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Demand Justice in Quartzsite AZ is a twice weekly radio show discussing local politics and the news of the day in Quartzsite AZ and La Paz county
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Sheriff Bill Risen stopped by KLPZ’s studio Wednesday morning to talk about his department’s findings after checking in on vulnerable elderly people during the current extreme heat wave (listen above, 15 mins). Risen said the deputies coordinated with Parker Police Department, Quartzsite Police Department and others Tuesday to try to reach some ...…
Episode 120: The Largest RV Gathering in the World When it comes to snowbird getaways, one place stands out… Quartzsite, AZ. It is a gathering spot so huge that sometimes – and we are not exaggerating - as many as 100,000 RVers set up camp there. Some think attendance is often even more than that. It is easily the biggest RV gathering in the wo ...…
On this edition of Squared Circle Cinema Big Tobacco (@dunfur) and The Muffler (@RyanMBrueckner) take a deep look into Hulk Hogan's No Holds Barred. Correction: Daniel's Beef Jerky in Quartzsite, AZ is the best beef jerky in the world.
On this edition of Squared Circle Cinema Big Tobacco (@dunfur) and The Muffler (@RyanMBrueckner) take a deep look into Hulk Hogan's No Holds Barred. Correction: Daniel's Beef Jerky in Quartzsite, AZ is the best beef jerky in the world.
In a very special episode we are proud to be interviewing Presidential candidate Vermin Supreme! Hs platform includes a mandatory tooth brushing law, free ponies for every American, and an energy policy harnessing the awesome power of Zombies! All this and much more on the Demand Justice in Quartzsite AZ presidential candidate interview show! D ...…
Risk pool revokes Quartzsite's insurance, the cabal attempts to railroad Pat Workman, Idiot council votes not to let Mayor Foster take office in spite of the fact that 2-1-10 can't win in court.By RichardAbbey.
Ron Jones calls for boycott of Desert Freedom press advertisers, Bruno and council go after Pat Workman, Desert Messenger divides the town while calling for unity, and Tom Horne's hit and run while avoiding FBI investigators.By RichardAbbey.
Orgeron betrays his constituents, big development takes control of Quartzsite's general plan, and the Wall Street Journal publishes an article on Quartzsite.By RichardAbbey.
Chief Gilbert is reinstated and "opposition" candidate turned town councilman Mark Orgeron votes for reinstatement, a betrayal of the voters who elected him.By RichardAbbey.
How To Kill A Popular Movement In Three Acts… Posted by Raleigh Witten And Foster's case is postponed, Gilbert is back on the payroll and many citizens remain concernedBy RichardAbbey.
The town hires a temporary town manager on the heels of Gilbert's firing who then placed Al Johnson on paid leave. Our guest tonight is Debra Duperroir a town employee who was fired due to being a target of the voter fraud witch-hunt. We also expect to hear from Bob Miller from the Gem newspaper, who will enlighten us on the town's plan to tran ...…
Chief Gilbert has been fired! Our guest tonight is Glen Gimbut, the attorney who helped incorporate Quartzsite.By RichardAbbey.
Mayor Foster has his day in court!By RichardAbbey.
Chief Gilbert pulls a gun on a process server and issues a press release today proclaiming his innocence.By RichardAbbey.
Gilbert's supporters go to war with Taft's supporters and the cabal fractures. Election day in Quartzsite was a confusing mess of special meetings and questionable restraining orders.Tonight we try to make sense of this bizarre day's events.By RichardAbbey.
Police Chief Gilbert and Officer Fabiola Garcia have been placed on administrative leave, but why? And why now?By RichardAbbey.
Tonight Jose Moreno announces his choice for undersheriff and we discuss the plan that the town, county and state have for the future of Quartzsite.By RichardAbbey.
We talk to Mayor Ed Foster who has filed a writ of Mandamus against the Quartzsite town government because he has not been allowed to take his office despite winning the election in May.By RichardAbbey.
Uncle Sam returns, and live call ins from meet the candidates night in Parker.By RichardAbbey.
Tonight's guest will be Jose Moreno, Independent candidate for La Paz county Sheriff.By RichardAbbey.
1) ONLY COUNTY ATTORNEY OR AG ARE APPROPRIATE [statutorily empowered]ATTORNEYS TO ENFORCE Title 16-182 because it is a class 6 FELONY and Town Prosecutors cannot enforce laws [ like Voter registration fraud] that are felonies. 2)Town Police have authority to investigate crimes upon a verified complaint, but they must forward a investigative rep ...…
Town Councilwoman Patricia Workman sent a complaint to the Arizona Attorney General, alleging embezzlement by Quartzsite Town Manager Alexandra Taft. Now Councilwoman Workman has the proof. And the incumbent Town Vice Mayor, Barbara Cowell, is implicated too!By RichardAbbey.
Quartzsite seeks to have Quo Warranto complaint dismissed and Quartzsite Councilwoman Patricia Workman filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General, alleging that Quartzsite Town Manager, Alexandra Taft, has embezzled public monies and engaged in felony Tampering with a Public Record.By RichardAbbey.
Demand Justice in Quartzsite AZ returns with Uncle Sam, updates on Sam Vederman's Quo Waranto case, Mark Orgeron's federal case, and Pat Workman calls Taft on the carpet over wasted spending in Taft's voter fraud witch-hunt.By RichardAbbey.
Cabal town hall meeting, new lawsuits, the county recorder gives us a statement on the voter fraud investigation, And the DOJ opens an investigation into Quartzsite.By RichardAbbey.
Mark Orgeron fights the cabal in federal court and the county Recorder says there is no voter fraud in Quartzsite.By RichardAbbey.
County recorder Shelly Baker says Quartzsite dead voter story is an urban legend, "there is no voter fraud in Quartzsite, and I've been telling Jeff Gilbert and Alex Taft this for two years but they just won't listen". And Mayor-elect Foster and supporters rally at the state capitol.By RichardAbbey.
Orgeron strikes back! Mark Orgeron files a federal suit against the town for usurpation of office. And the city of Phoenix takes the case against Martin Brannen. Council person Kelley back-peddles on Orgeron but stands by her decision to undermine the will of the voters for Foster.By RichardAbbey.
Creative cheating Uncle Sam And chief Gilbert's birthday marks one year of resistance to civil rights violations, suppression of free speech, and the avarice of a few taking power over the many in Quartzsite.By RichardAbbey.
Object/Subject in Quartzsite revised Uncle Sam and the town council refuses to seat Foster and Orgeron despite the will of the electorate!By RichardAbbey.
Tonight on Demand Justice in Quartzsite AZ! Truthtalkers primary analogies and Uncle Sam!By RichardAbbey.
With just days counting down till the vote must be canvassed the town government prepares to defy the will of the voters and keep those who lost the election in power.By RichardAbbey.
Chief Gilbert is running for La Paz county Sheriff and Quartzsite town council refuses to seat the newly elected mayor and council candidates. Are you angry yet Quartzsite?By RichardAbbey.
Mayor Lizzaraga adjourns today's meeting denying incumbants the chance to steal power, and Hygeia Halfmoon's case against Mike Roth is thrown out of court.By RichardAbbey.
IT'S FOSTER, ORGERON, AND WORKMAN FOR THE WIN! But now that they've been elected will these opposition candidates actually be seated? We look at what the cabal has up it's sleeve. Remember, these folks play dirty.By RichardAbbey.
Election Night in Quartzsite! Live coverage of the results! Our guest will be Bob Miller, former editor of the Gem.By RichardAbbey.
Election night is fast approaching, we'll hear from candidates and talk about the path that led us here. Will the police chief ever face justice for his crimes? Will transparency and accountability return to our town government? Will a small group maintain control of our town and undermine the the rights of the rest of us? Must the people of Qu ...…
John Prutch files an appeal, Goldenbear continues to publish unfounded accusations against Mark Orgeron, Barbara Bowman's editorial violates public employees rights and does Jerry Lukkkasson have a PAC financing his campaign commercials or is he violating election laws? Plus Uncle Sam and more goofey endorsements!…
Hypocrisy No Mas! Tonight's guest will be Eddy, father of the child Shanana Goldenbear has accused of inappropriate contact with school teacher and council candidate Mark Orgeron. Eddy has demanded a retraction from the Desert Messenger,. stating that Orgeron is innocent and that Goldenbear made up the story in an effort to destroy Orgeron's re ...…
Uncle Sam returns after his escape from unlawful, indefinate, detention. Angry about being waterboarded with Quartzsite town water, Uncle Sam demands justice in Quartzsite AZ!By RichardAbbey.
Uncle Sam escapes unlawful detention! we'll also discuss this weeks legal battle between the town and John Prutch.By RichardAbbey.
Tonight's show will feature Mark Orgeron and John Prutch. Mr. Orgeron will address the bullying tactics used against him by the Desert Messenger's Shanana Goldenbear and Starr Bearcat. John Prutch will be discussing his election challenge case, which has been moved to La Paz county.By RichardAbbey.
Tonight Demand Justice in Quartzsite AZ responds to chief Gilbert's recent accusation that we are a terrorist organization led by Uncle Sam. We will be discussing the first Amendment and political satire.By RichardAbbey.
Uncle Sam delivers his State of the Union Address! Plus our special guest will be John Prutch who has filed a challenge to the town government's seating of Mike Jewitt on the town council.By RichardAbbey.
Uncle Sam, Jennifer Jones Hygeia Halfmoon takes the boycott to the next level, and why the Quartzsite Police Department, a division of the city government, needs to have a website which is hosted and run on commercial servers independent of the town's domain and requisite archiving and backup requirements?…
Hygeia Halfmoon, in her own words. what more needs to be said?By RichardAbbey.
Tonight we will have former mayor Ed Foster and The Desert Freedom Press editor Jennifer Jones. We will be discussing the legal manuvers around the Jewitt-Prutch race, Mike Storie's resignation from AZCOPS, and Hygeia Halfmoon's consumer boycott.By RichardAbbey.
Election Tampering in Quartzsite! The town hall cabal intends to seat Jewitt despite the law calling for a run-off election in May. We'll be discussing election tampering and our guest will be Iron Warrior, Viet Nam veteran and Rainbow warrior who was a victim of "Operation get 'em out" a scheme between chief Gilbert and BLM law enforcement off ...…
Live show on election night! Our show will have live coverage from the gathering of opposition candidates, with our election night correspondant Jennifer Jones! Get the play by play, hear the numbers and statements from the candidates! Plus Uncle Sam and more radio theater satire! Call in at (949)534-0681. We'll be taking calls so call in your ...…
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