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The Aquascaping Podcast
The inspiration, design, and science of aquascaping and the planted aquarium.
Runescape Weekly
My name is Magebit and I've been building my fortune in Gielinor for over15 years. Each week my co-hosts and I follow the news and report our findings in an informative and entertaining format. I hope you will join us as we break down the facts and provide entertaining and analytical debates of what matters today. And of course, Happy Scaping!
Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers: Meet the Developers
Join musician, composer, singer, producer and artist Brian Eno at the Apple Store Regent Street as he discusses music, art and his foray into the world of iPad apps. Along with musician and software designer Peter Chilvers, Brian has developed a series of apps from Bloom to Trope, and now Scape for iPad. A new form of album, Scape makes music that thinks for itself, offering users deep access to its musical elements. These can be endlessly recombined to react to each other and change mood to ...
Runescape Radio
A podcast all about Runescape.
Mazen Abed-Rabbo Sound Scapes
RuneScape TheMoronNoob
My name is TheMoronNoob (0_o TheMoronNoob?), and i make runescape videos.
Ring and the Book, The by BROWNING, Robert
"Better translate--"A Roman murder-case: "Position of the entire criminal cause "Of Guido Franceschini, nobleman, "With certain Four the cutthroats in his pay, "Tried, all five, and found guilty and put to death "By heading or hanging as befitted ranks, "At Rome on February Twenty-Two, "Since our salvation Sixteen Ninety Eight: "Wherein it is disputed if, and when, "Husbands may kill adulterous wives, yet 'scape 'The customary forfeit.'" (Excerpt from first chapter of The Ring and the Book.) ...
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Playlist Rough Grazing by BJ Nilsen on - (-) Outside by Inner Self on - (-) Open the Gift by Laraaji on - (-) Stabbed in Konya by Gohan on - (-) My Garden by Sapphire Slows on - (-) Moonshake by Andres Oddone on - (-) Lambi Judaai by Reshma on - (-) Untitled Death by Teresa Winter on - (-) 1-w Scape by Jeals on - (-) . (Vibraphone, Marimbaphone ...…
KBIA-FM: thinking-arts.php : NPR
Regional stories from the KBIA newsroom, including: City Council Votes to Eliminate Para-Transit Route Wentworth Alumni Win Battle Over Doughboy Statue 2 More Municipalities Join Drug Monitoring Effort Jefferson City Prepares for 'Street-Scaping' with Sewer TestsBy (wheelercatherine).
KBIA-FM: views-of-the-news.php : NPR
Regional stories from the KBIA newsroom, including: City Council Votes to Eliminate Para-Transit Route Wentworth Alumni Win Battle Over Doughboy Statue 2 More Municipalities Join Drug Monitoring Effort Jefferson City Prepares for 'Street-Scaping' with Sewer TestsBy (wheelercatherine).
KBIA-FM: under-the-microscope.php : NPR
Regional stories from the KBIA newsroom, including: City Council Votes to Eliminate Para-Transit Route Wentworth Alumni Win Battle Over Doughboy Statue 2 More Municipalities Join Drug Monitoring Effort Jefferson City Prepares for 'Street-Scaping' with Sewer TestsBy (wheelercatherine).
KBIA-FM: business-beat.php : NPR
Regional stories from the KBIA newsroom, including: City Council Votes to Eliminate Para-Transit Route Wentworth Alumni Win Battle Over Doughboy Statue 2 More Municipalities Join Drug Monitoring Effort Jefferson City Prepares for 'Street-Scaping' with Sewer TestsBy (wheelercatherine).
Soundscape "Its my namplah" mix1. FYAH BURNING / IRIE DAY2. RASTAFARI / 7MAO3. GA-PI meet DA-JIM / TAXI BKK 4. BURNING f. FYAH t.MONKEY KING / ”Mr.RUB-A-DUB”5. Kai-Jo Brothers / เจ้าพระยา6. Kai-Jo brothers / Paradise7. SRIRAJAH ROCKERS feat. RASMEE / อย่าไห้เด้.[Don't cry]8. SRIRAJAH ROCKERS / การแชร์(mixed by DJ TO-RU)…
It’s that time again. Prep your build orders, hold on to you hype and get ready for the latest episode of the Rogues Portal Gaming Podcast: Not Enough Resources! Now Playing Dylan is trying to narrow down his class in Dungeon Runners, but is glad the Hearthstone Meta is starting to even itself out after the latest expansion. Meanwhile, Ryan is ...…
Apollo Live Podcast
Thanks for tuning in. This week we've got LNR from Nottingham, UK in our guestmix.LNR Soundcloud - - - - - 1. We Will Fail - Third2. Verge - Conduit3. Hodge - A Break In The Buildi ...…
Fernie Live Mix Sessions - Podcast // Powered by Aurora
Fernie Live Mix Sessions // Abstract Beats - Chapter 00501. Gidge : Hope02. Analog Jungs : Voyager (Imram Khan Remix)03. Khen : Land Of Goshen (Patrice Baumel Remix)04. Rafael Cerato : Polaroid (Dizharmonia Remix)05. Guy J : West On Mars06. Tone Depth & Jerome Isma-Ae : Arise07. Acumen : Innocent Flower08. Dale Middleton : Dorna09. Sasha : Trig ...…
Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza - "Swirled Freely" - Show #348 from Jan. 4, 2005 [Full list of audio samples here!] Set: Swirled Freely Etienne Noiseau - "Waiting for the Mass" - One-Minute Vacation [Duomo, Siena, Italy, 2004. Field recording] Matteo Trisoglio - "cascatella" - One-Minute Vacation [Field recording] Gunnar Gentzsch - "Berlin b ...…
Nic and Jack - hit102.3 & 105.1 Mid North Coast
Jack asks for nics approval when he realises he may be using Way too many Paper Hand towels in the work toilet.. Nic has a Scape Goat plan that makes it okay.
In the concluding episode of our 2-part special on Joris Planck's "Sermon on Passion and Consequence," we hear a story of captivating pathos told by our beloved Chief Zealot. Transcription of Joris: The Maple was not always Maple to the Cedar. At one point, the two looked upon each other and saw no difference. ’Twas a love marked by rapture and ...…
Eusebie, aka SunFalls is a PDX based electronic musician. Composing, performing, writing and collaborating up and down the west coast since 2001. From noise cello improv for butoh theatre to experimental ableton sets and merging into eurorack synthesis in 2013. He has been a recurring solo and collaborative performer at Volt Divers, the Sonic L ...…
Musical Decadence Radio
Editorial: A Look at Unicorns Funds Toyota’s research division, Toyota Research Institute, has launched a dedicated corporate venturing fund called Toyota AI Ventures that will invest in artificial intelligence as well as robotics, autonomous mobility, data and cloud technology. Partech Ventures, a US-headquartered venture firm with a significa ...…
Soul Conversations Radio Show Podcast
Stacy Epps interview (12 Mirrors feat. Apex) we talk about performing on the Madvillian album, how the supergroup 12 Mirrors was formed, and their upcoming show in DC with the Low Budget Crew and Friends on 7/19.Playlist:Soulence - Jazz et the vertBrasstracks, Masego - Melanin ManKing Britt, Sylk 130 - The ReasonOmar, Natasha Watts - Insatiable ...…
--- In episode #87 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome my longtime friend Jeremy Sploosh to the show to talk about Red Pill relationships, the state of California, and we reminiscence about how insane trip to Budapest a few years ago. In this packed one hour show, you'll learn... The current state of the state of California - why it's gone so far d ...…
No scape yet: Close-up view of garlic as it continues growing in a North Douglas garden. (Photo by Matt Miller/KTOO) In this week’s edition of Gardentalk, Master Gardener Ed Buyarski reminds us about removing garlic scapes. Much like the deadheading of flower bulbs that was covered in last week’s segment, Buyarski explains that clipping the eme ...…
Sound Retirement PlanningRadio / Podcast – Sound Retirement Planning
Jason interviews Dr. Hersh Shefrin. Hersh Shefrin is the Mario L. Belotti Professor of Finance at Santa Clara University. He is one of the pioneers in the behavioral approach to economics and finance. The January 2001 issue of CFO magazine lists him among the academic stars of finance. A 2003 article in the American Economic Review listed him a ...…
In 1994, Andy Fisher co-founded and led the Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC), a first of its kind national alliance of hundreds of groups working on urban food access and local food. Fisher led CFSC as Executive Director for 15 years, creating and gaining momentum for the concept of community food security while building the food moveme ...…
1.Reagan (IE) - Tomson (Original Mix)2.Reagan (IE) - Outside (Original Mix)3.Boris Brejcha - Frequenzfett (Original Mix)4.Dustin Holtsberry - Leviathan (Original Mix)5.Johnny Witcher - You Like It (Original Mix)6.No More Dreams Metodi Hristov Remix.mp37.Mateo! - Close (Original Mix)8.Sascha Ciccopiedi - Bad Money (Rato & Light Breath Remix)…
Weekly WaterCoolers Podcast
The funnest episode recorded so far...we ramble about weird new stories, man-scaping/woman-scaping and "Are there too many festivals?"
The Jason & Scot Show - E-Commerce And Retail News
EP089 - Amazon acquires Whole Foods Hot Take Amazon agreed to spend $13.7 billion to buy the grocery store chain Whole Foods Market Inc., which has more than 450 stores. The grocery category is a $795B opportunity in the US that has largely been untouched by digital. Terms of the deal Wall Street reaction Impact on the grocery category Winners ...…
Tweet Our fearless duo wade into hairy territory and discuss "man-scaping", luck, super teams, NBA Finals and more! The post Any Given SportsDay – 17 – NBA Finals appeared first on Wildfire Radio.
Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul have done more than any other pop-culture phenomenon to bring Albuquerque's unique city-scape to the eyes of the world. But is the Albuquerque portrayed in these shows accurate? What do they get right and wrong about our city? We talk to Bryan of the podcast It's Saul Goodman about his impressions of Albuquerqu ...…
♫ Read More ♫:"Picking Up The Pieces {The Editions}" is available 9 June on Chapter 24 RecordsPRE ORDER: ...…
Join us for an evening with authors from Kaya Press, the group of dedicated writers, artists, readers, and lovers of books working together to publish the most challenging, thoughtful, and provocative literature being produced throughout the Asian and Pacific Island diasporas, with special guest Abeer Hoque. The Secret Room In Kazim Ali's wildl ...…
This week Dilz and Deag see very little RS action. Is life conflicting with Scape? Never. But that doesnt stop us from talking about the goings on in the world. Profit snake gets a visit from Jagex. A World map makes its appearance... And More! Let us know if you want to join our Discord server. Tweet, email or message us on facebook to have yo ...…
Sequences Magazine
Sequences Podcast no110 part 200.00 Andy Pickford ‘Rise’ (album Vangard 3) www.admusicshop.com06.57 Andy Pickford ‘Elektra’12.54 Glenn Main ‘Promethium’ (album Live In Dortmund) www.admusicshop.com17.47 Glenn Main ‘Message To Poland’21.31 Glenn Main ‘Ripples’25.23 ARC ’System Six’ (album E-Scape 2017) www.admusicshop.com37.37 Broekhuis, Keller ...…
Stew and Dave delve DEEP into the mysterious, pulsing heart of comic books & comic book movies! This week we pay tribute to the victims of Manchester, and cover the wonderful and beautiful "Spider-Man Blue". We also talk a HOST of movie topics including the Dark Universe & The Mummy, Dave's concerns about Invisible Man, the excitement machine t ...…
The Title Block
Last September, 2016, I spent 2 hrs talking to composer and sound designer Richard Feren. We spoke about his early career in radio, at the age of 13, through his time in the explosion of indi theatre in Toronto in the early 90's and his work with iconic directors like Daniel Brooks. We land on his process for producing sound scapes and scores f ...…
Living Free in Tennessee - Nicole Sauce
Today we get to have some fun with lots of different topics. We’ve had quite a few questions in the last two weeks, and with a looming weekend pig roast in the offing, I thought today would be the perfect time for a Listener Q&A show. So we will talk about grinding your own wheat for flour and the pros and cons of that, give a shout out to a sm ...…
TONIGHT AND EVERY NIGHT24 minutesWritten and Directed by Christina Eliopoulostonightandeverynight.com is the celebrated star and host of TONIGHT AND EVERY NIGHT, the talk show that plays in his own beautiful but fractured mind. On one fateful day, Yianni who suffers from dementia, wanders out of his h ...…
What You Will Learn
Illuminate - by Nancy Duarte & Patti Sanchez 'Ignite Change through Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies and Symbols' A cool, well-structured, well designed book about creating change. The book is centred around the 'Innovation Life-Cycle' and the 'Venture Scape'. It takes us through the story of change through the stages: Dream, Leap, Fight, Climb, A ...…
Software engineer, Brian Spangler, talks to SPF about his data gathering app that helps authors understand the Amazon marketplace and reveal which categories offer the highest profit potential. This week’s key highlights: The origins of Brian’s idea for Genre Report How feedback from authors helps shape Brian’s work with Genre Report Some surpr ...…
Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church
When Flannery O’Connor published her second novel, “The Violent Bear It Away,” she added an epigraph on the front page –a single Bible verse from the Gospel of Matthew: “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent bear it away” (11:12). O’Connor spent a lot of time thinking about thi ...…
Welcome to the Riviera Firefly Top Tips for Spring. With special guests Faye Villalba and Julia Edgely. A special Firefly promotion and a free download. What’s not to like! This podcast was sponsored by KidooLand the Little English School who have just opened inscriptions for the Summer holidays for 4-16 year olds and September for 0-16 year ol ...…
As the weather begins to brighten up, we find ourselves with a hankerin’ for some entertaining. A long table set up outside, some fresh flowers and your favorite cocktail. Sounds lovely, right?The fact of the matter is that entertaining can oftentimes feel a tad bit overwhelming and stressful, but we don’t think it has to be that way. Today we’ ...…
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