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The fans of today's comic books are a multi-generational crowd. “Panel By Panel” is the podcast made ESPECIALLY for them! “PxP” examines the length and breadth of comic history through the eyes of two comic book veterans. Our hosts are George Doro, who picked up his first book from a spinning rack in the dawn of the Silver Age and Charles McFall, who bought his first issue when direct sales comics stores first began popping up on the landscape. They’ve been reading reading comics for decades… so whether you’re a newbie who wants to know a bit more about original X-Man, Jean Grey and all her deaths, resurrections, and that one clone who pops up from time to time (OR her younger past-self brought through time to today!) or whether you’re a 40+ year veteran looking to know more about the NEWEST member of the Nova Corps (and what the HECK happened to Ronnie Raymond (the 1st Nova from Earth), “Panel by Panel”, is the podcast made for you!

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