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Thank you for taking the time to listen to our podcast! We hope you capture a glimpse of Southington Christian Church. The purpose of our service is to help you connect with God in a personal way. We seek to express the solid truths of the Bible in a relevant and meaningful way to all who attend and listen.
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A podcast about Comics, Comic Cons, Movies, TV and pop culture in general
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Podcasts from the English Department of St Columba's College, Dublin, Ireland
A podcast for parents and families discussing the various phases of a child's life.
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The Ideablawg podcast on the Criminal Code of Canada.
News, How-To's and interviews from the heart of the Hong Kong literary scene. For almost 25 years, the Hong Kong Writers Circle (HKWC) has been a stalwart of Hong Kong’s literary scene, creating an environment in which writers develop their skills and hone their craft, while increasing their knowledge of the publishing industry with the support of their peers. Our members come from all corners of the globe and range from published professionals to the aspiring amateur. Get inspired, get invo ...
Sunday Service Podcast
California employment law literally changes every week. Keep up with the latest news and updates as they get cascaded down by the Superior Court of California and what these new laws could mean for you.
SCC Sports Medicine is Europe's largest Biomechanics, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation & Research Centre located in Dublin, Ireland as part of the Sports Surgery Clinic Campus. This is a Sports Medicine and Science Podcast series hosted by Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller the Centre Director. Andy is a leading Sports Medicine Physician, having worked with elite sports teams in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US. His sub-speciality interests are athletic groin pain , biomechanical imaging and ...
Off The Beaten Track is a racing podcast by the fans, for the fans, and covers racing related topics that don't always involve...well, racing.
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Colby LidstoneMessage from May 20, 2018.
In Episode 19, Wesley and Rich open the show patting each other on the back for the bump on Falmouth approving a synthetic field turf. They, then, move to the diamond where Sandwich baseball captured its second ACL title in three years (6:02) and the rest of the Cape Cod baseball playoff picture beginning to shape up. At the 22:15 mark the dyna ...…
This week Jessica and Jason are talking about the joys and challenges of raising 4th and 5th graders. You know, they are the ones who are 32 years old one minute, and then are 7 years old the next. Legos give way to bicycles and freedom, dolls give way to that cute boy everyone is talking about. It's a great time to parent your kids!…
Sermon from May 13, 2018.Pastor Andrew Bryce
We bring you another candidate forum at Stanislaus Concerned Citizens. Here are all the candidates that attended the forum: John Mayne, Candidate for Stanislaus County District Attorney Patrick Kolasinski, Candidate for Stanislaus County District Attorney Steven O' Connor, Candidate for Stanislaus County District Attorney Ted Howze, Candidate f ...…
Pastor Andrew BryceSermon from May 6, 2018.
In Episode 16, Wesley and Rich open the show by breaking down the local lacrosse scene on both the boys’ and girls’ sides. From there we talk about the physicality of lacrosse and how the game has been tailored around a rougher New England style (9:15). Then we head over to the baseball diamond to discuss the Canalmen hanging tough in the SCC a ...…
Jessica and Jason take a look at faith and family with the amazing and exciting stage of life of 2nd and 3rd graders.
Jessica and Jason discuss the Kindergarten and First Grade Phase. We will be looking at how to parent, what your kids need today, and what they are moving towards in this crucial stage.
Pastor Andrew BryceSermon from March 4, 2018.
Pastor Andrew Bryce Sermon from February 25, 2018.
Ray Goodrich has bounced around from dream job to dream job—starting his post college life as a marine mammal trainer at Sea World. Then he decided to pick up a few Emmys by producing SCC football for Fox Sports. And now? Well now he talks beer for a living. He is the Director of Marketing at Foothill Brewing in Winston Salem, North Carolina an ...…
Track#, Game, System, Track Name, Composer, Listener(s), Original Episode, Timestamp (unless obviously otherwise): 01: Intro - 00:00:00 02: Streets of Rage - Genesis - The Streets of Rage - Yuzo Koshiro - Trey Johnson - Ep 1 - 00:02:19 03: The OneUps - Green Hill Zone - Volume 2 (album) - c: Masato Nakamura / a: The OneUps - Phillip Vaughn - Ep ...…
Track#, Game, System, Track Name, Composer, Listener(s), Original Episode, Timestamp (unless obviously otherwise): 01: Intro - 00:00:00 02: Streets of Rage - Genesis - The Streets of Rage - Yuzo Koshiro - Trey Johnson - Ep 1 - 00:02:19 03: The OneUps - Green Hill Zone - Volume 2 (album) - c: Masato Nakamura / a: The OneUps - Phillip Vaughn - Ep ...…
Marcus & FBDonkey return for our TENTH season of SuperCoachCoach podcasts! In this third preseason podcast of 2018, we continue the positional shows with the midfield. Click here to support the team, BE a Patreon! To join our SCC group, if you have already registered for SuperCoach 2018, simply click the following link (you may need to login): ...…
Most of the prayer requests we receive here at SCC are for physical healing. And yet, when it comes to healing, Christians are often ambivalent about how to pray. Should we pray for healing from an illness or the grace to endure it? Join us this Sunday as we lay out a practical plan for how to pray for physical healing both for yourself and for ...…
Baptism is a picture of a new life! This weekend we have the amazing opportunity to celebrate what God is doing here at SCC through the ancient practice of baptism.Join us this Sunday as we gaze together at the grace that is found in our Jesus. You’re going to be so glad you came!
Tonight 8pmET ..... our Guest is Owen Smith with Joint Host Alicia YashcheshenAlicia will be talking to Owen about everything from his winning court case before the Supreme Court of Canada to his work with patients and Cannabis Digest.What does Owen think about how cannabis legalization is unfolding in Canada and does he think that his big win ...…
Chris Keezer Sermon from January 21, 2018.
Welcome back to The Emancipation Podcast Station - the place to hear about history researched and retold through the eyes of Middle school and HS students. Last time on the show... Today we are “Creating a Nation”. Let’s dive in. Braden: What is the SCC? When did the SCC happen? The Second Continental Congress Blake- The Second Continental Cong ...…
Whether your regret is connected to a past relationship, a career decision, or a bad habit you’ve developed, God wants to replace our biggest failures in life with forgiveness and freedom. In this message we will learn how to apply a new framework for thinking to our lives so that we can go to bed each night and wake up each morning with peace ...…
With Bianca Filoteo--The last New Moon of 2017 is upon us with the moon in Sagittarius, the Truth seeker, and Bianca is back one last time this year to chat with us about what it means! The Full Moon also lands exactly on January 1st, so this moon cycle is especially important! That's why Bianca and I are breaking down how to best approach your ...…
Hello everyone! Welcome to the Southington Christian Church Podcast. This is episode two of "Scary Scripture". On this podcast we will take a look at stories in the Bible that have made us uncomfortable and we offer interpretations that can be helpful for the church today. This second episode is on the Ephesians 5.…
Jessica and Jason walk through each of the phases in a child's life, and each episode discusses the challenges and opportunities parent's face.
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