Elevating Women in Ocean Science with Mads St. Clair


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In this Season 2 finale, Danni Washington is joined by Madeline St. Clair. Mads is a marine biologist, filmmaker, and Managing Director of Women in Ocean Science.

Mads and Danni dive deep on a variety of issues and topics ranging from Mad's experience studying tropical marine biology at the University of Essex, her research work in the Indo-Pacific, ocean noise pollution and quiet zones, and the struggle of finding resources in an underfunded industry. Mads and Danni speak in depth about helping women overcome obstacles in the marine science ecosystem. This discussion includes the Women in Ocean Science Sexual Harassment Survey. Please reference the following links for that part of the discussion.

Learn more about the Women in Ocean Science Sexual Harassment Survey discussed in this episode:


Here is a recommended peer-reviewed article on sexual harassment during scientific fieldwork:

Clancy KBH, Nelson RG, Rutherford JN, Hinde K (2014) Survey of Academic Field Experiences (SAFE): Trainees Report Harassment and Assault. PLoS ONE 9(7): e102172.


And a 2018 report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine: “Sexual Harassment of Women: Climate, Culture, and Consequences in Academic Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine”


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