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Hello and Welcome to Physical Activity Researcher Podcast! Physical Activity Researcher Podcast is the source of the latest research findings on all things related to physical activity, exercise, and health. World-renowned scientists and experts as guests in an informal and relaxed interview style format. New episodes on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. The podcast is for anyone who likes to learn scientific and evidence-based knowledge of physical activity, exercise, and health. Our listeners range from researchers to health and fitness professionals, and from inactive office workers to marathon runners. Podcast has several series and hosts each concentrating on different aspects of physical activity: Physical Activity Researcher Series The latest research findings in exercise physiology, biomechanics, physical education, coaching sciences, sport psychology, epidemiology, and public health. These episodes are hosted by researcher and entrepreneur Dr Olli Tikkanen. Meaningful Sport Series Meaningful Sport is dedicated to the exploration of meaning and meaningful experiences in sport and physical activity. Many studies have revealed instrumental benefits of physical activity, but is there something more to it, and how does it contribute to meaningful lives? This series is led by Associate Professor Noora Ronkainen. The series provides inspiration for exploring the meaning and value in sport and physical activity for everyone. Practitioner’s Viewpoint Series Practitioner’s Viewpoint Series has health and fitness professionals as guests. How they see sedentary behaviour and physical activity in their work? What are the best practices to promote physical activity? This series is for you if you are a Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist, Medical Doctor, Health Coach, or anyone working as a health and fitness professional. This series is lead by physiotherapist MSc Liis Kukkonen. Publishing schedule: Tuesdays: Physical Activity Researcher Series Friday: Meaningful Sport Series Sundays: Practitioner’s Viewpoint Series. + Bonus episodes and republications of past highlight episodes We hope you find value in the podcast! -Podcasting team-

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