Get High to Come Down - 100 Thieves Clobbered by C9 - Spring 2020 LCS Playoffs Round 1 Recap


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In the not-much-anticipated first round matchup of 100T vs C9, C9 proved to be as good as everyone has been postulating. In a difficult series, Cole and Jordan found little to be surprising. Tonight, they discuss what we learned from matching up against the best of the best in the first five-game series that this squad has had together, and debate whether it’s possible to make a tournament run to secure the honor of getting crushed by C9 a second time in the finals.


2:17 - Jersey Program Benefit Drop

Speedy game recaps
6:50 - Game 1, a thorough stomp
11:29 - Game 2, a disastrous stomp
17:50 - Game 3, a promising start turns into a thorough stomp

21:18 - Mandatory draft analysis conversation
31:27 - Deeper than ever dive on Ryoma. Is he to blame for our failings? Or was he our best player in Game 1?
1:06:08 - The deep dive on Stunt
1:08:44 - The final word (?) on Ssumday v Licorice Spring 2020
1:11:03 - Is this not what was expected against greatest ever C9? Are we headed towards another narrative-setting loss against TSM?
1:17:49 - Listener questions: Does C9 series provide valuable information for TSM?
1:20:10 - Updated (or not?) TSM predictions

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