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Truth is Liberty is a blog/podcast devoted to cutting through the Mainstream Media BS and exposing real truths that impact the lives of everyday Americans. The false “Left-Right paradigm” has hijacked the American political establishment and is intent on censoring important issues to silence its opposition. For decades Americans have been held hostage to a deeply flawed foreign and domestic policy that has bankrupted this nation both morally and fiscally. In the spirit of the Founding Fathers, political atheism is again on the rise and threatens to bring the establishment to its knees. America is at a turning point in her young history. These next few years may very well seal the fate of the next many generations to come. It is time we now come together in the spirit of The American Revolution to take back our political system and restore this Constitutional Republic! Join Brian as he guides you through an hour of hot-button important issues, social commentary, economic enlightenment, media censorship, and government corruption all in the spirit of freedom and liberty!

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