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Talking Whack - A 434 Production
The 434 Facebook page now has an official Podcast! Join The Box, The Pow and The Chow for a good old wrestling discussion about up coming PPV's and things going on in the WWE. We have a laugh, talk WWE and we take your questions from Facebook and Twitter.
Two Boston Guys Whack Up A Pie
Comedians Tony V and Jimmy Dunn have some laughs while sharing a pie.
Whack Smack!
Anything and Everything booze,gaming,and current news
Otis Twelve and Diver Dan Doomey: The Podcast
Otis Twelve and Diver Dan Doomey made their mark on radio comedy in the early 80s with Space Commander Wack, a sci-fi parody and satire. Over the next two decades radio listeners in Omaha, Nebraska also heard the adventures of Lance Stallion, Radio Detective and learned all about the life and times of the Mean Farmer. Fans of Firesign Theatre or Duck's Breath will find a lot to laugh about in this podcast of Diver Dan and Otis XII's greatest bits!
Pirate Radio's Podcast
Clatter, crash, clack, racket, bang, thump rattle, clang, crack, thud, whack, bam! It's music, now dance!
GLT's Grow
From controlling critters to whacking weeds to finding just the right plant for your plot, GLT's Grow is your source for sage gardening advice and down-to-earth tips. Host Patrick Murphy and co-host Laura Kennedy are ready to take on all your gardening questions, so submit yours today . Let GLT help your garden Grow!
Revealing Christ's finished work in the nations!! Releasing all mankind into ecstatic drunken Love! Speaking compassion to community. THIS IS OUR FULL UPDATED FIRE HOUSE PROJECTS PODCAST! You will hear the most recent messages from Matt Spinks and the Fort Whack community at the Fire House. Most of these are from our Glory parties in Fort Wayne, Indiana! You were made for the superior pleasure of knowing and living in Jesus Christ!! blessed by this min ...
Double Bubble with Gerk and Keek
What two women (with a whacked sense of life) would talk about while having drinks.
M&J Podcasts
Regular conversaions that go hilariously whack!
Finders Keepers Records
Behold Finders Keepers, a British record label, 40 years in the making, introducing fans of psychedelic / jazz / folk / funk / avant-garde and whacked-out movie musak to a lost world of undiscovered vinyl artifacts from the annals of alternative pop history.Catering to record collectors and DJ-producers alike with a huge emphasis on sample friendly soundscapes, rocksteady back-beats and primitive electronic experimentalism. Discerning purveyors of the bizarre and abnormal should expect the J ...
The Atomic Swag Pile Podcast
WE ARE THE MAVERICKS OF MISADVENTUREThe Atomic Swag Pile Podcast is filled with whacked out Los Angeles stories, music, film, TV, comedy, celebrity sightings, and more brotein than any one person should ever consume!
Girl600: New Show for Summer 2013
Peep the whack page - at least it has an audio player.Tweet, tweet: @girl600showWebpage is with RSS: itpc://
Bloody Classic
Bloody Classic! We're sharing our favourite stories from history, mythology and folklore. Each episode Liz & Mattie take turns telling a new story designed to teach the other a little something something, and see what sort of whacked out response comes out. Join us on your morning commute or on a lazy Sunday afternoon as we weave tales that will (hopefully) aid your next round of trivia. We promise not to take up too much of your time.
Visco Disco: The Stupid Show
Visco Disco: The Stupid Show, hosted by the fabulous Gerry Visco will be a weekly thought-provoking amusing show interviewing live guests who are performers, artists, writers, nightlife hosts, freaks, bands, celebrities, whack jobs, LGBT queer personalities, scholars, gods and goddesses, and fabulous human beings with talent. We will play badass music, some novelty tunes, and there will be live performances. Get ready to RUMBLE! Fasten Your Seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!
Money, Mission and Meaning: Passion at Work, Purpose at Play
Do you this all there is? Have you struggled to find meaning in your career? Does your work/life balance feel out of whack? Everyone has the sense that there is a deeper level of satisfaction to be had, no matter how happy they are. Everyone wants greater meaning from work, more freedom around money and deeper connections in relationships. Join Mark Michael Lewis, Author and CEO and his guests as they explore the insights and practices that integrate money, mission and meaning to ...
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A big whack of funding for integrity, the Gordon Rothacker Medal and the finalists for the Victorian Horse Of The Year awards dominated discussion when Trots Media's Cody Winnell and Michael Howard talked Trots On Tuesdays, which is broadcast on SEN 1116AM.
It is preliminary final week and the boys are on form. Robert Walls cops a whack, More biscuit talk and we look at the upcoming blockbuster fixtures. Sponsor us Arnotts.
TAKE AWAY FROM SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: KEY VERSES: Acts 2:42-47 CONNECT – SERVE – GIVE Christian community is a privilege It is true, of course, that what is an unspeakable gift of God for the lonely individual is easily disregarded and trodden under foot by those who have the gift every day. It is easily forgotten that the fellowship of Christian br ...…
Your brain consists of two distinct hemispheres and they collaborate with each other to provide you with different experiences of the world. But has the balance between the two halves of your brain got out of whack – and what’s the impact? All in the Mind
Dave & Mahoney
We have a new Blooper Reel; Friday Five includes the iPhone demonstration fail and a man telling his ex that her new boyfriend is whack; Jolt Cola is coming back and it'll be available at Dollar General stores starting on September 21st for just a dollar each; and according to a new study, bald men are perceived as more attractive and dominant.…
All In The Mind - ABC Radio National
Your brain is divided into distinct hemispheres which work together to give you different experiences of the world. But has the balance between the two halves of your brain got out of whack—and what’s the impact?
It's a bonus episode as 3 podcasts collide to talk about the 3 things we have in common! We combine 80's Picturehouse, Asiamania and Superbrawls to chat to the visiting Ben Wyatte who has come all the way from Tasmania to visit the UK! We talk about the Norwich leg of his visit to the country, then whack on New Japan World and watch some matche ...…
All In The Mind - ABC Radio National
Your brain is divided into distinct hemispheres which work together to give you different experiences of the world. But has the balance between the two halves of your brain got out of whack—and what’s the impact?
Are you connecting with and empowering your customer advocates? If not, you should. Here’s why. Customer advocacy marketing programs help you increase revenue by improving customer acquisition and retention (and they’re your bes source of leads). How? Because you’re helping to encourage and motivate happy customers to speak about you positively ...…
The Squoze Podcast
With the sudden death of Charlie and Ed's Retirment to his motherland of Italy, Brian, Torres, Bala, and special guest Matty P embark on a trip to make the worst or best podcast ever. Tune in to most out of whack attempt of a podcast as the guys fight over what to eat for dinner.#squozepodcast #podcast #frankensquoze #RIPCharlie #earthquakes #f ...…
TAKE AWAY FROM SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: The work of the spirit can fuel our marriage. If our fundamental understanding of God’s purpose, prediction and plan for marriage is flawed, we will not be able to restore or thrive.We put our needs on our spouse instead of putting them on God. We cannot complete each other, God needs to do that. Genesis 1: God ...…
Hinky Dinky Time
If you’re looking for previous episodes, click here. Hinky Dinky Time on WFMU’s Give the Drummer Radio, episode 216: Friday, September 8, 2017 at 9:00 AM, Eastern Time. G’day, mate. Click here for everything you need to know about accessing the audio. Access the accuplaylist and comments for this episode at ...…
HOUSE OF WAFFLES, the tournament of Champions, the medium to which holds the ground for the foundation of success for the "Yo Mama's Baby Daddy" glory.Week 1 consists of demolishing Vohn's whack-named team "The Avengers".... guys, I'm really good at this fantasy football stuff and I'm ESPECIALLY good at making sure my opponents feel the wrath b ...…
Subscribe to the podcast to never miss an episode. In this episode I interview a high capacity volunteer and ask her questions to help us better serve all of our volunteers. Subscribe Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. When ou do you will receive my new ebook: Ten Tips For Preaching To Students First Name Last Name Ema ...…
TAKE AWAY FROM SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: KEY VERSES: John 15:1-17 God created us never to be busy. Jesus was never in a hurry. Busyness in our lives is an indicator that something profoundly wrong is going on with our soul. The Bondage of Busyness: It is defined by hurry. Jesus was never in a hurry. It is task driven over relational driven. It is indep ...…
Rep. Laurie Jinkins: First of Her Name, LGBTQ Activist, Doer of Awesome Things, Mother of Dragons In the first half of this week’s podcast, Laurie and Nate discuss the McCleary School Funding Compromise and what led to it. Laurie clarifies information surrounding the Capital Budget, drilling rights, and investing in education. After the break, ...…
Mikes unprofessional, (big surprise there), beers, and ostriches
Listen to our interview with Chuck Blakeman in the latest episode of WorkHuman Radio, embedded at the top of this post. The workplace is hopelessly broken, and we’re rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking ship. For 100 years Gallup, Harris, and others have told us that 70 percent of our staff is phoning it in. Another 51 percent are activel ...…
Yak Channel Podcast Network
Quick recap of our Return Policy (we do not accept returns).Dal’s not having a good week with super-hero comics, even though our Metal Midnight Release was fun.Patrick is tired of doing things that benefit other people/business but not Challengers.So many events are happening!Non-spoilery talk about The Defenders on Netflix.Speaking of Nextflix ...…
Contest of Challengers
Quick recap of our Return Policy (we do not accept returns). Dal’s not having a good week with super-hero comics, even though our Metal Midnight Release was fun. Patrick is tired of doing things that benefit other people/business but not Challengers. So many events are happening! Non-spoilery talk about The Defenders on Netflix. Speaking of Nex ...…
TAKE AWAY FROM SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: KEY VERSES: 1 Corinthians 12:7-11; 14:1-5 How should we view Scripture, Experience and Tradition? Our experience and church tradition should be submitted to the biblical text and the biblical text should be validated by our experience and church tradition. Is there a connection between pursuing and growing in th ...…
Sam Malone Show Marriage Talk with Sam Malone and Honor The Vow's Robert Cossick
Every marriage will experience bumps to some degree or another. Sometimes it will feel like hitting a pothole which knocks everything out of whack. Other times it will be more like a speed bump, no damage but it does cause you to slow down.By (Robert Cossick).
Austin's A Giant Dog release their fourth album, Toy, on August 25th. On the single "Photograph," they take a whack at the great American punk-rock love song. Sabrina Ellis’s wide-eyed, raw-nerved delivery hits the target. The words call to mind John Prine’s "In Spite of Ourselves," with their focus on love’s realest and least glamorous moments ...…
TAKE AWAY FROM SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: Live strong and leave a legacy! KEY VERSES: Philippians 2:1-11 We cannot live strong until we learn to live whole. It is our struggles, woundedness that are our primary teachers. Jesus took on humanity so we could take on deity. The path of wholeness is the path of humility and vulnerability, it is the path of d ...…
Endgame Podcasts All Series Feed
Endgame Podcasts returns to Twin Peaks Part Thirteen Written by Mark Frost & David Lynch Directed by David Lynch Wherein Sonny Jim gets a new jungle gym while Dougie and Mullins get matching BMW convertibles courtesy of the Mitchum brothers and crew, DoppelCooper proves to be the best arm-wrestler this side of the Lodge, that fucker Ray meets h ...…
The Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast
WAZZUUUUUUP??! Welcome to a totally 90s edition of the Mighty Warriors Three Marvel Podcast, where everything is as it was in the decade where the only questionable decisions were the hairstyles – and the shoulder pads. Oh, the shoulder pads… Come join Ben, Bry-Bry, Tazer, and Ol’ Man Whirlyburger Jon as they step into a time machine and zip on ...…
The topic for this week is writer/journalist Masha Gessen’s 2016 book Where the Jews Aren't: The Sad and Absurd Story of Birobidzhan, Russia's Jewish Autonomous Region (despite our nitpicking in the episode, we very much recommend reading this book). Via our discussion of Gessen’s text, Soviet Jews and Jewish identity, we try to connect and art ...…
Dump On The Ump
Not a lot of baseball in this one. Jesse, Joel, and Sam discuss the finer points of lawn mowing and weed whacking (22:00), how good the L.A. Dodgers are (29:00), Joel's hatred for square-shaped pizza (32:00), and Joel's WAR (50:00). Also, Jesse's wife gets attacked by a squirrel.Walk-on music: "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy YankeeWalk-off ...…
TAKE AWAY FROM SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: KEY VERSES: 2 Corinthians 4-5; Philippians 3:10; Acts 1:8 Fellowship – Galatians 5:16; Philippians 3:10 Not fellowship in the natural, Supernatural fellowshipSupernatural thinking not natural thinkingWe want to be in the place of the supernatural Live by believing, not by seeing Sanctification – Spiritual growth ...…
“Dying is much more than a medical event. It is a time for important psychological, emotional and spiritual work – a time for transition. To a large extent, the way we meet death is shaped by our habitual response to suffering, and our relationship to ourselves, to those we love, and to whatever image of ultimate kindness we hold.” - Frank Osta ...…
Drunk Mike is not fun
Paths of Glory Podcast
TOURIST TRAP (1979) and DOLLS (1987), along with DEATH BIKE and intimate details of Danger's life on this week's PATHS OF GLORY!
The crew talks about the happenings in Washington over the past week: El Presidente's Twitter frustrations, Anthony Scaramucci's crazy New Yorker interview, Reince Priebus getting politically whacked, and the Republican health care bill's spectacular crash and burn. The Trump talk spills over into the second segment with a nonsensical speech to ...…
Endgame Podcasts plays the Game of Thrones Game of Thrones S7E3 – The Queen’s Justice- Listener Email Special Wherein Jambone Snow and you Host Beyond The Wall Misha read and respond to the best of the comments received about S7E3 – The Queen’s Justice, ranging from Euron’s distance-defying Big Boat to whether Dany is softening or going mad, to ...…
Dirty Diz, Food, IPhone ignorance, and more
Endgame Podcasts All Series Feed
Endgame Podcasts returns to Twin Peaks Part Twelve Written by Mark Frost & David Lynch Directed by David Lynch Wherein Tammy gets a blue rose, Gordon gets some lovin’, Albert gets annoyed, Diane gets more texts but also a semi-blue rose, the store where Sarah Palmer shops gets a new like of jerky, DougieCoop gets hit with a ball, Chantal and Hu ...…
Episode 30 is our best ever as we explore the wonderful and slightly warped world of bucket lists. Including an affinity to whack it on hot air balloons, visit exotic places, and take over massive pirating in the most bizzare ways possible.Join 1 Beer Keith, Mother Hen, Senor Chadgeeez, and the White Delight on a wacky and wild deep dive into c ...…
She's In Russia
Changing up the format for this week, we decided to do a little check in with American politics, in case you need help keeping up. Plus some stories from Lily’s daily life in Russia. Smith presents the meat of the episode with several hand-selected moments from the absurd mayhem that is US politics this past week. Topics include Trump & 40,000 ...…
Liberty Never Sleeps
Big government and the Rockefeller Republicans reassert their power and work out a deal with the Trump administration. A few words on Flake, Zakaria and the constant battle with the big government people.*Zakaria's Smear*Trump's White House and Teddy*Flake is Bad Government*The Mooch Gets Whacked*Pardon Joe Arpaio*Fat Kids and GovernmentLiberty ...…
We are back yo. This episode we mix it up between some hip hop and end on a little island vibe since I am missing my beef patty spot on Myrtle Ave lately. We politic about how whack the WSL is and what shook moves they've been up to. We finish up with some short takes talking about Bing Surfboards' new model, Deus' 9ft and Single festival and T ...…
TAKE AWAY FROM SUNDAY’S MESSAGE: KEY VERSES: John 4:4, 16:8-13, Book of Jonah, Jeremiah 12:5Did you know that if the Spirit of God is in your soul, you are called to race with horses? What causes us to run from God in the first place?*Jonah 1:1-3When we run from God we loose our identity. How does the Holy Spirit re-direct us back to God?*Jonah ...…
Introducing Beth Soderberg Beth is a Washington, DC based web developer, digital strategist and activist. She builds websites and organizes around open source communities, feminist issues and the intersection of technology and empowerment. Show Notes Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience Blacksburg Belle Transcript: Tara: Welcome to Hallwa ...…
N Network - Podcasts to make you think, laugh, and succeed
A regular weekly review helps us stay on top of our commitments. So why don’t we do it? In response to a listener question, we look at how to make the weekly review a part of managing our busy lives. The weekly review is a tool for managing your life If you’re new to the show, we have a private Facebook group for The Productive Woman community. ...…
On this special live podathon episode, we learn more about the new medical curse for your star sign being out of whack, the torches that work like permanent mace, and the robotics company that still can't get everything right.
Are your priorities a bit out of whack? So often I hear people say: Oh, I could never afford to do that. The “that” being whatever they find really exciting but an idea so farfetched and out of reach. It could be a trip to a foreign land to experience a new culture, a personal trainer to help them get fit or even a home remodel. Here’s the thin ...…
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