Ep. 6 - Team Composition: How to Attract and Hire Stars Employees with Amanda Gordon


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“If you are building a talent strategy that’s based on a sample you saw online or a great book you read, you will not match what your business needs and so I think whenever I’m doing any kind of talent strategy or when I was consulting I was always asking people “what’re your business goals” and it was shocking to me where I would look then at the talent strategy and I couldn’t see the business connect. I couldn’t see the EVP (the employee value proposition) connect. And I’m like that’s why you’re struggling, because your programs probably aren’t resonating with people and you’re spending money where you shouldn’t be spending money.”

Have you ever asked yourself “what would have to be true for my company to get to 10 million, 25 million, 50 million, or even 100 million”?

The people on your team are a huge factor.

Amanda Gordon is currently the Vice President People at Rewind, a company with a mission to help businesses protect their SaaS and cloud data.

In this episode Amanda talks about all things human resources and building a star team of employees starting with three key questions: why did they join, why did they stay, why did they leave?

She also discusses the keys to building a successful talent strategy for your business and being honest with candidates during the interview process.

Lastly, she shares why she advocates for people to take steps before they think they’re ready and why working for small companies isn’t a step backwards in your career journey.

Tune in to hear all about how Amanda’s leadership experiences and advice can help you improve your leadership style!

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