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The Shadow Scape Podcast is a journey into the lives of the many individual creatives that make up the DNA of the music industry. From record executives to street buskers, our objective is to highlight and explore the many facets of this ever-changing ecosystem. Hosted and produced by Corey Martin and Sean Lea of Shadow Scape Records.
Life Scape
I love music
The inspiration, design, and science of aquascaping and the planted aquarium.
Join musician, composer, singer, producer and artist Brian Eno at the Apple Store Regent Street as he discusses music, art and his foray into the world of iPad apps. Along with musician and software designer Peter Chilvers, Brian has developed a series of apps from Bloom to Trope, and now Scape for iPad. A new form of album, Scape makes music that thinks for itself, offering users deep access to its musical elements. These can be endlessly recombined to react to each other and change mood to ...
Runescape Weekly
My name is Magebit and I've been building my fortune in Gielinor for over15 years. Each week my co-hosts and I follow the news and report our findings in an informative and entertaining format. I hope you will join us as we break down the facts and provide entertaining and analytical debates of what matters today. And of course, Happy Scaping!
Runescape Radio
A podcast all about Runescape.
Mazen Abed-Rabbo Sound Scapes
My name is TheMoronNoob (0_o TheMoronNoob?), and i make runescape videos.
"Better translate--"A Roman murder-case:"Position of the entire criminal cause"Of Guido Franceschini, nobleman,"With certain Four the cutthroats in his pay,"Tried, all five, and found guilty and put to death"By heading or hanging as befitted ranks,"At Rome on February Twenty-Two,"Since our salvation Sixteen Ninety Eight:"Wherein it is disputed if, and when,"Husbands may kill adulterous wives, yet 'scape'The customary forfeit.'" (Excerpt from first chapter of The Ring and the Book.)Note from ...
Music that will help to relax and groove you while you kick back and take in the Dave's Space Place beats from artists like Bassic, Argus, Morgen La Civita, Altocirrus, zero-scape, Kuutana, Sequential Dreams, PuzzleDragon, Spacekat, Enigma, Deep Forest, Steven Swinford, Martin Tillman, Loreena McKennitt and many more. Kick back and let me take you on a ride that will fill your day with some relaxation.
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MagebitBy (Magebit).
Come hang out in chat and kick back with a nice cold beverage on this hot evening. Chill out to some great chill, ambient beat and downtempo tonight on Dave's Space Place!
Pyrnassius gives his opinion on the Comp Cape Reaper debate.By (Pyrnassius).
Patch Notes and Updates June 11th 2018By (Pyrnassius).
We have liftoff! We shall head toward the Delta Quadrant. Grab a cold beverage and kick back with me for a great evening of chillout, lounge and downtempo music to take the weeks edge off. De-stressing is good. Stop by chat and say hi!
Hana & Pyrnassius lead a fantastic show and I join in the latter thirdBy (Hana).
Pyrnassius' Patch Notes and Updates for 4th JuneBy (Pyrnassius).
David and Magebit talk about the release of SolakBy (Magebit).
Kuinka laces modern folk and Americana with an electronic jolt, waltzing along the grooved edges of dream-pop, synth-pop, and Brooklyn’s mid-aughts guitar-rock revival. Their genre-defying music features several different lead singers, four-part harmony, and eclectic instrumentation including cello, banjo, synthesizers, ukulele and electronic p ...…
I'm back now to regular schedule of Friday evenings at 9PM Eastern Time. So come on by, grab a drink, kick back and let me take you into space for a 3 hour tour.
Pynassius Talks about Overgrown Idols from his perspective!By (Pyrnassius).
Pynrassius covers this weeks update and patchesBy (Pyrnassius).
Patch notes and updates for the week of 5/6/18By (Pyrnassius).
Pyrnassius' new monologue show! This episode is about SafecrackingBy (Pyrnassius).
Magebit & PyrnassiusBy (Magebit).
It all starts somewhere. Your favorite bands, a different city, new friendships, old friendships, fireworks, memories that last a lifetime. Music Festivals are special experiences that combine some of the best things in life and each one of them are unique. There are so many and it's not always easy to find the right one. There's location to th ...…
Thought Bubbles Brain Farts Episode 2: FarmingBy (Pyrnassius).
MagebitBy (Magebit).
Pyrnassius' Thought Bubbles and Brain Farts Episode One! Wilderness RejuvinationBy (Magebit).
Magebit, Pynrasius, & Dxthelb talk about Game Jam!By (Magebit).
Magebit & Hana discuss the Price Rise & Mining/Smithing Changes. Also Runescape is dying? Spoilers: No.By (Magebit).
Magebit & Pyrnassius show from last weekBy (Magebit).
Aengus Finnan is a Canadian folk musician and arts organiser. He is currently the Executive Director of Folk Alliance International.By (Shadow Scape Records).
Aussie Edition!By (Pyrnassius & Dxthelb).
Faintheart is an American indie rock band hailing from Manhattan, Kansas. Faintheart is set to release their new record, "The Overview Effect" March 30th 2018.By (Shadow Scape Records).
Sawyer Fredericks is an American singer–songwriter who won the eighth season of The Voice in 2015. Hailing from his family's farm in upstate New York, he is fast establishing himself as an authentic, original, Americana artist with deep, beyond-his-years lyrics and melodies, raw, soulful vocals, & powerful live performances.…
MagebitBy (Magebit).
State of PvM discussion including c/4taa, aurascape, and questions from the live chat. (Magebit).
Come chillout and relax with a beverage of choice and check out yesterday's and today's best chillout and lounge music.
Pyrnassius & Dxthelb join Magebit to end the hiatus!By (Magebit).
Bring your spaceboots and leave your cracked helmets at home. Grab a beverage of choice and come chillout with us in the lounge for some of the best of yesterday and today in the genre of chillout, space, lounge and downtempo. Join us in chat and say hi or just tune in and chill.I have brand new music from Richard Baysinger, Xaoslord, Morgen La ...…
This nomadic husband and wife duo was just named Artist of the Year at the 2018 International Folk Music Awards. Ordinary Elephant captivates listeners with their well-honed combination of insightful writing, effortless harmonies and intertwined clawhammer banjo and guitar.By (Shadow Scape Records).
Come kick back and relax as I spin some of yesterday and today's best in chillout, lounge and downtempo music in the galaxy. Grab a beverage and join us in chat or just kick back and chill.
Gayle Skidmore is an American singer-songwriter, musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from San Diego, California living in the Netherlands.By (Shadow Scape Records).
Let's set off to deep space and chillout for the night from the cold weather, the storms and the holidays. Kick back and relax and enjoy the flight. No Aquila tonight, just the music. Stop by in chat and say hi.
Come chill out with some chill and lounge music for the holidays. Take the stress out of the mess. :)
Jessica Cole is the owner/mastermind of Lyric House • a full service music licensing & publishing company based out of Los Angeles.By (Shadow Scape Records).
Mining & Smithing Rework Showcase Rundown & MoreBy (Magebit).
The 12 Days of PvM & Much moreBy (Magebit).
Emily Capshaw is a sound engineer and an actress from Los Angles, California. We caught up with Emily as she was passing through Kansas City as part of the mixing crew on Kendrick Lamar's "The DAMN. Tour."By (Shadow Scape Records).
Evil Dave & Winter Weekends, Advent Calendar, Pyrns patch notes, Advert Glitch, & MoreBy (Magebit).
Come and kick off the stress of Black Friday with the best in yesterday and today's chillout and lounge music. Stop by chat and say hi!
Magebit, Pyrnassius, The RRman, & Dxthelb talk Premier ClubBy (Magebit).
Come hang out with us at Dave's Space Place this evening for some of today and yesterday's great chillout, lounge and ambient-beat music. Hang out in chat, grab a beverage and sit back and relax as I take you out into the Delta Quadrant to escape from the week.
Magebit & Pyrnassius talk Runescape Mobile and so much more.By (Magebit).
Magebit discusses recent updates and c4taa abuseBy (Magebit).
Dimension of the Damned Finale, Runescape Content Showcase!, More boss drop rates revealed, OSRS: King of the Skill, Zombie Walk Price ManipulationBy (Magebit).
Two giants sit down for a chat: George Farmer & Jeff Senske of Aquarium Design Group. Aquarium Design Group: ADG on Facebook:
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