A Year of Big Books


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In a day and age of fast paced and brightly colored media on glowing screens, there sits the big book. It is more than a door stop or a place to hide valuable items. But in fact, what can one say about big books? That for some odd reason we either love them or hate them? Why is that? What is the appeal of a big book, yet also the hindrance? Are big books important? Why? And why must they be so heavy? Literally. But also figuratively. In 2017, I have challenged myself to read only big books of fiction. What constitutes a big book? It simply has to be 500 pages or longer. This podcast will document my year of big books. It will contain my book reviews and discussions with myself as I tackle philosophical questions about the specimen that is a big book, relating it back to pop culture and seeing if big books can provide insight to our lives. - - Website: https://ayearofbigbooksblog.wordpress.com/

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