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The main work of Calvary Chapel South London is to build up the body of Christ by the consistent teaching of the Bible, book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse. The worship is simple, focusing on exalting the Lord.
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Can love be measured?According to the Lord Jesus, our ability to truly love is inextricably linked to whether or not we’ve truly been forgiven. Is your life hall marked with love?By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
What does it take to serve the living God?In this brief devotional we learn the essence of depending on God and the Holy Spirit to truly witness and worship as believers in Christ.By Bertram Owete.
How do you view prayer?When it comes to managing the mountain range of problems in life, where do you go for help and who do you call on? Vantage points make all the difference.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
What is the difference between the Old & New Testament? Simply put, God made promises recorded in the past that would be fulfilled in the future consummated in Christ.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
Have you ever been in a situation where you needed someone to intervene on your behalf? We are always grateful when this happens because it calls for a huge sacrifice of time, effort, energy and empathy.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
Are you where you ought to be? God graciously invites us to be his friends and the state of our prayer life is often a helpful indicator as to the quality of our relationship.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
Will God destroy the righteous along with the wicked? Well, in order to answer that question we have to define who is righteous and who is wicked.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
What prevents you from presenting yourself before the Lord? Is it laziness, ungratefulness, self confidence (I got this, I don’t need God’s help) or could it be embarrassment because of uncleanness?By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
Name: Adam BoyceScripture Joshua 3:1-17How do we cope with times of change or challenge in life? Just as with the Israelites when they faced a raging river Jordan, God calls us to: face our fears, take a step back, consecrate ourselves and get our feet wet (step out in faith).By Adam Boyce.
To be a disciple of Jesus we are required to count the cost, because he wants more than just our superficial following.By Peter Beggs.
What kind of partner are you? Every single Christian is a member of God’s team and has an important role to play. How are you contributing to the effort?By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
Where does our contentment come from? Do we only feel content based on our circumstances, or do we place our trust in Jesus and his power to make us content?By Denzel Gaisie.
In these verses Paul addresses a conflict between Euodia and Syntyche. How do you address conflicts between you and other church members when they arise? Do you follow the principles laid down in scripture?By Alan Black.
Do you have assurance of where your going?Our direction in life is impacted by those we follow. Justification, sanctification and glorification describe the three elements of the incredible Christian journey.By Phil Moore.
What goal should we have as believers? Join us as we consider Paul's call for believers to share his goal of 'pressing on' towards the prize of God in Christ.By Dean McNish-Millar.
What makes for a valuable testimony now and always with God and men. Paul shares how to hold, guard and share a truly valuable testimony that counts for eternity with God in Christ.By Bertram Owete.
Would you let go of some who took care of your need because they were needed by someone else. Paul did. Let’s see why.By Neil Symester.
How easy is it to find a friend that’s servant hearted and faithful? Paul was exceptionally encouraged by Timothy a young disciple who shared his spiritual DNA. Good servants make great Christians.By Doug Cruz.
Do we as church provide a real contrast in unity to the rest of the world? In light of Christ and Paul’s example are we prepared to give our all for the Gospel in joy?By Richard Thomas.
Would it be unfair to say that we live in a self obsessed world? As sinners, we tend to exalt or put ourselves before others. Paul, instead fixes his camera lens on Jesus, highlighting the marks and motives of self-less living.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
The work of the Lord requires team effort.We have the perfect example in the person of Jesus Christ who chose 12 people to assist Him, namely the disciples.How are you using the gifts that God has given to you to advance the kingdom?By Michael Prendergast.
We live in a society that finds it entertaining to watch other people’s mess being broadcast on national TV. With the birth of social media platforms, we can hide the real us, pretending to be living the dream. The Bible teaches that we are all infected with sin.So what is the answer?By Michael Prendergast.
When faced with ultimately challenging situations where do we look for help? This message reminds us of the grace available through prayers and the supply of the Holy Spirit that bring joyous hope in Christ in the face of adversity.By Bertram Owete.
When considering the future do you do so with fear or confidence?In terms of completing our God given purpose everybody needs assistance, support and encouragement, not just from those around us but from our ultimate heavenly helper.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
What’s your story? The historical impact of the Gospel always begins with individuals willing to be on mission, sharing the good news, leading to salvation, resulting in great joy.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
What does the resurrection mean to those who believe? Paul believes that the power of the resurrection is revealed through his suffering. For Paul this is a clear sign that when he is at an end the life of Jesus picks him up.By Richard Thomas.
What kind of God, would reduce himself to becoming a man and then end up dying miserably on a cross?By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
Does God care about a Christian’s journey or are they expected to make their own way and hope for the best?By Neil Symester.
Can you identify with this poem?“Lord, I don’t always feel like prayingI don’t always feel like praisingBut I’m glad that you don’t stop savingI’ve been contemplating how your grace is amazing”By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
Would you like help in your prayer life? Historically, one of the most powerful influences in society has been poetry especially when set to music, this is no less true of the Psalms.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
Did you know that Jesus can be found in the Old Testament? The new is in the old concealed and the old is in the new revealed.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
How many layers does a poem potentially have? This psalm, one of the most famous pieces of poetry in human history, like a diamond, has multiple facets when looked at from different angles.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
Wouldn’t it be great to keep talking about the positive elements of this psalm? But that wouldn’t be faithful to the text or real life. We inevitably come to the difficult, negative contrast to the tree.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
To be or not to be like a tree? That's is the questionBy Pastor Robert Prendergast.
We walk past them every day, hundreds possibly, what am I referring to? Trees. When was the last time you stopped to consider one of the most important metaphors in the bible?By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
As humans created in the image of God, we are highly capable of processing information. How we do that is very important because the quality of content coming in tremendously affects our behaviour. Garbage in, garbage out.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
When was the last time you took a journey of wonderful discovery? Diving into the deepest depths, climbing heady heights, exploring wide uncharted horizons? This describes the adventure awaiting you in the Psalms.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
How is God's work in you seen or experienced by others? Jesus made it clear that everyone who follows him will experience an outpouring of his Spirit from within. Does yours feel like a trickle, and what should it look like?By Pastor Efrem Buckle.
We all lack a clear sense of direction or the ability to get past certain situations at times? God has sent his Spirit and He is at work giving direction to ALL people. Do you recognise His direction?By Pastor Efrem Buckle.
Why don’t we place hands and people receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit today; and although it once was why isn’t speaking in tongues evidence of being baptised in the Holy Spirit anymore? Listen in to find out.By Pastor Efrem Buckle.
Can ‘the spirit’ be caught, like a common cold or cartoon powerball? Are you only baptised in the spirit if you speak in tongues? The Holy Spirit is a person not a thing, and His interaction with people is focused and purposeful.By Pastor Efrem Buckle.
Amid new year resolutions and the irrepressible march of time, how does real lasting change happen?God has worked in Christ, and through the presence of his Spirit, to bring about the fulfilment of our hope and need for change.By Pastor Efrem Buckle.
Christmas has come and gone, so what’s new on your Wishlist? Apart from God revealing the most priceless possession available, we wouldn’t even know it existed let alone its accessibllity. God himself.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
On a personal note, what are you hoping for? As a country we are currently divided on Brexit, but 2000 years ago, as a nation, Israel knew exactly what they wanted.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
What are you hoping for?We don’t often think about God being a gift-giver yet we may be surprised at what he has wrapped up for us in Christ.By Pastor Robert Prendergast.
Is Christ only in the New Testament? We often think he only shows up in there, but all of scripture prophesies and points toward the coming Messiah, who we see in the person of Jesus.By Denzel Gaisie.
What is the biggest barrier to being blessed? What conditions are most conducive to nurturing blessings? Essential answers shared in the final instalment of our series in The Beatitudes.By Pastor Efrem Buckle.
Do you, like the early church, esteem it an honour to suffer for Christ? Being mocked, villainised and even murdered hardly seems like the recipe for a happy life, but such is the upside-down Kingdom of God.By Pastor Efrem Buckle.
Will there ever be peace on earth or is Jesus setting an unachievable goal in this beatitude? There will be peace but like the hardest of jigsaw puzzles it is reliant on first having the Master-Peace. What does it look like? Listen in.By Pastor Efrem Buckle.
We live in an age of information overload, constantly giving our attention to multiple sources, pleasures, people & platforms. What position does God hold in your life?By Peter Beggs.
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