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Hosted by Brian LeTendre and Matt Herring, the Power Chords Podcast is a celebration of rock and metal music, with a focus on the bands and music we grew up with from the '70s, '80s and 90s. We're going to cover everything from Queen to Motley Crue to Megadeth, with an emphasis on hooks, riffs, harmonies and melodies. Think about he glory days of '80s rock radio, and that's the sweet spot for our podcast.
Each episode we'll be talking about the music news that interests us the albums we're listening to (both old and new), and the shows we're going to see. We'll also be interviewing musicians form your favorite bands, as well as creators who are music fans like us.
You can find liner notes for each show as well as news, reviews and more discussion at www.powerchordspodcast.com.
So, pull on your jean jacket, grab your walkman and let's rock! \m/

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