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Best the pursuit podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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The Truth & Justice Podcast is listener driven show, devoted to the pursuit of truth and justice. Host, Bob Ruff, investigates potential wrongful conviction and cold cases using a unique crowdsourcing approach. Bob invites listeners to participate in the investigations, as he breaks down a new case in each season in real time. Truth & Justice is currently on Season 6, where Bob is asking for the help of the Truth & Justice Army to get to the bottom of the murder of Jaime Melgar. Jaime was mu ...
Bourbon Pursuit
The Official Podcast of Bourbon. Featuring interviews with people making the bourbon industry happen. Bourbon Pursuit invites icons in the bourbon industry to tell their story. Topics range from brands, distillation techniques, speculation on the market, and more. Guests include master distillers, tasters, production managers, bloggers, authors, pundits and more.
A daily show for everyone who works a regular job and wants to start an income-earning project on the side. In each episode, listeners will hear a different story of someone who's started a side hustle—along with what went well, how that person overcame challenges, and what happened as a result. The show is written and hosted by Chris Guillebeau, the New York Times bestselling author of The $100 Startup, The Happiness of Pursuit, and other books.
Pursuit Podcast
The Pursuit Podcast offers advice and new perspectives on getting things done in tech through half hour conversations with tech's great thinkers each week. Want to learn to code? Land that great new job? Learn about how to manage your new reports? We've got you covered. This weekly podcast and carefully curated resources aims to leave you inspired and prepared to tackle that cool new thing.
Pursuit NYC
The pursuit after God, His presence, His heart, & His mission. REVIVAL or BUST...
The Pursuit
Welcome to The Pursuit! Your Guide to Happy & Healthy Living. I'm your host Rudie Jay and I am here to help navigate your health journey! With the help of both emerging and established health leaders, we break down what it means to kick fear and live YOUR best life with passion and purpose. Tune in as we develop habits and hacks that will conquer your self-doubt, help you achieve success, and keep you motivated in all areas of your life!
Raising the standard on what it means to be a man of God.
The Pursuit Zone
Adventure travel show Interviewing people that dream big, get out of their comfort zones, and take on ambitious pursuits. People that have positive and interesting stories to tell. Travelers, adventure athletes, authors, filmmakers, or volunteers in remote parts of the world. These are just a few of many examples. The Pursuit Zone serves to inspire and challenge people to escape their comfort zones by combining their dreams and ambition with a healthy dose of pursuit.
Fruitless Pursuits
FPcast is a pop culture podcast for adults, by adults, tackling television, movies, books, games and more, with humor and passion.
Health, Wealth and the Pursuit of Happiness will explore topics relating to planning, building, and living out your best life. Each episode Mark Dale Mazur and Aries Jimenez discuss best life practices that will: Help you crack the code to live every day in a “state of well-being;” Empower you to live life with an abundant mindset; Enable you to experience true freedom that is foundational for the happiness of every human being. Please join us on this journey!
A Business Owner, Psychologist, and an Artist get together each week to discuss and debate the idea behind throwing your entire life into the pursuit of that which you love the most.
Sit down with Denny Conn and Drew Beechum, authors of Experimental Homebrewing and Homebrewing All-Stars as they explore the world of beer and homebrew. Every episode tackles the science of brewing and the art of brewing. Listen and learn how to make and appreciate better beer and how to create even the craziest idea you have. We can't promise that you'll save the world, but we can promise mad science in the pursuit of great beer!
CCGS The Pursuit
We are the Calvary Chapel Golden Springs young adults ministry that meets in Room 203 on Thursdays at 7PM. Here you can find all the studies that Pastor Wade teaches as well as various other speakers. Currently we are in the book of 1 Corinthians. Hope to see you on Thursdays! We pray this blesses you!
The Pursuit Of Wellness
The Pursuit of Wellness is a show about the journey of wellness. Being fit and becoming a healthy individual is an ongoing process. We chat with experts and enthusiasts to learn the dimensions of wellness that help you achieve the holistic health you set your mind to.
A group of millennials team up to discuss politics and pop culture, all without taking themselves too seriously! From psychology to history to political philosophy to movie reviews, tune in every Tuesday for a snarky overview of what's going on in the world!
A Safe Place for Christians to Ask Unsafe Questions - We are for the spiritual nomads, the outcasts, and the ones who desire to ask the hard questions. A shelter in the desert, a safe place to share our thoughts, our hopes, and our dreams. We are pursuing the Truth and we don’t care about the consequences. We invite you to come and sit at our table and be a part of our tribe. We are brave. we are bold. We are, The Reckless Pursuit.
The podcast discussing fitness lifestyle, the keto diet, science, nutrition, contest prep, the fitness industry, business, and the pursuit of happiness! There will be several different podcast guests that will consist of athletes, experts in the health and nutrition industry, and other people of interest!
Hannah Hart (wildly successful, super fly, very amazing) and her best friend, Hannah Gelb (her middle name is Ruth) discuss life, love, and the pursuit of happiness in a frank and no bullsh*t manner in this self-help podcast that just can’t help itself. Every week the two Hannahs test out a new self-help fad and provide the listeners with candid feedback about their experience. Despite their differing opinions and stances, the two are best friend at the core. Also they have great vocabularie ...
Interviews with intellectuals from across the globe. Exploring philosophy, politics, religion, and rationalism. Steve Patterson is an independent philosopher currently traveling the world to interview people in the pursuit of truth. Topics include logic and epistemology, skepticism, metaphysics, ethics, science and religion, truth, Christianity, Buddhism, atheism, culture, economics, the philosophy of mathematics, and every other topic that's important to humans.
Sabrina Jalees talks to her favorite comedians about the pursuit of happiness and healthiness. Each episode features sexy conversations about comedy and life’s eternal bitch-slap, as well as uplifting cameos by Sabrina’s very Swiss mother, Ursula, with tips on happiness, healthiness and reminders to do your taxes. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network.
To become a multigenerational church family by involving every member in Bible-based learning experiences in the pursuit of knowing Chirst, living life and serving others.
Welcome to the "Speaking of Wealth" podcast showcasing profit strategies for speakers, publishers, authors, consultants, and info-marketers. Learn valuable skills to make your business more successful, more passive, more automated, and more scalable. Your host, Jason Hartman interviews top-tier guests, bestselling authors and experts including; Dan Poynter (The Self-Publishing Manual), Harvey Mackay (Swim With The Sharks & Get Your Foot in the Door), Dan Millman (Way of the Peaceful Warrior) ...
Every week, comedians Jerry Garcia, Jesus Sepulveda and Christian Zaragosa talk life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as (basically, more or less) Americans. For real.
Every week, comedians Jerry Garcia, Jesus Sepulveda and Christian Zaragosa talk life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as (basically, more or less) Americans. For real.
Sharp Tongue
Stand up comedian, Jessimae Peluso, holds nothing back in this hilariously fun and sometimes heartbreakingly candid podcast about comedy, sex, loss, and an eternal pursuit for the funny. It will feel like a conversation with that friend who always keeps it real. *Each week is something NEW featuring comedian guest hosts, movie interruptions, live stand up comedy clips and more!
How I Get By
How I Get By is a show about what happens when the pursuit of happiness meets the pursuit of a paycheck. It’s a show about how people stay afloat—whether it’s with a dream job or a B.S. one, a job from hell or… no job.
The pursuit of strength, muscle and excellence
My name is Leigh Foster and I’m an actor living and working in Chicago. My career is going well but I know I have a long way to go. I’m determined to become a great actor, if you are too, I hope you’ll follow me as I search for the advice and experiences that will help accomplish that goal.
Evangel Church
Evangel Church is in Oshawa, in the GTA(Greater Toronto Area). We exist to see followers of Christ reach their full God given potential, and to equip them for the pursuit of fulfilling His great commission, and establishing His kingdom.
Hey Guys! You’ve found it! Welcome to the Fearless Pursuit of Freedom Podcast; I am your host Brandon Richards. I am a real estate investor and avid entrepreneur in Dallas, TX. My company is Fearless Properties and we rehab, wholesale and hold rentals. Listen in as I interview the nation’s leading entrepreneurs and discuss the monumental battles of business and life.
Black Girl Podcast
The Black Girl Podcast is a new audio series created by Scottie Beam (@scottiebeam on twitter/IG), Gia Peppers (@giapeppers), Sapphira (@sapphiraem), Bex (@BexxFrancois), and Alysha P (@AlyshaP819/@AlyshaP). After the five media phenoms met and became friends at hip hop's most iconic station, Hot 97, they decided to make their hilarious conversations about life issues, sisterhood, pop culture, love, growth, and the pursuit of their dreams to the public. Listen every week as their differing o ...
11th Hour Radio
Co-hosts Kristina Stykos and Emily Howe debrief their week with humorous banter and philosophical musings related to the ups and downs of being artist-types trying to make ends meet in rural Vermont. Poking fun at themselves all the while, these unlikely friends bridge a 20 year age gap to share their unique perspectives on life, the pursuit of creative self-employment in small town America, and the week’s best misadventures. Each episode includes interludes of homegrown music from Kristina ...
A shy and dowdy country girl, Berenice feels socially inept beside her vivacious and sophisticated cousin, Marjorie. But Marjorie decides to groom her and when Berenice turns out better than she expected, Marjorie is delighted, till Berenice catches the eye of one of Marjorie's own faithful admirers. Will Berenice remain the timid and diffident country girl, or will her newfound success give her courage? Lois, a young girl engaged to be married, suddenly becomes unsure about the relationship ...
Life, liberty and the pursuit of great music.
It's a show about life, markets, sweat-equity, and the pursuit of wealth in a capitalist market.
A weekly reality check on sensible investing and financial decision-making for Canadians. Hosted by Benjamin Felix and Cameron Passmore of PWL Capital.
Join Chris Matthews each weeknight for a spirited hour of political analysis and debate with prominent politicians, newsmakers, and cultural icons. Matthews asks his guests the tough questions, and never backs down, in a relentless pursuit of the truth.
A podcast about the pursuit of knowledge through interesting and engaging conversation, hosted by Agent Palmer. Released every other Tuesday.
Passionate Pursuit of Knowing God
Freedom's Disciple
Jonathon Dunne is an Irishman who had one dream in life – to become an American citizen. After waiting nearly 13 years, he finally secured a job offer and thought his dream was becoming a reality. However after meeting with lawyers, he was informed he did not meet the educational or work experience requirements to even apply for a visa. While his dream may be dead, his responsibilities to America and the pursuit of freedom are not. On his podcast, Jonathon shares eternal self-evident princip ...
Freedom's Disciple
Jonathon Dunne is an Irishman who had one dream in life – to become an American citizen. After waiting nearly 13 years, he finally secured a job offer and thought his dream was becoming a reality. However after meeting with lawyers, he was informed he did not meet the educational or work experience requirements to even apply for a visa. While his dream may be dead, his responsibilities to America and the pursuit of freedom are not. On his podcast, Jonathon shares eternal self-evident princip ...
A podcast about the pursuit of farfetched ideas, unusual aspirations, or that perfect pair of sneakers.
Some Noise
A podcast about the foolish pursuit of life, clarity and context.
The weekly podcast of Pursuit City Church led by Pastor Matt Gamez.
Victorious Life Christian Center The Pursuit of Excellence in Ministry & Lifestyle Headed by Senior Pastors Nate & Gail Mullen Worship Service Sunday 11am Located at 241 SW 41st St (Located: E Valley Business Park Bldg 11)Renton Wa 98057 206-212-4455
Situationships Podcast shares the stories of black millennials from across the relationship spectrum (from singledom to divorced) to uncover hard-learned lessons of love. Each week host, Randi, chats with a guest to dig into their real life experiences in the pursuit of love that led to insight and growth. Listen each week to learn from the mistakes and successes of others so you can do better, have better, and be better in your love life.
Exploring different aspects of history, science, philosophy and the arts.
Join us for Season 2 of The Wealth Standard as we dig deep into a theme about bringing ideas to life - Entrepreneurship. Identifying market needs and creating valuable solutions is how entrepreneurs grow and build their wealth. So what does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Is it someone who focuses on innovation? Someone who commits to an idea at all costs? Is it someone who starts something from scratch, improves an existing solution, or disrupts an entire industry? Do all entrepreneurs have ...
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show series
On this weeks PoM show I answer a question from one of our men within The Pursuit of Manliness. If you have a question that you would like to see discussed on the PoM show, send me an email at Men if you have a question or topic you would like to see discussed on the PoM show leave a comment below or email us at pursue ...…
Well the vaping “crisis” is still ongoing, as is the sheer stupidity of the government and society-as-a-whole’s response demanding that “somebody do something!” and “won’t someone think of the children???” Jason starts us off by making the important comparisons to the 18th Amendment and prohibition, and why the failures of that prohibition shou ...…
Paganism and Christianity, living harmoniously together. Each one drawing from the other. But does this even make sense? How can two things that are so different exist side-by-side? Or are they so very different after all?This week we are talking with Jeremy and Irena Warriner. Jeremy grew up in the methodist church but neglected his faith as h ...…
2 Corinthians 3 by Wade O'NeillBy Wade O'Neill.
In financial planning we talk about a client’s net worth and we create net worth Statements as snapshots of what they are worth financially. More importantly though is our self-worth and the resulting self-worth statement we create for ourselves and then reflect back out to world around us. In this episode Aries and I take a break from the inte ...…
From a trader on Wall Street to a financial advisor with her own firm, our guest today, Jill Schlesinger, has accumulated a lifetime of knowledge in the investing and financial world. Today she is a household name and well-known media personality, appearing on a variety of CBS shows and hosting her own podcast called Jill on Money. But she is f ...…
Kabir is joined by guest Rajneesh Raveendran who is an ex-boxer who runs a studio in New Delhi. They talk about getting fit with boxing, overcoming injuries and how to be the best version of yourself.Follow Rajneesh on Instagram - host Kabir Uppal - Do Follow us ...…
We may not be an evangelist but we all have a story that God can use.Are you ready to share it when the time is right?By Pursuit Church.
He is an Eagle Scout, a former military aviator, and an avid traveler who has explored over 35 countries. He rode a recumbent bicycle across the US using the Race Across America route and in July 2018 began rowing from Neah Bay, Washington to Australia, making landfall 11 months later at Trinity Beach, Queensland – a journey of over 7,000 statu ...…
Partner, Father, new business owner and a name that pops up often in the Toowoomba real estate market. Matthew De Maid drops by the podcast this week to chat with us about competitiveness, setting goals, and finding true satisfaction around the work that you do. You can find him over at: Website: Facebook: https ...…
John goes into why he started doing lease options back in 2003 and how he’s gotten over 650 transactions under his belt. John left the day trading world of stocks and options to become one of the nations leading coaches in lease options. He explains how this model differs from Sub2 wraps, rent to own and sandwich models. Find more info at www.l ...…
In this episode, we discuss:• Victory’s entrepreneur journey• Why failure is not the bottom line• How to overcome the fear of failure• If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it• What is 24Hour Woman• Stop being your harshest critic• Inspire, Empower, and Elevate• How to overcome your biggest setbacks• The academics of busin ...…
This episode is a twofer. You get the Van Winkle Family and the Bourbon Community Roundtable all in one which took place at Bourbon & Beyond 2019. Julian gives history about the brand and the timeline of when it became a part of the Sazerac portfolio. One of Julian’s daughters talks about the emergence of Pappy & Co and how she is more of a teq ...…
Welker White is an actor with deep roots in theatre, film, and television. Most recently Welker completed shooting her third film with Martin Scorsese, The Irishman, opposite Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro. On stage Welker has performed on and off-Broadway as well as regionally, originating roles by playwrights Lisa Kron, John Patrick Shanley, Cra ...…
Golding's classic novel was saved from being rejected by Faber by the luckiest chance.By BBC Radio 3.
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