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Off The Rocks was founded in 2015 by Jennie Nelson; writer, broadcaster and truth-telling trailblazer. It’s a friendly and informative snuggly space devoted to all things health related. No topic is off-limits, and all will be approached with love, compassion, and -more importantly- a healthy dose of self-deprecating humour. Jen's podcast co-host is Sara Lewis. They met in late 2018, and got along so famously they decided to record a podcast together within hours of meeting. Which is a totally run of the mill, normal thing to do. Sara is training to be a psychotherapist, so brings her psychological perspective to proceedings, as well as some bad jokes and much admired llama hair do. New episodes every Thursday. To listen to older episodes and find out more, visit Jen's first book, The Off The Rocks Journal: The Ultimate Interactive Health Book was published in 2018 and is available now through Amazon, or

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