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The MLBTR podcast, hosted by staff writer Jeff Todd, covers the latest hot stove news and features analysis and interviews.
By Online Forex Trading Course
Day Trading Radio
Unbiased market commentary and technical analysis. Get a fresh,focused view of the financial markets with market coverage,focusing on all aspects of being a trader.
Trading Justice
Control Your Financial Future
Follow widely-held ETFs with news and interviews by Bloomberg reporters.
We are on a mission to help you make smarter investments and trades – it’s just that simple. So if that means pulling back the curtain on everything you know (or thought you knew) about options trading and the stock market then so be it.
Rough Trade Radio
Recorded from the heart of Rough Trade East our radio shows set out to bring you all the latest music and news from the world of Rough Trade. Whether it's this week's new releases, interviews with authors and bands or exclusive one off shows you will find each show is hosted by a member of Rough Trade staff from across our stores.Rough Trade Est. 1976, London.
Back for 2017! We're back LIVE every day from Monday October 2 at 7am!
Trading Story brings NEWER traders practical & inspiring trading interviews and tips. Plus, it chronicles the host's journey to becoming a a consistently profitable trader. New episodes released 2X per week. Trading Story seeks to provide: encouraging stories of real life struggles and triumphs in the market, tips for anyone looking to make a part-time or full-time income trading, practical strategies to use in your trading today, knowledge bombs to guide you to consistent returns, simple ex ...
Thanks for checking out the ClayTrader Stock Trading Reality Podcast. Our show, hosted by ClayTrader and Chezz, is designed to motivate and inspire traders of all experience levels. We interview REAL traders, discuss their trading journey, and lessons they learned along the way, both positive and negative.
If you truly want to succeed in Forex trading, I believe you need to keep working on yourself so you can improve your strengths, but also your weaknesses. Do not focus solely on what you're good at. I'll help you do that! The Desire To Trade Podcast has for goal to help you develop Forex trading skills for more freedom. I interview successful traders from around the world. My focus is on providing you with lessons from my personal trading experience and my conversations as I trade and travel ...
The Rational Investor joins the Coinigy team for a bi-monthly discussion on Bitcoin, Altcoins and Cryptocurrency trading. Gain a general edge every other week as we review the "Altcoin Five", analysis and fundamentals on 5 user-submitted altcoins. Tune in every other Wednesday at 9pm CST for Technical Analysis Tips, Fundamentals, Coin Reviews, Coinigy Platform Updates, Giveaways and more!
Trade Talks
Learn to trade stocks in just a minute a day! Hosted by veteran stock trader, Jerry Robinson. Get our daily trading idea by email or text each morning here.
Safe Day Trading
Safe Day Trading focuses on teaching our students how to trade the financial markets short term. The goal of our program is to make learning short term trading (or in other words day trading) easy, exciting, and fun while giving you the student the highest quality of education possible.For the everyday investor, the Financial Markets represent a fantastic way to manage your own money through trading various financial instruments. Although, day trading involves risk, it can be managed by lear ...
On Political Trade Secrets we take an inside look at campaigns and politics. We pull back the curtain, look under the hood and investigate how good candidates run for office and win elections. Each week on our free podcast we’ll offer some of the best insight into politics, campaigns and elections – with big name guests and key insider information into the world of running for office and political campaigns.
Hugh Kimura from the Trading Heroes Blog interviews professional independent traders and industry experts to help you learn how to trade and live better. Becoming an independent Trader is not easy, but if this is what you aspire to, subscribe to this podcast to get tips, ideas and inspiration to help you reach your trading goals. You don't have to trade alone!
Podcast by Dynasty Trade Calculator
Power Trading Radio is a daily progressive trader focused program, hosted by long time trader Merlin Rothfeld, who offers expert analysis of the market from a trader’s perspective. Fueled by Online Trading Academy, the show is designed to take average investors and give them the skills that they need for real success. The show covers issues relating to Stocks, Forex, Futures, Options, Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, IRA’s and more.
Guest Mix series is with artists/DJ's/musicians that we love/respect from around the US & world
The Trading with Venus podcast is created for you, the Forex Trader. Our purpose for this podcast is to support you in your trading and help you generate Consistent Forex Profits. Through our shows and guest stories, we will share valuable insights, successes, failures, challenges and AHA moments that will inspire you and help improve your trading to make you more profitable. Our ultimate purpose is to help you establish strong trading habits, generate consistent profits and become a success ...
Learn what it takes to be a successful Day Trader from salty veteran Tim Bohen and intrepid YouTuber Stephen Johnson
Daily forex videos covering market news, technical analysis and forex trading forecasts.Risk Warning:
Join Kirk Du Plessis on The "Daily Call", created and dedicated to you, the options trader, stock market investors or trading wannabe. This is your daily dose of actionable advice, tips, and strategies to help you learn how to generate and earn income investing with options. Inside we'll cover options strategies, option pricing, trading psychology, technical analysis, the stock market, day trading, investing basics, bitcoin, investing in ETFs, dividend investing, automated trading, index inv ...
Trading Stars, Pro Forex Trading Strategies is an audio podcast for Traders who are committed to learn, share insights and experiences in Forex Trading. This podcast focuses on the Forex market, the trading principles and methods which can be applied to any of the financial markets and some are focused on Futures, Commodities, Bonds, and other instruments. Through the videos, many traders will be able to start reaching their goals of mastery and consistent profit in trading.
Holger answers questions about craft beer, cider, distilleries & distributors.
Join the founders and team members of Trade Ideas for a conversation about trends in the financial markets and financial technology. The show is usually hosted by Trade Ideas founder Dan Mirkin and a guest or Trade Ideas teammate. A must listen for self directed investors and active traders.
At Active Day Trader we have a simple, fun and effective approach to the markets! Tune in to our podcast for some valuable lessons in trading Stocks, Options and Futures. Ditch the unnecessarily complicated (often magic) indicators and grab some REAL tips from career trader (former CBOE Options market maker and CME floor trader) Jonathan Rose and guests. We'll cover, Bond (US Treasury) Futures, owning inexpensive options, relative value trades, position management, volatility, pairs, events, ...
Welcome to the "Trading Edges" podcast.From the outside looking in it can sometimes appear that peak performers have an elusive talent or skill that sets them apart from the rest of us.However what usually sets peak performers apart isn’t what they can do, it’s what they will do.The podcast dedicated to seeking and sharing the best ideas and principles from peak performers across all domains of performance and achievement to help you unlock your full trading potential.Click below to find the ...
Karma Senge is an international speaker, business innovator, and top Forex Trading trainer in the world today.
When it comes to trading, I have a few beliefs that I stand by...- Anyone can become a successful trader...and I do mean anybody. - If you focus on the risk in a trade, the profits will take care of themselves. - There is no place for an ego or a win-at-all-costs mentality. If you want to become a profitable trader, you can...and I can help you do exactly that! I was't born into a hedge fund, or the off-spring of a rich banker. Far from it - I worked in corporate America, and I hated it. I w ...
Learn to Trade Emini Futures
Learn what's really going on in the stock market! No gimmicks. Just facts. Every day we chart the overall market, the SP500 and the NASDAQ, plus Gold. In just a few short minutes, you can update yourself on what is actually taking place in the market. At the end of every week, we give you an overview of what happened over the last five days and what's on the calendar for the next trading week.
Forex and Option trading - the tactics & discipline as well as many other subjects associated with the markets.
Learn to trade the markets with this simple system as revealed by Dr. Barry Burns. based on technical analysis, it's a universal trading method that can be applied with stunning accuracy for day trading, swing trading or investing in the stock market, futures, eminis or Forex.
Trading Tech Talk
Welcome to Trading Tech Talk. The program where we break down all of the amazing technology that takes your trades from the click of a mouse to the clearing house and back again. Each episode we'll break down the latest developments from the world of trading tech, bring you exclusive conversations with industry thought leaders, answer your pressing technology questions and much more. If it involves the tech that powers your trading, then you'll find it on Trading Tech Talk.
The 52 Traders podcast is created for all you "Newbie", "Strategy Hopper", "Risk Taker", "Over Confident", "Emotionally Challenged" and "Almost Cracked It" traders out there. Over the next year, your host, Cam Hawkins gets inside the minds of 52 of the world’s best traders to find out if he has what it takes to become one of them. Join Cam every week on the 52 Traders Podcast or at if you're looking for Inspirational, Motivational and Actionable trading tips, strategies and adv ...
Six-Figure Trading
Trading advice and mentoring on the path to six-figure trading.
The #1 new podcast for traders - interviews, instruction, entertainment, and more.
Real Traders Webinar hosts webinars with top experts in the Day Trading Industry that show you their Best Day Trading Strategies for… Futures, Options Trading, Stock Trading, Credit Spreads Trading, Forex Trading, Binary Trading and so much more!
Geek news and sketches
Trade Together, Win Together
FXholic SHOW is about the journey to Success through FOREX Trading! Daily Episodes will explore the tremendous power of Daily little disciplines like going for no more than 5pips trading FOREX. Tips on setting our Trading Plan and using Technical Analysis tools to identify our Entries and Exits along with step by step tutorials on Trade and Risk Management including SL placement and trailing, Stay IN criteria, position sizing, TP estimating and more.
The Forex Answers podcast is a daily Forex trading podcast, dedicated to helping new Forex traders grow trading the Forex markets. Currency trading can be difficult without the correct Forex education. VintagEducation aims to add value daily by answering one common Forex question every single day, with a brand new episode. Forex Answers is hosted by our head Forex educator at VintagEducation ( Israel Ikhinmwin. Learn more about Forex trading by valuable insights into what ...
Hugh Kimura from the Trading Heroes Blog interviews professional independent traders and industry experts to help you learn how to trade and live better. Becoming an independent Trader is not easy, but if this is what you aspire to, subscribe to this podcast to get tips, ideas and inspiration to help you reach your trading goals. You don't have to trade alone!
Daniels Trading
Independent. Objective. Reliable.
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Episode 81 - Week of May 20 2018On this episode: The roads less traveledGet your motor running, whether it's gasoline or electric, and head out on the highway, or in my case State Route 542. AJ and I share some worthwhile jaunts to take when ya just wanna get outta town for a spell or just take a weekend cruise. PLUS... an award-winning photogr ...…
The future of trade in ASEAN could depend heavily on what becomes of China's expansive "One Belt, One Road" initiative. How can ASEAN ensure it derives optimum outcomes from this initiative? Guests: James Crabtree, Associate Fellow, Asia-Pacific Programme, Chatham House; Professor Arnoud De Meyer, President, Singapore Management University; Oma ...…
Matt Johnson is a wedding videographer and educator with over 100K subscribers on YouTube, and owner of FilmStrong with his wife Rachel. We talk wedding shooting, learning the trade before and after the DSLR Revolution, and offers valuable insight into how to make the most of your wedding cinematography. Plenty of advice as well as a few crazy ...…
In this episode:- Banks to trade cryptocurrency sooner than people think, says Amber Baldet former head of Blockchain Operations at JP Morgan- Bitmain support Stable with $110M funding round- Top 20 cryptos up 5% on average
NBA Conference Finals updatesBulls win at the wrong time... againPotential picks & tradesDraft prospects
Home Depot piles on the leverage Google developing Drone Technology Walmart to workout their new tax liability Deere gets caught in international trade.
This week, Brent, Erik, Tara, and Richie are back in action again to and are discussing sys.dm_db usage stats, Availability Group troubleshooting, ASYNC Network IO issue, reasons for using a contained database, whether you need to add more CPUs if facing THREADPOOL (or is it Deadpool?) waits, auto-tiering tempdb, and query tuning. Here’s the vi ...…
Home Depot piles on the leverage Google developing Drone Technology Walmart to workout their new tax liability Deere gets caught in international trade.
Today’s movie is “Day of the Dead: Bloodline” (2018), loosely based on George Romero’s classic “Day of the Dead” (1985). It was written for the screen by Mark Tonderai and Lars Jacobson, and directed by Hèctor Hernández Vicens. The film follows Zoe (Sophie Skelton), a medical student working at a refugee camp five years after the zombie outbrea ...…
We're a 1/4 of the way through the season and the Atonrey is convinced the YANKEES NEED BRYCE HARPER, but Lestro and Cisco are not sure! Cisco is still watching MOOKIE BETTS while Lestro wonders of the PHILLIES BULLPEN BY COMMITTEE can work. Then, the guys discuss the ROBINSON CANO SUSPENSION and it's affect on the AL WEST and his legacy. Meanw ...…
Rabban Sauma is the title of this Episode, Part 1. So — there I was, walking through the Genghis Khan exhibit at the Reagan Library, reading the various offerings on the Great Khan and Mongols – a subject that as a student of history I find fascinating when I came upon an offering that launched an investigation. It spoke of a Nestorian priest w ...…
This episode Matt & Gerrell talk about a range of things. Talk about awkward facial hair, NBA Playoffs and Deadpool 2 Reviews. Will the Celtics trade Kyrie for Anthony Davis
Anita Yadav, Head of Fixed Income Research for Emirates NBD talks trade, China and oil, plus whether she thinks the Royal Wedding will impact the markets.
In this episode of Dealing in Design Jamie sits down with all time antique legend Graham Geddes. Graham has been buying & selling antiquities for almost six decades and has been a massive figure in the scene both locally and internationally since he began trading. Please enjoy this wide ranging conversation and if you would like to know more or ...…
Wendy Holland is a minister in the Disciples of Christ tradition and came to Heathen to share why she's still ministering after a lifetime of frustration over the direction of the church in America. Her journey has led her to belief in an inclusive gospel, and she's wrestled with—and answered for herself—why faith and Christian spiritual practi ...…
Surah Al Munafiqun is the 63rd Surah of the Holy Quran. The meaning of Al Munafiqun is the Hypocrites, which is from the root word nifaq, which means hypocrisy. Generally, we have learned that this Surah was revealed for three main reasons: There were Munafiq individuals at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and we should know of them, Alla ...…
Today we discuss Ant Mugga's response to Joyner Lucas' “I'm Not Racist” music video. But first we start off talking about fake New Years resolutions, modern day slave trade in Libya and Omarosa's White House exit.
Trading Places 1 Peter 3:18By (Community Baptist Church of Siler City).
EOS has done well so far this year, rising to as much as $22.89 on April 29. At that point, it was up more than 160% year-to-date (YTD).Even after retreating from this level, the digital currency has robust momentum, said Oliver Isaacs, blockchain investor and advisor."Despite the price slide," "EOS remains highly active and the 24 hours tradin ...…
In 2009, Mark Waid thought to himself “What if Superman was a complete bastard?” and this was the impetus for his original series – Irredeemable. Irredeemable was written by Mark Waid with art by Peter Krause and it was published by BOOM! Studios. It ran 37 issues and it was a psychological profile on “What if a man with Superman’s powers used ...…
Join Keisha Wilson and Mike McDonald, the hosts of What’s The 411Sports, as they discuss through an urban lens topical news from sports, with a dash of entertainment, pop culture, politics, film, and music. Some episodes include features and interviews with and about athletes. Plus, you never know who’s going to be put on the bench or sent to t ...…
In the world of advice giving, how do we know we are getting something valuable? Often, our ability to move forward or level-up professionally requires assistance, but we aren’t always sure what kind of help we need. Pressure, stress, new frontiers and blind-spots influence our judgment and ability to make distinctions among service providers. ...…
Home Depot piles on the leverage Google developing Drone Technology Walmart to workout their new tax liability Deere gets caught in international trade.
Recorded live @ Fair Trade Cafe in Phoenix, AZ on February 14th, 2018Theme: Love/Hate RelationshipsHost: Jessie BalliStorytellers: Allison Dee, Jessie Balli, Jeff Cardello, Jacqueline StevensonChatterbox is a weekly storytelling open mic. To learn more, please visit…
Ep 02 Even paladin Last episode Introduced myselfBasic coverage of HearthstoneHow do we learn?What is tiltLadder system adaptationPlans for the future This episode Go through adaptDeckbuilding approachMana and manacurveBuild Paladin Even dudesTilt, anger regarding emotes and roping Hearthstone and new expansion from deckbuilding perspective Tim ...…
Tribe Fan Zach Muetzel joins Colin to talk about their beloved Indians. The boys cover the bullpen woes, possible changes to that starting rotation, and re-doing the Gio Urshela DFA decision. Zach also gives his outlook on how the Tribe do at the Trade Deadline and Playoff Hunt.
We talk about the ACC's proposal to add MORE teams to the NCAA tournament and the subject of relegation in all of sports. We cover the comments between Nick Saban and Scott Frost regarding UCF declaring themselves champions in college football. We also look at the latest NBA trade rumors and more!
Home Depot piles on the leverage Google developing Drone Technology Walmart to workout their new tax liability Deere gets caught in international trade.
Bruce Levine and Mike Esposito were joined by Orioles general manager Dan Duquette to break down if and when Baltimore be dealing star shortstop Manny Machado near the trade deadline. (5/19/18)
In this show we blew away some misconceptions about the Fenestration and construction industry. Why is is a great industry for women? Why, when there is a skills gap and employers are having trouble filling roles, are they not seeking out women to step in? We also learn about the different roles available from design to fitting and what a varie ...…
Home Depot piles on the leverage Google developing Drone Technology Walmart to workout their new tax liability Deere gets caught in international trade.
In this edition, Rusty Halvorson has an in-depth report on this week's hearing with EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, with audio from lawmakers questioning Pruitt's actions. Sabrina Hill talks with Kevin Skunes, President of the National Corn Growers Association about a provocative plan for ethanol, and why it could be a threat to trade markets a ...…
Berlin is the capital and the largest city of Germany, as well as one of its 16 constituent states. With a steadily growing population of approximately 3.7 million, Berlin is the second most populous city proper in the European Union behind London and the seventh most populous urban area in the European Union. Located in northeastern Germany on ...…
Stan started this hour of the Stan Fleet Sports Beat by talking about the Hawks. His main point was to get Dennis Schroeder out of a Hawks uniform. He talked about a few potential trades, including getting Phoenix number one lottery pick.
Terrel Owens is absolutely correct when it comes to Jason Garrett. Jr. Smith points out the obvious as he agrees that LeBron James needs help from the rest of the team. Plus rumors from the NBA: 1) Big Kat wants out of Minnesota. 2) Phoenix is willing to trade its 1# draft pick. 3) All the Lakers players are up for sale...…
The fellas talk and MAKE some EPIC trades. ALSO...if you listen to this episode you could TOTALLY win an XBOX. Also, as always, go to and buy some picks!!
Tuesday; Home Depot continues to pile on the leverage Wednesday: Google upsets its own employees by developing Drone Technology Thursday: Walmart continues to workout their new tax liability Friday: Jan Koum, Facebook insider, sells And john Deere gets caught in international trade.
There’s a reason Roberto Gil’s designs are known to fit effortlessly in any space, as if the simple birch plywood and pop of color were built for each customer’s personal home. Gil has a masters in architecture from Harvard, so he was thinking about rooms long before what to put in them. “I’m an architect for kids, not just a furniture designer ...…
Raid Like a Boss Shirt! Channel Videos out the Youtubers belowLets get Jay Kim to 4K subs! Videos Only: ...…
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