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TGIF Today God Is First Daily Devotional reaches more than 190,000 subscribers daily. Now you can listen to TGIF in Podcast form! Listen to uplifting messages by Os Hillman that go along with today's devotional, and be encouraged to "Live out your faith at work."
Oct 23, 2009 podcast of Praise and Worship with host trrracy rena singing"How Great Is Our God"Chris Tomlin "Sing of Your Love Forever"& "Open the Eyes Of My Heart" Delirous! Followed by "God Great God" Kurt Carr ending with an original worship version of the song made famous by Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville "I Don't Know Much". Praise and worship in raw and annoited form with a voice and piano
A weekly wrap up of what happened in the news, with a fun twist
TGIF Radio
Every Friday, a group of good friends kick back, relax, enjoy the start of the weekend and talk about the mysteries and wonders and weirdness of life.
TGIF Sessions
Dutch, Antillean League Presents The Best Mixes For Your Weekend..
Citizen TGIF
It's just a chill station a little bit of everything
Podcast by Thank Goodness It's TGIF
Podcast by LeCoast
Break the rules
Thank Gnar It’s Friday! Start your Friday morning with the Gnar FM TGIF Podcast; hosted by the Gnar Tapes boys, Rikky, Funkle, Izak, and Jimmy of the bands The Memories and White Fang! Special guests, surprise appearances, interviews, song premiers, fake commercials, and more! Based off the best-selling compilation series from Los Angeles based music label Gnar Tapes! New episodes every Friday at 9AM PST! NSFW!
What was your last meal? A youthful perspective on current events. Discussing all things activism with fresh views and questions to help the audience work for change in their daily lives. With the host(Tshiamo): learn how to change perspectives when proof is given and to stand your ground for facts.
TGIF is the podcast where Two Guys In Fleece-pants review popular 80s/90s sitcoms from the ABC TGIF line-up of shows. We review popular Friday comedy's such as Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Perfect Strangers, Full House, Step-by-Step and more...
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Dave of TGIF Arcade runs a real play session of The Sprawl by Hamish Cameron. Android Dreams features a bunch of fun, creative folks making a ridiculous, Miami Vice-meets-Johnny Mnemonic world of cyborg clones, telepathic cars, and robo-crab monsters, all for your entertainment!
Join host Chris McCarthy as he grabs your ears with both hands and takes them on an audio adventure through the 9th and final season of beloved 90s sitcom Family Matters. Featuring fans and non-fans of the show, we analyze the absurdity of each of the 22 episodes and are joined by some colorful characters who claim to be creators of the TGIF staple itself!
Sabrina's Witch Trials is your soon to be favorite podcast, where each episode, podcaster and world renowned do-nothing Alex Araujo is joined by a special guest to venture back into the mid 1990s to rewatch, review, and reminisce about everyone's favorite Friday night spell-fest, Sabrina the Teenage Witch!
Raised by TV
When​ ​Jon​ ​Gabrus​ ​and​ ​Lauren​ ​Lapkus​ ​were​ ​growing​ ​up,​ ​they​ ​watched​ ​a​ ​lot​ ​of​ ​TV.​ ​Like,​ ​a​ ​LOT​ ​of TV.​ ​Now​ ​adults​ ​with​ ​minds​ ​hopelessly​ ​warped​ ​by​ ​television,​ ​they’ve​ ​come​ ​together​ ​to​ ​indulge their​ ​shared​ ​obsession.​ ​On​ ​Raised​ ​By​ ​TV,​ ​Jon​ ​and​ ​Lauren​ ​revisit​ ​the​ ​best​ ​and​ ​worst​ ​TV​ ​of​ ​the late​ ​80s​ ​and​ ​early​ ​90s​ ​-​ ​everything​ ​from​ ​game​ ​shows​ ​and​ ​TGIF​ ​to​ ​Oprah​ ​and​ ​cereal commercials. ...
Dave and Diana of TGIF Arcade discuss each episode of Frasier and probably have some wacky misunderstandings.
BTR Latin Hip Hop
Every Friday on BTR (TGIF-style!), Crazy DJ Bazarro presents dope music and exclusive interviews with some of reggaeton's most talented, raw, up-and-coming artists. Listen and witness them break through the airways into your ear canals. With new music every week, in rebel mode or party mode, the beats keep ya head bopping.
The comedic (and sometimes heartfelt) adult friendly show, reviewing and analyzing the complete Boy Meets World saga with nostalgic nitpicker, Jillian Lassiter, analyzing aficionado, Jerry Skids, and first-time viewer, Stephanie Aubin
It's that podcast where the married couple watches "Boy Meets World" on Date Night.
T.G.I. Date Night
Trying to set up a romantic movie night for you and someone special but don't know how? Dave and Diana of TGIF Arcade are here to help you whether you want us to or not!
TGI Fellowship
Welcome to the weekly audio podcast of TGIF. We hope you enjoy the services and are encouraged by the message from God’s Word. Preaching from Pastor Romy Rizardo and Zorina Banaag. Worship songs performed by Music Ministry. For more information, visit
Podcast by DJ TGIF
Kick back and relax with artist and blogger Kevin Gannon as he shares his humorous yet poignant views on life. BYOB.
Did you ever wonder what the link is between 90s TGIF sitcom Step by Step and the band Creed? You didn't? That's weird. Well anyway, Chris McCarthy & Rob Hadden have figured out for a fact that Scott Stapp wrote all his songs about Step by Step. Listen as they crack the code to each episode and are joined by special guests and impromptu colorful characters along the way.
Tune in to TGIF Radioshow! Every Friday. One hour of the finest dancefloor anthems. The boost you need to start your weekend!
TFGIF Podcast
Thank F****** God It's Friday! A podcast for 90s kids by 90s kids, recapping episodes of a different TV show from the best decade every Friday. Join friends Drew Tocco and Katie Parker as they discuss everything from SNICK to Must-See TV and, of course, TGIF.
DJ GORDO's Podcast
#TGIF Chicago's Dj Gordo brings you the THANK GORDO IT'S FRIDAY podcast. Take a listen to what Gordo is currently playing in the clubs. For more information visit , or
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By (TGIF Radio).
TGIF Sunday Service03 June 2018Speaker: Pastor Romy RizardoI Peter 4:7-10“But the end of all things is at hand; therefore be serious and watchful in your prayers. And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins.” Be hospitable to one another without grumbling. As each one has received a gift, min ...…
Due to Father Anthony being away for his treatments and again, he is doing very well and okay, this is another reair from May 18th and also from April 20th. Thank you. And from all of us at Winds of Change, we wish you all a Happy Fathers Day this weekend too. TGIF everyone as April now starts to feel more like April. Father Anthony is here and ...…
Bonus Friday episode, the first in a series of interviews / goof-em-ups with Andy at Disc Jam 2018. Today on we have Rob Compa!! Listen, Laugh, Lunch. TGIF AMIRITE!?
After a 3 week hiatus, the boys are back to discuss the best dads in TGIF! Who's your favorite dad?Also discussed: Scott Hall, Diabetes movies, Retro Con, VHSPS and more!
Wanna be free? Strive to be humble. Humility frees you from promoting yourself or impress others. The desire to toot your own horn is gone because your number goal is to please God. Scripture even says, "God opposes the proud and favors the humble" (James 4:6).So if you're sick and tired of trying to be well thought of on social media, get prom ...…
Join Os Hillman in this week's podcasts as he discusses the 7 mountains of cultural influence. How do we connect our work life and our faith life?
In da mawwwwwwnin!! #TGIF Ep 107 is on the way.
#TGIF!! We baaaack!! It's Jux n' Juke in the morning LIVE!!! Let's gooooooo!!!
Good Mawwnin! It's the best day of the week and you starting it off right with Jux n' Juke in the morning!!! #TGIF. From now until noon... #betterthanbreakfast
By (TGIF Radio).
TGIF and everyone is back with us today. It’s a very important day today, due to the fact that it is the Feast Day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and there is much to share, including what Father Anthony has done to prepare for the show today. However, there is some sad news to share too, for Father Anthony continues his discussion from yesterday ...…
TGIF Kings * Queens!/Good vibes/My lil' one/7-11 chronicles
Oh Mylanta! Join Katie and Drew this week as they finally crash into Full House with season 3's "Honey, I Broke the House" and season 5's "Sisters in Crime." Listen in as they talk about how awesome Stephanie was, the 90s-ness of everyone's clothes, and how the adults were all incredibly shitty guardians. And Drew gets incredulous while Katie d ...…
TGIF! Do you believe that waiting time Isn’t wasted time? It takes perseverance to wait "WELL". But when you put your hope in The Lord as you wait and seek to do what you know to be His will, you'll experience breakthroughs where there were none. So for whatever it is you are waiting for, we have suggestions to help you stay hopeful and kind du ...…
TGIF everyone and it’s the First Friday in June, however Father Anthony, Christina , and Tony are here today, since Geoff Hammond had to be away for personal reasons. Producer Armand is here too and everyone is happy to be on the show. Father Anthony reflects on the recent readings from this morning and this week and talks about those trying to ...…
Hour 1 Wake up and be consistent?...Comedians continue to cross the line...Samantha Bee hits Ivanka Trump with vile comment; Bee apologizes, backlash ensues... ‘let the market work it out’ ...Political correctness and the 'C' word? ...the 'witch hunts' have begun...Joy Reid = Liar Hour 2 TGIF: It's Bill O'Reilly... Roseanne firing was a 'good t ...…
Whew who it's Friday so Live & Let Live! That slogan doesn't mean we condone someone's choices. It means we choose to show acceptance & unconditional love in spite of their choices. So remember. God gives everyone the right to choose. It's up to us to give them that dignity & not stunt their "growth opportunity" from the choices they make. Enjo ...…
By (TGIF Radio).
Due to Father Anthony being away and will be back next week on the show, as well as the Memorial Day holiday this weekend, this is a reair from April 27th. Thank you and from all of us at Winds of Change, have a fun, safe, and happy Memorial Day. TGIF on this beautiful day in Chicago for Winds of Change. Christina is with the guys today after b ...…
TGIF! I talk quick about the importance of morning routines and what I start my day with
What's up Diamonds, Today I sent out a post about my new internet radio station yep that is what I said "my new internet radio station". I will still be on BlogTalk Radio and recordings from my Blog Talk shows will be on that station as well. You will still be able to listen on Spreaker but only for 30 mins, the Internet-based show will play mu ...…
It's a mother's day celebration (2 weeks later)as the boys discuss their favorite moms in TGIF history!
It's Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. So what will you do with it? Why not fill it with joyous moments instead of fruitless worries? Find out why the less you allow wrong thoughts to enter your thinking the more you can stay in today & be grateful for what it really means. Matthew 6:31-34
It’s the conclusion of our first mission! Will Viktoria fry Ori’s brain? Will Augie get past all of Secutec’s security? Will Friendo finally get to kill somebody? Only one way to find out. Cast: Dave: Twitter @slomotionwalter and Michael: Twitter @TirnanCP and Omar: Twitter @omarahsa and ...…
Nowadays, you wouldn't want your TV show to air on a Friday night at all; no one would watch it. But back in the day, networks were still wise to steer clear of Friday nights, for fear of walking into ABC's ratings buzzsaw, the granddaddy of all branded programming blocks: TGIF! From its prehistory, to its heights, to its eventual decline and e ...…
By (TGIF Radio).
TGIF EUsers! What better way to kick off your weekend than a early upload of Endgame Unclear where we talk Star Wars in anticipation (for 2/3 of us anyway) of the upcoming film Solo. Let us know what you think! Please follow and share the podcast or this episode with any and all friends!
Larry Snow with the Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News for Friday, May 18th, 2018. In Vehicle News From Consumer Reports.Com Who Owns the Data Your Car Collects? Some information gathered can improve driving performance and safety, but it could also result in an invasion of your privacy The questions of who owns the data and wh ...…
Your daily news for a fantastic Friday! TGIF!
In Episode 94 of GCR Mike and Kevin are here to talk TV! The decade of the 90s was 20 years ago or so... and we wanna go back! We talk about must see tv, tgif, all the primetime TV we watched, how the 80s transitioned into the 90s on TV, and so much more! So #UNLEASTHE90sGEEKINYOU and join us in this Nostalgic Conversation!…
TGIF Again! It's a great day to have hope and experience joy as the by-product! Those things cause you to be strong and fill you with faith. Healing is possible & freedom is the norm instead of being at the mercy of destructive habits and dependencies. It's all possible because of one thing and we discuss what it is. Colossians 2:6-7…
Sheldon Richman returns to the show to discuss his latest article, “TGIF: Shabbos with Zaide” about his relationship with his grandfather, originally published in 1989. Richman describes his childhood growing up in conservative/orthodox community in Philadelphia and how his grandfather influenced his religious and political views. Richman then ...… Welcome to the Pilots and Petards Podcast! This is the podcast with nothing much ado about aircrafts, and potentially everything ado with first episodes of a filmic series. Join Mo, Drew, and Jimbo as they cast judgement and de ...…
Hour 1 Sex expert knows best?...changing diapers by consent? parents should ask permission to change their child's diaper...'Our society has lost its mind' ...Legoland has responded to accusations of improperly depicting Meghan Markle’s skin color ...Remembering when tooth rot was a 'status symbol' of wealth? ...Illinois counties decla ...…
What's Up Diamonds, It's Friday the beginning of the #Freakinweekend time to get moving on your weekend and what better way to do that than with music that gets you pumped for your Friday morning. I've got just the right stuff to keep you up and active so join me for some Friday fun at 9:00am EST. There are major changes upcoming for the LJDNSh ...…
It's time for Animannnnniacs! Join Katie and Drew as they relive the zany adventures of the Warner Siblings—Yakko, Wakko, and Dot—along with all of their co-stars, on the classic (and soon-to-be-rebooted) cartoon. They take a look at season 1's "Hooked on a Ceiling/Goodfeathers: The Beginning" and season 5's "Cute First (Ask Questions Later)/Ac ...…
The boys are back after missing a week! Today on the podcast we discuss all the great musical guests who graced the TGIF stage. Beach Boys! The Monkees! Tommy Page! Boyz 2 Men!
Mothers Day weekend can be tough. But if you stand alone you'll run the risk of being attacked and defeated. If instead, you choose to spend time with supportive relationships, scripture says that...." a triple-braided cord is not easily broken." Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
TGIF Sunday Service06.05.2018Speaker: Pastor Romy Rizardo“Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few.” Matthew 9:37“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.”Mark ...…
We get a peek into John’s perspective to asking the right questions to help us find our path to building and designing a life not just building a career. Asking the right questions to find the answers from our soul that allow us to get clear on what path to take to building that life right now. – Maximize your self improvement efforts. – Tradin ...…
It’s Action Time! The gang attempts to break the security of a company literally named after security, equipped with a three-piece wetsuit and a centuries-old cell phone. Cast: Dave: Twitter @slomotionwalter and Michael: Twitter @TirnanCP and Omar: Twitter @omarahsa and Sarah: Twi ...…
Jonathan Moody hosts this episode with producer Alfred Crane about the hit TGIF show... Step by Step!
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