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The Stationary Astronaut Podcast is a deep dive into your psyche. We interview world leaders in their field of expertise to gain knowledge and understanding. All while dropping F Bombs of course.
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Paul Chek is a world-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology, stress management and holistic wellness. For over thirty years, Paul’s unique, integrated approach to treatment and education has changed the lives of many of his clients, his students and their clients. By treating the body as a whole sy ...…
In this episode Nick sits down with first date expert Katie Sir. Katie focuses on psychology and communication to help males overcome their fear of females.By Stationary Astronaut.
Ashley Richter is a world renown makeup artist with a heavy focus on the eyes. Her work can be seen at @aaashleyrichterBy Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode we talk spirit and philosophy with the Sisters of Assisi Heights. This episode is brought to you by Salient Oils, Project Hope, Northern Sun Lighting and Sound, Fully Controlled, KATO CBD and Rochester Lapidary Jewelers.By Stationary Astronaut.
Your Net Worth is Your Network! Audit your circle. Thank you to @7mpls @KatoCBD @Visionarymfng Eleventh Ave and of course our panelists @MichaelShynes @ChazinEnt and @OnlyUsFarrowBy Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode we talk about what makes Farrow the song bird of his generation. He shares an epic Virginia Tech locker room story and also spills the beans on a joint venture he's got coming in the near future.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode Nick sits down with Zack Chazin, the founder of Zombie Pub Crawl and Snowta Fest. Catch Zack on the Panel for Link N Drink Tuesday, September 10th. Thank you to KATO CBD and Rochester Lapidary Jewelers for sponsoring the show.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode Nick interviews Comedian Tristan Miller to go in depth on Bipolarism and Art. Catch Tristan this Friday and Sunday at Fringe Festival in the Twin Cities. Thank you to the Mayo Clinic Mind Matters Program, Lapidary Jewelers and KATO CBD.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this installment of Link N Drink Live we get a chance to chat with Media Bridge Mogulette Giselle Ugarte, Model and Actress Gabby Thomas as well as Professional Glue Piece Sarah Edwards. Thank you to Finnegans Brewery, KATO CBD and Rochester Lapidary Jewelers.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode I rant about building residual income and why I've been so busy and am joined by the Wee Park Warrior Collin Gaul. This episode is brought to you by KATO CBD and Rochester Lapidary Jewelers.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode we talk all things mother earth, cow farts and where plant based medicines and lifestyles are headed. The future is green.By Stationary Astronaut.
I sat down with the legend Shawn McCann to talk all things art. His illustrative background as well as some of his gigs for Disney. Remember, you can't spell party without art.By Stationary Astronaut.
James Arthur Ray is widely known as a key contributor to the New York Times Best Selling Book, The Secret. He has appeared on Oprah multiple times and has coached some of the world leaders in business. In this episode, we focus on the process as a philosophy in life and business as well as the quantum physics behind positive reinforcement.…
Let the competition continue. This was the type of episode to let your hair down to. Checked all boxes. Comedic, philosophical and inspiring.By Stationary Astronaut.
I interview an up and coming band about their beef with a member that left. Fist fights ensued. Beans were spilled. The lead singer tells a story about breaking his leg. The bass player tells a story about taking adderall with his gay roommate and getting the entire dorm cleaned. *MUSIC VIDEO RELEASE JUNE 1st*…
In this episode the boys get weird. It's always a comedic vortex when these three are in the same room. Stories on top of stories on top of stories. Plus we all called our moms on speaker phone and asked them if we were breast fed or formula fed.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode we had a hilarious panel with 3 of the most influential photographers to come out of Minnesota. @SotahBoy @FlyTouchStudio and @TravieTrav_DMV told us about their favorite equipment to use, that "AhHah" moment as well as share a secret talent.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode I sit down with one of the top journalists in the state, Steve Marsh. We talk about Steves journey in the Amazon, interviewing Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar along with culture as a whole.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode Nick interviews Cosmic Kev from the Hesh and Nasty Nate from Common Apparel regarding fashion, the music industry and an epic new collaboration they have coming up.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode we talk about what makes these two as artists, the importance of balance between family and art, road stories and how one viral cover song can make your career.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode I talk with Dr. Joe Tafur regarding his position as a medical doctor working with Ayahuasca.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode Nick and Jenna talk about what got her started in influencer marketing. We also find out her favorite Dr. Seuss book!!!By Stationary Astronaut.
This episode was a magical mix of synchronicity and heartfelt honesty. Ashley Dubose is a gem. Be like Ashley.
This episode is a very special one. Hamilton Souther has influenced the 21st Century more than we know. He blessed us with the brew house (Blue Morpho) that brought us Stationary Astronaut. He is the ultimate glue piece to the western world. We touched on some difficult topics that needed to be said and heard in this episode. Enjoy!…
Heroic Hearts Project is a non profit that connects military veterans struggling with mental trauma to ayahuasca therapy retreats. These veterans typically have tried all the available resources offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs with limited success leaving them with very few options. We open the door to other viable options. HHP als ...…
The 3rd installment of our live podcast we do at Link N Drink. This episode was extra special because we found our home at Finnegans. Thank you to our guests and sponsors for hopping on this wave with us!By Stationary Astronaut.
There's only one way our episodes with JT Thompson go. Weird and off the rails. Enjoy!! *Disclaimer* If you are homophobic, this is not the episode for you.
"Light Speed" Episode 127 with Thaddeus Owen :30 - Fire and Ice Retreat 2:00 - Light Therapy/Quantum Physics 3:00 - Mitochondrial DNA 4:00 - How Latitude and Longitude on our planet effects your DNA 5:25 - Steam Room vs. Sauna 5:50 - Heat Shock Protein 6:45 - Tap Water 8:30 - Skin is your Largest Organ 10:25 - Light Studies 11:00 - How Being Ou ...…
In this episode, Nick tells his story about being audited by the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles as well as the importance of unconditional self love.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode Nick and Lars talk about the grind of producing a powerful, game changing 2nd album. Following their 1st album, Stargazer, will be a task in itself let alone maintaining ultra focus after extreme success in 2018. This episode also dives into Lars' spiritual practice which explains a lot about his unique, one of a kind personality.…
In this episode we talk about Sophorns history in a gang as well as fighting off mormons with light sabers in Utah.By Stationary Astronaut.
Anahita Champion is an award winning influencer and news personality. She is the founder of "Hita Talk", a YouTube show centered around incredible women in the Twin Cities.By Stationary Astronaut.
Dr. Wiest is a high level chiropractor and physical rehab specialist. He is also a master of business, exponentially growing The Center throughout the Twin Cities.By Stationary Astronaut.
Link N' Drink 002 Live from @FultonTapRoom "The risk takers are the ones being placed in our history books."By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode, Nick and Joey P talk about the path less taken and Joey's potbelly pig that just died. That's when things got iiiiinteresting. Catch Joey P on stage with Twista, January 20th at the PourHouse!By Stationary Astronaut.
In this final episode around the sun, the fellas go over their 2018 new years resolutions while plotting out 2019s.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode the dudes talk about what it takes, being open to opportunity and putting in your hours. Pharaoh operates in the DIY world while failing forward. This dude will not lose in life because of his work ethic.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode Nick and Joel talk about peoples different motivating factors and how fun it is to watch the underdog rise. Joel also tells his own story about being adopted and rising up the ranks to become the worlds greatest personal trainer.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode Nick and Jean talk about her upcoming film, Ride. Based on a true story about John Buultjens an extreme athlete and now, global brand manager for Haro Bikes.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode I grab the goods from Tiny Williams. This dude is an Olympic sailer from New Zealand that now gets flown out by billionaires to go yacht shopping for them. Carl is kicking off his new podcast called Tiny Talks that will be on all major platforms.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode Nick and Dorian go deeper than a Giant Squid on a Yellow Submarine. Dorian Yates is a historic body builder. He won 6 consecutive Mr. Olympia's from 1992 to 1997.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode Nick and Dennis talk about the experiment that started it all, La Chorrera. Dennis breaks down what him and his brother Terrence experienced and the insanity/magic that ensued.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode Nick goes live from Link n Drink 001. He talks with founders of companies like Social Butterfly, Kovert, Fingrprint, Music in Minnesota, New Day New Drink and more. He also chops it up with creators and curators making moves all over the planet.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode Nick and Carl go deeeeeeeeeeeeep. They talk about Carls journeys with the Phyllomedusa Bicolor, also known as the Sapo Toad. Nick and Carl go way back which made this episode extra special.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this special episode Nick and Giselle talk everything Confidence and why it's a key contributor to success in our personal and professional lives. They also talk in depth about the comparative culture we now live in with Social Media.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode Nick and Brandon talk about what got Social Butterfly started, the vision behind it and some long term goals. This is the hustlers episode.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode Nick and Andy talk about nostalgic movies, what brought him here, their favorite directors and favorite movie soundtracks. Gray Duck Theater is an independent, locally-owned movie theater committed to bringing a truly local and communal cinema experience.By Stationary Astronaut.
I brought Ron in who is a veteran with a sense of humor to get his perspective on the social climate in our country right now. We have gotten to the point where you either get it or you don't. There is no excuse to not understand where our minority brother and sisters are coming from these days. We are either moving forward or losing, there is ...…
In this very special episode Nick and Nate talk about the weird music scene in Minnesota, how Kings of the North propelled Nates music career, haters, alcoholism, psychedelics and much more.By Stationary Astronaut.
In this episode Nick and Theo hit the road to find the magic beans.By Stationary Astronaut.
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