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Rock Solid
Rock 'n' roll all night ... and party once a week! Hosted by Pat Francis, Rock Solid is the comedy/music podcast that brings you music “both new and classic," plus lots of laughs and musical guests. Joining the fun are Producer Kyle Dodson and Pat’s hilarious rotating Co-Hosts: April Richardson, Mike Siegel, Christy Stratton and Murray Valeriano.
Solid Steel
The Solid Steel Podcast
The best college football podcast. Because you don't just love college football, you live it.
Solid Joys is a daily devotional written and read by John Piper. These short and substantive readings will feed your joy in Jesus every day of the year. Discover more from Piper at
This lecture series constitutes a first undergraduate course in solid state physics delivered in an engaging and entertaining manner by Professor Steven H. Simon of Oxford University. Standard topics such as crystal structure, reciprocal space, free electrons, band theory, phonons, and magnetism are covered. The sequence of the lectures matches that of the book "The Oxford Solid State Basics" (OUP, 2013).
Solid State Physics
Physics 545 Solid State Physics at Purdue University.Textbook: Introduction to Solid State Physics by C. Kittel.Course webpage
Insight and analysis from the Internet of Things and the worlds of hardware, software, and manufacturing.
Solidly Mediocre
Solidly Mediocre is a podcast about college, mistakes, and becoming an adult. Hosted by Quinn Rose and a rotating cast of friends, Solidly Mediocre is the best place for a fun conversation about figuring out adulthood. Or, at least, for making yourself feel better by realizing how much worse at life we are than you.
Made Solid Designer Peter Maxwell mixes his classic records and new finds with the help of friends driving the Solid Style.
Metal Gear Solid! One of the best series of all time comes to an end. With Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain out, we talk all Metal Gear Solid news!
The best podcast for college football. Because you don't just love college football, you live it.
It's the Solid Signal Podcast! Everything you wanted to know about the stuff you've got to have!
The Podcast about all things bowling related.
A collection of sermons from Solid Rock UPC
Welcome to the Solid’s podcast, where amazing things happen.
Solid Rock Church sermons
Solid Steps Radio
A show to engage, encourage & equip men to ask tough questions of themselves, and to live out their destiny as men, by God’s design. Saturdays at 10am on 94.7FM the Spirit, Louisville, KY, with Kurt Sauder and Chad Russell
Solid Food
A dynamic weekly exploration of faith and hope from Ascension Lutheran Church in Thousand Oaks, California.
A Fan Podcast
Solid B Plus Podcast
A pro wrestling podcast taking a look at the world of NXT, Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor and independent wrestling
Solid State Physics
Solid State Physics
The world famous Coldcut Solid Steel Radio Show, thanks to Ninja Tune - direct to bFM each week from the U.K.
Messages from weekly services at the Solid Rock Church of God Drogheda
Solid Ground
Join Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio as Pastor Darlene Bishop and Associate Pastor Lawrence Bishop II Bring forth the Word in and anointed, uplifting and exciting manner.
Join Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio as Pastor Darlene Bishop and Associate Pastor Lawrence Bishop II Bring forth the Word in and anointed, uplifting and exciting manner.
This podcast contains messages from the SOLID Youth Ministry at the First Baptist Church of Jackson in Massillon, OH.
Solid Words
Weekly expository sermons emanating from the pulpit of The Living Church, a Reformed congregation, in Anniston, AL.
Solid Principles
. Solid Principles is a conservative themed Podcast and Website dedicated to the message of patriotism, individual responsibility, personal freedom, family values, limited government, low taxes, and a brighter future for all Americans. Solid Principles takes a detailed look at American politics with interviews, special features and overlooked topics all with a conservative viewpoint.
Solid Cat
Solid Cat is "The Slumber Party of Podcasts!"We're random; we're rowdy; we're righteous! If you're looking for a good time, slip into your jammies and dial us up!Starring Demosthenes and Valerie "the Space Cowboy"#staysolid
We are a community of people who are being changed by Christ to live like Christ. This podcast features the weekend messages from Solid Ground Church in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. For more info visit
Solid Soul
The Solid Soul Podcast is an Austin based podcast covering music news, artists, albums, and current events.
This podcast is made available from Solid Rock Church. New Windsor, NY
Solid Rock Church
Helping people find God
Solid Rock Church- Midland, GA- Jay Bailey- Lead Pastor
Solid Rock Church
Here you can listen to messages by our Lead Pastor, Joseph Skiles, inspired to challenge and equip you to be ready to take on your week.
Solid Rock Family Church Podcast
Solid Rock Baptist Church Covington,GA
Solid Rock Church sermon audio
Solid Ground Church | Sermons
Preaching from Solid Rock Baptist Church
Calvary Solid Rock
Verse-by-verse through the Bible with Calvary Solid Rock in Minneapolis MN.
Solid Ground Church
Weekly messages from Solid Ground Church in Rehoboth Beach, DE.
Solid Gold Countdown
What was happening in the world of news, sport, TV and trivia, on this week in history. Presented by the legendary Melbourne announcer John Blackman. Proudly sponsored by Toyota, presented by Radiowise and heard of great radio stations across the country, such as 4MK Mackay. How's it going up there , guys?
Solid Rock North
A church in Kohala, Hawaii that loves God and is making a difference in their city, state and world. A church that is spirit-driven and has a message that will speak life and bring hope to you.
The Launch Solid Podcast: Tech Startups, Software Products, Entrepreneurship and Online Business.My name is Carlos Taborda, I'm the Founder of Launch Solid. For the past 10 years I've been building products for startups and Fortune 500 companies. I've recently become a podcaster and blogger to share my experiences with entrepreneurs who are creating tech products.
Solid Ground Church's Podcast featuring speaker Jakes Olivier
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The cannabis industry is exploding right now. There are amazing opportunities out there if you find the right deal. My business partner Ben Hoskins is here today to talk about the ever changing cannabis industry and some of the opportunities that are out there right now. We talk about the different markets, supply and demand, and what states ar ...…
Show Highlights Picking a location is stressful and time consuming, but it can still be one of the most fun parts of starting a float center. Graham and Ashkahn examine what to look for in a new center and how to go about the search. Along with all this, they explain some of the nuances you want to discuss with your landlord when drafting your ...…
As your baby grows older, you'll want to start him on solids. How do you know when it's time to make the transition? What's happening with their little bodies to help them break down these foods easier? And what sort of nutrients and vitamins should we including in their diet? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
This week, Matt, Mike and Unoclay talk about Uno playing Chibi-Robo, crazy cab fees, and Nintendo hardware changes between regions. This week's GoAT fight is Pokémon X/Y vs. Red Dead Redemption. - Game of All Time Tournament - Pokémon X/Y vs. Red Dead Redemption18:10 - Matt - Dishonored 2, Metal Gear S ...…
On this episode of the WDW Happy Place, Ashley Kennedy Turner and Sam talk Disney news including: Lemon Dole Whip, Black Panther has another solid week, and pregnant woman not allowed on Disney cruise. We then close the show with a Tiki Talk.
On this week's episode Jack Warren comes to visit Alyssa & Jesse. Jack gives some solid relationship advice while setting the record straight on how the idea of a soulmate can be damaging. We also realize, to no surprise, that Jesse & Alyssa only vaguely know what they want in a relationship. Join Alyssa Yeoman & Jesse Warren on a journey throu ...…
On this special episode, we do a solid for a friend. "Kurt" is a Uygur from East Turkistan, a place where the Chinese are perpetrating atrocities of holocaust level on this noble people. "Kurt" gives us an eye-witness account of the horrors being committed by the Chinese government and also what you can do to help with the humanitarian effort. ...…
1 Samuel 23:1-14 Perilous times face the Church of Jesus Christ in the days ahead for Christians living in the West. Look outside the Western world and see; our Brothers and Sisters worldwide, suffer persecution for the cause of Christ. It is with firm conviction that I believe that our times of freedom are coming swiftly to an end and that we ...…
Listen now to Gil Cargill talk about how to energize your salesforce for amazing results! One of the recurring questions we get from our clients is how to fix an underperforming sales team. No matter what they've tried—carrots and sticks, personal coaching, sales training—nothing has worked. Then along comes Gil Cargill with his novel approach ...…
Original Show Notes: Become Richer with Matt Lane Matt Lane is a the author of the blog, Optimize Your Life. As a part time blogger, and full time attorney, husband and new father, Matt’s goal is to help people learn that the purpose of money is to allow us to live a happier life, so we need to focus on the big picture of how to build that happ ...…
4.15.18 - God Calls Us In Our Brokenness - Mike MillerBy
4.8.18 - Faith and Shalom - The Rev. Bill DriscollBy
4.1.18 - Easter Sunday Sermon - The Rev. Bill DriscollBy
3.25.18 - Palm Sunday - The Rev. Craig BrownBy
3.18.18 - The Table Fellowship Update - Rick and Carol WallisBy
3.18.18 - Following Jesus - The Rev. Bill DriscollBy
3.11.18 - Dayenu - Scott SchultzBy
3.4.18 - Sabbath - The Rev. Bill DriscollBy
2.25.18 - Are You Separated in Any Way from God's Love? - The Rev. Bill DriscollBy
2.18.18 - The First Sunday in Lent - The Rev. Craig BrownBy
2.14.18 - Ash Wednesday - The Rev. Bill DriscollBy
2.11.18 - Transfiguration Sunday - Scott SchultzBy
2.4.18 - St. Paul's Life Purpose (1 Cor 9) and Testimonies - The Rev. Bill DriscollBy
1.28.18 - Authority - The Rev. Bill DriscollBy
1.21.18 - 3rd Sunday of Epiphany - The Rev. Craig BrownBy
1.14.18 - Nathaniel and Conversion - The Rev. Bill DriscollBy
1.7.18 - Epiphany: A Conversion Story - Scott SchultzBy
12.31.17 - Recognizing the Voices - The Rev. Bill DriscollBy
12.17.17 - Advent 3: Anticipation & Obedience - The Rev. Bill DriscollBy
April 15, 2018. Today, guest speaker, Bishop Perry Engle, preaches from the book of Matthew about perfect love. The Bible says we are to love everyone. As Christians, there is no room for us to choose who to love. We are to love everyone. Perfect love is always responding in love as our perfect Heavenly Father loves. For more information about ...…
Mike discusses the sedimentary basins of the United States. What are they and where are they?A sedimentary basin is a depression in the Earth's crust where sediments accumulate. If those sediments are buried under sufficient heat and pressure they may lithify in to solid sedimentary rock. If organic materials are present in at least one of thos ...…
We’re all headed somewhere. Arriving at our new destinations requires change. For most of us, change creates stress. Just like when we travel on a boat, plane, or in a car, traveling through life can give us motion sickness. We’re knocked off balance. The ground beneath our feet doesn’t feel solid. So how do you prepare for what’s next when the ...…
We’re all headed somewhere. Arriving at our new destinations requires change. For most of us, change creates stress. Just like when we travel on a boat, plane, or in a car, traveling through life can give us motion sickness. We’re knocked off balance. The ground beneath our feet doesn’t feel solid. So how do you prepare for what’s next when the ...…
This week, Presidential also-ran Steve Forbes and fun loving provocateurs Rage Against The Machine deliver one of the more strangely memorable episodes of season 21. Tangents include rioting with Rage, the joys of solid roofing work and more!
Fired FBI Director James Comey says President Trump is untethered to the truth, and compares him to a mob boss. We’ll have details of Comey’s scorching new memoir, and hear from the president’s defenders who say Comey is lying. The U.S. looks for solid evidence of a chemical attack in Syria while the president weighs international military acti ...…
On today’s show, we’re talking about Chappaquiddick, the movie covering the Ted Kennedy scandal, along with some stories of social media discrimination and evangelical identity! The post Chappaquiddick appeared first on The Steve Noble Show.
Joining the show to talk about the upcoming NFL Draft is former Super Bowl executive and NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly. When asked about USC’s Sam Darnold, he said, “Darnold, to me, is the #1 pick in the Draft. I think you can win with him in the pocket and he’s the most solid of all of the guys.” Will Cleveland’s front office finally ge ...…
I sat down with one of my clients Jessica Ramirez to ask her about her weight loss journey. Jessica has lost nearly 25 lbs in 2 and a 1/2 Months. She plans plans to lose another 30lbs or so over the next 3-4 months. What Jessica's secret? She is 100% committed to achieving her fitness goals. She follows a solid nutrition plan and works out 4-5 ...…
Including the typical segments you’ll hear in every episode of the Plantrama podcast :15 Introduction by Janet Endsley, NWFGS Program Director 2:14 Ellen and C.L. introduce each other. (One of us is a cat person, and another a dog person…) 4:04 What’s For Dinner? The Merry Woodsman Cocktail In a cocktail shaker full of ice, combine two ounces o ...…
In today's inaugural Strategic Execution podcast from the Execution Gurus, we explore how to gauge whether or not a CEO has what it takes to successfully oversee a merger in an investor-driven company. We touch on the key characteristics investors and boards should be evaluating, the potential impact of failing to make a solid assessment early ...…
Host Dori Staehle fills in today to talk about FAQ’s. She will tell you what you really need to ask so you can move your music career forward - and not get ripped off! In the past 16 years, Dori has found, groomed, and booked over 900 local young bands and solo artists and managed some bands as well. She knows what it takes to get noticed, get ...…
With Google Sheet's sharing capabilities and some solid, easy-to-use templates, you can stay on top of your budget, schedule, to-do list, and more. use Microsoft Excel to manage your life template gallery Vertex gallery Vertex template gallery Chrome add-on dropdown menus might opt for ...…
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Dazzle (Hayaena) 1984DANSE SOCIETY - Somewhere (Heaven Is Waiting) 1984PLAY DEAD - Sacrosanct (Company of Justice) 1985THE DAMNED - Eloise (12" single) 1986THE CURE - Other Voices (Singles) 1980BAUHAUS - Kick In The Eye (Mask) 1981GANG OF FOUR - A Hole in the Wallet (Solid Gold) 1981ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW - Hollywood (Pro ...…
Graduated from Chengdu TCM University Registered TCM Practitioner Tai Chi Quen and Qi Kung Master In 2011, Master Stanley was invited by Guangxi TCM University in China to help perform western research to prove the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in healing a wide range of conditions. During this time, he amassed invaluable data a ...…
Notice how I said think. I'm not saying I am but I think I am. My content may never find an audience or provide any value, but in the event that it doesn't, I wanted to let you know why I think I act the way that I do. So here goes, the reasons Why I Think I'm So Creative: Genetic predisposition - I come from a long line of creatives, alcoholic ...…
It may not come as much of a surprise that New York’s 12th district, which includes much of Manhattan and Queens, is considered a solidly Democratic district. In 2016, it went to Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a whopping 69.8 points. A Republican has not won election to Congress in the district since 1958, with none having even broken 20% ...…
APRIL SERIES continues!This week we discuss ways to combat MONEY as a huge limitation to us achieving optimal health.1. Budget2. Replace*3. Know Your Body's Needs4. Buy WHOLE foods5. Shop Generic Brands6. Throw the Card AwayWe cover six main keys to make healthier moves on a budget, as well as touch on many, many, many pet peeves and hacks that ...…
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