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Gadget Reviews! Hands On... (iPod)
We created this channel to bring people first impressions and reviews of the latest hot products in the world of electronics! Our aim is to get 'hands on' video's of the newest cool products way before they hit the shelves, before you can find them online, well before anything really!
CLUB KERRY NYC: Vocal Dance & Electronic - DJ Kerry John Poynter
Inspiring the NYC & American electronic dance music scene every 128 BPM (beats per minute) at a time. One of the longest running vocal house EDM podcasts ever! (Since 2009). Listed "What's Hot" by Apple iTunes in 2011-2015. "Stylistically Superior! Simply the best vocal house podcast on the net." (iTunes)
Electronically Organized Noise Show
A large spectrum of today's modern classical music aka 'Electronic' played. More 'Classics' then 'hits' played. Emotional/thought provoking pieces or simply great music normally put together in different frames of mind. Enjoy.
Space Radio - Goth, Industrial, EBM, SynthPop, Electronic, Techno
Simply the best Goth, Industrial, EBM, SynthPop, Electronic, Techno music and artists on the internet. Streamed from Los Angeles, Space Radio features the best Synthpop, Industrial, Goth, EBM and Techno music in the galaxy. Hosted by Regen Robinson...who is not really a DJ, but has an enormous music collection and a LOT of free time.
SUNANDBASS are exclusive Drum'n'Bass holidays on the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia. For a whole week music lovers from all over the world meet up at this incredible location to enjoy electronic music and to simply celebrate life! Each year numerous international top-class artists visit the small town of San Teodoro at the East coast of the island to perform at local clubs, in bars and directly at the beach… crystal clear water, never-ending sand beaches and above all nice and easy peo ...
Medusa Bloom
Medusa Bloom is a community-based art dedicated to electronic music lovers. Its concept was built on our team's passion and devotion to underground, electronic sound. We aim to unite real music lovers on the global level, by enlarging our community through the creation of events and podcasts.Medusa Bloom was developed to present our fascination for the medusa animal. The medusa is truly an amazing creature to us. It pulsates and free-swims in its umbrella shaped bell, as its tentacles trail ...
Hi-Desert Sound Sessions
Hi-Desert Sound Sessions hopes you will enjoy the mixes that are posted on this page. I will be posting new music for you to discover weekly by local and world wide artist. Please stay tuned and keep your ears open.If you like what you hear and are looking for a dj to perform at one of your events please contact us by email over 20 years of DJ’ing experience, Dennis Simms has held residencies at famous clubs like Metropolis (Irvine, CA) C2K at The Venetian (Las Ve ...
In The Woods with Filter Bear
In The Woods is a talk and music show hosted by Australian electronic music producer Filter Bear. The aim of the show is to simply share interesting stories and conversations with successful people from all walks of life.
Pretty Hybrid Mixes
Dance Music: Josie Carr of Pretty Hybrid Pretty Hybrid are 2 female controllerist DJs (Josie Carr & Ozzy Williams) producing live via improvisational techniques in mixing, remixing, and software effects manipulations building an experience beyond that of simply two turntables and a mixer in genres of Dance, Electronic, Dubstep, Latin and Industrial.
Behind The Stage
"Behind the stage" or simply recognized as Axvard podcast, is a mini monthly radio frequency that mixes tracks in the electronic field.Warnings: All traces inserted in the following podcast have been formalised and required according to the laws of the authors and publishers, the following podcast may not be copied or used for personal purposes.
e-BIM, the electronic Business Intelligence Monitor, is a forum for sharing ideas, best practices and solutions within the business community. The emphasis of e-BIM is on peer-to-peer communications within the business professional community.Simply put, you can interact, share solutions to your business problems with an incredible network of authoritative sources and practicing professionals. It's easy. It's fast. It's free.e-BIM enables you to find from your peers a method, a solution, a pr ...
DJ Mike Barnes
For Mike Barnes the music always comes first. The American born hit producer and DJ has always found the way over the years to evolve electronic dance music. Simply listen to his work to hear him continue to push the musical envelope.
STEREOSOUL is an electronic dance music duo based out of Philadelphia, PA, which is comprised of DJs S.A.M. (PhillyEDM) and LISSEN (PhillyEDM). What began as an experiment has turned into a union of sound and style. SAM's deep house background mixed with LISSEN's extensive RAVE background has opened the doors to a vast selection of musical tastes and genres. Fishing from the hottest and most cutting edge tracks of today, STEREOSOUL also plays the greatest classic tracks and pays homage to th ...
Multi-instrumental - Live Dance act - ProducersBookings: bookings@goldfishlive.comUS / Worldwide | Ben Hogan | Circle Talent Agency South Africa | Raymond Bloom | AfterhoursCatch us on tour: http://www.goldfishlive.comThe secret is officially out. An electronic duo from the Southern-most tip of Africa have gone from one of Dance Music’s best kept secrets to an act tipped by industry tastemakers as the band to watch this year.Their genre-defying mix of live instruments, House beats and searin ...
DJ PONCE's Weekly Podcast Show
Cesar Ponce de Leon, also known as, DJ PONCE, is a DJ/Dance Music Producer from Silver Spring, MD USA. For the past few years, he has created amazing progressive, electro, and trance tunes that made many people feel passionate about electronic music. With his enthusiastic personality, and advanced DJing talent, DJ Ponce has simply proven to be a one of a kind master in the DJ business; simply ask anyone that watched his live performance. DJ Ponce’s life has been virtually raised on music. Si ...
Hindi DJ, Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently ...
Jitterbug Jukebox
Jitterbug Jukebox is a podcast hosted by Duke Skellington and Professor Watson focusing on the subculture of the swing era music from the 1920s to 1940s and also its current state of electro swing which is being produced in the UK and around the world. We focus not only on the music but also on the culture; fashion, interviewing current artists as well as learning more about historical musicians and their place in time.Marshall Watson AKA Professor Watson:Marshall Watson is a professional Sw ...
Tech/House Podacst mixes download free LIVE DJ music mixes EDDIE KITSNER
SUBSRIDE ON iTunes Dance Radio podcast sessions weekly on pod o matic featuring upfront tech/house techno soulful deep house and best quality under ground house tracks from around the world mixed by beatport artits and sone great DJ's . The clubbing experience is now coming to your House/head phones/i-pod and carSubscribe free Download them allvisit the tech/house podcast here for track lists and links to the Dj's on the show eddie playin ...
Julian Perez
Julian Perez's Upcoming GigsFri 22 Sep, 17 Robert Johnson, Offenbach, GermanyFri 06 Oct, 17 Girada, Underground Ibiza, Ibiza, SpainSat 21 Oct, 17 Romy S., Stuttgart, GermanyPowered by GigaToolsJulian Perez developed a love for electronic music since the early 90's heavily influenced by the music coming out of Detroit, Chicago and UK. These sounds gave him a new direction where he has spent the last 2 decades educating his ear and refining his approach to djing, after years of experience and ...
Luzztro Podcast
Send us Your DEMOdemo@luzztro.comYes, I'll see you, see you on the other side.www.luzztro.comAbout:Luzztro is not only a unique music club in Warsaw. It is also an operating since 2016 independent record company - Luzztro Records - founded on the grounds of the need and passion of the owners - founders of the club - young people, best friends for years, working in the music industry for over 20 years, for whom music is simply everything, and who, all the time, have been looking for new and a ...
Art of Peace Radio
The ART OF PEACE is a public radio program heard weekly on and KCSB 91.9 FM Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm. The Art of Peace focuses on social responsibility, community activism, and personal relationships as they relate to mindfulness and peace consciousness."Learning to Listen"Philip Le Vasseur Raises Consciousness and Engages the Community with Art of PeaceTuesday, August 24, 2010By Colin MarshallPhil LeVasseur is interested in many things, but none seem to get him quite as fa ...
New Portal with Price Comparator!! @ Send your Demo to or submit it to our A&R group get our support and to figure on our community!Kritikallmusic, your community to discover, share and kritik electronic music!Striving to help promoting electro music! Your Music!Artists, Promoters, Fans shares your music on and have your tracked placed on the same level than the ...
Podcast - Giuseppe Castani
"I do not play house, Trance, Progressive or classics. I play simply Techno!“ - Giuseppe, August 2016The likeable Sicilian, born and raised in Frankfurt / Germany, is listening to techno since 1990. From there on, he was fascinated by all kinds of electronic music. In the legendary Paramount Park, he was a weekly guest from 1999 to 2001. However, a key moment at Rhein Main alarm was in December 2001. A DJ in the Mirage was playing tracks of Sven Väth, Tomaz vs. Filterheadz and Speedy J. Afte ...
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In this edition of the HTF podcast, we talk with Entropy Economics founder Bret Swanson about his recent paper (with Michael Mandel), The Coming Productivity Boom. Swanson sees high productivity growth in the industries powered by information and communication technologies (ICT), 2.7% over the past decade. This is a sharp contrast to the physic ...…
In the past couple of years, we have seen a tremendous amount of information and events covered up and simply not reported in the media, which easily makes people believe there is little or nothing newsworthy to be reported. On the contrary. The "news" media, electronic, print, and otherwise, have completely ignored some vitally important infor ...…
The new album from Madison electronic project Syneva, Limbo Victorian, is basically an ambient record but it covers a lot of territory in a short amount of time. Its 20-year-old creator, Hendrix Gullixson, uses software and a couple of MIDI controllers to explore eerily gritty soundscapes (opening track “Storm Presents Itself Wise” and “Soaring ...…
N Network - Podcasts to make you think, laugh, and succeed
A regular weekly review helps us stay on top of our commitments. So why don’t we do it? In response to a listener question, we look at how to make the weekly review a part of managing our busy lives. The weekly review is a tool for managing your life If you’re new to the show, we have a private Facebook group for The Productive Woman community. ...…
In this episode of Sites, we revisit a classic post from Sonia Simone that lists and describes 10 content marketing goals that are worth pursuing. Which ones are you already pursuing? Which ones should you add to your mix? Listen and find out. Listen to Sites: Tips for Building Better WordPress Websites below ... Download MP3 Subscribe by RSS S ...…
The Simple Sophisticate - Intelligent Living Paired with Signature Style
~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #164 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate: iTunes | Stitcher | iHeartRadio "With a healthy lifestyle, it's not at all unreasonable to expect ninety or one hundred exceptionally healthy years of life, years in which we will be of sound body, mind and spirit." —Dr. John D. Day, author of The Longevity Plan: 7 Li ...…
I was struck by one theme that kept appearing in the past 100 Business of Story episodes – How stories transport us. A true story well told connects emotionally and inspires. It moves people. Aligns teams. Connects with customers. Grows revenue. And will amplify your impact. [caption id="attachment_23298" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Image ...…
Becoming Your Best | The Principles of Highly Successful Leaders
We welcome you to this Becoming Your Best Podcast today wherever you might be in the world today. This is Steve Shallenberger, your host, and today we are going to talk about how to stay motivated, and you might ask for what or who is this for. Well, it's in sales, it's for life, it's for marriage, a student, work, a CEO, coach, a teacher, a la ...…
Download: 28 MB Subscribe: RSS | SoundCloud | iTunes This Week, Ugo is joined by Clare Ollerenshaw from London’s Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) to talk about their goals for a circular economy and a more resource efficient capital. While air pollution has rightly received the environmental focus of the new mayor, what about waste? With Londo ...…
What’s in Your Garage Podcast Episode #6 Frank Barret Bob: Another good afternoon, welcome to “What’s In My Garage.” This afternoon I’m at a Men of League function with the Queensland CEO Frank Barrett. I’ve known Frankie for a few years now; good bloke. We’re going to ask him the obvious question, Frank what’s in your garage? Before we get to ...…
The Jason & Scot Show - E-Commerce And Retail News
EP092 - Artificial Intelligence Deep Dive "We're in the middle of an obvious disruption right now: machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is a renaissance, it is a golden age. We are solving problems that were in the realm of science fiction for the last several decades." - Jeff Bezos This episode is a deep dive into all the use-cases ...…
Michael: Hello everyone. This is Michael Gross and James Cordier of We are here with your July OptionSeller TV Show. James, welcome to the show this month. James: Thank you, Michael. Always glad to be here.Michael: We have a pretty full slate this month, so we’re going to jump right into things. First thing to talk about this ...…
Early to Rise Radio – Early To Rise
Never Miss An Episode! Just add your name and email below receive a notification for each new episode! What do Ernest Hemingway, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Carnegie, Maya Angelou, Anthony Bourdain, and even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have in common? They are early to rise. They all understand the power of an early morning routine and the morning ...…
Mitch Lasky is a General Partner @ Benchmark, one of the world’s leading VC funds with a portfolio including the likes of Twitter, Uber, Snapchat, eBay, WeWork, Yelp and many more revolutionary companies of the last decade. As for Mitch himself, Mitch has made investments or is on the boards of Snapchat, Riot Games, Discord, Outpost Games and C ...…
Revolution Health Radio
In this episode, we discuss: How our stress-response system works The concepts of resilience and metabolic reserve The origins of “adrenal fatigue” The problems with the adrenal fatigue model Why an accurate understanding matters The causes of HPA axis dysfunction How to treat HPA-D [smart_track_player url=" ...…
The Michael Rammell Photography Podcast
Prefer to listen? Subscribe in iTunes and Stitcher to get this epsiode, or just use the audio player below. Be sure to subscribe! ISO seems to be a feature of every camera's spec sheet that gets most of the attention these days. All people seem to care about is a camera's ability to shoot in low light! Now, if you know me and follow my blog you ...…
s - Startup Podcast from Germany
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Starting Point
In this super long episode of Starting Point, Brian and Corey cover a lot of ground in the wake of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). We talk Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Bethseda, Ubisoft, and much much more. Here is the link to my appearance on the Facetious podcast on YouTube. We want your feedback. You can do so by tweeting the podcast a ...…
(An excerpt from “The Strangest Secret Library” – available on Amazon.) Mind Stuff Experiments – Magic of Believing In order to get a clearer understanding of our subject, you should give some thought to thought itself and to its phenomena. No one knows what thought really is, other than some sort of mental action. But like the unknown element ...…
Intro ⦁ This week we are going to explore the French Lop Rabbit breed. ⦁ Item of the Week: Holmes window fan ⦁ The plant of the Week: Sweeds and Turnips ⦁ Word of the Week: Alleys ⦁ Folktale: Rabbit and Dear race ⦁ And finally end with the rabbit news of the week If you would like to support the podcast, you can support through Patreon for one ...…
Naysayers often dismiss the Paleo lifestyle with the claim that it is simply a fad. But if you start at the beginning and explore what early humans were eating two million years ago, it becomes clear that the animal fat diet not only sustained our early ancestors but actually led to the development of our species. So if the Paleo movement is a ...…
Episode One – 9.2.16
PLAYLIST 37 41 Rooms’ Playlist 37 is 93% vinyl friendly. Near perfect. Will we get there one day? Tracks marked * have been given a tiny (or sometimes, slightly bigger) 41 Rooms ‘tweak’/edit/chop/whatever… and a couple of tracks are slightly sonically challenged. Lyric of Playlist 37: For the sheer cockiness – ‘Leeds… Detroit… Berlin… New York. ...…
Episode 001: The Crystal Precious Guide to Festival Raving 2017 - Part 1 of 2 WARNING: This Podcast contains explicit content. Do you know someone heading out to their first electronic music festival? Maybe need a quick refresher and possibly a chuckle or two? If you are looking for a comprehensive, uncensored version of what to expect, this is ...…
Emma Cape was the Campaign Manager of the Chelsea Manning Support Network. In this podcast, she shares her experiences over 3.5 years working with Courage to Resist and Chelsea Manning to build a campaign that would eventually lead to her release from prison 28 years early. Emma shared: “It was really an amazing grassroots effort, how we were a ...…
HARI SREENIVASAN: Next: You need some cash real quick? Economics correspondent Paul Solman explores why, for some customers, the best bet might not be the bank. It’s part of his weekly series Making Sense of financial news. JOE COLEMAN, President, RiteCheck: And this is East 138th Street, which in many ways is the Wall Street of the Bronx. You ...…
An innovative group purchasing program in Boulder County, Colorado, put hundreds of electric vehicles on local roads and sparked the addition of more than 1 megawatt of rooftop solar in its first two years. Now, the initiative is a springboard for efforts nationwide to allow consumers to seize control of their clean energy future. The Boulder C ...…
The Deep Six Podcast - Wrestling, Comics, Movies, and Everything Else Nerd Culture!
It's time once again as Steven and Matt bring you with episode 28 of the Deep Six Podcast! This episode isn't as refined as our other episodes, but both of the guys are a bit under the weather so we hope you'll understand... Things start off with the guys discussing James Gunn's role as executive producer on the upcoming, "Avengers: Infinity Wa ...…
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