4 Principles of Conscious Capitalism with John Mackey - 10X Talk Episode #113


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Entrepreneurs are heroes, the four principles of conscious capitalism, the two most important components of a great company culture and more with John Mackey. John Mackey is the co-founder of Whole Foods, an advocate of entrepreneurship, and bestselling author of Conscious Capitalism.

Recorded live from the Genius Network Annual Event.

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from John in this episode:

  • John explains his perspective on capitalism and why entrepreneurs are heroes.
  • How do you create an award winning culture with over 80,000 employees? John share’s the two most important components for creating a culture that attracts star team members.
  • Technology is moving so fast. 20 years ago, companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Uber didn't exist. Listen as John shares his thoughts on the future and what's to come.
  • The Four Principles of Conscious Capitalism: How to use them to build a stronger business, move your organization closer to its highest potential, and create a more positive world for all of us
  • The story of a conversation John had with a 25-year-old and the #1 life lesson from it
  • The 2 BIGGEST mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to hiring team members
  • Does love have a place in business? According to Mackey, love is the foundation of organizations that truly reach their full potential.
  • Discover how to infuse love into your company culture.
  • Joe and John have a revealing conversation about the role that fear plays in business and the biggest takeaway he wanted to leave everyone with.

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