about this and what if any policy are in place. Most important Alpha attempts to examine why the 1% look ...…
We're back with another full-length episode on the subject of ethics in the workplace. This week, we're all convinced that you probably need an ethics guru to steer your ship with best practices. And it'd be great if they understood confidentiality laws too, otherwise, your files might end up at the mercy of a data hamburglar! While you start h ...…
Welcome to the first episode of Fake Science. I'm joined by fellow science-enthusiast Oliver Scripps as we talk common misconceptions, and frankly a bit of nonsense. For those wanting more information about the topics we touched on, check out the following links or feel free to get in touch with any questions (or who knows, maybe you have some ...…
Sleep is a vital tool at our disposal to improve health. Though under-appreciated and overlooked, we share some thoughts about sleep and how we can take our recovery a little more seriously and the positive impacts it can have on your health. By the end of the podcast, we hope you consider making some changes to your routine that will have a po ...…
MC Poodio. Conforming trains. Sweetness all over your windows. Sexy frontman. Do I need any equipment? 21 jalapeno’s. Cretaceous period or the 40’s? G’day I’m Julius, I’m from Rome. Emotional cutlery. Eternal dancing. Fly’s and faeces. Exclusive new song release! The post #5: Kevin Soreballs appeared first on Sup Dude.…
Intermittent fasting. Does the hype reflect reality? You’ve probably heard about intermittent fasting but you’re unsure what it is and if it’s as good as what people say. You may even be wondering if intermittent fasting is dangerous. I’m here to tell you, when done properly it’s one of the best ways to maintain good health. It gives you more e ...…
Some links from the show: Vitamin A and night visions British Journal of Opthalmology: Night vision in a case of vitamin A deficiency due to malabsorption Types of vitamin A National Institutes of Health: Vitamin A Overdosing on vitamin A Wikipedia: Hypervitaminosis A How vegans get B12 PETA: Vegan B12 sources that will make you healthy in body ...…
1 In this episode, Zack Shinar interviews Dr. Bob Bartlett from the University of Michigan. Dr. Bartlett has revolutionized the world with his leadership and innovation from the very beginnings of ECMO. Zack and Bob discuss the history of ECMO and the prior use of roller pumps and bubble oxygenators. They go on to describe the advantages of cen ...…
On this segment of Wisdom Wednesday, I cover my experience with intermittent fasting, how to start, and explain with science why intermittent fasting could be a beneficial tool to help you with your wellness goals. Questions Answered: Benefits of Intermittent Fasting How long should you fast for? Can you fast for to long? Disadvantages of inter ...…
Is there a right or wrong way to learn? Dr. Stephen Kosslyn is an expert on the science of learning, with more than 30 years of experience working at elite institutions such as Harvard and Stanford. He also thinks that higher education could learn a lot about how people learn, and that's why he became the Founding Dean and Chief Learning Office ...…
References cited in the show: The Handbook of Near Death Experiences Near-Death Experiences and Psychotherapy The divided self: Near death experiences of resuscitated patients Infrequent near death experiences in severe brain injury survivors – A quantitative and qualitative study AWARE—AWAreness during REsuscitation—A prospective study What di ...…
Wisdom Wednesday is Back! I finally got my laptop *fixed*. I cover the controversial topic of sleep. Questions Answered: How Much Sleep Should You Get? 5-6 Hours of Sleep Vs 9 Hours Why You Should Wake Up Early Quality Vs Quantity 3 tips to maximize your sleep Social Media Insta/joelhereth LinkedIn/ YouTu ...…
What is “Autophagy”? Auto-phagy (from the Greek for self-eating). Cell degrades its dysfunctional proteins. The body can use the components for important chemical processes in the body. Autophagy’s main roles are: – remove defective proteins – prevent abnormal protein aggregate accumulation – remove intracellular pathogens Autophagy is controll ...…
Jim San Fillippo, Art Oberst and David Winkler from BDO join host Lauri Rollings in the studio to discuss recent changes in the tax laws that will affect PMC/SMACCA contractors.
MC answers questions about China.
In the first episode of URN's new podcast about invisible illness, Harry talks to Freija and Liv about what it's like to live with a long term chronic health condition. Useful links and numbers: Samaritans UK number - 116 123 Student Nightline - 0115 951 4985 SANE - 0300 304 7000 CALM - Men's Health Forum - www.menshealthfor ...…
(*Fictitious case) You are called to the postnatal ward by the midwife to review a woman who unfortunately had an accidental dural puncture the day before during her labour. When you see her today she has a classic postural headache – and has been unable to mobilise for more than 10-15 min and has basically confined to bed in a dark room. You t ...…
MC and Jason discuss life for a Chinese International Student in Chicago, Jason's hometown of Qingdao, and why MC and Jason both advocate for foreigners to consider Qingdao as a destination.
Preview We use the truly terrible Star Wars episode III: Revenge of the Sith to explore whether or not it’s possible to die of a broken heart. References Stress symptoms: Effects on your body and behavior The Effects of Stress on Your Body The Effects of Stress on Your Body Allostasis and Allostatic Load: Implications for Neuropsychopharmacolog ...…
A 1960's experiment on mice to study overcrowding takes a dark turn, and leaves a lasting mark on society today.---Death Squared, Calhoun's paper on the mouse utopia experiments ( Sink ( B. Calhoun (https: ...…
Artificial intelligence is all the rage, but using swarm intelligence might be the best way to solve the world's biggest problems. Dr. Louis Rosenberg is the Founder & CEO of Unanimous AI, an artificial intelligence company that amplifies human intelligence by building "hive minds" modeled after biological swarms. Learn how swarm intelligence c ...…
Dan accidentally (not accidentally, it was meticulously planned) dives into the Bitcoin protocol. Show notes: Correction: at one point, I mention that miners hash a block then add the nonce and rehash. This is incorrect, the nonce is a field in the block, so they're only hashing the entire block. Sources: Bitcoin Gripe, not hype: The BBC Articl ...…
Greetings Royals, Join LaTroya S. Martin, LCSWA (Pending) NC therapist as she explores the importance of boundary setting, assertiveness and self-care. Notes about the episode: DURING THE RECORDING OF THIS EPSIODE I AM UNDER THE WEATHER THUS MY RASPY AND PRESSURED TONE Social Media: IG: FebruaryOne_ThePodcast Twitter: February1Podcst Email: Feb ...…
Take Dr. Berg's Advanced Evaluation Quiz: report will then be sent via email analyzing 104 potential symptoms, giving you a much deeper insight into the cause-effect relationship of your body issues. It's free and very enlightening. Dr. Berg talks about the top 7 foods you should avoid:1. Commercial orange juice2. Soy ...…
Take Dr. Berg's Body Type Quiz: Berg talks about the benefits of drinking water and clarifies water myths that people mostly think about. He talks about that drinking more water makes people dehyd ...…
We get vaccinated to protect ourselves, to gain an immunity to a particular disease. But in the case of hepatitis B, celiac patients may come to find out that we are NOT immune—despite having done the right thing in getting a hepatitis B vaccination. Today, the Gluten Free RN is walking us through the latest research around vaccination and celi ...…
Take Dr. Berg's Advanced Evaluation Quiz: report will then be sent via email analyzing 104 potential symptoms, giving you a much deeper insight into the cause-effect relationship of your body issues. It's free and very enlightening. Dr. Berg talks about the relationship between loose flabby skin and insulin resistance ...…
*If you enjoy today's episode make sure to leave a rating and review!* On today's episode, I break down the 3 main benefits coffee provides and what side effects occur due to over-consumption. 0:00 - 1:15 Introduction 1:40 - 2:12 Weight Loss From Coffee 2:15 - 3:17 Improved Long-Term Memory 3:25 - 4:30 Athletic Performance Increased W/ Coffee a ...…
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