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We are all on an ever-unfolding unique journey. There are many paths and ways to the top of the mountain. Let’s talk about ways to live your life with practical spirituality. Lets talk about continued consciousness and life after death. Let’s talk about mediumship. A meaningful life at the heart is about love and wisdom, filtered through possibilities and perspectives.
Cynthia Rose McCaw is a second generation medium. There were readers on both sides of her family and her mother was a gifted reader. Born a medium, she had regular communication with her grandfather who was in spirit and whom she had never met.
Cynthia Rose is also a singer, astrologer, educator and writer. She has studied the intuitive and healing arts for over forty years. Mediumship is a spiritual path and not a destination. It is about becoming more and more of our true self. An ordained interfaith minister believing that God is love, she offers spiritual counseling as well.
Her path has included loss and tragedy and healing from severe chronic pain. Many years of learning about auras and the energetic field that surrounds us first hand. She understands what it means to heal, to raise her vibrational frequency, to live with a joy that is unlimited. Healing is a real thing and she lives it.
Join Cynthia Rose as she brings her unique perspective to all that is ‘meaningful’. Topics and personalities that support your path,
bringing inspiration and passion and heart-centered ways to live a more fulfilling life.
A down to earth and uplifting sharing of what it means to be spiritual, creative and living life to the fullest by Standing In The Sunlight.
Rise up and stand in your sunlight now with Cynthia Rose.
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