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2020 WEBBY AWARD HONOREE In a post-apocalyptic world with no internet or electricity, five disparate factions vie for dominance in the city-state of Fiveboro. Each tribe worships at the altar of the bygone pop-culture references of an earlier time, and relishes the stories of film and television they've never actually seen. The Fansci Folk live in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy cosplay kingdom, the Escandalistas invoke the drama of the Telenovelas, The Criterione Collective praises the independent Art Film, the Snookis favor "reality" over fiction and the Hepburners prefer their stories told in black and white. When a powerful figure who calls himself The Cardinal invites the leaders of the factions to his Roost, the announcement he makes threatens to shake Fiveboro to its very core and upend the peaceful detente that has ruled the realm for over a decade. David Treatman Creative and Iconoclast Theatre Collective present: The World to Come A Musical Saga Created by Rachel Klein, Andy Peterson, and Erik Ransom Scripts & Lyrics by Erik Ransom Music by Andy Peterson Direction by Rachel Klein Cast Joanna Carpenter - Ivorwen Flutterwing / Lady Hyacinth Tsebiyah Derry - RuffLadyDom69 / Marchioness of Chambers Jamyl Dobson - Ser Cyborg Van Damme Remy Germinario - Jasper Knickerbocker / Talon Sergeant / Dom / Additional Voices Lana Gordon - The Oracle of Nypil PJ Griffith – Achilleon Hawke Em Grosland - Teller Bastien / Additional Voices Brandon Haagenson - Lord Darcy Hetherington / Additional Voices Chris Harder - John the Faptist Jonathan Hoover - High Priestess Patti Kate Hoover - Millicent Knickerbocker / Dr. Screechowl / Elder Zevriel / Additional Voices Scott Lilly - Porkpoleon / the Archduke of Plastoria/ Schmendrick the Stable Boy / Additional Voices Sandra Marante - Yolanda Gutierrez / Mercedes Pizarro / Additional Voices Tara Martinez - Princess Ripley of House Zythrion / Additional Voices Erik Ransom - Narrator / Folker / Dowager Duchess / Additional Voices Brody Redman - Talon Agent / Boxing Commentator / Additional Voices Carson Robinette - Chip Knickerbocker / Additional Voices Marissa Rosen - Danielle of Clan Rhonj / Additional Voices Justin Sargent - Lukas Sparrow / Duke Vlad of Gushing / Additional Voices Grace Stockdale - Queen Cyanaris of House Zythrion Luis Villabon - The Cardinal / Rodrigo / Additional Voices and Adrienne Barbeau as Queen Ghenna of House Zythrion Musicians Spencer Cohen - Drums / Percussion Cadence Hira - Violin Wayne Leechford -Clarinet / Saxophones Mike Lunoe - Drums / Percussion / Bass Andy Peterson - Keyboards / Orchestral Sequencing Mike Rosengarten - Guitar Creatives Erik Ransom - Scriptwriter / Lyricist / Created By Andy Peterson - Composer / Music Director / Orchestrations / Created By Rachel Klein - Director / Showrunner / Created By Mike Lunoe - Audio Producer / Editor / Mixer Sean Hagerty - Sound Designer / Lead Mixer David Treatman - Producer Abby Bonner - Associate Producer Melissa Edelblum - Associate Producer Dan DeMello - Publicist Caroline Bohnenberger - Assistant Director Cadence Hira – Sound Apprentice Nick Anton - Additional Audio Recording Sean Gill - Kitsch Consultant Scott Lilly - Map Designer Produced by David Treatman Creative and Iconoclast Theatre Collective

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