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Hosted by Shane and Tom, Join this weekly unique and sometimes inappropriate show between two friends. Listen and laugh with them while they share their lives with you from an odd perspective.
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TOPICS: Clay Clolour Car, Show Guests, Brain Freeze Podcast Network, Shane Falls Through Floor, Tom's Gift for Fathers Day WORDPLAY: Beer and Hookers NEW WORDPLAY: Computers and Cars
TOPICS: Boring Building Talk, We Go the Distance, Gun Laws, Saying Things Wrong, Helvetica WORDPLAY: Rappers and Sickness NEW WORDPLAY: Beer and Hookers
TOPICS: Coldy Can, Septums, Lozenges, Archaeology WORDPLAY: Vegetables and Natural Disasters NEW WORDPLAY: Rappers and Sickness
TOPICS: Biergarten, Boil, Underwears, Icelandic Hotdogs, Cucumber Incident, Swiss Chalet, Earthquake WORDPLAY: Tim Hortons and Working Out NEW WORDPLAY: Vegetables and Natural Disasters
TOPICS: Vintage Video, Shane Thinks He's Different, Freyja, Shane's Building WORDPLAY: Weed and Bowling (Golf and Gun) NEW WORDPLAY: Tim Hortons and Working Out
TOPICS: Tom plays the squeezebox, Bowling, Our original Squeezeboxies, Barrium Throat Enema WORDPLAY: Dogs and Russia NEW WORDPLAY: Weed and Bowling
TOPICS: Lost, Tom's New Apartment, Finest in Meats and Sausage, Our New Dog WORDPLAY: Gum and Florida NEW WORDPLAY: Dogs and Russia
TOPICS: Falcon Heavy, DB and BS, Tom’s New Phone, North Korean Gum, Ken Visits, Food… WORDPLAY: Sex (Kissing) and Space NEW WORDPLAY: Gum and Florida
TOPICS: Making Out, Ken Visit, Rockets, RIP Baby Miles WORDPLAY: Vacuums/Cleaning + Crap NEW WORDPLAY: Sex and Space
TOPICS: Half a Friend, Google Translate, Fahrenheit/Celsius, The Vacuum Incident, Bath Turd WORDPLAY: Ceiling Storage NEW WORDPLAY: Vacuums/Cleaning + Crap
TOPICS: The Mall, B and E, Gifts, Boblo WORDPLAY: Stranger Things + Baseball NEW WORDPLAY: Ceiling Storage
TOPICS: New House, Bathroom Mirrors, Strange Things, FART, Nick Howe Audio, Squatty Potty WORDPLAY: House + Sex NEW WORDPLAY: Stranger Things + Baseball
TOPICS: New House, Beard Underwear, Almost Burned our House Down, Where's My Jug? WORDPLAY: Tooth (Teeth) + Music NEW WORDPLAY: House + Fire
TOPICS: Duck Encounter, Canada 150, Tooth Delay WORDPLAY: Hot and Feet NEW WORDPLAY: Tooth (Teeth) + Music
TOPICS: The farm, Bums and Boobs, Cabbage Patch, Giant in a Bathroom, Suislide WORDPLAY: Dads and Back to the Future NEW WORDPLAY: Hot and Feet
Topics: Tom talked about some stuff, Shane talked about his trip to Kingston and then there was some Wordplay (Germany and Japan) Next Weeks Topic: Dads and Back to the Future
Topics: Mandela Effect, Cranky Tom, Hofbrau, Creepy Vans
New Audio Set Up, Dead Pool Dog, Scare Climber Wordplay: Beverages and Breathing New Wordplay: Dogs and Dead
Topics Include: New Audio, New Website, New Wet Dreams, New Squeezebox* WORDPLAY: Back and Genitals NEW WORDPLAY: Beverages and Breathing
Topics include: Podcast Barfketing, Daniel, Shit-Dog Eating Dog Shit WORDPLAY: Cats and Hospitals NEW TOPIC: Back and Genitals
Hey Everybody, once again, Tom and I are back from a extremely long's like our thing now? right? This is a long one (snicker). We talk about drones and Misters and Shane's back. Enjoy!
Oh, just some chat about Shane's trip to Iceland and some various hot dogs. Tom tells a indoor lawn tale. Wordplay is Pizza and Shit, New Topic is Airplanes and Hotdogs
After a bit of a break the stars align and Shane and Tom pump out a new show. Enjoy Wordplay: Time and the Sea
Blair, BBQ, Fear of Organized Holes, Scary Bank People
Listen with your ears, I have no idea what we talked about. New Wordplay: Eastern Europe and Undergarments (aka underwears)
Sorry this took so long to post. This is the audio recording of our 10 Year Analversary show. We've added some audio at the end from some of our fans over the years. You can watch the live show here You can also watch our live anniversary show from 2009 here Enjoy!
Topics Include: Like the title says, Pretty Much Nothing. This was a shorter episode, but we're planning our next episode celebrating our 10 years podcasting. We will be having a live show next Sunday, keep you posted on exact time.
Topics Include: Making a Murderer, Niagara Falls, Exposure NEW WORDPLAY: Zoo Animals and Boats/Ships
Topics Include: New Microphone, and then some other stuff we don't remember. Oh, maybe something about Christmas, and cereal. WORDPLAY: Star Wars + Cereal
Topics Include: Not Grape Nuts, Drones, More Gym Stories. WORDPLAY: Cooking and Basketball and Fat Superheros NEW TOPIC: Cereal and Star Wars.
Tom's Finger Bee Sore, Super Fan, Front to Back Challenge, Halloworst, Nuts for Grapenuts. New Wordplay: Fat Superheros
Topics Include: Shane's New Car, Tom's Glasses and other gloriousness, Ross, Ken, Apple WORDPLAY: Prison System and Sex NEW TOPIC: Chefs/Cooking + Basketball
Quick post, listen and laugh.
We have a special aquatic treat for you... or at least it was a treat for us. This week we record our show in a giant backyard bathtub (also known as a pool). Sorry about the audio for the first few minutes, may not want to have the volume too high in your ear speakers (phone was in a ziplock.) Wordplay This Week: Bears and Hockey, Next Weeks W ...…
This week we talk about a whole bunch of things we don't like, maybe you don't like them too, and then..well...that would be awesome. Wordplay discussed on this episode is Bread and Hospitals. Next week's Wordplay is Bears and Hockey (we think it's a tough one..hopefull not un-bear-able)
Topics Include: A little trip to the hospital, Neon Brown, Worchesterchestershireshire Sauce, Head Dress and Head Sets. WORDPLAY: Surfing and Homeless NEW TOPIC: Bread and Hospitals
Back in our old recording grounds (Helvetica's Grave) We chat about the stampede, Dead Raccoons, The Flu and the Detroit burbs. WORDPLAY: Prison and Sleep
Three episodes in 4 weeks!!, this is craziness! Tom and Shane meet in the pick-up park and talk about sleep problems and gym etiquette. Enjoy.
Oh man! This may be the longest show we've ever done! A great story about our good friend, who fell down at the bar.
We are back folks! This show was a blast with many many conincidences #sauna #finnish #itsalongone
After a long hiatus we are back! Hope you all are well. Today we talk about bugs, dads, toenails, and various other wonderful things.
Christmas Time Audio Fun!
Just listen to the damn show for the topics, it's way better when it comes from our word holes.
Topics Include: Tom talks about the weird things that happen at the bar and Shane talks about something funny that happened to him.
Topics Include: The Misters, Mini-Successes (Little Victories), A bag of disease, A pipe full of dead squirells.
We're Back, We talk about Tim Hornets, Bad Shirts, Childhood Drawings, Porn. We also need your suggestions on good 2 minute clips of our show. WORDPLAY: Bees and Coffee Shops
Hi everyone!! Take a listen, but we need your help. We are animating part of an episode, hopefully doing a whole show. But need you (our fan) to help us decide which 2 minute clip we should use....anything but hopefully something with good visuals and a mixture of Tom and I talking. Leave a comment below please or send email to shaneandtom@gmai ...…
This is a very unique setting for our show, almost naked, wet and laughing....Tom tells a horrible manstitute story.
Holy Crap, I cannot believe we hit 200! This is a fun one, We record our show while helping Tom move stuff. And there is a small Shane treat at the end. We talk about all the favourites, poop, bums, blowup dolls, books....., peeing in cups, you know? the usual. Enjoy friends and thanks for sticking around for way too much of us.…
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