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AuDieo On Set A
Die On Set A brings you talks of horror and weirdness in life, films, and everything inbetween.
Excited for the follow-up to Harper Lee's literary classic TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD?Join Bubba (@FittenTrim) and Tasha (@larensoul) as they read the most anticipated novel in years!
The Wow! Signal Podcast is the voice is 21st Century's search for the question to the answer of Life, the Universe and Everything. The podcast is a heady mix of interviews with bleeding edge thinkers, writers, and investigators.
The Unseen Podcast
This is the unscripted, unedited, open participation, Creative Commons spinoff of the Wow! Signal. What to do you want to talk about?
From Washington to Obama, 10 American Presidents a podcast narrated by guest hosts. The life and legacy of an American President. Each show is intercut with music and where possible archive news clips or dramatisations to set a feeling of place and time.
Short, weekly pep talks that'll motivate you to take that first step, set a goal that scares the crap out of you, or laugh your way through the struggle. It's the Run, Selfie, Repeat podcast, where we talk about life with a side of running. So join me as we get real, get ugly, kick ass and take names.
L'Italia che va
Daniel Della Seta ci racconta l'Italia, il paese delle eccellenze con i suoi fatti, notizie e curiosità. Tante storie, incontri ed esperienze dall'Italia che lavora. Il programma si articola in tre rubriche: I mestieri dell'Italia che va: tradizione, formazione, innovazione, tecnologia; Incontri allo specchio: i protagonisti dell'Italia che va; Due minuti per...: suggerimenti, annotazioni, curiosità.
Come on in and set a spell with "Two Bubbas and a Bible"
A weekly, foul mouthed, and unscripted show, with topics ranging far and wide. Join your hosts Patrick Seta, Cody Hucker, and Luke Young as each week they interview guests with varying positions thoughts and careers!
A show on retro / vintage / classic gaming from two guys who didn't just play the games, they lived them! Set as a morning radio show from inside the Retroverse, Kai and Stephen from the band TechnoFunkBoy discuss the happenings of the various worlds, take calls, enjoy gaming music, and more! More fun than you can shake a controller at!
My name is Adam Schaeuble....aka....The PHD (previously heavy dude) and I'm on a one MILLION pound mission. A few years back I looked at the scale and I weighed 327 lbs and I set a goal to lose 100lbs which I DID! Then I opened up my own fitness studio and took what I learned and applied it to my hometown clients through unique weight loss, exercise, and nutrition programs and protocols. My hometown clients lost 35,000 LBS over a span of just 5 years! Now I'm on a Million Pound Mission with ...
Tenishia hold their own as the most successful DJ/Producer in Malta, selling arena shows and appearing everywhere from TV to mobile phone adverts. Winners of ‘Best Newcomer Award 2005′, ‘Best Live Performance 2005′ and ‘Best Dance Tune Award in 2008, 2009 & 2010’ at the Malta Awards and signed to Armada Records, Tenishia are taking the World of Electronic dance by storm traveling the World with their DJ adventures and producing some of the finest progressive trance that can set a dancefloor ...
We're answering your questions on Modern Manners for Moms & Dads to help new and experienced parents with all those sticky parenting situations, so we can lead our families with kindness and awareness, set a good example for our kids, AND keep it real when it comes to expectations. We’re best friends and business-owners, moms to five young kids, and educators with advanced degrees who never hold back, including when it comes to our language. This podcast is for adults only, so don’t listen w ...
Where we learn how to keep the drama on the page and out of our writing process!Let's see... writing is a wondrous, mysterious, unknowable process, right? Um... #notsomuch! Once past the inspiration point, the rest is craft and craft can be learned! And we are here to talk craft, keeping yourself motivated and so much more!If you want more of this kind of booty-kicking encouragement every day, check out my Twitter stream @writingnodrama for tips and tricks 24/7!Also don't forget to set a rem ...
An intimate set. A glass of Royal Crown. And a conversation with the people who make Las Vegas tick.
There's a brand new series on Fun Kids!It's all about three school kids called Bobby, Chloe and Elisha and they've been set a pretty tricky homework assignment.Together they must write a song all about money!Throughout the series, they pick up LOADS of great tips on how best to look after money, how to save and how to be careful online when spending your pocket money!
An intimate set. A glass of Royal Crown. And a conversation with the people who make Las Vegas tick.
Tamara Chaos is ready to design a website for your small business.
Prophetic Song
Bill has been leading contemporary worship for over 30 years with an emphasis on realizing the experiential presence of the Holy Spirit within the worship set. As a worship songwriter he has recorded, worked with prause teams, and encouraged many in the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Bill is an ordained Anglican Priest. Find out more about him and his ministry at www.blomquistian.comArtwork: Pencil drawings of the Tabernacle of Moses and Ministry Stations by Paul Choate. Find him on Facebook a ...
Yamwekre Wakato, Sonsga, sen na n song yamb ti y paam laafi, su-noogo, tilgre yamb zagsa puse la viim sen ka sèta (A program to help us acquire wisdom for the happiness in our homes, prosperity, health and life eternal for our souls).
Little Lord Fauntleroy is a sentimental children's novel by American (English-born) author Frances Hodgson Burnett, serialized in St. Nicholas Magazine in 1885. It was a runaway hit for the magazine and was separately published in 1886. The book was a commercial success for its author, and its illustrations by Reginal Birch set fashion trends. Little Lord Fauntleroy also set a precedent in copyright law in 1888 when its author won a lawsuit over the rights to theatrical adaptations of the wo ...
Серия подкастов от московского продюсера и музыканта, выпускающегося на Conkrete (UK), Heavenly Bodies (USA), Seta Label (Slovakia), Kiez Beats (Germany), Dash Deep Records (Canada) и многих других — 2NICA
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Stephen reports back from Dreamhack, we discuss the increasing problem of MURD, and we discuss the differing styles of competition and community between esports and speedrunning. Our Patreon page is Show notes at
In this episode I'm bringing you my best strategies and tips so that you can maintain your ketogentic lifestyle while you travel. Listen to this quick 5 minute episode on iTunes, Stitcher, or SoundCloud and then take action. Would you like to do live online workouts with me every week? How about live Q&A or some mobility sessions? Check out my ...…
You all know how much I love to come up with creative names for my programs and processes so when I heard the phrase "Betterhumanology" I knew that I had to dig deeper to find out more! This week I'm chatting with the man who coined the term Betterhumanology Jerred Moon. Jerred is the Founder & CEO of End of Three Fitness and former Physical Tr ...…
This week, we’re answering your questions on... How to pay someone back for watching your kids when they don’t seem to want you to reciprocate When a houseguest wants to bring their dog to your home And how not to be an awkward gift-giver Thanks to everyone who sent in a question, including @momtrends: We wa ...…
It's the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, and preachers may have a giant of a task composing the sermon for this week! The Bubbas talk David, Goliath, a sleepy Jesus, and some "skeered" disciples in this episode. Guest musician is John Williams, with some of his choicest work from the 1960's, the theme from Irwin Alllen's Land of the Giants.…
Taking action is a super important step in the path to achieving your health goals, but it is also very easy to fall into a trap where you are just taking random action and not seeing any real results. This is the place where we start to tell ourselves a story along the lines of "I'm TRYING so hard....why am I not getting any results?" This wee ...…
This is it folks! Another milestone, episode twenty is here! This special episode we have Carmen Belperio from episode 8 makes a striking return and Ethan Middendorf joins us for some great stories. They are both in the band Silent Harvest along with one of our three hosts Patrick. This was a fun episode folks, it really was. We talk about a me ...…
Do you have a need for an affordable website or do you have one that needs an update? Call Shama Patel or Tamara Chaos! Shama: 256-642-9287 Tamara Chaos 260-255-6012
Shedding your shirt along with your insecurities and working out in your sports bra is TERRIFYING! What if a complete stranger, your neighbor, or a loved one confirms the horrible things you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? WELL, here's something I want you to focus on, WHAT YOU SAY TO YOURSELF. Because even if someone looks at you ...…
We return to Earthbound and this time turn our attention to the Runaway Five, examining how the Blues Brothers informed this segment of the game and made it super cool. Show notes, including video from the Blues Brothers at
I know that sometimes it can be easy to feel like you are in this battle all alone. The message of this episode is simple: I've got your back. We are in this together my friend! It's time to get fired up! Listen to this quick 5 minute episode on iTunes, Stitcher, or SoundCloud and then take action. Would you like to do live online workouts with ...…
I've been looking forward to this interview for a few months now. Kelly and Juliet Starrett are two people that I've looked up to in the fitness space for quite sometime now and I'm excited to share this interview with you. Kelly Starrett is a coach, physical therapist, author, speaker, and creator of the website, which has revo ...…
What do you do if you're at a public pool and someone's kid isn't wearing a swim diaper? Do you have the right to tell that parent to put a swim diaper on their kid?? What do you do if your mother-in-law insists on smoking in your home...and you're pregnant...and your husband is afraid to confront her?? What about a frequent potluck guest who r ...…
Bubbas are doing it to it on this Fourth Sunday after Pentecost. Special musical guests are U2, performing Song for Someone.
If you are in a place in your transformation where you are feeling kind of stuck it may be time to re-evaluate the fundamentals of your overall game plan. Sometimes we fade away from some of the core things that always seem to work for us. Listen in on iTunes, Stitcher, or SoundCloud and then send me a message on Instagram (@MillionPoundMission ...…
This week on the Bastard Sermon we had on Rachel Morrison. Rachel is in thebackground of almost every episode we've ever recorded. We've had her as the sole guest before andwill continue to in the future as she's a hilarious contribution to the show. We talk: breaking pats balls, fetishes, concert stories, scabs the forbidden chips, video games ...…
We held a race inside the Realm Online and live-streamed it on Twitch as well as recorded it here! Join our good friends Ravenint, Jeff and Charlotte, and Steven as they try to navigate a series of clues set up by Kai and Starrie of the Realm. Show notes at Twitch channel at…
This is a topic that I've been thinking about a lot and whenever I ask a podcast guest about their definition of "enough" it always sparks a really interesting conversation. Let's dive a little deeper on this topic! Listen to this quick 5 minute episode on iTunes, Stitcher, or SoundCloud and then take action. Would you like to do live online wo ...…
As women, so much of our worth is ascribed to how we look. We get judged on it. And the larger a woman is, the more likely she's going to be labeled as lazy, unhealthy, and whether or not you want to admit it, ugly. AND I CALL BULLSHIT. HEALTH ISN'T A LOOK, IT'S A LIFESTYLE. Mark your calendars because on June 24th, women around the world are d ...…
Sarada Peri is a speechwriter and communications strategist. She was Special Assistant to the President and Senior Speechwriter for President Barack Obama. Prior to joining the White House, she was a Principal at West Wing Writers, where she worked with corporate, political and nonprofit clients on speechwriting, speech delivery, op-eds, books, ...…
I'm going to be straight up with you on this one....I had a really hard time naming this episode because my friend JJ Flizanes delivered SO MUCH value and we covered a ton of material. Just trust me and push PLAY because you are going to love this episode! JJ Flizanes is an Empowerment Strategist and Host of The Fit 2 Love Podcast Show. She is ...…
This week, we’re answering your questions on... When your child’s houseguests are afraid of your dog How to ask your in-laws for what you truly need when you’re pregnant What to do when your baby has colic and the apartment walls are thin Stay in touch and send us your questions or comments on Modern Manners for Moms & Dads! Phone: (857) MANNER ...…
For the Third Sunday after Pentecost, the Bubbas are musing upon change, call, response, cost, and family -- amongst other things. Special guests today include Forrest Gump and Etta James, the latter performing A Change Is Gonna Do Me Good.
We all love that feeling of being ultra fired up about our weight loss goals, but sometimes that just isn't the case. Sometimes we have to find a way to reignite that fire and get motivated. Listen in on iTunes, Stitcher, or SoundCloud and then send me a message on Instagram (@MillionPoundMission) and let me know what you thought of this episod ...…
This week on The Bastard Sermon, we had special guest, local comedian, Jay Armstrong! Jay is a phenomenal stand up comic to say the least! We have Jay on to talk about comedy and how exactly he got into it. This is one of our more serious episodes folks. We talk about recovery, wrpngful incarceration, and peoples ridiculous life style choices. ...…
We chat with Realm Online developer Jordan Neville about the update and re-release of the Realm Online, launching the very day of this podcast! Show notes at Realm info at
Staying inside your comfort zone is comfortable, but staying there too long leads to stagnation. Being stagnant for too long will lead to a slow decline which can take you all the way back to where you started. So let's get outside of your comfort zone! Listen to this quick 5 minute episode on iTunes, Stitcher, or SoundCloud and then take actio ...…
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