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The Free Birth Podcast explores what it means to have full autonomy and choice during pregnancy and childbirth. In a technologically obsessed culture where obstetrics has taken over the managment of women's births in the last century, we now find ourselves with an epidemic of surgical births, countless traumatizing birth stories and a deeply imbedded resistance to the normalcy of birth. Pregnancy is treated as an illness and childbirth as an emergency from which women and babies need to be saved. Before there were doctors, even midwives, there was just...birth. Women have been successfully birthing healthy babies for as long as we have been alive. Birth is a normal physiological event that rarely needs true medical intervention. To free birth is typically associated with the term unassisted childbirth, meaning a person is choosing to birth without medical assistance and is managing her own care. This podcast is a virtual corner of the universe to celebrate and validate the movement to reclaim birth as our own. Birth is not a medical event. Join us this year as we discuss legal and human rights in childbirth, investigate the different models of care, and hear from women around the world as they tell their stories of birthing freely. *Our intention with this podcast is to lift the voices of people making the decision to opt out of the default medical system and treat their pregnancy and birth as a non medical event, doing what they feel is safest for their babies. This podcast does not suggest that everyone should be seeking similar birthing choices, or that it is the right and only way, but rather to highlight that for some people who choose, free birth is a perfectly safe and viable option. There is enough room in this world for everyone's personal choices, in birth and beyond.

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