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Brand Building gone Üeber
Eternity Metal Talk
Der Metal Talk Podcast des Eternity Magazins. Die Talkrunde über Bands, Alben, Konzerte, Gerüchte, Klatsch und Tratsch - und natürlich den Metal an und für sich!
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Branding From The Bottom Up: How to Build A Community and Create A Cult “I’m basically a wanna be Sean Parker" Mahbod Moghadam Mahood’s perspective on brand building is from the point of view an ‘actor’ or brand builder. He shares wonderful insights on how to build community and a cult-like status around a product or service. He breaks down the ...…
Uwe Ellinghaus is CMO of Cadillac and on a mission to revive this icon of American luxury. But rather than starting with automobiles, his vision of Cadillac is one of “an experience that young people associate with modern luxury, … of a brand that … Continue reading →
Yes, Burt really existed. The wild-bearded man on the brand’s logo was a documentary photographer turned beekeeper after moving from Manhattan to Maine and leaving the trappings of a rather privileged upbringing behind him to live in a converted turkey coop in the backwoods (where he … Continue reading →…
How do the world’s greatest brands set themselves apart from the competition, and elicit irrational love from their customers? That’s the question that today’s guest JP Kuehlwein has been studying for years as he’s worked with numerous prestige brands, co-authored Rethinking Prestige Branding, and interviewed great brand leaders via his podcast ...…
David Batstone is not one to be easily typecast. As you learn more about David you might get a bit perplexed not only by the uncounted, very public projects in which he plays a leading role or the multitude of positions he holds but … Continue reading →
Patagonia is the quintessential Ueber-Brand. This brand is fascinating and we have written extensively about what we think drives and sustains its success in our latest book as well as on this blog. But it is quite another thing to hear it … Continue reading →
Audemars Piguet is up there, even in the already elevated world of ‘haute horlogerie’ and the Swiss Alps. Le Brassus in the high valley of Joux is the birthplace and still the place of hand-crafting AP watches as Tim Sayler, … Continue reading →
If you are familiar with the ‘Hero’s Journey’ as described by Joseph Campbell, then the trials and tribulations Johan Buelow went through to concoct and share the perfect batch of liquorice – and create a thriving company on the way – will sound mighty familiar. It … Continue reading →
Do you consider yourself, your brand or your company to be a prestige brand? Are you or do you hope to be catering to the higher-end of your market? Being a prestige brand takes a lot more today than just throwing a higher price on it. In this episode, we’re going to explore the nuances of what it means to be a prestige brand today. JP is a pro ...…
What do if you like cocktail parties or ‘having a drink with the mates’ but not the alcohol that usually goes with them? Ben Branson often felt silly, sometimes socially stigmatized with his glass of (sugary) water, juice or ‘mocktail’ in hand – who … Continue reading →
Going live once again, the guys get into NHL playoffs, Golden State Warriors on the verge of making history, more college athletics news and UB rebranding.
One of the founders commented ‘You don’t know shxx from Shinola!‘ during a meeting – This is how an American saying lead to the rebirth of the formerly popular shoe polish it is referring to … at least according to Bridget Russo, CMO Shinola who shared … Continue reading →
“If toilet paper can make you happy… Why not? Life is hard enough! …” – In this podcast episode we muse with Paulo Pereira Da Silva, CEO of the Renova about how he has transformed this long-standing Portuguese tissue maker … Continue reading →
This Week In Organic: SEO & Content Marketing News [Video Podcast]
This is the thirty-eighth episode of ‘This Week In Organic’, the weekly show that debates the ramifications of the latest SEO and content marketing news. In this episode we discuss what Google’s plans for the white space in the SERPs to the right-hand side might be, whether our guests practice second-tier link building, and how social customer ...…
In this episode we talk to Matteo Fantacchiotti, Global Vice President, Diageo Luxury Division in Singapore. Diageo calls their high-end liquors the ‘Reserve Brands.’ These brands have grown well above category average and well past the previous segment leader in the … Continue reading →
Diagnostics & Usage
This week Cody and Joe discuss about all the Apple rumors, Zagg buying Mophie, Uber’s rebrand, Yahoo’s troubles, the end of Twitter, and so much more! Links for this episode: Apple eyes March 15 event for iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 & Apple Watch updates | 9to5Mac Purported iPad Air 3 blueprint adds barely thicker design to flash & Smart Connector r ...…
What if TV ads could be personalized for the SuperBowl? Would they matter even more? Did the most recent Uber brand refresh make any sense or is it something out of a dystopian science fiction book? Inspiration for Innovation quotes. Listen to the marketing podcast for eccentric minds hosted by Geoffrey Colon, communications designer at Microso ...…
In this episode we talk to William Espey, Brand Voice Lead at Chipotle Mexican Grill, the booming ‘casual food’ restaurant chain sought out by most for offering hearty burritos at a relatively low price*, admired by many for being an advocate for … Continue reading →
In this episode we talk to Maria Sebregondi, co-creator and VP of Brand Equity & Communication at Moleskine, the storied, little black notebook brand. Since its creation in 1997, Moleskine has become a favorite tool among urban knowledge workers and everyone who still feels … Continue reading →
For this episode of the Ueberbrands Podcast we went all the way to the end of the L-train line on the New York subway system; to Canarsie in southeast Brooklyn to visit one of the last seltzer filling factories in the US. … Continue reading →
Under the Crossbones - The Pirate Podcast
For extended show notes and bonuses visit: Today's episode seems to be a sort of remix theme. My interview guest is Andrea Jones, author of the Hook and Jill Saga. The first two books, "Hook and Jill" and "Other Oceans" are out now. The third book, "Other Islands" will be out in 2016. "Hook and Jill" is a retellin ...…
We are discussing Brunello Cucinelli, the ‘Cashmere King’ and his eponymous brand with David LaRocca author, film maker and scholar of philosophy. David, like us, has been fascinated by Brunello, who says he is guided by the great historic thinkers … Continue reading →
In this inaugural episode we talk to Benoit Ams, founder, owner, designer …. Renaissance Man extraordinaire at Smith & Norbu, a brand that offers tailor-made, subtly branded eye-wear for sophisticated clients. The Smith & Norbu optical frames are made from yak horn, which Benoit … Continue reading →
Lead with a Story Podcast | Lessons in leadership, one story at a time
This week I got to chat with J.P. Kuehlwein, marketing expert and author of the new book, Rethinking Prestige Branding: Secrets of the Ueber-Brands. He shared an unexpectedly touching experience he had with a brand of soap in the middle of a muddy paddy field in Taiwan. To him, that experience exemplifies much of what prestige branding done rig ...…
On Brand: A Podcast About Branding – For Brand Builders, by Brand Builders
“A Ferrari is more than a way of getting from point A to point B. It has a power over you that goes beyond reason.” Luxury brands can do that. However, changing consumers and media dynamics require us to rethink luxury branding in the digital age. Brand strategist and author JP Kuehlwein joined us for a discussion on this very topic. About JP K ...…
exchanges by Exciting Commerce | E-Commerce | Digitalisierung | Online - Handel
„Extreme“ ist der neue Samwer-Podcast von Exciting Commerce. In der ersten Ausgabe sprechen Jochen Krisch und Marcel Weiß darüber, wie Rocket Internet mit dem Einstieg von Holtzbrinck begonnen hat, bei seinen Beteiligungen die Spreu vom Weizen zu trennen, und wie die Kapitalgeber und Co-Investoren Rocket Internet nun zum "Exit über Bande" nutze ...…
Eternity Metal Talk
Herzlich willkommen zur ersten Ausgabe des Eternity Metal Talks. Hier dreht sich ab sofort und in Zukunft alles rund um unser aller Lieblingsmusik - METAL! Musikalische Kostproben findet ihr hier allerdings weniger, dafür gibts weiterhin unseren Metal Podcast. Im Metal Talk wird vor allem eins: geredet, geredet und geredet. Über uns, über Neuig ...…
Origin Records Online Jazz Radio
music from groups performing at the Ballard Jazz Walk on Thursday, November 30, 2006. Greta Matassa, Pearl Django, Sonando, Thomas Marriott, Matt Jorgensen +451, The Willie Nelson Project, Collier & Dean, The Origin Uber Band, Ben Thomas, Randy HalberstadBy Origin Records.
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